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Extramarital--Chapter 8--Seconds Anyone?

Things heat up at the cookout
Zach cleaned up and dressed in preparation for tonight's dinner party. The guests would be arriving soon and, with Carol's help, everything was ready. He dressed casually, a long-sleeved soft pullover with no collar, a pair of loose-fitting white slacks and Italian loafers. Casual enough, he thought to himself.

He hoped Carol, Jayne and Robert would be comfortable tonight, not only with each other but also with the couple he invited to join them. He thought about keeping it at four, but another couple might be a welcome addition and could help keep this thing from becoming tense, given the fact that he, Jayne and Carol had experienced great sex with each other.

He went into the dining room, where Carol was arranging the place settings. "Zach, my dear brother-in-law," she said with a quizzical look on her face. "Why are there six place settings? I'm not a mathematician, but I count four of us. Am I missing something?"

"No, Carol," Zach said, smiling devilishly at her. "Your math is just fine. There will be two more people joining us. Their names are Michelle and Andy, and they have been friends with myself and Annie for a long time."

It really didn't matter to Carol, but she wondered what kind of friends they were. "I'm interested in meeting them. Do they know who I am?

"They've heard of you, but only through Annie. I think you'll like them. They are more your age. Annie and I kind of took them under our wing when they first moved here. They didn't know anyone and we made them feel welcome."

"Well Zach, if they're friends of yours, they're friends of mine."

Carol sidled up to Zach and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "Thank you, baby, for letting me take care of you earlier. Any chance you might want some of my dessert later? We could slip into the bathroom and I'll spread my legs if you want a little taste of honey."

"I'll keep that in mind, Carol. I might need a little something later. If not during the party, I'd like you to stay after everyone goes home. I want to explore what I've been missing out on all this time."

"Sure, Zach. We've got a lot of catching up to do."

Shortly afterward, Jayne and Robert came. Jayne was wearing baggy khaki shorts and a long-sleeve white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. She looked very sexy in this outfit. Robert wore gray slacks, a polo shirt and black loafers. He looked more casual than Zach could remember from before.

Everyone helped themselves to some wine and they all sat around the patio. Zach took this opportunity to speak. "Jayne, Robert, I've taken the liberty of asking another couple to join us. It's Michelle and Andy. They were friends of Annie and me."

"It will be good to meet new friends," Robert said. "There's always room in our little circle for new faces."

Just then the doorbell rang and Zach went to answer the door. While he was gone Robert talked to Jayne and Carol. "I wonder if they are interested in some extracurricular activities," he said with a wry smile. "I can't believe that it's a coincidence that Zach would invite a couple that wouldn't be into what we all like."

"Oh Robert," said Jayne. "Not everyone is thinking what you're thinking. They sound like perfectly sweet people, and Zach has known them for a long time. What do you think, Carol?"

"I don't think they are swingers, if that's what you mean. Zach said he and Annie befriended them when they moved to the area. I think they're innocents."

Zach entered the patio with a couple who appeared to be in their late thirties. They were a very attractive couple. The man had blonde hair which looked like it was disheveled on purpose. It fell across his forehead and just over his ears. He had a slender, yet athletic build and was wearing nice jeans and a designer t-shirt. The woman had a brown pixie cut and was wearing jeans as well, but with a loose off-the-shoulder Mexican print blouse. She had very long legs and perfect looking breasts which jiggled constantly as she walked. Her large brown nipples poked against the thin fabric of her blouse. Needless to say, all eyes were on her as she walked into the patio area.

"Friends, please welcome Michelle and Andy Johnson. They have been my friends for, what is it now, 16 years. They were just a couple of young pups when Annie and I met them and we have been best friends ever since."

Everyone said hello as Zach introduced them to his young friends. Both Jayne and Carol took particular interest in Andy while Michelle was talking to Robert and Zach.

More wine was poured and everyone began to mingle. They found out that they jointly owned and ran a travel agency. A very upscale and successful one, according to Zach.

Soon dinner was ready and the conversations continued around the dining room table. Zach split everyone up, so that they could get better acquainted. During the meal, Carol got up to excuse herself and asked Zach if he would show her where the bathroom was. Interestingly enough, she had never been to Zach and Annie's house. She wanted to allow them some privacy after it became clear that Zach didn't want her.

"Sure, Carol," said Zach. He led her upstairs so he could show her the bathroom in the master bedroom.

Once they got there, he took Carol in his arms and kissed her. "Get your pants off and get on the bed," he said hurriedly. "We can't be gone long or Robert and Jayne will become suspicious."

Carol hurried and stripped them off, lying back on the bed with her legs hanging over the foot of the bed. Zach knelt on the floor and began kissing her inner thighs while his hands slid under her ass.

"Oh, Zach," Carol moaned. "Don't be teasing me. I'm all wet for you so eat me. I'll probably cum fast."

Zach obeyed, and he kissed and licked her hairy cunt. One hand began to play with her ass as he ate her. She was so hot, he thought to himself. She's right, it won't take long.

Carol began to moan harder, making sure she covered her hand over her mouth so her voice wouldn't carry. He was very good at eating pussy, she thought. Maybe later she would get a chance to fuck him.

Zach had three fingers in Carol's ass as he sucked and slurped her pussy, making sure he paid attention to her clit, which was so engorged and protruding out from it's hooded home.

Carol felt an orgasm coming, so she thrust her hips up at Zach, who took it as a sign that it was beginning and picked up the pace. "Damn, Zach," she said. "You are good. So good I'm beginning to cum. Oh God, its so good!"

Just as Carol's orgasm arrived, so did Jayne. She opened the door and saw them just as Carol began to muffle a scream. They were so engrossed with what they were doing they didn't notice Jayne, so she pulled the door back and quietly closed it, slipping inside and sneaking into the closet. She watched as Carol thrashed around on the bed. Instinctively, her hand reached down and slipped inside her shorts. She was soaking wet, but she wouldn't be able to cum herself because that would draw their attention away from their pleasure.

Carol came quickly and it was gone nearly as quickly. She pulled Zach up for a quick kiss. Her pussy juice was on Zach's lips and mouth, so she really enjoyed the kiss. "Get back down there Zach," she whispered to him. "They'll get suspicious. I'll clean up real fast and be right down."

Zach went into the bathroom to wash his face. As he left, Carol went in to do some cleaning herself. Jayne decided to slip into the bathroom and talk to her.

"I see you and Zach have decided to bury the hatchet," she said to Carol.

Carol jumped at hearing Jayne speak. "My God, you startled me! How long have you been in here?"

"Long enough to see you cum. He's quite good at eating pussy, don't you think?"

"Lord, Jayne, he's unbelievable. I was hot when we came up here but he had me shaking in seconds. You aren't upset, are you?"

"Heavens, no. I was hoping you two would make peace with each other so we might all get together sometime. Does that interest you?"

"Jayne, a threesome with you and Zach would be divine. We could take turns riding that monster cock of his and do each other at the same time. Just say when and I'll be there."

Jayne giggled at that possibility. "I don't know what to make of this new couple, though. If they are into this kind of thing, we could have a real orgy on our hands. I hope they are open to it, though. They are quite an attractive couple, especially Michelle. I would love to have those long legs of hers wrapped around my neck while I got a taste of her."

"Yes," said Carol. "Andy is pretty handsome himself. I wonder what he's got under those jeans. If it's anything like Zach's equipment, we could be in for some fun."

"Carol, was this the first time for you and Zach?"

"No, Jayne. I gave him a blowjob before you and Robert got here. We haven't fucked yet, but I plan to change that soon. The thought of his big rod in my pussy has made me wet all night."

"Carol, he is every bit as good as you might think. He drives me crazy with that cock of his. You have to do anal with him. It is so long and thick. It just keeps going and going. God, I'm wet just thinking about him filling my ass with his cum."

"I can't wait, Jayne. We'd better get back down there or they'll be thinking we are doing something naughty."

They both left the bedroom and went back to the party. When they got there, Zach was talking to Robert in the corner. A pretty serious conversation, judging by the looks on their faces.

Carol went over to Michelle and Andy and made small talk, while Jayne went to see what Robert and Zach were up to.

My, my, you two both look so serious," she said to them. "I hope it's nothing bad."

"No, sweetheart," Robert assured her. "Zach was talking to me about being a cuckold and I explained to him that it's always been a fantasy of mine to hear about you and other men and women having sex. Only now it's not a fantasy, because you're actually doing it. That brings great joy to me, because I love you so much that I'm willing to share you with others. Zach, men like me are easily misunderstood. We are often mistaken for being weak, but in reality I see myself as being very strong, because I love Jayne and know that she loves only me. My strength is my willingness to allow her to enjoy sexual freedom with others. I'm saving our marriage by allowing her to explore her sexuality."

"I never looked at it that way," said Zach. "Robert, you are exactly right. You aren't weak at all. A weak man would allow his marriage to fail and lose everything he holds precious. You are standing up and fighting for what you believe in and what you want. I like your thinking."

"I asked Robert if he was interested in watching us sometime. He seems to think that, after watching you and Carol, he might be ready to watch us."

Jayne pulled Zach aside and whispered to him. "Well, what do you say about a threesome with you, me and Carol? I saw what you two were up to in the bedroom."

Zach actually blushed when she told him this. "How did you see us? I thought I locked the door, but apparently I didn't. how much did you see?"

"Just the part where you made Carol cum all over your face," she giggled. "You were really going to town on her there. I spoke to Carol after you left and she's up for the three of us getting together. What about your friends? Do you think they might be interested in a little action?"

"Michelle and Andy have done some swinging, but we kept that from Annie, because she wouldn't approve of that sort of thing. They have tried to get me to go to one of their parties since Annie died, but I've been reluctant, until now."

Jayne smiled a wicked, sultry smile. "Why don't you feel them out about the idea of a big old orgy? That would be wonderful if we could all get together. Maybe even tonight. Robert could get to watch, and it would really please him to see everyone getting it on."

"I'll mention it to them. Andy is strictly into women, but Michelle has been with several women in her swinger group. She might be into the idea of all of us being together."

Carol was still chit-chatting with Michelle and Andy when Zach came over. He saw that they weren't discussing anything important, so he chimed in. "Would you folks mind if I stole Michelle for a few minutes? I need to speak with her about a few things."

"Of course they don't mind," said Michelle. "You don't have to ask permission to talk to me, dear. What's on your mind?"

Zach led Michelle to the patio where they could be alone. He had a serious look on his face, something which concerned Michelle. "Zach, is something wrong? You look so serious and businesslike. Is everything okay?"

"Yes, Michelle, everything is just fine. I have something to confess, however. You know how you and Andy tried to get me to go to one of your swinger parties?"

"Yes, but you wouldn't go because you were being a prude."

"No, I wasn't against it. I was just in such a funk after Annie died and I didn't want to see anyone."

"I know, Zach. We were just hoping we could get you to loosen up a bit and discover that life goes on."

"Michelle, I really appreciate what you and Andy tried to do for me, but I was being a real downer then. I want you to know that things have changed."

"Oh goody! Does that mean you'll come with us sometime?"

"Possibly, but I've met someone. Actually a couple of women. I've been having sex with them."

"It's about time, Zach. Wait, did you say two women? You really jump in with both feet, don't you?"

"I guess you're right about that, but the two women are here tonight."

Michelle's eyes widened at that last remark. "Jayne and Carol? Are you crazy inviting them both here? And Jayne's husband is here as well. You really have gone off the deep end, my friend."

"Michelle, they know about each other. And Robert not only knows about me and Jayne, he approves of it. He's what they call a cuckold. He enjoys it when his wife is with other sexual partners."

"Holy shit, Zach! We have a couple of guys in our group who fit that description. They get off by watching their wives get it on with other men and women."

"Yes, that's it exactly," said Zach. "In fact, Jayne, Carol and I are thinking about a three-way, maybe even tonight. They've been together as well. They wanted to ask if you and Andy would be interested in the five of us getting together."

"Oooh, that sounds absolutely delicious, Zach. Andy and I have always wanted to be part of a small, open-minded group of friends. The swinger club we belong to has members leaving all the time and newer ones taking their place. Don't get me wrong, we still love the lifestyle, but it seems we no sooner get to be good friends with a few of the couples and they leave. I think Andy is going to like this idea."

"Thank you for being so open to the idea, Michelle. Would you like to do something with us tonight?"

"Zach, I'd love to, especially to find out what you've got going on inside those pants of yours. I've always had a huge crush on you, you know that, don't you? The problem is that we have to get up early to visit Andy's family for the weekend. I have an idea that this little soiree is going to go deep into the night and we just can't. I'm sorry."

"Michelle, I understand completely. Will you keep us in mind for some other night?"

"Of course we will. But I want first dibs on you."

"Michelle, you're incorrigible. Of course you can have the first dance with me. Then it's settled. We'll set something up for another night. Okay, we'd better get back in there."

Before they went back inside Michelle took Zach's hand and pulled him close to her. She kissed him full on the lips. "I needed something to tide me over, Zach. Now that I know my secret fantasy is going to be fulfilled I'll have to hold onto that kiss."

Zach's head was spinning now. He always found Michelle to be sexually attractive, as well as a good friend. To know that she wanted him was a bit of a surprise. He wondered if she and Annie ever talked about him. Why else would she make that remark about finding out what's going on in his pants?

As Zach made his way back into the house, Michelle and Andy were saying their goodbyes to everyone. They all had good things to say to each other and, before they left, Michelle hugged and kissed both Jayne and Carol, lingering to whisper in each of their ears.

Finally Andy said his goodbyes to Zach, thanking him for not only inviting them but also for the opportunity to meet new friends. "I'm sure we will be seeing more of you soon," he told Zach.

"I think that is a safe bet," replied Zach, with a wink.

After they had left, Jayne and Carol rushed over to Zach, asking if he had inquired about whether they were interested. They each had one of his arms and Zach could only look at Robert and shrug his shoulders.

Robert was laughing now, seeing Zach in his plight. "They have you now, Zach," he said, still laughing. "You look like the wishbone on a turkey and they are making their wishes. Somehow I think that they are both going to win this one."

"A turkey?" Zach chuckled. "You seem to be encouraging them, Robert. If I didn't know better, I'd say you are hoping for a show."

"I'm ready Zach. I'm finally comfortable enough to see you with Jayne. I liked hearing about it, but I couldn't imagine watching before. Now that we have all gotten closer there's no fear anymore. I'm good with it. But you'd better tell them what you found out before they rip your arms off."

"Yes, Zach," said Jayne. "Carol and I are dying to know what you said to Michelle when you took her to the patio.

Zach explained everything to the three of them, even the part where Michelle admitted to having a thing for him. "I'm sorry ladies, but if we do get together she has put in a claim on me."

Carol loosened her grip on Zach's arm and began to caress his ass. "Well, that's okay. While she's with you Jayne and I will have to make Andy feel at home. Isn't that right, Jayne?"

"Yes, Carol. Andy looks delicious. You go ahead and have fun with Michelle, Zach. Carol and I will figure out something to do with Andy." Jayne followed Carol's lead and began rubbing Zach's cock through his slacks. Zach was responding to all this fondling and his cock was getting hard.

Jayne unzipped his fly and reached into his pants, pulling out Zach's cock and squeezing it. There was pre-cum on the tip of his penis and Jayne reached out to lick it off. "Oooh, Zach, you're getting excited. You taste so good!"

Robert looked on with a big smile and settled into a big chair in the living room, where everyone had gravitated. He was ready for the show to begin. "Is this okay in here, or would you all be more comfortable in the bedroom?"

"This will be fine, Robert," said Zach. I don't think they'll let me get that far. We have the floor and the sofa, if necessary. Oh, God, Jayne. What are you doing with your teeth?"

Jayne was sucking him now, her teeth biting both the head and shaft of Zach's massive tool. It was already glistening from her saliva and stood fully erect. Carol removed his slacks and began to lick and probe his asshole with her tongue.

My God, Zach thought. I'm getting it from both ends here. How do they expect me to hang on long enough to fuck them if they are bringing me so close to cumming? He had never been with two women, even before he had met Annie. It was a big fantasy of his, one he never thought would ever come true, but here he was with two beautiful and willing women. It was driving him wild.

Robert looked on with joy. He was concerned about watching Jayne with another man, but now that he had seen it, he was getting hard. This was going to be something way beyond his expectations and he couldn't wipe the smile off his face if he wanted to.

The women pulled Zach down to the floor and they took no time getting naked for him. They were both working on his cock now, Carol sucking it and Jayne working his balls. Every so often they would switch places, but not before sharing a deep open-mouthed kiss. They fondled each other's breasts as they worked Zach over and soon they were on each side of his shaft. alternately kissing, sucking and licking his cock. They would join at the middle and their tongues would intertwine before they kissed.

Zach looked on at them with awe. He felt like he was in a hedonist heaven. These two women were feasting on his cock, treating it as they would an object of love, pampering it, stroking it and soothing it with their kisses. He didn't want to cum, because he wanted to be inside them, one at a time. He was loving this, but it was time to take care of them. He removed himself from their idol worship and motioned for Carol to sit on his cock. As she got into position he pulled Jayne over and motioned for her to sit on his face.

Carol slowly nestled down onto Zach's enormous cock and gently eased it into her very wet pussy, impaling herself as if it were a sword and her cunt the sheath which holds it. Zach's cock was not only long, but thick as well. When she sucked it earlier in the day she wondered what it would feel like buried inside her. Now she was experiencing it first-hand and it was even better than she had imagined. She had fucked a lot of men, but Zach filled her as she had never been filled before. Every inch that she was able to take stretched the walls of her pussy as no other cock had done before. The feeling was incredible, as it seemed to almost electrically jolt her as it found its way deeper and deeper. When she finally bottomed out onto the hard pole she had to stop to catch her breath, such was the extent to which she was filled up. This was going to be an incredible ride, she told herself.

Jayne sat down on Zach's face and was facing Carol, who looked as if she were out of breath just from his initial entry. She remembered her own surprise at how large his cock actually was and could understand the feelings and emotions that Carol was experiencing right now. As Zach began to lick and eat her cunt, she wriggled back and forth on his face, enjoying the ride and getting aroused way beyond anything she had felt before. She reached out and squeezed Carol's tits as she began bouncing on Zach's cock. The movement of Zach's lips and his mouth were sending her into a frenzy, and she sought Carol's open mouth. They kissed, a wide open kiss that left them holding onto each other, almost for support. Zach was making them both weak in the knees, and they had only just begun.

Robert was enjoying himself more than he expected. Seeing Jayne take such good car of Zach's cock was a delight. He knew her style, of course, but seeing her with another man stoked his fires in his groin. He became almost immediately aroused when both her and Carol took turns tongue-bathing his prick. And what a prick it was. Jayne had described it to him before, but he wasn't fully prepared for the girth of his cock until Jayne took it out of his pants. He was so big Robert almost felt sorry for the two women, especially if they tried to do anal. Jayne loved it, though, so it must fit, he told himself with a chuckle.

Both women were grinding on Zach now, trying to get more of his face and his cock. Jayne was already nearing orgasm and Carol wasn't far behind. Strangely, Zach was nowhere near cumming. He felt as if he could go on for hours, although he knew that wasn't going to happen. He thrust up hard when Carol moved down on his cock, and she rewarded him with a series of low moans of delight. Jayne was quietly humming and moaning as he ate her sopping wet pussy, his fingers helping his efforts by probing her anus.

Jayne bucked first, obviously in the throes of her orgasm. She thrashed and grunted as the waves of pleasure overcame her. "Oh my God, Zach! Keep eating me! Right there, lover, right there! Oh, here it comes, I'm cumming on your face, baby, I'm cumming!" She shook violently as the pleasure vibrated her to her very core. And as soon as it was over, she slid off his face and collapsed backward onto the floor.

As if synchronized, Carol came next. Wildly gyrating on Zach's stiff cock, she began to cum with an identical violent response. Bending over to kiss Zach and offer her nipples for him to suck on. "Yes, Yes, Yes, honey. Don't you fucking stop fucking me, oh God, dear God, my sweet baby." And, like Jayne, she collapsed, but onto Zach's torso as she hugged and kissed him.

But Zach wasn't done. he grabbed Jayne and positioned her on all fours so he could enter her from the rear. He plunged all 10 inches deep into her cunt and she screamed at this assault on her still wet cunt.

Meanwhile, Carol went over to Robert, winked and then got underneath Jayne so she could help by sucking her tits, eventually working her way up to her pussy, where Zach was giving her cunt a fucking she wouldn't soon forget. Carol licked at Jayne's clitoris as Zach continued fucking her.

Zach liked what he saw and decided to give Carol another treat. He pulled his cock out of Jayne's throbbing cunt and offered it to Carol. Carol sucked it and took it deep into her throat as Zach face fucked her with his pole. "Mmm, Jayne, you taste so good on Zach's big cock!"

They alternated like that for ten-fifteen minutes and Zach could feel his orgasm building. "Who wants it?" he exclaimed. Jayne quickly removed his cock from her gaping cunt and swiveled around on the floor so that she could receive his gift. Carol gladly moved over for Jayne as they took all of Zach's cum as he shook and shuddered. He shot long streams of thick, milky white cum in, on and around their faces. Jayne got most of it and shared it with Carol.

Something caught Carol's attention off to the side. It was Robert, his pants down around his ankles as he feverishly stroked himself. She got Jayne's attention to ask her something. Jayne nodded, and then Carol walked over to the chair where Robert was sitting.

Robert was about to cum when Carol stood over him, motioning to his dick and pointing to her mouth. Robert nodded to her just as his cock was about to let go.

Carol bent over him and spoke. "Whenever you're ready, my dear Robert." She positioned her open mouth near his cock and when he began to cum she took him into her mouth. She took all he had and showed it to him by allowing some to escape from her mouth. She licked and slurped and cleaned him off when he was done. Then she stood up and kissed him tenderly on the cheek. "Thank you, Robert," she said. I hope that helps."

Robert could only manage a smile but he appreciated it. Jayne looked on with tears in her eyes. She ran to her husband and kissed him over and over, professing her love for him as she kissed him.

Across the room, Zach stood up and announced, "Seconds anyone?"

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