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Extramarital--Discovery and Acceptance

Robert and Carol learn more about themselves.
Robert couldn't believe his own eyes. Jayne was positioned between the legs of a younger woman, eating her pussy and licking her ass. They were both enjoying themselves, and why not? This woman Jayne was with was hot. But who was she? Jayne never mentioned a female lover in her talks with him, only Zach.

Strangely enough, Robert not only found their lovemaking interesting, it was starting to excite him. He had encouraged Jayne to take on different sex partners, but he only wanted her to supply him with details. He felt that watching her with someone else would be too painful, yet the scene before him was fascinating. Maybe it was because she was with a woman. Jayne had never had an affair with a woman, only men. Sure, she was with women at the spa, but it was a service, not a date or anything. This was no service, that's for sure. The sounds and comments they were making were those of lovers.

Robert decided he had better get his report and not be caught watching them. He crept to his office and found the report folder. On his way back toward the front door he couldn't resist sneaking a peek at them.

Jayne was eating the other woman's pussy, and she was doing a good job, judging by the moaning the younger woman was doing. He got closer to the doorway for a better view. The other woman was ready to cum, as her moans had turned into screams.

"Oh, God, Jayne, right there," Carol moaned. "Yes, yes, I'm coming now. Jayne, I'm going to get you wet. Oh, Jayne, oh, oh, oh, God YES!"

As Carol came, she squirted a large stream of her cum all over Jayne's face. Jayne kept licking her as the fluid was everywhere, in her eyes, in her mouth and all over her hair. Carol squirted buckets of cum before she was done.

Robert felt himself getting hard. If he had time, he would have masturbated tight there, but he had to get back to work. Jayne would have quite a story to tell him that night. He had never thought watching them could be so hot and exciting. He slipped out the front door without making a sound.

Jayne and Carol lay in the bed holding each other. Their lovemaking was intense, made more so by the spontaneity of their coupling. Jayne never saw it coming, but Carol did.

In fact, Carol's plan to seduce Jayne was almost too successful. While Jayne succumbed to Carol's advances, she had an effect on Carol, something the younger woman wasn't expecting. While Zach was still the one she wanted in her bed, Jayne showed her something that no other woman had ever done. She opened up completely to Carol. All the other women who Carol had fucked were just physical attractions. None of them warranted any interest to her beyond sex. They were just notches on her belt, so to speak.

Carol wanted to experience everything, and in order to fully enjoy the pleasures of sex, she decided that she had to try sex with women. While not as pleasing to her personally as sex with a man, she learned to appreciate the subtle differences that women offered. She was able to orgasm with women, but she preferred to give pleasure to her partners. It made her feel in control, powerful even. But the one thing she was never able to experience with a woman was the closeness, the unity, the love that an emotional connection could bring.

Until today with Jayne.

What began as a means to an end, namely a way to finally be with Zach, had taken a very different turn than she had anticipated. Jayne's eager lovemaking, and her complete acceptance of Carol, had forced her to reexamine her feelings. She felt a connection with Jayne unlike any other, including the men she had bedded. She felt it was dangerous to open herself to anyone, but Jayne seemed different, as if her open arms (and legs) could make her feel safe and secure. The control was slipping away with this one, and it scared her. But it also excited her, because for once in her life the uncertainty of a possible relationship made her want to continue with it and seeif it could grow into something more. Carol feared that she was falling in love.

As Jayne lay holding Carol, she found herself torn in several directions. She loved Robert and desperately wanted to please him. She came to understand and accept his unorthodox lifestyle as an expression of love. He truly loved her and was willing to allow her to seek sex outside of their marriage. He only asked that he be the only one she loved and to be honest with him, telling him details about her sexual activities. She didn't have to do more than that, but she knew that he got immense pleasure from her conversations with him about her partners. She wanted to enhance that pleasure by helping him to orgasm. She would suck his cock after telling him the details, with him cumming in either her mouth or on her tits.

She also began to finally admit that she was starting to have feelings for Zach. What began as spontaneous passion between the two of them was beginning to take on the makings of an emotional relationship. It didn't surprise her that she felt this way, as Zach was a good man and he always put her feelings above his own. What woman wouldn't want to feel loved and protected by such a fine man?

She had to ask herself if it were possible for her to love both men equally. Her feelings for Zach in no way diminished the love she had for Robert, but would he see it as a betrayal of that love if she told him about her feelings?

And now Carol had entered her life. While Carol seemed to be a Grade A bitch in her unabashed pursuit of Zach, Jayne felt something when they made love. Carol was so giving as they explored each others bodies that Jayne simply refused to believe that it wasn't anything less than romantic. Sure, Jayne felt a little guilty that she gave in to Carol's advances so easily, but she felt drawn to her because she represented something forbidden, something naughty and almost wrong.

Those feelings gave way to arousal and desire once they touched each other. Kissing and licking their most private, erotic areas was something which felt natural with Carol. She gave herself freely and completely, and that was not the act of a cold, calculating person, but that of a lover. While anything more might be impossible right now, Jayne felt safe in her arms, the way she did with Zach.

And now she had a decision to make. Should she tell Robert about what had just happened, or did she want to wait, unsure of where this might lead? She worried that to tell him of her feelings about two partners could destroy their love.

As she pondered what to do, she leaned over and gave Carol a tender kiss on her forehead. Carol stirred from her thoughts and returned her kiss, stroking Jayne's hair lovingly. Both Carol and Jayne smiled and fell off into a contented sleep, wrapped in each other's arms.

They were awakened by the sound of the phone ringing. It was Robert. Jayne looked at the clock as she took the call. It was 2:30 in the afternoon. They had slept for over an hour. Robert wanted her to meet him at Lombardi's, a restaurant in the Italian section called The Hill at 4:00.

She woke Carol up and told her that she had to get dressed and leave. Carol did so, but she had something to say to Jayne before she left.

"Jayne, I've been with women before, but none of them rocked my world the way you did," she said. "I have to see you again. When can we do this again?"

"Carol, this wasn't supposed to happen," said Jayne. "But it did and I had a good time with you. Let me meet my husband for dinner and I promise I'll get back to you."

Carol wrote her cell phone number on a slip of paper and gave it to Jayne. She walked toward the door and just before she opened it, she turned and ran to Jayne. The two women kissed passionately, hugging each other tightly. "I promise, I promise I'll call you," said Jayne. "I want to see you again, Carol."

Carol left the house, a smile spreading across her face. She came here looking to drive a wedge between Jayne and Zach. She may have succeeded, but she wasn't all that interested in Zach right now. It was Jayne she wanted, and she meant to have her.

At 3:45, Jayne parked her car in Lombardi's lot and went into the restaurant. The hostess showed her to Robert's table, in a secluded corner of the restaurant with dim lighting and little or no access from the other diners.

Robert rose as Jayne approached their table. He was always a gentleman, and this occasion was no different than any other. He loved this woman, and he hoped that what he had to tell her would strengthen their love for each other. When she got to their table he kissed her cheek and waited until their server seated her before he sat down himself.

"Well Jayne," he said. "How was your day? Tell me all about it."

"Robert, it was different," she said. "Zach and I had quite a delicious coffee klatch today." Jayne went on to explain her anal sex with Zach and didn't leave out any of the details. When she was done she noticed that Robert was excited, as he usually was. They always did this at home, where Jayne could give him head. That clearly wasn't going to happen here, or was it? "Robert, do you want me to take care of you?" she asked.

"No, Jayne, I don't think we can do anything here, although I'd like that very much. We can wait until we get home for that. Is that all you have to tell me?"

Jayne hesitated, not sure of what to say next. Her love for Robert won out, however, and she spilled the beans.

"Yes, Robert, there's more," she told him. "After Zach left his sister-in-law Carol stopped by. She had come over the other day and was badgering Zach about the past. She always had a thing for Zach and she figured that he would give in to her advances, but he didn't."

"What was this Carol doing at our place today?" Robert inquired. "Was she still after Zach?"

"No, she came to apologize to me for her behavior," she offered. "She wanted to do it face to face, so I allowed her to come in and talk about it." Jayne wasn't sure how to tell Robert how they wound up in bed together, but she had to. She wouldn't be able to live with herself if she kept this from Robert.

"So did she apologize and then leave?"

Jayne was determined to get through this, so she decided to just tell him.

"Yes, she apologized," she began. "But she didn't leave then. Robert, she was so sexy, she was so beautiful. She was so close to me that, that..." Jayne couldn't hold back any longer. "Robert, my arm brushed up against her breast and I just had to have her. It was electric. I couldn't help myself."

"Jayne, don't worry," Robert said softly. "You know I like it when you experiment. Just tell me what happened."

"She was so hot," she went on. "When we touched it set something off. I wanted her so badly right then. We made love. It was so good." Jayne went on to describe to Robert the details of their lovemaking. She didn't leave anything out and when she got done, she noticed that Robert was hanging on her every word,

"Well, honey, what do you think," she said. "It wasn't anything we planned, it just happened."

"I know. It was quite a sight," he said.

"Robert, I don't think my description was that good."

"No, Jayne," Robert went on. "I mean I saw it. I was there."

Jayne was confused by what Robert just told her. "What do you mean?"

"Honey, I had to rush home and get my report. I left it in my office at home and I needed to get it for the meeting. I heard voices and I saw you and, what was her name, Carol. I saw you and Carol in bed together."

Jayne was mystified. "You mean you saw the whole thing?"

"No," said Robert. A wry smile crossed his face. "I missed most of it, but I saw where Carol squirted all over you. It was so sexy and erotic. I enjoyed watching the two of you. If I wasn't in such a hurry to get back to work I would have masturbated while you were eating her pussy."

Jayne was stunned. Robert never said anything about ever wanting to watch. And he nearly masturbated while he did it. "Well, what did you think?" she said.

"I think I want to see some more," he replied. "I never thought I could handle watching you with another man, but this was different. I loved it."

Jayne saw something in Robert's eyes that had been missing for a very long time. He was excited and his face echoed that excitement. If watching would breathe life into his normally forlorn face, then she would do whatever was needed to help him.

"Jayne, I want you to call Carol and ask her to come over tonight. You do whatever it takes to get her into bed. I will watch you and Carol make love. Can you do that for me, honey?"

"Robert, you know I'll do anything for you, honey. Are you sure this is what you want? I don't want you doing this unless you're certain."

"My darling, seeing you with Carol today was amazing. I felt like a man again. Maybe it was seeing you with another woman, but my cock was harder than it's been in years. Who knows, I might like being a voyeur. My dick likes it very much." Robert leaned across the small table and kissed Jayne. It was a passionate kiss, long, hard and wet. It took Jayne by surprise with it's passion and intensity.

She hadn't been kissed like that by Robert in years. She hoped this was what he needed to regain his manhood. She was determined to put on a show for him tonight. God, she thought, he might even be able to fuck me tonight. She broke the kiss, trembling with excitement. "I love you," she told her husband.

After dinner they agreed that Robert would be waiting in a back room until they got to the bedroom. He would be able to view them from the security system monitor. They had concealed cameras in every room as part of their security system. Robert had never used them for this purpose, as he was unsure if he could handle the sight of Jayne with another man. Listening to her tell him the details was one thing, but watching it was another. For tonight, however, he was going to watch. He could always watch from the bedroom door if he wanted to get a closer look as well.

Jayne called the cell number that Carol gave her earlier and waited. Carol answered and Jayne told her she wanted to see her again, tonight in fact. She told Carol to come by the house around 8:00 and they could talk. She told her that they could share some dessert and coffee, if she liked. Jayne told her that she enjoyed their time together and wanted to discuss it with her, and to park down the street so that Zach wouldn't see her. They both agreed that, for now, he didn't need to know what had happened between them. Carol agreed and said she would be delighted to come.

Jayne ended the call and told Robert that everything was set. She was wet from just talking to Carol. Tonight was for Robert, but she also knew that it would be good for her too. She made one more call, to Zach. She explained that she wouldn't be able to go to his place for their morning coffee. Robert was staying home tomorrow and she would have breakfast with him. Zach understood and mentioned that he wanted to have them over for another cookout this weekend. Jayne told him that she would bring it up to Robert, but that he should go ahead with making his plans because they would probably be coming.

Carol was delighted to hear from her so soon. She had hoped that Jayne would want to be with her again, but didn't think she would call so soon. She became aroused just thinking about being with her. With a little luck, she might get to stay the night. She packed a small overnight bag with her toiletries and a change of clothes, hoping to wake up next to Jane in the morning.

As eight o'clock approached, Robert retired to the back room where he could monitor their activities. Jayne was busy setting our a small dessert buffet for her and Carol. She had two flavors of ice cream, toppings, fruit, nuts and whipped cream. She started the coffeemaker and waited. She had a simple cream-colored dress on, but underneath it she was wearing a provocative bra and panties with a garter belt. She was eagerly awaiting Carol's arrival and already was getting wet just thinking about Carol's mouth on her pussy.

She had to stifle the urge to slip her hand underneath her dress. She would be doing much more than that soon enough, she thought. She especially wanted Carol to sit on her face. That was her favorite position for lesbian sex, she felt. It showed control, not to mention the fact that the pussy she was eating was grinding into her face. Oh, she could cum just thinking about it.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and Jayne nearly jumped out of her chair with delight. She opened the door and gasped. Carol stood there wearing a black leather halter, her breasts spilling out of it. She wore skin tight designer jeans which showed off her ass. Jayne had to take a deep breath before she could say anything.

"My God, Carol. You look stunning. All that for ice cream? Please come in."

"Jayne, honey, I always dress up for those who mean a lot to me," she said. "You know that, don't you? That you mean so much to me? I think today changed everything for me. My intentions weren't the best when I got here, but you've shown me that there are some things worth changing for, and you are one of those things."

Carol took a seat at the buffet table Jayne had set up for them. "And look at this spread. Did you know that I have such a sweet tooth? I might have to show you the right way to eat chocolate syrup and whipped cream, if you know what I mean." A wicked smile came across her face and it was not lost on Jayne.

They sat down to some dessert and Carol continued. "Jayne, where did you get this ice cream? This stuff is pure heaven."

"It's a local dairy. They make the best stuff," said Jayne. She couldn't take her eyes off Carol's tits as she ate. She wondered what it would be like to lick whipped cream off those tits, or out of her pussy. Carol had enough hair around her cunt that it could get pretty messy. That got her thinking even more, and she could feel herself getting wetter by the second.

Carol could feel Jayne's eyes on her body. She was interested in more, she had to be. Why else would she have her back over so soon? And the sundae bar? While it could be seen as an ice breaker, Carol had fun in the past with whipped cream and syrup. She thought that Jayne's cunt would be even more delicious with one of those cherries sitting on a bed of whipped cream atop Jayne's slit. She rubbed her legs together and could feel the wetness seeping out of her own cunt.

It was Jayne who made the first move. She got up with her bowl in hand and walked over to Carol. Using her finger, she scooped up a large fingerful of whipped cream and chocolate syrup and brought it to Carol's lips. Carol opened her mouth and sucked on Jayne's finger until it was clean.

Jayne leaned closer and kissed Carol. Her tongue found Carol's tongue and licked the mixture from her mouth. Now they both had open mouths and were licking each other.

Carol undid the top of her halter and allowed her breasts to fall forward. Jayne caught them with her hands and brought one hard nipple to her waiting mouth. She sucked on it hard, biting it roughly with her teeth, making Carol moan with delight. She reached into her bowl and smeared a good part of her sundae onto Carol's tit and licked it up as Carol thrust her breasts toward Jayne's face.

Carol was enjoying this and while her tits were being suckled she had her hand up Jayne's dress, finding her sex and caressing it through her panties. This made Jayne squirm and she bit down hard on Carol's tit. She decided to move this party to Jayne's bedroom. She stood up, grabbed a bowl and filed it with a variety of ice cream, whipped cream and toppings. Then she beckoned Jayne to do the same as she walked toward the bedroom. Jayne got up and followed her.

Meanwhile Robert was watching all this unfold on one of the security monitors. He was hoping they would dispense with the chit chat and get down to business. It appeared he was going to get his wish.

Just the sight of Jayne sucking Carol's tits was making him hard, and he slipped his hand under his waistband and into his shorts. It felt so good to hold his erect cock in his hand again. This was going to be a good night. His discovery that he could watch Jayne with this woman was a lucky break, but it showed him that he could handle this. If only he could feel this comfortable as Jayne fucked another man. If he could do that, his life would be so much richer and complete. As they went into the bedroom, he switched over to that monitor. This was going to be rewarding, he told himself.

Jayne and Carol went into the bedroom and Jayne removed her dress, allowing Carol a look at her undergarments. Carol liked what she saw and immediately embraced Jayne, letting her hands explore her body as they kissed. She quickly got Jayne undressed and led her to the bed. Her halter and jeans followed suit. She had nothing on under them, so she was completely naked as well.

"Jayne, you have the hardest nipples I have ever seen," she said, reaching for her bowl of whipped cream and other goodies. "I want to taste them." She then put a large dollop of whipped cream on each of her nipples and began to suck them, smearing the cream around Jayne's tits. She followed that up with the chocolate syrup, drizzling it over her tits and licking it off. "See, Jayne, I knew you were going to taste great," she told her.

She pushed Jayne back on her back and began licking her, starting with her breasts and slowly working her way down. Jayne was squirming and moaning with delight. "Carol, your lips are wonderful," she moaned. "Oh, Carol, keep it up. Don't you dare stop."

Carol didn't stop, oh no. As she made it to Jayne's midsection, she took some of the whipped cream and a cherry . She placed the cherry just inside Jayne's pussy and then covered her lips and mound with the whipped cream. Then she started licking the whipped cream, eating as she licked it off.

Jayne spread her legs wider, hoping that Carol would take the hint and get down to business with her cunt. The cold whipped cream gave her such sensations, and Carol's tongue spread it all around her pussy.

Finally Carol spread apart Jayne's lips, licking and sucking her pussy. She worked Jayne over pretty good, and Jayne was moaning as she ate her. Carol knew what she was going to do with the cherry, but she wanted Jayne to cum first. She found her clitoris, and sucked on it hard, driving Jayne wild with pleasure.

As Carol continued eating Jayne, Robert was watching on the security monitor. It was amazing to see his wife getting her pussy eaten by Carol. He felt his cock begin to grow in his pants and he gripped it through them. He hadn't felt this way in years, and it was the greatest feeling in the world. He wanted more, however. He decided that he was going to slip over to the bedroom and watch a bit from the doorway. The monitor was nice, but seeing them in person would be great.

Carol had Jayne on the edge of her orgasm and decided to make her cum now. She reached underneath Jayne and grabbed the cheeks of her ass, bringing Jayne's cunt right up against her face. She could feel the cherry, and kept it within eating distance.

Jayne suddenly felt her orgasm beginning. Her cunt was quivering as Carol kept up her licking and sucking. It was nearly there. "Carol, don't stop. This feels so, so, fuck it's so good!" She came on Carol's face, a little squirt of her own cum leaking out as she shook.

Carol was still licking and sucking her pussy as she came. As her orgasm drew down, Carol got up and lay atop Jayne, who was panting and shaking. Carol kissed her cheek and then gave Jayne a kiss on the lips. As Jayne opened her mouth to receive Carol's tongue, Carol slipped the cherry into Jayne's open mouth.

Jayne was surprised, but took the cherry, biting into it to taste its sweetness. She kissed Carol and gave her back a part of it. They continued to kiss as Jayne began to massage Carol's tits. She wanted her as well. Carol was still on top of her, but Jayne wanted it that way. She slid down Carol's body, stopping to suck and bite her erect nipples. God, they were so big, like pencil erasers. She nibbled on one while the other was being pinched and twisted with her free hand. Carol moaned deeply, grinding her tit into Jayne's face for more.

Jayne reached down and began to caress Carol's pussy, running her fingers through the lush bush surrounding it. Carol spread her legs to allow Jane's hand to explore deeper. Jayne took advantage of this and slipped one, then two, then three fingers inside her wetness. Carol was humping her hand now, feverishly trying to swallow her whole hand. Jayne kept on fingering her and whispered something to Carol. Carol bent her head down so that she could hear her. "Sit on my face, honey. I want you to smother me with your cunt."

Carol didn't have to be told twice. She positioned herself above Jayne's face, with her egs straddling her shoulders. She rested her ass atop Jayne's breasts as she lowered her glistening cunt onto Jayne's face.

Jayne could smell the muskiness of Carol's pussy as it got closer to her face, and she breathed deeply to savor the aroma. Her hair was moist and stick from her wetness and Jayne licked at the hair enjoying the taste of it.

Carol had been teased enough. She thrust her hairy cunt onto Jayne's face and began to rock back and forth, smearing her bush and slit all around Jayne's eager mouth. God, this was so hot, she thought. Jayne could really eat herself some pussy, and Carol was determined to let her eat her way to her orgasm.

Jayne loved eating pussy, and having her lover sit on her face was her favorite position. Carol's pussy was soaking wet, so wet that her considerable bush was shining, it was so wet. Jayne's nose was buried in that hairy mat, and she loved how it tickled her. Her tongue was working Carol over pretty good. She licked her from back to front, timing her licks with the movement of Carol's hips.

As her hips thrust forward, she was licking the underside of her cunt, near that "taint" area between the ass and the pussy. When Carol rocked back toward Jayne's tits, Jayne was able to really lick the top of her pussy and hit her clit. Soon Jayne planned to stop Carol from moving altogether so she could suck on the clit and make her cum. After Carol orgasms, though, Jayne had a big surprise planned for her.

Robert was really getting into it. He remembered how he used to eat Jayne's pussy and he liked what Carol did. He thought Carol was a very sexy woman, but Jayne surprised him with her pussy licking skills. She just dove right in there and licked, tongued and sucked the pussy. He was hard as soon as they got to the bedroom, too. He thought that he would masturbate before they were done. Jayne might want to give him a blow job, though, and the thought of her mouth still tasting like pussy was enough to chase away the thoughts of masturbation. Better to let her get him off. She always liked that anyway. Now he needed to concentrate on the monitor, though. Jayne nearly had Carol ready to cum.

Now, thought Jayne. Now was the time to hold Carol's hips and signal that she was ready to make her cum. She held them firmly and shook her head from side to side. That was enough to make Carol notice her and slow down the movements. As Carol paused in her thrusts, Jayne began to really eat her out. Her tongue drove deep into her pussy and her mouth took in as much of her lips and outer labia as she could. Carol began to shake and Jayne knew it was time to get her rocks off. She sucked hard, real hard, on her clit this time and it did the trick. She was cumming.

"Oh good Lord, woman, oh, God," Carol moaned. Her orgasm was sweeping across her body and she began to shake. "Jesus lord a'mighty, eat me. Eat me, baby, eat me. Aaah, good, good, I'm, I'm cumming!" Carol came like crazy, her juices spilling down around Jayne's face as she continued to lap up her pussy. God, she thought, is it going to stop? It felt better than most she had experienced. Jayne was amazing.

Finally Carol fell off Jayne and collapsed on the bed, completely exhausted from the older woman's talents. As she lay there, Jayne came up to her and kissed her deeply.

"Honey, you just lie still and relax," Jayne purred to her. "I've got a little surprise for you."

Jayne went to the buffet table and grabbed a banana. She was planning to fuck Carol in the ass with one of the bananas, but they were too ripe. Damn, she thought. She should have gotten greener ones. there was one more possibility, though. In the back room, where she kept some of her toys.

As she walked into the room, Robert sat there panting. His face was flushed and he was sweating profusely. Jayne ran over to him and cradled his head against her naked breasts. "Oh, darling," she cried. "Are you okay? What happened?"

Robert caught his breath and smiled. "It's okay, Jayne," he said, "I was so excited I began to masturbate. I've never been so excited in years. You really have a way with eating pussy, do you know that?" He calmed down as Jayne caressed his face, covering it with kisses. "I was watching on the monitor and I couldn't help myself. That Carol is one lucky lady."

"Oh, Robert, you had me scared there for a moment. I thought I'd killed you."

"No," he told her. "You might have saved me. Saved me from a life without sex and pleasure. I've never been so happy, and I owe it all to you. I love you, Jayne."

"And I love you, Robert. I'm going back, but I needed something from my toy box. Would you like to come in and watch us in person? I don't think Carol would object to anything at this point. You could even join us if you feel up to it."

"No, honey," he replied. "I'm good, but I'm not quite ready to be a participant just yet. I would like to watch from the doorway, if you don't mind."

"Of course you can," she said. "Let me get what I need and I'll help you go there." Jayne went to her toy box, hidden in the closet away from prying eyes. She found it, a twelve inch long black strap-on dildo. Carol would remember this night for a long time, she thought. She put it on and then helped Robert get to his feet. "Come on, sweetheart. Let's go give Carol the fucking she's been begging for."

While Jayne was gone, Carol lay on the bed thinking. Her pursuit of Zach was vengeful, she realized now. She wanted him out of spite, for all those years he ignored her and humiliated her. She was wrong to feel that way, she knew now. Jayne had shown her real love today, and she wanted more of it. She knew that Jayne would never leave her beloved Robert, but if she allowed her to be a part of her life, well, that was more than enough for her. She would apologize to Zach tomorrow and release him from her pursuit. It was ironic that an older woman would be the one to finally open her eyes to what real lovemaking was all about.

"Carol, honey, I have brought you a couple of things," Jayne announced as she stood outside the bedroom, out of Carol's sight. "Sweetie, if you don't mind, Robert would like to watch us from in here. He's been watching us on one of our security monitors. I'll explain later, but would you please allow him to come in?"

"Of course, my darling," Carol replied. "Anything you want, if you'll please come back to me."

Robert walked into the room and nodded at Carol. He took a seat in a small sitting chair in the corner of the room, facing the bed. Right behind him strode Jayne, twelve inches of shiny black cock protruding from below her waist.

"Hello, lover," she exclaimed. "Now I'm going to show you what a real fucking feels like."

Carol gasped as she saw Jayne, naked except for the dildo pointing right at her. "Sugar, come over here and let me suck your cock."

Jayne walked, no, strutted over to the bed and stood before Carol. She embraced her and they kissed. It was a different kiss, she thought. Carol hugged her so tight, like she was afraid of letting go for fear she would lose her. Her kiss was equally emotional, and when they broke it Jayne could see tears welling up in Carol's eyes. "Don't say anything," she whispered to Carol. "I'm feeling the same feelings but we can't say anything in front of Robert. The time isn't right."

Carol's heart leapt when she heard Jayne say that. She feels the same way!! Now she was going to give her a lovemaking she would remember forever.

Carol felt the dildo and stroked it lovingly. Jayne caressed her hair as she stroked the monster-sized cock, gently pulling her face toward it so that she could suck on it.

Carol took the hint and licked the head, working her way down the shaft, her saliva making the black dildo shine as she licked it all over. She treated it as if it were real, taking about eight inches down her throat and bobbing her head up and down. She made moaning noises as she slurped, eager to get this thing inside her. She stopped once it was all shiny and wet, laying back on the bed and spreading her legs. "Fuck me, Jayne," she cooed. "Give it all to me and fuck me hard, baby. I want you inside me now."

Jayne squeezed some lube onto the head and down the shaft and positioned it at the entrance to Carol's hairy cunt. As she started to insert it, the hair became wet and parted easily for her. Slowly she eased it into her pussy, Carol gasping as she did it.

"Oh my God, Jayne. That thing is thick! Go ahead and split me in two! Fuck me, fuck me hard you bitch!"

Jayne took that as a signal to go for it and she thrust deeper into Carol's cunt. She took it easily and soon she had taken the entire length.

Carol was moaning as she fucked Jayne back, thrusting her hips forward and taking more of the black dildo with each thrust. She pulled Jayne down for a kiss, their tongues swirling around each other and exchanging spit. she was loving this. The dildo plunged deeper into her pussy, giving her spasms of pleasure. Jayne rode her expertly, knowing when to speed up and when to slow down, rotating her movements and rubbing the sides of her pussy, creating a delicious friction.

Jayne wanted Carol to cum, and cum hard, before she took her anally. She wanted Carol to feel this magnificent cock throughout her body, jabbing deep into her sex and creating waves of pleasure. it felt good to use the strap-on again. It had been a while since she used it and she wasn't sure that she could master the movement required to simulate a man fucking her, but she needn't fear that. She rode Carol expertly, like a broncobuster rides a wild horse, feeling every buck and throw that the horse could give. She was wet herself and felt that, when she was done, Carol might have to eat her cunt once more to give her the release she needed. Soon, she thought, very soon.

Robert watched the scene before him, his cock straining against his trousers. He felt himself, and the touch of his hand was almost enough to get him off. He might have to relieve himself after all. It would be nice if he were able to cum when they did. It would almost be like he were there with them, fucking them for real.

Carol felt her orgasm building, gaining momentum as Jayne picked up the pace. She had never been fucked so thoroughly with any kind of device and it felt so good. It was coming soon, and it would be a spectacular cum.

As Jayne sped up her fucking motions, she bent down to kiss Carol. As they did, she whispered to her open lips. "I want your ass, Carol, dear. Do you want to cum now or when I am inside your ass?"

"Oh, please fuck my ass, my love," Carol panted. "Let me give it to you now."

Jayne heard this and wasted no time. She pulled out of Carols soaking wet cunt and grabbed her by the shoulders, turning her around and throwing her onto her stomach. She grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted a large amount on Carol's puckered asshole, rubbing it in with her fingers. She rubbed her shiny, wet hands along the head and shaft of her "cock" and aimed it at Carol's waiting ass as she raised it up for her.

"Aaah, my God, it hurts so good," exclaimed Carol as the head found its way inside her ass. "Give it to me, give it to me, lover." She used her hands to spread her ass cheeks apart to allow Jayne more access to her anal opening and Jayne plunged deep into her ass. "Now fuck me in the ass! Give me all you've got, you motherfucker!"

Carol's dirty talk excited Jayne, and she plunged the entire dildo into Carol's ass, thrusting hard and fast in and out of her dark recesses. Carol was loving this and she was determined to make her cum.

Carol used her hand to finger her clit as Jayne continued her brutal assault on her ass. She was ready now, and it would be such a delicious orgasm, the big one. "Oh, honey," she screamed. "I'm cumming now, baby. Give it to me! I'm cumming!"

As Jayne kept up her frantic pace, she could see Carol squirting all over the bed below her. Jesus, she was going to flood the bed with all that cum, she thought. As Carol shook and bucked, Jayne kept drilling her ass with the dildo, making sure she had milked the last throes of her ecstacy before she slowed down, making sure that this was a fucking Carol wouldn't soon forget.

Carol finally began to shut it down, her body exhausted by the strength of her orgasm. She had never cum like that with a woman before. Jayne had struck something that no one had ever found in her. She collapsed on the bed, completely spent.

Jayne pulled out of Carol's wet ass as she finished. She was tired from her activity and right now she didn't care about her own pleasure. She lay with Carol and held her close as the younger woman shook with pleasure. "That was wonderful, Carol," she purred in her ear. "You were spectacular."

"No, sugar," Carol whispered. "You were spectacular. I think we have something special here and I want it to continue."

"Me too," said Jayne. "We'll find a way, but I have Robert to think about. I love him dearly for allowing me an opportunity to experience this."

Their eyes turned to Robert. He sat in the chair, his pants down around his knees and his cock in his hand, the thick milky cum draped along the shaft of it. He had done it.

"Sweetie," Carol whispered to her new lover. "I think he might just be ready for us now."

Jayne looked at Robert. He was smiling broadly. The tears began to come now, and she nodded her head. "Carol, you might be right about that. You might be right."

And everyone was smiling, wondering what would come next.

They wouldn't have long to wait, either, as the phone rang at that very moment. Jayne rushed over to check the caller ID. It was Zach.

This might be a little tricky, she thought, as she picked up the phone...


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