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Extramarital--Pleasure at the Spa

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Our visit to the spa works out the kinks
Jayne and I continued our affair every morning after her husband, Robert, left for work. We also explored our shared interests, tried some new techniques and grew closer as the week progressed.

I was becoming more fond of her, and not just sexually. She is a kind, loving woman who truly enjoys life and has a positive personality. She is the kind of woman that could attract any man, and I was certainly more than attracted to her. She makes me laugh, is very intelligent and, most importantly, shows her compassionate nature in everything she does. Yes, she is a beautiful, mature woman and has a large and deep sexual appetite, but her other attributes make me feel that she is much more than just a sexual partner.

After one particularly steamy round of mid-morning sex, we lay in bed together, her head resting on my chest. She looked up at me and asked me something which caught me completely off-guard.

"Honey," she began, "I know this might be difficult for you, but would you please tell me a little about your wife? I want to know what kind of person she was and what was it about her that made you so happy for so many years."

I was moved by Jayne's request. I hadn't spoken of my wife at length to either Jayne or Robert. To do so now, in bed with her, was going to be difficult, but I wanted to tell Jayne. She deserved to know as much as I could tell her.

"I am touched that you would want to know more about her, and I know I haven't said much about her since we met. I wanted to be sure you wouldn't be hurt or upset if I began talking about her, but I shouldn't have worried. Your capacity for compassion is just one of the things which attracted me to you. I would be happy to tell you about her."

I gathered my thoughts, hoping that I could do this without getting emotional.

"My wife's name was Anne, but she'll always be Annie to me," I began. "We met while we were both at college and for me at least, it was love at first sight. We were inseparable during the rest of our time at University, and the night before Commencement ceremonies, before we were both getting our degrees, I took her to dinner and proposed to her. She accepted, and we were married six months later. I felt I was the luckiest man in the world."

Jayne was moved by my story, and I could see that she was getting a little misty-eyed. No surprise, given the caring woman she was. "We settled here, where she got a job at the local hospital in the billing department," I went on. "Eventually, she became the Manager in charge of patient billing. She loved her job. I became a design engineer at a company nearby and I became Chief Engineer over time. Our life was perfect except for one thing. We couldn't have children."

"We tried everything," I continued. "It just wasn't meant to be, though, as Annie had a problem with her ovaries which prevented her from ever conceiving. We were disappointed, and even contemplated adoption, but in the end I think never being able to bear children was something that hurt her to the point where she was left with a pain in her spirit. She never dwelled on it, but I think there was a special place in her heart that cried every day after that."

Now Jayne was crying softly. "You poor things," she sighed. "From what you said, I think she would have been such a good and loving mother."

"I know she would have," I said. "As a matter of fact, Annie used to go to the maternity ward every week to help the nurses care for the newborns. I think that was her way of making up for never having one of her own."

"We had a good life, though," I added. "She devoted herself to me and our marriage right up until the time she died. There were so many things we enjoyed doing together. She loved going out dancing with me, but it became too difficult as the years went by. Her knee had been injured in a bicycle accident when she was young and she never had the damage taken care of. As she got older it became harder for her to get around and her doctor told her she would need knee replacement surgery. During that surgery she developed an infection and, despite all of the doctors' efforts, she passed away shortly afterward."

By now Jayne was sobbing openly and I held her to comfort her. "Jayne," I said softly, "We knew that any kind of surgery carries the risk of infection, but she was willing to take that risk if it meant she would be able to dance with me once again. Her love for me and her willingness to have the surgery was a testament to what a warm, loving woman she was her whole life."

Jayne had calmed down now. "She really did love you, as you did her," she said, drying her eyes. "How in the world do I follow someone like that?"

"You don't," I said. "Annie was unique, with her own feelings and traits that made me fall in love with her. You have some similar traits, but you are different in other ways, ways that make you very attractive to me."

"Zach," Jayne began, "I'm trying very hard not to want more from this thing we have going on between us. I love my husband, but I can't seem to get enough of you. Tell me I'm not crazy."

I smiled and gave her a squeeze. "No, you're not crazy. I have enjoyed being with you as well. The fact that you're married complicates things a bit for me. I don't want to become a wedge between you and Robert, yet I find myself wanting more."

"Then why don't we just enjoy each other and not worry so much about that other stuff," Jayne said. "Besides, I've booked us three nights at the spa. I think you'll enjoy yourself there. They pamper you in ways you've never dreamed of."

"What's the timetable, then?" I asked.

"Robert leaves Monday afternoon. Our coffee session will have to be canceled, but we have the rest of the week to be together."

"How does this sound?" I said. "Why don't I have the coffee thing just like always and you and Robert can join me. It can be like a bon voyage for him."

"Zach, that's so thoughtful," she said, smiling once more. "I think he would like that."

"Then it's settled," I continued. "When do we have to leave for the spa? Should we drive separately, to avoid drawing attention to us?"

"No, honey," she laughed. "We can take one car. I have been to this spa several times. Discretion is their hallmark, so we don't have to worry once we're there. I booked us the his and hers massage on Wednesday. It's a special massage and takes up the whole afternoon. It is way beyond the traditional massage, so we are in for a treat."

"Very well," I said. "We will have to take your car, though. We can't have it sitting in the garage if something happens and Robert comes home unexpectedly."

Jayne agreed and I spent the weekend getting ready for not only Monday's coffee but also our trip to the spa. Annie had been to spas before, but always as part of a vacation we took together, and never with me accompanying her. This trip was going to be very different. Sleeping with Jayne was going to be different, as well.

On Monday, I had everything ready for what now had become a full-blown breakfast. I had eggs, bacon, toast, fruit and juices set out then Robert and Jayne arrived.

"Zach, this is quite a spread," Robert said when he saw all of the food. "You really shouldn't have gone to all this trouble. You two don't put out like this all the time, do you?" Robert said with a hearty laugh.

The irony of the term "put out" was not lost on me. Robert was well aware that Jayne and I got together for coffee and light food every weekday morning, but I wondered what he would think if he knew his wife was putting out for me on a regular basis.

We sat together at the dining room table, since the kitchen table was loaded with food. Maybe I did overdo it, but I wanted Robert to have a nice send-off.

Everyone enjoyed the food and, as we had coffee, Robert motioned me aside, out of earshot of Jayne, who was clearing the table. "Zach, thank you for all of this," he said. "It really means a lot to me that you and Jayne have become friends. I was worried that being alone all day while I'm off at work would be difficult for her. She's always been most comfortable around people."

Then he leaned in closer, as if to share a secret or something he didn't want Jayne to hear.

"I know that Jayne has needs," he offered. "Needs that I can't always satisfy. I know that you two will be discreet, but if this goes a little beyond friendship between the two of you, I want you to know that it's perfectly fine with me," he added with a very obvious wink.

I stepped back, stunned by his comment and that knowing wink. "Robert, I, uh, we, uh," I stammered, still in shock over what I had just heard. "Robert, whatever are you talking about?'

"Don't worry yourself, Zach," he chuckled. "If you two haven't gotten into the sack yet, it won't be long before you do. I'm trying to tell you that I understand. You aren't the first man she's been attracted to. You see, I don't get in the way of Jayne getting what I can't give her. I'm the one she married. She loves me and that's enough for me. I can look the other way because I know that. My chief interest in life is making her happy. If she has to get things outside the marriage, I won't stand in her way. At the end of the day, I'm the one sharing her bed and her heart." And with that, he offered his hand to me.

Dumbfounded, I shook his hand.

Jayne walked into the room just as we had our handshake. "Good Lord, Zach," she said. "You look like you've seen a ghost. Are you okay?"

Unable to find my voice, I nodded my head and gave her the thumbs-up sign.

Robert and Jayne left for the airport later that morning and the shocking revelation from Robert still had me stunned when Jayne got home. We made plans to go to dinner, but we had to be careful not to draw attention to ourselves. We had to appear to be two old friends. I went so far as to suggest we not sleep together tonight. I don't think that Jayne was too happy about it, but she understood. Besides, we had three nights at the spa together. I didn't know whether to say anything to her about what Robert had said at breakfast or not. Probably better to keep mum on the subject, I thought.

Later we went to dinner at a local restaurant. It could have been a romantic dinner, but we had to keep up appearances so as not to draw attention to us as a couple. We stuck to chit chat and laughed at each others jokes during dinner and looked to everyone like we were simply old friends, following our game plan.

When we returned, I walked Jayne to her door. "Are you sure you don't want to come in for a little bit," she said seductively. She stood with one hip thrust out and her skirt was hiked up just enough to make my knees weak.

"Jayne, we shouldn't," I replied, but a strong part of me wanted to take her inside and fuck her until she screamed. It won out. "Okay, but just for a few minutes. we have to get up early for that long drive." I knew that once I got inside with her I would lose all control.

She put her arms around me and kissed me deeply, her tongue dancing in my mouth. When she broke the kiss, she said "What I've got on my mind won't take but a few minutes....or it could take all night."

Now that was a proposition I couldn't refuse. I followed her into the house.

Once inside, my animal instinct took over. I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her hard on the lips. My hands were up her skirt, feeling her already wet pussy through her panties. She responded by opening her legs to give me better access.

Our clothes were temporary barriers, props that were literally torn off as we made our way to the bedroom. By the time we got there we were nearly naked. I stripped her bra and panties off her and pushed her onto the bed. I stood over her as I removed my pants and briefs, my cock already hard and ready for action.

The heat level between us was so high that we didn't bother with foreplay. I spread her legs wide and rammed all 10 inches into her with a vicious thrust. She loved it.

Jayne fucked me as good as I fucked her, her hips thrusting upward to meet my violent strokes of my cock. This was good old fashioned fucking nothing else. I pounded her cunt with my hard cock over and over, going deeper with each thrust. She was partially right; it would only take a few minutes.

"Fuck me, Zach, fuck me harder," she screamed. "Fill me up with your cum! Fuck my cunt, harder, harder!"

Her dirty talk only heightened my passion, and I could feel my orgasm beginning. "I'm cumming, baby, I'm cumming!" I shouted at her.

"Give it to me, Zach," she pleaded. "I'm almost there, Harder, harder, yes, yes, oh God, oh, oh, oh, yes! Yes! Oh fuck!"

We came simultaneously, her cunt gripping my cock as the spasms of her orgasm took over. I pumped all of my cum deep inside her as her body writhed. I was taken over by pleasure and it nearly made me pass out.

Finally the sounds of our passion subsided and we lay together. I lost track of time and I slipped into the sleep of the satisfied.

Sometime in the middle of the night I awakened to the realization that I wasn't in my bed, my house. I needed to go home and get some more sleep and get ready for our trip. I kissed Jayne and told her I was going to my place. She smiled and told me she loved me. That had to be the sleep talking. I let it pass and slipped out.

The next day we set out for the spa. It was a three-hour trip to the coast and we made it there right at check-in time. The place was palatial, with fountains lining the road leading to the main lobby. Inside it was all plush décor, obviously catering to a well-off clientele. When we got to our room I wasn't prepared for what I was about to see.

We had a large suite, with two side rooms and our bedroom. The bed was larger than a normal king, with pillows everywhere and two walk-in closets. The bathroom featured marble floors, his and her sink and vanity arrays, a walk-in shower with three shower heads and a very large Jacuzzi tub. I could imagine what Jayne and I would be doing in that tub.

The place reeked of luxury. Jayne said she had been here several times. Robert must command quite a salary to be able to afford someplace such as this. I also kept thinking about what he had said yesterday. Could it be that he approved of Jayne's extramarital affairs?

That night we had an excellent meal at one of the restaurants at the spa, with a very nice bottle of wine to accompany it. We retired to our room after dinner.

Jayne said that we had our massage scheduled for noon tomorrow and that, as it was their deluxe his and hers massage, it would take most of the afternoon. I wondered what could possibly take the whole afternoon.

We tried out the Jacuzzi tub that night. There's something to be said for a beautiful woman bouncing up and down on your dick while the jets massage your back. Jayne was sexy, as always. She took me into her mouth as I was about to cum and her mouth was warm from the water as she sucked me to orgasm. She took it all, swallowing it as she did. My God, she was insatiable.

But for me, the highlight of the evening was sharing that bed with Jayne. She curled up into my arms and allowed me to caress her hair and neck before drifting off into a deep sleep. At that moment, she felt like she belonged to me. I held her gently, listening to the sounds of her breathing as she slept. All was well in my world.

The next morning I woke up and Jayne was still there, her ass nestled against me. I quietly got up and called room service for breakfast to be delivered to our room. I returned to the bed and kissed Jayne awake. I wanted to go down on her but she stopped me. "Oh, honey," she cooed. "I'd love to do this, but we have plenty of time later. It's our special day."

Over breakfast, she explained the massage. "It's like nothing you've ever had before," Jayne began. "They have a masseuse for each of us. They start with a warm mineral bath to clean and relax you. Then the actual massage begins." She had a sexy smile while she explained the next part. "They give us robes to wear, but the massage is done in the nude, no towels to cover you."

I was a little taken aback by the prospect of some guy working my muscles while I was completely naked, but I was here, wasn't I? I couldn't back out now, not after all the expense and planning it took to get the reservation.

"Anyway," Jayne continued, "It's all worth it because they do things to you that you never imagined possible. Trust me, Zach, you'll never forget this experience."

I had to trust her on that. I could deal with the naked issues if it was as good as she explained.

At noon, we were escorted to the massage rooms, where we were given our robes and told where to go to undress. Once we did so, we were led to a huge area with what seemed like a small swimming pool. We bathed each other in the warm mineral water. Thank God for that, as I would have to draw the line if another man were to bathe me.

It took another heaping dose of willpower to keep from making love to Jayne right there. Fortunately I was able to bathe her without attacking her.

When we were done, two young, attractive women gave us towels and, once we had our robes on, we followed them into our private massage room. Jayne smiled at me as she removed her robe and lay face down on one of the massage tables. I took her lead and did likewise.

The two women then approached our tables and began to apply warm oil to our bodies. Both looked to be no more than 25, possibly even younger than that. Mine had long black hair and a killer body. Even with her robe on, you could make out her figure. She had nice breasts, made even better by the large nipples which poked against the sheer fabric of the robe.

What followed next was over 30 minutes of the most intense, thorough massage I have ever experienced. My girl worked muscles I didn't know existed. She really was good, although she never said a word during the massage.

Once she had finished my backside, she told me to roll over onto my back. She was as strong and intense as she was on my other side.

She worked my feet and legs, her fingers pushing deep. I could get used to this. She was good. Obviously Jayne thought so as well. I could hear her moaning at her table.

After doing my legs, my girl did something which shocked me.

She took my penis and stroked it, massaging it as she did the rest of my body. She squeezed my balls as well. Then she took my cock in her hands and licked the pre-cum from the head.

I shot up, startled by this. "Jayne, what in the hell is happening?" I asked. I looked over at Jayne and her girl had her head between Jayne's legs, lapping at her pussy.

"Just go with it, baby," Jayne gasped as her pussy was being licked. "It's part of the massage. Besides, there's plenty of room in our bed for the four of us." She began to moan loudly as her first orgasm approached.

I sat there stunned, but my girl gently pushed me back down onto the table as she took my now-growing cock into her waiting mouth.

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