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Fucked and Taken

Fucked and Taken

Ever have a day at work like this?
The texting and flirting had reached a point that I needed to cum. This red hot female was telling me about all of the things she wanted to do with my cock when she finally got her hands on me.

Believe me; it was such a fucking turn on for me to think about a hot sexy female taking me as she pleased.

My thoughts on this day were focused on work, being in the office and in charge of many people had its stressful moments for sure. This job required me to constantly communicate with customers so my days were filled with constant emails and phone calls. Suddenly I received a text from my Lush friend.

“Hey sexy, did you leave your boxers in the drawer for me again today?" Damn this woman; our teasing and flirting was driving me mad with lust. My cock was bare in my Dockers, yes, but did she really need to keep asking me?

I unzipped my pants, took a picture and sent it to her on lush. Immediately there was a reply, "It would be harder and leaking more if I was there, with a kiss and a wink."
"My god," I thought to myself, "It’s only 10:00 in the morning and she is driving me towards the men's room to masturbate." I finally shut the volume off and set my phone as far away from me as possible.

Now, this friend of mine was a real fun gal and very trusting, so yes, she did know where I worked and that the office often was very quiet over lunch. I knew where she was as well, and never thought it would mean any more than our teasing online.

Finally able to concentrate on work, it was noon before I knew it. A couple of co-workers knocked as they walked by and asked if I was in for lunch; I really wanted to go, but declined and simply asked them to bring me back something. They took turns poking fun at me. It was not out of the ordinary, and they finally left me alone.

I reached for my phone quickly to check the messages on Lush and had a bunch of them from her. "Wow," I thought as I read through them, then, 'What!'

Her message said, “I am coming to see you over lunch so you better be there, wink, and kiss.”

Now there was sweat on my forehead and I also felt myself getting warm quickly. What, oh shit, sure enough my cock was awake as well.

"What should I do?" I shook my head. "Was she really going through with this?"
I walked out of my office to grab a bottle of cold water from the break room. Sitting back down in my chair and taking a big drink, I hear a light knock and a giggle. My cock swelled more and my throat got tight. I looked up and saw this hot looking female in the doorway with a trench coat on, not quite covering her knees. 

My body froze and got rigid as she put her finger over her lips. Then shut the door, locked it, and turned off the overhead lights. This left only my desk lamp on.

Sweat was all over me now; it reminded me of a workout. She turned towards me and peeled off the coat to reveal a thong and heels, then threw the coat against the wall.
"What the fuck do I do now?"
Also, "Holy shit this wasn't supposed to happen for real!"

She moved in a slow, seductive walk towards me, then parted my legs with her hands, straddled one leg with her legs and continued forward until one bare leg pushed against my rigid, leaking cock.

Her mouth moved to my ear and whispered, "You are going to fuck me now."
Obviously my cock was engorged beyond belief, shivers ran up my back as her hands unzipped my fly and we looked at head of my cock. It was wet enough to be pushed into anything and hard enough to pound a nail.

I looked down and watched her thumb work the cum around the head of my cock. I moaned and shivered again, then tilted my head back as she shoved a hard nipple into my mouth. I started to suck on it hungrily, and then I moved my hands to her tight, warm, bare ass.

God damn I was so turned on I thought to myself “I might cum in her hand.”

As I moved one hand around and touched her knee she giggled. I dragged it up her inner thigh until I felt her thong and thought "My god, she is wet."

I grabbed her thong with both hands and pulled it down to the floor as she stepped out of it. Then pushed her back a little and spread her legs apart with my foot so that I could push two fingers in her sopping pussy. She groaned with pleasure, grinned, and pushed down hard. Then grabbed my cock and squeezed it harder than it had ever been squeezed before.

As I rose from my chair I turned her around and grabbed her ass. Then she grabbed my cock again and guided it as I pushed into her from behind. I think we felt the same as bombs went off in our minds.

I felt as though I was floating in the room watching my cock fuck this hot woman. For a minute or two, I could see her face, although she was facing away from me. I saw her hard nipples on my desk. I heard her hands as they squeaked on the desktop while I fucked her hard.

All of a sudden, I heard her bark, "Fuck me harder!"

I shook my head and looked down, "Nope. Not a dream." It was my cock buried in her. I moved faster and harder so that slaps echoed off of the walls.

Now panicked a bit, I slapped her ass and told her she needed to cum. I reached under her and pulled her up and back as we sat on my chair, her legs over mine. Her hands were on the desk now as she pounded my cock in a full outrage.

Her thoughts were something like, "I am going to cover your cock and pants in cum."
I reached around to rub her clit and felt her pussy as it grabbed my cock tight.

Thinking to myself, "The cum grip we will call it."

That was it, my cock was in the cum grip and damn it felt good. I didn’t care if my pants were about to be soaked, I needed to cum badly. She started to grind hard and moan loader. Then she threw her head back and our lips mashed against one another as our tongues wrestled.

I held her mouth to mine with my hand, fearful of how loud she would be as I pushed up shotting my cum in her. She tried to pull her mouth away, but I held her head firm, and moaned into her mouth as I continued to pump up into her. She finally gave in and I felt her cum dowse my cock, pants, balls, and chair.

Sitting there in a bit of a fog, I tried to gather my thoughts as she stood up. Leaking our mixed cum onto my pants she lowered her pussy and wiped herself on my pant leg while looking over her shoulder and winking at me. I smiled back, still paralyzed by the entire event.

She grabbed her long coat off of the floor and put it on as her heels clicked on the floor. She turned and looked at me, then said “Put your cock back in your pants, I need to get back to work and will turn the lights on as I leave."

As the lights came on I zipped my pants, still unsure of what the fuck just happened. The door opened and shut, that was it.

I sat and worked in somewhat of a trance all afternoon. I got much more done after being fucked so hard, that's for sure. All of a sudden my phone buzzed. As I looked at the message it said. 

“My friend said you were a great fuck."

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