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Getting to Know the Neighbor

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Work was boring. So I decided to go home after lunch. . .I am glad that I did.

I came home in the middle of a normal work day, having decided I needed a break from the corporate world. I pulled a cold beer from the refrigerator, and headed out to the patio. The pool looked so refreshing, but since it was early Spring, I knew better than to try and attempt a swim. I fished off my beer and then grabbed another one.

Suddenly, I heard a female voice shout out at me,

“Take off the shirt!”

I looked around and didn’t see anyone. Then I heard snickers. I glanced up at the second-floor bedroom window of the Rickert’s house.

“Thank God I decided to not work on my butt tan,” I replied out loud.

“Go for it,” Rhonda shot back.

Rhonda and Jim had lived next door to us for several years. While we casually knew each other, from mostly street-side mailbox chats and across the fence banter, we had not really got to know them really, well. Rhonda was in her mid to late thirties and a head-turner with her long blonde hair and svelte figure. Jim was a very lucky guy.

“Come share a beer with me,” I shouted back up at the screen window.

“A beer or a bed?” Rhonda shouted back. I don’t know why we were shouting, since we could probably have gotten by without raising our voices.

“A beer,” I replied. “We can talk about the bed later.”

“Hold on,” she replied, “I’ll be right down.”

A few moments later and Rhonda walked through the gate to our patio. She looked great in her stretchy yoga pants and a cut-off t-shirt that showed off her well-toned abs.

“Been working out?” I asked.

“Sorta,” she said as I stood, arms extended and palms turned up. Rhonda slipped her arms around my waist and for the first time ever, we hugged like true friends.

“Love your hug,” Rhonda remarked as she took a seat on a chase lounge beside mine. “Why haven’t we hugged before now?”

“Why haven’t you stepped into our back yard before now?” I countered.

“No one invited me,” Rhonda replied.

“Well,” I replied, “You’re more than welcome to come over and visit any time.”

Rhonda smiled.

“Where is Vickie?” she asked.

“Vickie is at work,” I replied.

“ . . .and why aren’t you?” Rhonda asked.

“I needed a break,” I replied.

“Lucky me,” Rhonda replied.

I offered Rhonda a beer and she replied,

“I thought you said you wanted to share a bed,” she teased.

“Like Jim and Vicki would ever agree to that,” I replied, noting that we were both very married and not to each other.

“So are you telling me that you and Vicki are firing on all cylinders?” Rhonda inquired.

“No, we don’t,” I disclosed, “but we fire up enough when it matters the most. What about you and Jim?”

“It’s on and off again, depending on his mood,” Rhonda replied.

It was a strange conversation, chatting about our marriages before we even had a chance to really get to know each other.

“Look,” Rhonda blurted out, “I’ll cut to the chase. You’re a good-looking guy, and I think you’re hot. I don’t know what you think about me, but I don’t mind sharing what I’ve got.”

I chuckled. A “come-on” that rhymed. This was a first for me.

I glanced away from the glistening waters of my pool and over at my patio guest. She was bra less and her nipples stood strong, poking at the thin fabric of her t-shirt.

“I am sorry,” she quickly added, “I don’t know what came over me.”

“You don’t have to apologize,” I quickly replied, “You are pretty good looking and very sexually attractive.”

Rhonda flipped her long blonde hair back over her soft shoulders and smiled.

“Thanks,” she said, “I only wish I heard that more often.”

“Well,” I countered, “You are married, so I doubt many guys are going to just walk up to you and say that with a rick on your left hand.”

“You do have a point,” Rhonda replied as she gazed off towards the pool.

“Are you sure you don’t want a beer?” I pressed.

“Well,” Rhonda replied, “Maybe one.”

I headed into the house to grab a beer from the refrigerator. Turning around, I practically bumped right into my patio guest, who had unknowingly followed me into the house. I proffered a very quick apology.

We were now mere inches apart. I twisted off the beet cap and handed her the beer. She took a log gulp and then wiped her mouth with the back of her free hand.

“I get uncontrollably horny when I drink,” Rhonda disclosed, biting down on her lower lip.

“Do tell,” I said.

“Let me show you,” Rhonda shot back, stepping in closer to where I stood with the refrigerator to my back. She placed a lone finger in the opening of my t-shirt at neck level and pulled me in closer. She pushed her soft lips onto mine. At first, I was shocked at her brazenness, but then I parted my lips and welcomed her probative and very wicked tongue, as she sat her beer on the kitchen counter top and wrapped her arms around my neck.

She pressed herself into where I stood. Part of me wanted to push her away, but I couldn’t. I rested my hands on her soft hips. She took my hands and placed them on her buttocks, squeezing them, as she let out a soft moan.

‘What do you think?” she whispered between kisses.

“I think,” I replied in a broken sentence, interrupted and punctuated by her kisses, “that . . . I’d . . . .like . . .to . . .show you . . . .that . . . .bed.”

“I thought you’d say that,” Rhonda replied, taking my hands and placing them on top of her t-shirt and luscious perky breasts, squeezing her hands, on mine. I could feel her nipples through the thin fabric of her t-shirt.

She nibbled at my lower lip, her hands groping me. My manhood was being hand assaulted, but I didn’t even care. I took Rhonda by the hand and lead her into the master- bedroom.

I stripped on the way, as did she. Oh my gawd! She had a body to die for! She stretched out her 5 foot four, 110 lb slender frame on the bed, her 38 dd cups begging to be touched and cuddled. She was completely shaved downstairs, which I absolute loved.

We spent a great deal of time exploring each other’s body’s, doing things, my wife would never have allowed me to do. Rhonda was a love-making machine. Her oral skills defy words.

When we finally got around to doing it, she wanted to be on top, which I loved. Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and then doggie style. Her ass could not be denied and her entire body shook and trembled when I grabbed her butt checks and drilled my cock deep into her pussy from behind.

She orgasmed quickly, over and over and over. I held out for long as I could, but exploded deep inside of her as she grabbed a pillow and stuffed her face into it, to muffle her screams. We lie on the bed, spent and exhausted, happy and giddy with excitement. Why had we waited so long?

Rhonda dressed as I stripped the bed and tossed the evidence soaked bed sheets into the washer. Fabreeze air-freshener took care of the rest. Rhonda quickly disappeared back to her place next door as I worked to straighten up the bedroom.

I had no sooner completed re-making the bed than Vickie pulled into the driveway. She was surprised to see me home before her. I told I decided to take the day off from work. Spying the two open beer bottles on the kitchen counter, she scolded me for not picking up after myself.

“Hey,” I replied, “I stripped the bed and am doing laundry.”

“Well,” she replied, “It’s the least you could do seeing as how you probably didn’t do anything else around the house.”

I smiled. I wanted to say, “I made love to the neighbor,” but knew that would not go over well. I was about to go take an evening shower,  when my phone ‘pinged’ me a text. I glanced down and it read, “Thanks.”

I didn’t even need to guess who had just texted me or why. I already knew.. 


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