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Good Is Bad, Bad Is Good

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My journal

Summer is the concert season and, as much as I like going and being backstage and all that, there are times when I just want to stay at home. That was the case last week when my man sent a text to say he had tickets to Saturday’s Counting Crows concert. He had backstage passes and front row tickets and, as a fan of the Crows, he obviously assumed I’d say, “Awesome, let’s go!” 

But I really wanted to go to ESC, the swingers club we frequent. I told him I’d rather stay home and he said he’d get a friend to go with him. 

That done, I decided to go online and see If I could get invited out. On the website I use, there are many men who don't ask somebody out on a proper date but just rush into being a douche, saying how great the sex will be with them. I wasn't in the mood for one of those asshats so I poked around and after about an hour, I began chatting to Mike who lived in Boston. He was a gentleman who chatted appropriately — and happened to be very attractive.

We barely mentioned sex but, as I’m naked on my profile, I knew we were on there for the same reason. Then Mike did the proper thing and asked me out. He wasn’t too pushy but I teased and gave in after forty minutes or so. 

Mike suggested a very nice place to meet and I dressed the part: an opened-back black dress which also showed enough leg to entice. I took an Uber into town and found him at the bar. He was well dressed, as if he had money, and waved me over. About six-foot and in his mid-fifties, Mike was heavy but not fat, more like somebody who had been athletic in his earlier years. From his online pictures, I also knew he had a nice package. 

We drank an expensive bottle of red and ate while Mike told me he was divorced with grown kids and that he worked in marketing. I told him enough of my life story till the buzz kicked in and we switched to discussing the true purpose of our meeting.

“Does your husband know where you are?" he asked. "What you’re doing?”

“Of course he doesn’t,” I said, “but we have a ‘don't ask, don't tell’ rule and I know he has his playmates. Dates and adventures are my fun.”

Mike nodded and asked, “Okay, would you care to come to my home?” 

Would I? So, we got into his Mercedes and Mike touched my leg and kissed me at red lights. That was nice, making me feel like I was on a first date. We arrived at his condo in East Boston and, as we entered, he said, “Make yourself at home, get comfortable,” and went to get more wine.

I naturally dropped my dress and when he came back, Mike smiled and said, “I guess you’re comfortable,” and handed me a glass of wine.

After clinking glasses and sipping, we got down to business, kissing and fondling till he laid me on the couch. There, he went down on me but I did not get off before he started undressing. I licked and sucked his big cock and I guess I really did a good job because he quickly told me to stop. It was too quick. He'd not had sex for a long time since and he was close to cumming. 

Mike led me to the bedroom and he massaged and kissed my body before entering me in the missionary position. His cock gave me a lovely stretched feeling, which I needed. It felt great but after a few minutes, he raised my legs and pumped me deep three or four times before pulling out and splashing all over my stomach and pussy. 

He collapsed next to me and I tried to revive his wilting cock but all I did was milk him more while he lay groaning. The cum was running off my body so I just flipped over to get it onto his sheets. At that point, I realized it was over — and I hadn't got off, not even close. I climbed off the bed and he asked If I could stay longer and cuddle.

Yuck, no!

I told him the concert would be over soon and that I had to go. I thanked him for a lovely evening  (well, he did spend over $400 on food and wine) and he walked me to the door. Kissing me on the cheek, he said he hoped to see me again.

 “Maybe,” I said and got into the elevator as fast as I could. I'd had a good time but the sex had been over in twenty minutes. I can get that at home (ha ha). 

I summoned another Uber and I was so damn frustrated I would have hit on the driver but he was too young for me. Instead, I turned on an app and the first douche to message was a black guy who is three years younger than me but is never polite, just rude, saying what he'd do to me, how he'd fuck me. The next two messages were not at all thrilling so I asked the first guy for his phone number and said I'd text him.

The first text, I asked for his name.


‘Where do you live?’


I thought a moment and asked if he could host.

‘Yes. Have my own room in an apartment.’

‘Would you like me to come over right now?’

‘Hell yes! I’ll fuck you till you beg me to stop.’

I told him I was on a shitty date and was close by and then he sent a picture of a big fat black cock. I told him to meet me outside in ten minutes and changed the location of the Uber. 

The driver asked if I was sure as it wasn't a good neighborhood. I said I’d be fine and that I needed some fun before going home. He smiled. 

Nathaniel was waiting when we pulled up. He was just like his pictures: young, goofy and like a mountain of yummy chocolate. I thanked the driver and greeted Nathaniel with a smile.

He pulled me to him with strong arms and said, “At last, beautiful, we meet.”

Leading me upstairs to his apartment, he slapped my ass and muttered, “Gawd damn.” 

We entered his apartment in the kitchen and he grabbed my arm and led me to his room. He kissed me and said I was beautiful. I looked at my phone and saw I had at least ninety minutes before I needed to be home. I told him my time scale and, as quickly as possible, I dropped my dress for the second time that night. Sometimes, ya need what ya need when ya need it, and this wasn't my first rodeo tonight. 

He quickly disrobed and had an evil grin when he said, “I bet your husband doesn't have one like this.” His cock bounced out of his boxers, looking angry and hard. It probably weighed ten pounds and I knew what I was getting into when he guided me into a position where he could bring his huge instrument to my face. Holding my head, he pointed it at my lips and I felt its weight in my hand. It felt great.

I did my best to fit that monster in my mouth. I’d say it was at least nine if not ten inches long and his massive hanging balls swayed as we inserted as much as possible. 

“Look up,” he said, feeding his vast length into me until I was gagging. Occasionally, I fondled and licked his heavy balls which made him very happy.

He asked me if I liked his big black cock and ordered, “Suck it, baby.”

He moved me toward the bed where he kissed me, licked my breasts, and shoved fingers inside my wet pussy. He probed and poked me for about only thirty seconds before aiming his hard cock at my entrance. Without warning, he drove in balls deep and I screamed. He was savage and just grinned, thrusting into me and saying, “Take it, girl… I love tight, married white pussy.”

Nathaniel pounded me missionary style, occasionally moving me around, and I came at least three times before he flipped me over. He constantly forced it deep, hitting my cervix without any care whether I was able to handle his enormous length. He didn't care one bit, just slammed into my depths, making me cry out, something I normally never do. I think he had a roommate he wanted to make jealous.

Anyway, for the next ten minutes or so, all he did was pound me as if he owned my pussy. To give you an idea, it was like having a heavy police flashlight rammed into me at rapid speed. He slapped my ass very hard and I came again. This time I was loud and he laughed and sniggered, “I’m gonna fuck you forever.”

Thankfully, his definition of forever didn't amount to much longer. He actually pulled out within moments and spurted load after load over my ass and back before collapsing next to me, breathless. My vagina was very sore but also extremely contented. Nathaniel’s huge battering ram was without a doubt so much better than what had been in it lately, including earlier that night.

There was no towel offered so, of course, I just rolled over onto him and his sheets to get his mess off me. It was everywhere. 

He said he'd been wanting to fuck me since he saw my profile and I thanked him for giving me what I needed at that moment. I phoned for another Uber for my journey home and made small talk with Nathaniel while we dressed. “If you wasn't married, I'd propose,” he said, which was sweet. It’s funny that the toughest black men I’ve been with always get that way after they’ve been drained. 

I kissed him on the cheek and he led me past a man on the couch, who must have heard us, and took me outside where my Uber was waiting to take me into the night and home.  There, I had a shower and glass of wine before going to bed. 

So, again, I found that nice guys who think they’ve got it down, fail whereas sometimes an asshole braggart with a big cock comes through. Anyway, as I'm not looking for love here, people, maybe I should just see assholes. Whatever, once again I'd been saved by a guy I’d passed over because of his lewd online behavior. 

And now I’m ready for more…



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