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Helping Out A Friend

Helping my boyfriend's friend deal with a breakup.
“Babe, can you pass me my bikini?”

“Which one?”

“The thong bikini that shows off a lot of cleavage.. the one you like,” I said with a knowing wink.

Me and my boyfriend Mike were at his friends cottage out in Virginia. It was supposed to be a weekend of partying, but the rest of our friends weren’t coming up until the following day. So for now it was just Mike, his friend Ron and myself.

Ron had been going through a difficult breakup a few weeks ago, and me and Mike were talking about how bad we felt for him, and wished there was something we could do to cheer him up. He seemed like he really needed to blow off some steam.

Mike had recently confessed to me that he had a fantasy of sharing me with another man. I was a little taken a back at first, but I love Mike and I’d do anything to make him happy.

Mike was thrilled by the idea of sharing me with another man, but didn't want me to sleep with one of his friends. So we concocted a plan that would allow me to give Ron a blow-job and to provide him a release - making everyone happy.

Cue to the hot tub. We had all been drinking for a little while and decided to jump into the tub.

The boys were already in the tub when I jumped in, and I couldn’t help but notice Ron cast a long and lingering gaze at me as I slipped into the tub.

“Hey Ron, remember the shotgun challenges we used to have?” Mike asked.

“Oh yeah, whoever could shotgun a beer fastest. I always kicked your ass in those," Ron responded with a sneer.

“Well, lets have another challenge right now," Mike said looking at me with a wink. "Amanda can be referee.”

“What’re the stakes?” questioned Ron.

“Whoever wins round one gets to remove an article of clothing from Amanda. Round two gets to have her on their lap for round three, and the winner of round three gets a blowjob from her.”

We both looked at Ron, whose jaw had practically hit the floor. He was speechless.

“What?! Are you guys insane?!" Ron had flushed and turned completely red.

“Nope, I know I’m going to destroy you again, so I have nothing to losem” taunted Mike.

Ron began laughing. “Alright, I’m going to take you down."

The boys each grabbed a beer and began shotgunning. It was close, but Mike won by a few seconds.

“Eat it Ron! What’s the problem? Not man enough? Alright babe, come over here.”

I slipped over to Mike and he slowly untied the top of my bikini, letting my tits flop out. I looked up at Ron, and was thrilled to see him ogling me.

“Alright, lets go round two, time for revenge,” Ron said, with a sense of determination.

Round two, the boys cracked their beers and began chugging. This time, it was no contest – Ron won by a long shot. He threw down his beer triumphantly.

“Alright Amanda, come on over here… sit on my lap”

I wandered on over to Ron, leaned in so that my breasts brushed past his face, and turned around and sat down on his lap. Although, not before he was able to grab a nice feel of my ass. As I sat down, I could feel a bulge in his swimming trucks. I turned around to face him; “Happy to see me?”

He just chuckled and grabbed a breast with his right hand.

“Hey hey, no groping… not yet anyways,” I said with a wink.

“Alright Ron, lets do round three. I need some revenge,” Mike said with a knowing wink at me.

Both boys grabbed a beer, and I did my best to try and distract Ron by grinding against his cock, but it seemed to inspire him more than anything else, and he once again smoked Mike in the contest. Although, me and Mike both knew he was going to let Ron win that round.

“Woooo hooooo!!!! Suck it Mike! Or should I say, suck it Amanda!”

Mike gave me a smile and a wink, letting me know that it was ok to go ahead.

I turned around and told Ron to sit up on the ledge of the hot tub, as he did this in one swift motion I pulled his shorts down – revealing an magnificent 8 inch cock. It was at least 2 inches bigger than Mike’s, although not as thick.

“Wow,” I muttered to myself, but loud enough for Ron to hear.

I began stroking his cock at first, focusing on the head, playing with his pre-cum between my fingers.

I leaned in a little bit and slowly licked the top of his penis. I then licked from the bottom to the top, and moved back down to suck on his balls. I could hear him moaning with delight, and as I looked back at Mike I could see him slowly playing with his cock.

I focused my attention back to Ron’s cock, and began taking him into my mouth. Working my way down to the base of his cock. His hands began groping my breasts, and as he pulled on my nipples I realized how wet I was becoming. I started to get into a cock sucking rhythm.

“Oh fuck Amanda, you are so hot.”

I began deep throating his eight inches. It wasn’t easy, but I don’t have much of a gag reflex. I could tell that Ron wouldn’t be able to take anymore, so I increased my pace.

“Oh fuck, Amanda, I am going to cum!”

I grabbed onto his balls and massaged as I felt he was going to explore, never letting him out of my mouth, the moment I felt his cock start to explore with cum, I deep throated him and let him cum in the back of my mouth. It must’ve been a while since he had cum because it felt like he dumped load after massive load down my throat.

I hate to admit it, but I loved every. Single. Drop.

I continued to suck him, cleaned him off and swallowed his load.

“Wow, thanks Amanda, that was amazing – I have never had a blow-job that good before.. Mike, I realize what you just did, and thanks man I needed that.”

“No problem buddy, but now if you’ll excuse me, I have a girlfriend to fuck,” Mike said, standing out of the tub.

I was glad Mike had said that because my pussy was throbbing, and I needed a good pounding.

As I was fucking Mike back in our room, I couldn’t get Ron’s cock out of my head, I knew I needed more of it – whether or not Mike was ok with it.

As Mike fucked me from behind, I felt an orgasm building and as it exploded into my body I had to bite down onto the pillow to prevent myself from saying Ron’s name out loud.

As we collapsed in bed, I couldn’t help but think that I had a real fun weekend ahead of me.

-- Stay tuned for part 2!

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