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Helping out a friend, part 2

Continue fooling around with my boyfriend's friend...
Continued from part I.


I still couldn't believe what had happened last night, I had swallowed a load from my boyfriend's best friend! The worst part, however, was that I wanted more. But the rest of our friends were arriving that weekend, so I never thought I would get an opportunity. I laid the idea to rest, plus - I wasn't entirely sure I could start cheating on Mike.

Later on that afternoon, we were all lounging by the dock.

"Hey Mike, I'm going to go canoeing, want to come?" Ron yelled across the dock.

"To be honest, I am pretty content to sit here and keep drinking" Mike replied.

"I'll come!" I yelled and jumped up, "let me just go change".

I quickly ran to my room, realizing I had a chance to get Ron alone. I slipped into a bikini that nicely showed off my cleavage, and headed back down to the dock.

We packed up the canoe, and set off. Ron was in front, and I was steering in the back.

We headed down the lake for about 20-30 minutes, when we finally reached an inlet that was totally isolated, and not visible from the other cabins.

"Hey Ron, hold up - lets stop here for a bit and just drift."

I cautiously got up (it isn't easy to move around a canoe without tipping it!) and moved towards the front of the boat. Hearing my moving around, Ron turned around curiously.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

By now I was right in front of him, I got down on my knees, looked up and said: "I want your cock in my mouth, right now."

"What? But what about Mike? I thought that was a one time thing?"

"It was supposed to be, but I NEED your cock right now. This weekend, I am going to be your little cum slut, and it is going to be our little secret. So shut up, and drop your pants".

He didn't need any further encouragement, he quickly slipped off his shorts and leaned back. I couldn't explain what had gotten into me! My pussy was already dripping wet, and here I was excited to be cheating on my boyfriend!

His throbbing member rose up to great me. I wasted no time and grabbed onto the base of his shaft and began stroking, gently. I put the tip into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and over his slit. Ever so gently.

"Fuck, you have an amazing tongue".

"You haven't seen anything yet" I said with a wink.

I began to take his cock deeper into my mouth, still swirling my tongue and allowing my hand to come up and play with his balls. He was moaning in ecstasy, and leaned forward to quickly untie my bikini top. My breasts sprang free, and he moved to play with them. I lifted my head up, and he jumped in - nibbling on my tits while I continued to stroke him.

I bit my lip and looked up at him, and pushed him back into his seat. I hungrily went for his cock, I continued to suck him deeper and faster until his entire cock was down my throat. I could smell the musk coming up from his freshly shaved balls as his cock tickled the back of my throat.

He grabbed on to my hair and pulled it, I could tell he was close..

Seeing the excitement on his face, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and began stroking him while I leaned my head back and held my mouth open expectantly. I stuck out my tongue just over the tip of his cock, and that was all it took. He began exploding in orgasm, and I felt his first stream of cum hit me in the chin, the second landed in my mouth, and the third and forth onto my forehead. As he settled from the orgasm I continued to suck him off, cleaning him up.

"Holy fuck Amanda, Ive never had a blowjob like that, and I've definitely never cum on a girls face".

"Thats cause you've never had your own slut" I said, giving him a wink. "I guess I better clean up..." I stood up and dove headfirst into the water.

I swam around for a little bit before jumping back into the canoe and heading back to the cabin.

"Have a good trip babe?" Mike asked once I got back.

"Yeah I did! I could've stayed out there forever..." and gave Ron a long lingering look.

I knew in my head, that I had to fuck Ron before the weekend was over. I just needed to get him alone....


Part 3 coming soon.

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