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Helping Out A Friend Part 3

Finally go all the way....
It was no longer a matter of if I was going to fuck Ron, but when. Our flirting that weekend ramped up a notch when we knew nobody was looking.

He'd grab my ass as he would walk by, I'd try to run my hand along his cock in the kitchen. I made sure to give him great views of my ass and tits when I could. At one point when we were both upstairs - he grabbed me by the back of the neck, put me up against his wall and shoved his tongue into my mouth. I had never been so forcefully manhandled. I loved it. I bit onto his lip, savouring his musk.

"You're enjoying being my little slut aren't you?" he whispered in my ear.

"Mmmhmmm." I moaned, "But I need your cock inside of me, I need you to spread open my pussy, I'm just throbbing thinking about it."

"Well, I've got an idea; tomorrow morning lets both go for a run, and just make sure no one comes with us."

We could hear someone coming up the stairs, so he gave me one last kiss and walked into his bedroom.


The next morning, I got up early and told Mike I was going for a run, I met Ron at the bottom of the stairs and we took off. We went for about a twenty-minute run until we were in a secluded ravine. We found an empty spot underneath an oak tree and he took a blanket out of his bag and laid it on the ground.

He turned and faced me, and picked me up into his arms - I was taken aback by how strong he was. He spun me around, and held me against the tree and leaned forward, kissing me passionately. I held his embrace and returned the kiss, slipping my tongue into his mouth. I could feel my pussy start to get wet. It was throbbing in anticipation!

I reached my hand into his shorts, and quickly dropped them to the ground, and I got my knees in front of him. I began working on his cock, swirling my tongue around the head of his penis and playing with the tip. I slowly started to work my way down his shaft, cupping his balls as I went.

As I continued to work on his cock, he had removed my shirt and bra, revealing my perky, rock hard nipples.

I felt Ron pulling me up, so I stood up and he quickly removed my shorts, he noticed I wasn't wearing any underwear and saw my bare shaved pussy.

Without any warning, he lifted me up into the air, and I quickly wrapped my legs around him. He drifted me down, close to his raging cock. At first, he was almost teasing me with it... just putting the tip in. I couldn't take any more at this point, and just had to have him inside of me. I thrusted downwards so that his whole length was inside of me.

"Ohhhh Ron, you're so deep!"

"Who has a bigger cock, slut?"

"You do! It is much bigger than Mike's, oh my god, fuck me Ron, fuckkk me!"

He began lifting me up and down by grabbing my ass. It felt incredible, the raw sensation of his cock, the size, and strength to fuck me like this.

"Lie down Ron, I want to ride you, let your slut do the work."

Ron lay down on the blanket and I straddled him, slowly letting him slide into me. I began grinding back and forth, enjoying his length. He had his hands on my hips, and moved them to play with my tits as I rode him.

I slipped one hand underneath me and began rubbing my clit as I rode him, it felt incredible. I could feel myself building to an orgasm.

"Don't stop, don't stop, I'm going to cum... Ron I'm going to cum!"

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder!"

I was worried my screams would be heard at a neighbouring cabin, but I didn't care.

"Ron, oh my god, Ron, I'm cumming!"

The waves of an intense orgasm shook me to my core, I had to stop and catch my breath. Seeing that I was satisfied, Ron grabbed me and turned me over - putting me on all fours. He entered me from behind and began pounding my ass.

"That’s it Ron, fuck me harder, fuck your dirty cum slut."

The pace of his thrusting increased, and I could tell he was close to cumming.

"Cum inside of me Ron, I want you to cum inside of me... Fuck me! I want your cum dripping from me when we go home! Fuck me!"

With that, I could feel the hot stream of cum enter me. Ron was shuddering from the orgasm.

"Mmmmmm slut, I'm going to enjoy using this pussy."

"Make me cum like that, and you can do whatever you want with me," I purred back.

We quickly cleaned up, and headed back to the cabin.

"How was the run?" Mike asked me as we came through the door.

"Oh, it was quite... refreshing, I said, as I gave Ron a wink.


That night, we decided to go into town for dinner. We were sitting at two tables of four, and ours was positioned at the back of the restaurant. I was sitting next to Ron, and across from my boyfriend.

We were all just making small chat, and once our waiter took our orders, I felt a hand on my leg. I looked over at Ron, and he gave me a wink. I slid my chair further into the table so that nobody could see.

I was wearing a plaid skirt with a tank top, so everyone had a good view of my breasts, but what nobody knew was that I wasn't wearing any panties under my skirt. I felt Ron's hand slowly start creeping up my leg.

"So babe, what time do you want to leave tomorrow?" Mike asked me.

"Oh I'm not sure," At this point Ron's hand was rubbing right up against my pussy. "Maybe around 11 or 12? Ron is coming with us too right?"

Ron nodded, but seemed determine to continue his advances. He was rubbing the outside of my clit, and I was having a tough time keeping it together.

"You okay Amanda? You look a little flushed," Mike questioned.

"Oh yeah I'm..." and at this point Ron had inserted two fingers inside of me, "fineee."

At this point, I was saved because the waiter returned with our drinks. I quickly dove into mine so that I could try to hide the expression on my face.

Ron continued to finger me, right there in front of my boyfriend, using slow stroking finger movements. I could feel an orgasm building; the thrill of being fingered there, in the restaurant, in front of my boyfriend was too much for me.

I reached for my drink to cover my face, Mike was talking to me but I couldn't really hear any of it...

"And then they told us that the merger... " Mike was just background noise to me at this point. I began to shudder as the wave of an orgasm hit me. I must've gasped because at this point, Mike stopped talking.

"Amanda, are you okay? You don't look so good?"

"Yeah, I suddenly don't feel so good; I need to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back."

I quickly excused myself from the table, still shuddering from that powerful orgasm. I could feel my pussy just dripping. I went to the bathroom to quickly wash my face, and recompose myself.

I returned to the table, and told Mike, "I don't feel that great, I think I am just going to go home."

Ron quickly piped in, "I am not that hungry either, why don't I walk you home, it’s pretty late at night and some of the animals are out hunting."

"Thanks buddy, I can always count on you," Mike added.

So me and Ron headed out of the restaurant, as soon as we were down the street he turned to me and said, "Did you enjoy cumming in front of your boyfriend, slut?"

"That was unbelievable; I can't believe he didn't notice!"

Knowing that it would be at least an hour before the others returned, we quickly went back to the cabin to his room where we fucked twice. We were like rapid dogs, tearing at each other’s clothes and groping at each other.

During our second session, I could feel his orgasm building as he fucked me up against a window. I quickly turned around and got on my knees facing him. I looked up at him as he stroked his cock and he fired his load right onto my face. A stream of cum landed on my chin, some into my mouth, and the rest on my forehead.

I wiped some of the cum off my forehead, and put a finger in my mouth. "Mmmm tastes wonderful."

We quickly jumped into the hot tub to clean up, and just in time because the others arrived and joined us shortly.

The next morning we packed up the cars and headed back home, but right before we left - I went to the bathroom and stripped down, and took a picture in the mirror.

As I was in the passenger seat, with Mike driving, I texted the nude to Ron.

Ron: I wonder if Mike knows that his girlfriend is such a slut?

Me: I am only your slut; no one else gets that privilege.

Ron: What privileges do I get?

Me: You get to fuck me anytime, anywhere, any way you want. However, we can never get caught.

Ron: Good. If we're going to do this, I expect full obedience from you. Whenever my dick needs a release, I expect you to comply. I also never want you to fuck Mike before fucking me. He can have the sloppy seconds, not me.

Me: Of course, sir, is there anything else?

Ron: The day after tomorrow, you are going to call in sick to work. You are going to spend that day servicing me. Have some fine lingerie ready and be ready for a long hard day of fucking.

Me: Yes sir, you cum slut will be ready and willing to do anything you want...

My pussy was already throbbing just thinking about it.

I looked up at Mike, oblivious to what a slut his girlfriend really was...

Just wait for part 4...

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