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Hideaway at Hillview

One day on lush leads to a sensual night.
The clock on the dash read quarter to nine. Lia exhaled slowly in an attempt to get a handle on her rattled nerves. Within the next ten minutes she would arrive at the designated spot. The place they'd agreed to meet. The notification tone on her cell phone chimed; she looked down hastily at her phone. It was a text from him. The text read that he would be there in twelve minutes. Lia was anxious, but semi-relieved that he was running later than herself.

She tapped the breaks, as her car approached the next road on the right. It was the last turn, and the precise road she was supposed to be on. The road was long and straight with marshland lining both sides of the road. Lia drove slowly, keeping an eye out for a place to park. At first, it looked as though there was nothing but road. She couldn't see anything, not even a public wayside for visitors. Suddenly, from the corner of her eye she saw a sign. Next to the sign there appeared to be a entrance.

Lia had noticed it a moment too late, and had to back up the car. Cautiously, she steered into the inlet. It was perfect, better even than she had hoped for. It was some sort of gravel parking lot. What was even more important was that it was secluded. All that was in the lot was a backhoe. Otherwise, the lot was completely vacant. Having the entry way well concealed didn't hurt either.

She parked the car in the far back corner. Getting out of the car, Lia leaned against its side. She crossed her arms over her chest, waiting anxiously. A multitude of questions tumbled through her head. Things like: what would he think when he saw her? Would he be disappointed? She shook her head to dislodge her train of thought. It was understandable for her to be nervous. Especially when she had never met this man before tonight.

 No, she thought emphatically. This was going to work out fine. It had to. Again her phone chimed. It stated that he was on the road and looking for her. Lia tried her hardest to describe the whereabouts of her position. All the while she watched, restlessly, as headlights approached from down the road. Her heart skipped a beat, wondering if it was him.

Judging by the steady pace of the car, it had to be. At least, she hoped it was. Lia sent him a text, telling him to flicker his lights. As the oncoming headlights blinked, she sighed with relief. Just as she had done, his car passed the inlet. Immediately, Lia punched in his number. She wanted to contact him before he got too much farther, and texting wasn't fully reliable in a pinch. The phone rang twice, then connected.

"Hey. Where are you?" his voice asked through the speaker.

"Behind you. You just passed me."

"Okay, let me turn around. Where did I pass you?" he asked, as his car stopped.

"It will be on your left hand side. You'll see a sign amongst a cluster of trees. Literally, right next to it is a entrance. Just follow the tire trails," Lia explained, watching the car circling back around.

Even as the car traveled at a crawl, Lia worried he might pass it again. It had been pure circumstance that she'd, even, noticed the camouflaged drive way. When his car was nearing the entry point, she spoke into the speaker of her cell.

"Slow down a bit more, and look for the sign to your left."

"Okay," he responded, deccelerating the car.
"I see it," he announced moments later.

Lia disconnected the call as the headlights lit up the surrounding hideaway. The frantic beat of her heart threatened to deafen her. If not for the reasonably cool night, she would have broken into a sweat. Which would not be good. It was, however, too late to turn tail and run now. Besides, she'd waited all day for this. The car pulled up alongside her own, parked and then silenced.

She shifted from foot to foot, as he unbuckled his seat belt and opened the car door. Lia sucked in a sharp breath. This was the moment of truth. Would he stay, or would he take one look and flee? Before she could come up with some bogus answer to her own question, he was out. Shutting the car door behind him, he made his way around the rear bumper. The sound of his shoes on the gravel both excited and terrified Lia. She hoped that her body wouldn't clam up.

"Hi," he said, stopping a couple feet away.

"Hey," Lia responded, glad that her voice hadn't abandoned her.

He seemed like he wanted to approach her, but was uncertain about whether to do so? Or not? Obviously, he was as nervous as she was. Oddly enough, it made her feel slightly better. Experience taught Lia that if she calmed down, so too would he. Such was the way of human nature. Taking the initiative, Lia took it upon herself to break the ice first.

"It's nice to finally meet you," she said with a smile of sincerety.

Sure enough. Just like predicted, he noticeably relaxed. Lia knew as she saw his shoulders drop slightly.

"Yeah," he began. "It's nice to, finally meet you too."

They closed the remaining space between them, and embraced each other in a hug. It was almost as if they'd been old friends. He smelled so good, Lia thought. She slid her hands down his arms, admiring how strong they were. The toned muscles made her feel fragile, but in a good way. So, this was what it was like to be held in the arms of a mature man? I could get used to this, she thought.

His arms tightened around her, until her torso was flush with his. He inhaled, taking in her aroma. Gingerly, he pulled back enough to look into her eyes, but he didn't release her. Shyly, she lifted her head to meet his gaze. The intensity with which he stared at her made Lia look away.

"You smell so good," he said in a husky voice.

"Well, thank you. It's always nice to know that I smell good." Lia giggled, adding humour to the moment.

He lifted a hand to gently tuck a tendril of her dark brown hair behind her ear. Lia felt her cheeks grow warm, but she kept her eyes locked with his. Something in the intimate way he touched her made Lia feel sensations she'd not felt in awhile. The way he looked at her made Lia feel giddy. Yet, she couldn't ignore the faintest feeling of concern because a stranger was the reason for her slew of feelings.

"God," he began, "you're so gorgeous."

Leaning back, he again roved his eyes over her body. Lia couldn't believe what she'd just heard. Gorgeous? Her? Lia was her own worst critic, as most people tend to be. So, to have someone describe her in such a meaningful way was unexpected. Normally, Lia didn't stake much truth in the words of men. She knew most guys would say anything to increase their chances of scoring. The way this particular man spoke, however, appeared to be absolutely sincere. His eyes had remained locked with her own, and there was no sign of deception in them.

"Thank you," Lia said, her voice silky. "So, I've met your expectations?"

"Far beyond that!" he exclaimed. "You're beautiful!"

Lia was stunned into silence, but was totally flattered. This man made her feel her own self worth. Unlike any man she'd ever known before, he made her feel desirable. Not like all the others. They'd desired only what she was willing to give. Not this time, however. No, this was something entirely new. He actually wanted her for her! In every aspect, Lia hoped thoughtfully. This man wanted to really know her. From the down right dull, to beyond fascinating.

He pulled her tightly against him, his head slightly tilted at an angle. Lia studied his eyes, trying to decipher the gleam in them. Hopefulness? In any case, Lia knew what he was wordlessly asking. At least she assumed that she did. Leaning toward him, she angled her face to kiss him. Their lips came together, softly. The kiss lingered for a bit. Then, gradually, their kiss deepened. Lips pried open, just enough to allow their tongues to slip through.

Their tongues tasted one another in a gliding dance. Similtaneously, Lia sighed, and he groaned. Together, they increased the tempo of their kisses. The earlier walls of uncertainty and self-consciousness disintegrated. Soon, they were devouring each other. Taking a few steps forward, he forced Lia backward, pinning her between the side of her car and his body. Arms locked them in an passionate embrace. Neither of them willing to release the other.

Even though their kissing was fierce, love was present as well. He moved his kisses from her mouth and started to trail them down to her neck. She moaned as his tongue licked tenderly along her collar bone. Lia ran her hands up his arms and over his broad shoulders. Her hands continued to ascend up his neck, until she was combing her fingers through his hair. Lia was pulled in so deeply by his passion, she thought she'd be lost to it forever.

At that moment, Lia couldn't have cared less one way, or the other. He was more than she could've ever hoped for. The discrepancies of their every day lives mattered little. Not age nor distance seemed of any importance at this juncture. Not even the fact that they had alternative lifestyles, that could be effected by their tryst. All that truly had value was the here and now. Neither of them would be here, if it hadn't been meant to be. 

"Oh, Kevin," she moaned his name.

Kevin laid a trail of kisses from her neck to the exposed cleavage of her bosom. He alternated, applying kisses a top each fleshy globe. His hands caressed her back sensually. Lia arched her back, as one of his hands rubbed lowered to rub the apex of her thighs. Leaning forward, she traced her tongue on his ear then gently nipped his lobe.

The electricity between them intensified. Their breathing grew labored with frantic need. Lia lowered a hand to cup the bulge at the front of his jeans. The magnitude of what lay beneath the barrier of denim was too much to ignore. With deft hands, she unclasped the button and unzipped his jeans. Kevin drew in a sharp breath as Lia's fingers traced the waist band of his breifs. With a certain degree of difficulty, he pulled away from her.

"Want me to get the blankets?" he asked, breathless from arousal.

Lia could only nod with acknowledgement. Kevin moved away and headed for his car. Popping open the trunk, he pulled out two large comforters. During this slight intermission, Lia made an feeble attempt to grasp what remained of her sanity. Her actions were in vain. Her mind was fogged. The only thing on her mind was what they were going to do next. 

With the blankets tossed over his shoulder, Kevin lead the way toward the front of the vehicles. Making their way off of the gravel, they chose a spot on the plush grass. Lia watched with anticipation as he layed the first, larger and thicker, blanket on the ground. The other one dropped in a heap on top of the other blanket. Lia was grateful that he'd thought to bring it. It would help against the briskness of the night air.

Kevin turned to face Lia, weighing his next move upon what she did next. She kicked out of her heels, similtaneously undoing her capris. The denim pooled at her ankles. Anxiously, Lia stepped out of them and made her way over to the bed. Lia lowered down onto the surprisingly comfortable linen. Now it was she who awaited his following course of action. He did not keep her waiting long.

In no time at all he had lowered himself down beside her. Next thing Lia knew she was locked in an embrace with him, and their lips welded by a kiss. Not even the small duration of time it took for them to get situated could decrease their desire. They were inseparable; neither of them could get enough of the other. In a single, swift movement, he repositioned them; now laying ontop of her. Despite his body limiting her range of motion, Lia began to grind her hips against his own.

Kevin started to pleasure her breasts through her shirt. Halting him momentarily, Lia effortlessly unclasped her bra and slid both it and her shirt over her head. She sucked in a gasp as the cool breeze blew across her exposed skin. At least now he had full unhindered access to her large breasts and perky tits. Kevin lowered his head to suck one protruding nipple into his mouth. Lia moaned and closed her eyes while he sucked her tits. He took his time pleasuring each breast.

Whichever one he focused attention on with his mouth, he used his hand on the other. His tongue circled and flicked over each tit. Sucked each perked nipple with vitality, occasionally followed by a quick nip. Meanwhile, the opposite breast would be massaged by his hand. His palm kneaded the soft flesh of her breast, as his fingers pinched and twisted her tit. Lia felt the apex of her thighs grow more and more wet with arousal.

Suddenly, his hand was gliding lower down her body. Lia gasped as he slid his finger along her soaked slit. He brought his finger up to his mouth, sucking it clean from her juices. He repeated this sequence twice more, extending his finger toward her mouth on the final round. She took his slick finger into her mouth without revulsion. Gosh, he was incredibly sexy.

Skillfully, he lowered his hand to procede pleasuring her pussy. His hand cupped her freshly shaved mound, ever so often squeezing her swollen lips. With his thumb, he started to stimulate her bud of nerves. His thumb rubbed lightly around her clit. Then, using the pad of his thumb, he'd press down firmly. Lia hissed, sucking in a sharp breath before leaving out a long moan. Apparently, Kevin was encouraged by her obvious enjoyment, for it fed his own arousal.

Kevin slid a finger from her clit, then down her between her lips. Without warning he shoved his index and middle finger deep into her tight hole. Lia cried out at the unexpected, but fully welcomed, intrusion of her cunt. With skilled precision, he finger fucked her, pushing in then sliding back out. Back and forth he explored her lovely pussy. Fully enraptured by the pleasure he provided, Lia arched her back pushing her hips forward to take his fingers deeper.

"Ahh, that feels so good," she whispered.

"I want to taste you," Kevin stated, withdrawing his fingers.

"Okay," Lia responded, giving him the go ahead.

Carefully, he moved himself to kneel before her raised knees. With gentle deliberation he slid his hands up her inner thighs and spread her legs apart. Lowering himself to lay upon his stomach, he rubbed his palms against her thighs. The instant Lia felt the tip of his tongue come into contact with her sensitive bud, she fell over the deep end. It had been so long since the last time she recieved such oral stimulation, it was a challenge to not orgasm on the spot.

In fact, Lia and her boyfriend hardly had sex at all anymore. When they did, Lia was the only one to put any effort into it. Until it became nothing short of feeling like a chore. Sex wasn't meant to be an obligation. It was fully intended to be enjoyed by all those participating. To be a wonderful and memorable experience. Which, clearly, wasn't the case for Lia. Up until now, that was. Her negative thoughts dissipated, focusing back the pleasure she was recieving.

Whilst Kevin continued to eat her throbbing cunt, all negative memories became lost in the recesses of her mind. Even though she was fully appreciative of his unending affection, Lia wanted to return the favor in full. She would too. It was only right. He was tending to her every need as a woman, and she would reward him like the man he was.

"Oh, baby. That feels so good." Lia moaned pushing her hips forward.

He bit, nibbled, sucked, and licked every inch of her soaked pussy. Kevin would bite down on her smooth lips, blending the right amount of pleasure and pain. His tongue worked in a rythmic pattern. One moment only the tip would glide up her slit to assault her clit. The following moment he'd stick out his tongue as far as it would go, and he'd lick hard, pressing down. His hands had moved from massaging her inner thighs down to squeeze the luscious curves of her ass. He'd moan signifying his enjoyment.

"You taste so fucking good," he said.

Removing his hands from their position on her backside, Kevin used them to spread her pussy lips apart. Before Lia could begin to wonder at his reasoning for doing so, he pushed his face into her sex. She bucked her hips against his face as his tongue darted in and out of her little pink hole. Lia's juices began to flow like a torrent as her orgasm quickly approached. Switching up his tactics, Kevin moved his mouth to assault her clit, plunging two fingers inside her. Her body started to tremble as the orgasm started.

"Ahhh, Kevin! I'm gonna cum!" Lia cried, firmly grasping the back of his head to pull him into her.

 He lifted his hand and assaulted her clit with two fingers, pressing them hard and swiftly upon her bud.

"Oh, god! Ahhh!" she whimpered.

With all the strength she could muster, Lia lifted herself up to rest on her elbows. From this position she gained a full vantage point to watch him bring her over the deep end. Her head lolled back as pleasure radiated through out her entire body. She stared up into the night sky in a daze. Then the peak of her climax hit! Her world shattered in an cascade of extecy.

"Fuck me!" she begged. "Oh, Kevin please fuck me. Now!"

Rising up into a sitting position, he finger fucked her hard and deep with one hand. With the other, he rubbed firmly on her clit. The result was instantanious. Her cum gushed around his penetrating fingers. At the height of her climax, she forced herself to look at him. His eyes were burning with passion and stared directly into her own. No one had ever fulfilled her in such a way before. Would she ever get enough of him?

She sighed deeply, decending from her sexual high. Slowly, her body sank back down onto the blanket. Having just climaxed like never before, her body still vibrated from the fervor of it. Until tonight, Lia wondered if she had ever truly experienced real sexual release.

"Damn, girl," he said, astonished.

A smile of satisfaction crept across her lips. Her smile was replaced by a expression of shock, when she felt Kevin's face dip back between her thighs. Again, his tongue lapped at the sweet juices of her cunt. Lia allowed herself to relax, giving in to the sensation he willingly provided. Laying on the ground she absent mindedly examined the surrounding clearing.

The moon was half full, and bathed the surrounding glade in silver light. Occasionally, a cloud would cover up the moon, enveloping everything in darkness. It never lasted too long, and soon silver light returned to gleam through the trees of the forest. Frogs and crickets sang their lullaby from the marsh that lay just beyond the woods. Altogether the night was mystical, and felt as if a fantasy had just been made real.

Kevin's mouth massaged her cunt, gradually applying more pressure. Lia moaned. Yet again, she could feel the tension amplifying at her core. Fiery heat coursed through her veins. Another wave of arousal was steadily beginning to swell within her.

"Mmmm, Kevin," she whispered. "Kevin please."

She combed his hair with her fingers. Though her words sounded like a quiet plea for him to stop, her body's movement was to the contrary. Lia writhed from his continuous attention to her cunt. Kevin was unbelievably skilled for someone claiming to have minimal hands on time giving oral. She pushed the thought from her mind, returning her focus back to her rising arousal. Lia began massaging her breasts and tits, willing her self to orgasm.

 Kevin looked up to watch her play with her gorgeous breasts. He moved himself up along her body, so that he was hovering over her naked form. Kevin reached out to grab one of her large, lovely breasts. Lightly, he rubbed his hand across her skin. Lia pushed her chest forward, pressing her boob firmly into his hand. She cherished Kevin's affection. Craved his touch, wanted all he was willing to give.

He bent down, capturing one of her perky nipples in between his lips. Kevin's tongue swirled around the protruding nub, then flicked the tip of his tongue over the tip of her tit. When the brisk air blew upon it in contrast with the warmth of his mouth, Lia groaned at the changing sensation. Who would've thought an individual could feel so many different things in a single night?

Kevin wavered between each breast, teasing and pleasing both tits. With his one free hand he again slid two fingers inside of her. Apparently, he intended to make her orgasm a second time. His hand caressed her pussy with intent to provide release. He started out by rubbing her clit, and then finger fucking her hole. Lia inhaled, giving in to her body's desires.

This orgasm came swiftly, but no less sweet than the first. Its intensity was strong, though not quite as intense in comparison to the first. Lia's pussy convulsed, climaxing for the second time. The moment she finished, a strong wave of exhaustion followed in its wake.

"Oh, Kevin." She sighed sweetly.

He smiled, placing a final kiss on her pussy. Then he crawled to lay along side of her. Lia returned his smile with her own, and turned to snuggle up against his side. Kevin looped an arm around her, and started to stroke her hair. His eyes stared at her, alight with wonder and curiousity. Lia felt her cheeks flush from modesty. Damn, she thought. It just wasn't normal for her to feel so posotively about a stranger.

Come to think of it, nothing about the night could have been described as normal. Both, of them had taken a flying leap by showing up. Neither had swapped photos of themselves and therefore had no idea what lay in store as far as physical attraction was concerned. They'd driven quite the distance to arrive at this designated hideaway. Plus, and perhaps what was the most unusual aspect of all, everything had gone very well. For it being just a chance encounter, neither could have asked for a better turnout.

Lia glanced at him from the corner of her eye, and noticed he was still staring at her.

"What?" she asked, bashfully giggling.

His hand stroked her hair again. His motions filled with tenderness and affection.

"I love your smile," Kevin stated as a matter of fact. 

"Thank you," Lia said, subconsciously hiding half of her face behind her hair.

Kevin swept the tendrils of hair to the side of her face. It was such a simple, sweet gesture that Lia stared at him with reverence. The way he looked at her with such adoration made her feel undeniably comfortable. As though she finally belonged. Sad when she knew that soon they'd return to their normal lives. Back to feelings of unappreciation, and loneliness.

"You're truly a beautiful woman," he said.

"Thanks. You're not so bad yourself," she teased, resting her head against his chest.

Kevin truly was a terrific man. He was kind, smart, and very passionate. He'd pleasured her tonight without expectations of any kind. Make no mistake, Lia most certainly would have pleasured him, had he wished. In the end, his intentions were all too clear. There was no need to rush into the throes of sex. If they had covered every basis in a single night, then there would be nothing to look forward to should they carry out past tonight.

Something inside Lia told her that they would. The very idea made her smile. Not often, if ever, did you meet somebody that you clicked with right from the start. Secretly, she hoped that they would meet again. Faith willing, it would be sooner, rather than later. Kevin sighed with content.

"Your smile is gorgeous."

Lia couldn't help but smile. It felt good to be complimented for the little things. From there they continued to lay in each other's arms. In between the small talk, they'd steal a kiss or two. Each kiss was, unmistakeably, filled with love. Regardless that they each had someone else at home. It all just felt so right, somehow. Before long, Kevin said that they had to get going. Lia grudgingly knew he was right. They pulled away from each other with some reservation. She didn't want it to end. Lia believed that neither did he.

While Kevin packed up the blankets, Lia got dressed. She did her best to reinstate her appearance as best as was possible. After he had finished putting away the blankets, they stood in each other's arms one last time. They'd already stayed later than originally planned. They couldn't afford to prolong the inevitable anymore. It would do no good, and couldn't change what was.

"Have a safe drive back, okay," Lia said to him. "Text me when you get home safely."

"You too. I will," Kevin replied.

Sharing one last kiss, they parted ways. Lia set the GPS cordinates for the return trip back home. Turning over the ignition, she backed up and pulled out of the hideaway. Kevin followed in tow. As she drove down the long straight road, Lia couldn't help but steal glances in her rear view mirror. How could it be so hard to leave the arms of someone she barely knew? Yet, it was.

Her car reached the stop sign at the end of the road. Waiting for a couple of cars to pass, she glanced back again. Once the coast was clear, Lia pulled out and headed down the highway. She dared to look back one last time. She could no longer see his headlights. Realizing that there was nothing that could be done to change this, she concentrated on the drive back home. All the while hoping that tonight was only the beginning in a whole new chain of nights. The events of tonight had rekindled something inside of her. She couldn't quite put her finger on it. Whatever it was, Lia felt weightless. Somehow, she knew they would see each other again. Her heart told her so.

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