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House Hunting Private Viewings

House Hunting Private Viewings

Wife's real estate friend shows her husband a house....and a good time

My wife wanted me to meet the real estate agent she hired to check out new houses. She gave me her card, said she was a great gal, and told me to have fun looking at houses. Like a good husband, I made sure to do what I was told.

I contacted Denise and she made arrangements to view three homes the following day. She said the owners would be gone for a two-hour window at each home, so we’d have privacy to check things out and discuss them between us.

I showed up at the first address a bit early. Denise pulled up in a silver Mercedes shortly thereafter. When she stepped out, I couldn’t help but check her out. She had long dark brunette hair and was wearing a nice black business dress and black and silver heels. I thought to myself, 'Hmmm, this will be fun.'

“Hi, Shawn, good to meet in person, ready to see some houses?”

We walked up to the door where she opened the lockbox, but the key fell out and bounced behind a planter pot. As she bent over to fish it out, her dress pulled tight around her hips revealing the lines of a thong… nice! 

We stepped inside and strolled to the kitchen where the showing literature was laid out. She opened the folio to review the house specs and background, then leaned over the island to write some notes. This gave me a great view of her cleavage and a black lace bra.

She looked up and caught my glance, smiled and said, “Looks like you’re checking out more than the house.”

I smiled back and said, “Um, well you did mention this house has a nice view.”

“Yes, it certainly does, especially from the master bedroom and bath upstairs.” She winked and said, “Shall we look around a bit?”

As we strolled through the living room, she pointed out the vaulted ceiling, large windows, and gas fireplace.

“Yes, nice, bet this cushy leather sofa is very comfortable to relax on in front of a fire,” I said as I squeezed the cushions.

She nodded and said, “I’m sure the current owners have enjoyed that, but the sofa’s not part of the package. Let’s check out the sleeping area upstairs.”

As she walked up the stairs in front of me, affording me a pleasant view of her hips at my eye level, she said, “I enjoyed meeting your lovely wife last week, seems we have some interests and likes in common. I assured her I was confident in helping you two find the right new home. She suggested maybe the three of us could get together for dinner and drinks soon, which I think could be enjoyable.”

We entered the master bedroom where she mentioned the tiered ceiling above the bed, a side sitting room and the double door entry to the bathroom.

She strolled over to the bank of windows, motioned with a wave of her arm, and said, “This... is the view I mentioned to you earlier.”

As she stood looking out on the stretch of forest in the backyard, I strolled up behind her, placed a hand on the window frame, leaning in against her shoulder, I spoke by her ear, “Yes, this really is quite a view, and I like your curves outlined in front of it.”

“You do hmmm? Your wife seemed to think you might. I texted her before I pulled up today and assured her I had some good viewings set up today. She texted back an affirmation to get your reactions.”

As she said that, she leaned her head back slightly on my shoulder, reached down, brushing her palm across the bulge in the front of my pants, and said, “Mmm-hmm, confirms my suspicions. I’m also presuming you’d like to improve the view.”

She then slowly hiked up her dress to reveal a black lace thong, spread her legs slightly, leaned over on the table in front of the window, turned her head and rolled her eyes back toward me.

“Very, very nice. I take it that you’re comfortable with a private viewing through the windows here.”

As she nodded in agreement, I slid the dress off her shoulders down to her waist, pulled down the soft lace of her bra revealing a pair of firm C cup tits with light brown nipples. I cupped a breast in each hand massaging her nipples between my forefingers and thumbs. She leaned back and we embraced in a kiss, twirling tongues, while I rubbed my bulge up the line of her thong.

She moaned, broke the kiss, turned, kneeled down, undid and pulled down my pants, then my briefs to expose my firmness. She took the shaft in one hand while holding onto my hip, then began licking and sucking on my ball sack. She proceeded to lick up and down my shaft, then took the head into her mouth and slowly started pumping my cock with her mouth and hand.

I gently held her head with my hands and as she looked up at me, I said, “Denise, you’re gorgeous, hun. I knew when you pulled up and I saw you that I wanted to have a little naughty fun today.”

“Yeah, well between meeting your wife last week and you today, I could tell you were a hot couple and there might be more here than just a house sale and commission.”

She took my cock back into her mouth, sucking harder now, and taking me into her throat without gagging. I started groaning and was now holding her by the hair and helping her fuck my cock with her mouth.

I told her, “Stand up hun, I want inside that hot pussy.”

“My pleasure. Nobody can see us here but I was getting wet earlier thinking about you doing me right here in front of the window with this beautiful view.”

She turned around, placed a hand on adjoining window frames, and bent out that hot ass in front of me. I pulled the thong strap to the side and rubbed the head of my cock along her wet labia. 

I bent down a bit, held my cock in my hand and eased slowly into her warm soft pussy. With a few gentle pumps, I was fully inside her to the hilt of my cock. I held her by the hips and we began mutually rocking against one another.

I began stroking faster into her hot cunt, I could see the reflection of her tits swaying in the window. As our lust picked up, I grabbed her by the hair with one hand while holding a hip with the other, she was moaning as I was slamming in and out of her. 

If anyone could have seen us, I’m sure it would have been quite a show with her propped up against the window, tits hanging out of her black lace bra, getting her head yanked back while the man was pounding against her ass from behind. We rocked with the sound of our sex echoing off the bedroom walls.

“Yesss, fuck me, Shawn! This is soooo hot, baby.”

I again braced myself with both hands on her hips and kept pounding full-length strokes, slapping up against her ass. She was alternating between groans and shrieks of joy. With a couple final hard slams, my balls tightened. I pulled out fast, grabbed my cock and shot streams of hot cum on that gorgeous ass.

We held still for a few moments to come down after our bout of passion, cleaned up, and redressed. We finished our tour of the house, she left her card on the counter and went on to look at the other two houses which went quicker than the first for obvious reasons.

She mentioned she had three more houses lined up for Friday. I said I’d report out to my wife on the houses, and coordinate with her about the dinner with the three of us.

I was thinking to myself, 'Good thing I have a flexible schedule and can ride with our agent while my wife’s at work. I think I like this checking out homes with features like leather sofa sets, kitchen islands, master bedrooms, mancaves, and private backyard pools.'

I mentioned to Denise, “I think this house hunting process might take us a little while to find the right one.”

She laughed and said, “Yeah, maybe so. And remember, I’ll know where you two live once you move in. We might have to arrange for a special key box by the front door so I can let myself in for an occasional private or group showing.”

Then I laughed and said, “Yeah, maybe so.”

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