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I find out my girlfriend had an affair and i got my revenge

I find out my girlfriend had an affair and i got my revenge

I find out my girlfriend fucked her black professor and i get revenge on both of them

My name is Charlie, and my story began when I got a call from my girlfriend Melissa asking me to come down to Cambridge to visit her at college. She seemed very upset, but she wouldn’t tell me what was going on only that she needed to see me as soon as possible.

I was very happy to go down and see Melissa because it had been almost three months since we last spent any real time together. I was a little worried about what she wanted to talk me about but figured it would be anything too serious knowing her so well.

I am sixteen almost seventeen years old. I am six feet, one-inch-tall, I have short black hair, and I am hundred and seventy-two pounds. My body is well toned with muscular arms and legs. I worked out all of the time at my stepmother’s gym, and I also have a lot of rugby training.

My girlfriend, Melissa, has just turned seventeen years old. She is the sporty type having been a cheerleader and a track star at second school for four years. She is five foot, three inches tall with long blonde hair and is one hundred and thirty-four pounds. She has firm perky tits which fit into a 34 C cup.

I headed down to Cambridge and got there about 12:30 pm. Melissa was waiting for me coming off the train. When she saw me, she ran over to me threw her arms around me and kissed me on the lips. I, of course, returned her kissed cupping her tight arse and giving it a little squeeze. Melissa did look very happy to see me, but I could tell she wasn’t herself.

I asked, “Melissa, what has been going on?”

She said, “I had made a terrible mistake.”

I was a little confused and asked her, “What have you done?”

She looked so guilty as she said, “I have cheated on you with one of my professors.”

I was so totally pissed off at her for doing this, but really I shouldn’t have been since I had cheated on her with four other women myself.

Melissa looked down at the floor and said, “shit.”

I looked and said, “What is it?”

She looked and said, “That is my professor Darrell and this wife, Tina.”

I looked over and saw Darrell, he looked about thirty-eight years old, about six foot, three inches tall, with short brown hair and was about two hundred and fifteen pounds. He was a very good looking black guy who looked like he was in pretty good shape for his age from what I could tell.

I looked over at his wife Tina, she was thirty-something. A very beautiful black woman that also looked like she was in great shape because Melissa told me she was a star swimmer in her twenties. She was five foot six inches tall with shoulder length dark hair and is about one hundred and forty-five pounds. She has big fat tits which fit into a 40 DD cup.

As I checked out Tina, I must admit I was getting very turned on by her amazing black figure, and I did want to fuck her. That is when I got a great idea because Melissa also told me that Darrell had also had a couple of affairs over the past couple of years with other students. Tina had enough of it and told Darrell if she found out that he had cheated on her one more time that it was over between them. I, of course, saw that as a great opportunity for me to get Tina into bed myself.

I looked at Melissa, and even though I was mad as hell at her, I keep myself in check. I took a deep breath and thought if I was going to get my own back and fuck Tina I was going to need to meet her first. I knew the best way for that to happen was with Melissa’s and Darrell’s help.

I turned, and looked at Melissa, and said, “Look, Melissa, I am not happy about you cheating on me, but I can also see what has happened, with me being up north all the time and never seeing you.”

Melissa looked me in the eye and smiled and said, “Charlie, look I am really sorry I never meant for it to happen and to be honest I wish I hadn’t done it. It was just all my friends told me fucking a black guy was amazing and that they had huge cocks. To be honest, he was as big as you but not as thick.”

That made me smile, and it was another reason I figured it would happen with Tina. As I looked Melissa in the eye and said, “Look why don’t we go over there, and I can meet them. You know to show that I am the bigger guy.”

Melissa looked at me a little shocked and said, “Really Charlie, you want to meet him?”

I smiled, and said, “Yes, I want to meet him, Melissa, just to show you I am not going to let him split us apart.”

Melissa looked a little worried but agreed to take me over there. As we got up and walked over to where Darrell and Tina were sitting, I had a strong urge to hit Darrell right there and then. I knew if I kept myself in check then I would have a good chance to have my way with his wife, Tina. At the end of the day that is all that mattered to me.

Melissa walked over first with me a little behind her. She said, “Hi Professor, how are you today?”

Darrell looked up and looked a little shocked to see Melissa standing there. He answered, “Hi Melissa, I am good thanks for asking, how about yourself?”

Melissa smiled and said, “I am fine thanks. I am just here showing my boyfriend Charlie, around the college.”

I stepped beside Melissa, and I offered Darrell, my hand as I said, “Hello Darrell, I feel like I already know you with how much Melissa, talks about you. You know you are her favorite professor.”

Darrell shook my hand, and I could tell he was a little nervous. “Hello Charlie, it is lovely to meet you too.”

I then turned and looked at Tina as I offered my hand to her. “Hello, I am Charlie, are you one of Darrell’s other students.”

Tina looked up and laughed as she also shook my hand. “No, I am not one of Darrell’s students, I am his wife.”

I laughed and said, “Sorry Tina, I just thought you were a student you don’t like old enough to be Darrell’s wife.”

Tina gave me a cheekily smile and a wink and said, “Well thank you very much young man.”

I turned and looked at Darrell and could tell he didn’t like that.

As I turned and looked at Melissa, I said, “Well, we should leave you two have your lunch, come on Melissa why don’t you show me where your dorm is.”

As we walked over to the counter to pay the bill. I could still hear Darrell and Tina as she said, “So is that another one of your little sluts?”

Darrell said, “No, I told you, Tina I am done with all of that.”

Tina just looked at him and said, “You’d better not be, or you know what will happen, mind I would be shocked if she would cheat on him.”

I also noticed as Melissa and I walked off towards her dorm that Tina was checking out my arse too. It made me smile knowing that Tina must have a thing for me saying something like that. I also know things were falling into place for my plan. The whole time Melissa was showing me around her dorm, to be honest, the only thing I could think about was Tina. Her amazing big fat tits and her tight hot figure and fit little arse which I planned to fuck too.

When Melissa and I got into her room, I was so turned on by Tina, I just grabbed Melissa bent her over her bed ripped her panties off and just started fucking her doggy style. I really started fucking her hard thinking about fucking Tina, my first every black woman. Wondering what her black pussy would feel like around my cock. My mate Luke told me that black women are total sex addicts and just can’t get enough. I must admit I couldn’t wait to see if he was right. I fucked Melissa hard making her have severally squirting orgasms before I finally came inside her myself.

Melissa lay there breathing so fucking hard as she said, “My god Charlie, what go into you, you’ve never fucked me like that before.”

I smiled at her and said, “Just making sure you don’t make another mistake Melissa.”

Melissa lay back on the bed and just said, “Trust me, Charlie, you keep fucking me like that, and there is no way I would never make another mistake like Darrell.”

I lay there thinking about Tina and got so excited that within thirty seconds I was rock hard again. I jumped back on top of Melissa, and I just started fucking her again. For the rest of the afternoon, Melissa and I fucked in every position possible. I really fucked her hard the whole time thinking about Tina and what I was going to do to her when I got my hands on her thick black body and pussy. After a good four hours fucking, Melissa was totally wiped out, and we both fell asleep.

The next day I woke up at 7:00 am to Melissa’s alarm. I turned it off and woke Melissa. She smiled at me and said, “Sorry thought I turned that off.”

I smiled back and asked, “Do u have class this morning?”

Melissa nodded and said, “Yes, I do, but don’t worry I am going to take it off and spend the day with you.”

I looked at Melissa and shook my head and said, “No, come on I don’t want you falling behind because of me now get up.”

Melissa didn’t seem too happy about it, but she got up. She started getting her stuff together and said, “Right. I am going to take a shower, why don’t you go and make some breakfast.”

I yawned and then got up off the bed still feeling a little tired but okay. I grabbed my t-shirt off the floor, and a pair of shorts from my bag and put them on. I walked out of her room and walked into the living room/kitchen. I went over to the fridge to see what there was. I found some eggs and bacon, and there was some bread on the sideboard.

I put the bread in and made toast then cooked the eggs and the bacon and shouted to Melissa, “Come on your breakfast is ready.”

I turned back and toasted some more bread as I heard a voice say, “Well, well, who do we have here.” I turned, and there was Melissa roommate, Anna standing there.

Anna is eighteen years old. She has a lush body with curves in all the right places, and she has lovely tanned skin. She is five foot, six inches tall with shoulder length blonde hair and is maybe one hundred and forty-five pounds. She has lush big firm tits which fit a 36 DD cup. She was wearing a short silk robe with nothing on under it.

I looked at Anna, and I offered her my hand as I said, “Hello, I’m Charlie, I am Melissa’s boyfriend it’s lovely to meet you.”

Anna looked me up and down and smiled as she said, “So you are the famous Charlie, I have heard a lot about you, it is nice to put a face to the name,” as she shook my hand.

I smiled and said, “It’s lovely to meet you too Anna, would you like some breakfast?”

Anna laughed and gives me a cheeky smile and said, “Wow, you cook too I tell you what, you can come and stay anytime.”

I know I shouldn’t have, but I just couldn’t help but have a look over Anna’s amazing body. Anna noticed me looked and give me a wink as I quickly turned back around and started making Anna’s breakfast too.

I heard Melissa getting out of the bathroom, and she went into her room saying, “I will be one second Charlie.”

I just fried off some more bacon and eggs for Anna I then turned around and give it to her. I noticed Anna was now checking me out as I put the plate down.

Then Melissa, walked in and said, “Morning Anna, I didn’t know you were up yet?”

Anna looked at Melissa and said, “Well, when you are offered breakfast you can’t say no can you?”

Melissa sat down and smiled at Anna and said, “So you now meet Charlie, what do you think?”

Anna smiled at me and said, “I just said to Charlie, he can come and stay here anytime.”

Melissa picked up her knife and fork and started eating her breakfast as she said, “Good, I was hoping you would say that because I have class this morning, so can he hang around here until I am done.”

Anna smiled at Melissa and replied, “Not at all Melissa, Charlie can stay here as long as he wants.”

Melissa smiled and said, “Thanks, Anna, I will only be a couple of hours.”

Anna smiles at me, “I am sure we can find something to do until you get back.”

We all ate our breakfast together, and then the girls handed me the plates. I did the washing up and cleaned down the cooker and the benches. Anna got up and went back into her bedroom. Melissa went off into her room to go and grab her stuff. She came back out as I finished off cleaning everything up and putting everything away.

She smiled and kissed me on the lips and said, “Charlie, I will be as quick as I can just hang around here, don’t pay Anna any mind she flirts on with everyone, but she is a good friend.”

I smiled and kissed Melissa back and said, “Don’t worry, I am big enough to look after myself so go and do what you need to do.”

Melissa turned around and walked off waving as she left. I had a good stretch, and then I headed back to Melissa’s room. I when into my bag and grabbed my stuff so I could go and have a shower. I headed out of the room and down the hall to the shower walked inside and locked the door not knowing the lock was broken. I got underdressed turned on the water and got it to the right temp then I jumped in. As I started to shower, I started thinking about Tina again. I was just so turned on by the idea of fucking my first black women that I was hard again in no time. I stood there so turned on and rock head that I just started to jerking off.

I jerked harder and harder thinking about Tina and everything I was going to do to her. When I heard a voice from the doorway say “You want a hand with that?”

I turned and looked, and there was Anna, standing there still in her short silk nightie. I covered myself up as best I could as I reached to grab a towel and I said, “I thought I locked that door, Anna.”

Anna just smiled and said, “Yes, the lock doesn’t work on this door, it is nice to see that Anna wasn’t kidding about your size, Charlie.”

I must admit I was kind of turned on with how forward Anna was as I said, “Maybe you should leave Anna.”

Anna just smiled at me and said, “You know Charlie, I was so shocked that Melissa would cheat on someone like you, I mean don’t get me wrong I fucked Darrell as well, but there is no way I would have done it if I have someone like you.”

I looked at her and said, “Well, really that has nothing to do with you, Anna.”

She stepped closer to the shower and said, “I know it really doesn’t have anything to do with me Charlie, but I think if Melissa is going to cheat on you, don’t you think it is only fair for you to cheat on her.”

I must admit I was turned on by Anna’s offer, and I said, “Maybe you are right Anna, but if I was going to cheat on Melissa, I can’t have her finding out about us you know.”

Anna stepped closer and opened the shower door and said, “Charlie, I won’t tell if you don’t.”

She smiled at me and untied her robe and dropped it on the floor.

I looked up and down Anna’s body, and I said, “You are very forward, not that I mind that of course.”

I took hold of Anna, and I pulled her into the shower with me kissing her on the lips. Anna returned my kiss straight away as she took hold of my jerk and started jerking me hard. She pushed my head down and made me suck on her big fat tits, and I pushed her against the wall and started playing with her pussy. She pushed me back and dropped to her knees and without saying a word took my cock into her mouth and started sucking.

Clearly, this wasn’t the first time Anna had a cock my size as she took it straight in and down her throat without even gagging. I must admit I was shocked that she was that good at it as she sucked hard on my fat cock. I lay back and enjoyed Anna sucking harder on my cock as she worked in and out of her mouth like a pro.

I looked down and smiled and said: “Wow Anna, I sure didn’t expect this for a hot sexy woman like you that I only just meet.”

Anna just keeps on sucking on my cock harder and harder working it so fucking good in her mouth. I enjoy what Anna is doing as take a hold of the back of her head as I slowly start to fuck her mouth. I was so turned on that my girlfriend roommate that I had only just meet was giving me an amazing blowjob. As I fucked her mouth harder and I moaned harder I know I couldn’t take much more as it just felt amazing.

Then I rammed my cock as deep as I could into Anna’s mouth as I moaned out “OMG, I am Cumming.” As I shot a thick huge load of cum down Anna’s throat. Anna drink my hold load down her throat as I let go of her head and laid back on the wall.

Anna looked up and smiled as she said, “Did you enjoy that Charlie.”

I looked down and smiled at Anna and just said, “It was amazing Anna, now it is your turn.”

I picked Anna up and I turned her around pushing her over to the sink and bent her over. As I dropped to my knees and I started licking and sucking on Anna’s clit. Anna moaned hard as I sucked on her clit.

Anna then turned and looked back and said, “Charlie, as good as you are at that, I just want you to fuck me now.”

I smiled at smiled at Anna and stand back up and said, “Not a problem Anna, but why don’t we go to your room, where we will be more comfortable.”

Anna grabbed my hand not even giving me a chance to dry off first. She just pulled me into her bedroom and smashed her lips on mine pushing her tongue into my mouth. As she pulled me over to the bed and push me onto on my back as she got up on top of me. I smiled as Anna liking her taking change as she wasted no time straddling me and pushing my big fat cock inside her pussy. We both moaned very hard as my cock slide inside of her.

Anna cried out and said, “Fuck Charlie, your cock is so fat I can feel it stretching my pussy.”

I moaned back and said, “Yes, Anna, come on show me what you got.”

Anna just smiled as she said, “Trust me, Charlie, I plan to and don’t worry I am a much better fuck than Melissa.”

Anna started bucking her hips hard on my cock as my cock slide in and out of her. We both moan hard as we start to fuck and I start thrusting up to match she pace. Anna smiled at me I think she was a little shocked that I could keep up with her and she started bouncing harder. I moaned harder as I felt Anna really working her hips harder. I must admit she wasn’t kidding when she said she was a much better fuck the Melissa. As I felt her riding my cock harder and I keep thrusting my cock up keeping up with her. I started to feel her pussy tightening around my cock and know she was about to cum. I grabbed her hips and started fucking her a lot harder as my hard thrusts must have pushed her over the edge and I felt her cum all over my cock.

Anna collapsed on my chest and said, “OMG Charlie, that was fucking amazing I didn’t think you would outlast me but I am glad you did.”

I looked down at Anna and said, “Well, I am not done with you yet Anna.”

As I pushed her onto her back I pulled her legs up and over my shoulder as I rammed my cock back inside of her hard. Anna moaned very hard as the head of my cock hit her cervix. I started fucking Anna very hard taking long hard strokes into her pussy. Anna just throws her head back and started screaming in pleasure as I fucked her harder and harder. Anna laying there having almost none stop orgasms as my cock slammed against her cervix over and over again. I kept on fucking Anna harder and harder as I could feel my orgasm building. My cock started to throb inside of Anna as I looked her and wondered if she was on the pill. I moaned hard knowing it was too late now as I rammed my cock balls deep inside of her and shoot a huge thick load of cum deep inside of her.

I let go of Anna and fall back on the bed and said, “Yes, that was amazing Anna, you really are a much better fucking than Melissa, you sure can take a lot more than her.”

Anna just looked at me and smiled as she tried to catch her breath as she said, “After what I heard last night Charlie, I wanted to fuck you anyways and then I saw your cock in the shower that was it I had to have it.”

I smiled as I sit up and said, “Well, I am so very glad you had to have it, Anna.”

Anna pulled be back on top of her and kissed me hard and she said, “I hope you’re not done with me yet.”

I kissed Anna back and said, “No way Anna, I am just getting started.”

Anna and I made out as she jerked my cock to get me hard again. As soon as I was I rammed it back inside of her. Anna and I had sex 3 more times that morning. Loving fucking Anna so much more then Melissa, Anna can take it so much better. We fucked until about 11:30 am when my phone started ringing. I got up and went into Melissa’s room to get it.

It was a text for Melissa says ‘Just finished class Charlie, on my way back.’

I looked at Anna and I said, “It is for Melissa, she is on her way back.”

Anna looked a little disappointed but said, “Well, you better go get a shower and clean yourself up.”

I looked at Anna and smiled and said, “I am sure this will not be the only time we fuck Anna, I am here for the next 2 weeks you know.”

Anna stands up and kissed me and said, “Don’t worry Charlie, I am not like Melissa, I am nothing expecting you to break up with her and start dating me, I just wanted to fuck you.”

I kissed Anna back and I said, “Well, I am sure not going to stop you, Anna, just need to be careful.”

Anna laughed and said, “Don’t worry Charlie, this isn’t the first time I fucked a roommate’s boyfriend. Now go get yourself in the shower before Melissa, gets back.”

I walked off to the bathroom and jumped back in the shower and had a hot shower. I was just getting out when I heard Melissa come in the door. I got dried off and ready then I headed to Melissa’s room and walked in. Melissa and I spent the rest of the day walking around the campus and even went into the local city center for some lunch. Then we headed back to the dorm and I was so wiped out for fucking Anna all morning I just got in and fall asleep on the bed. Melissa stayed up a little longer and watched TV then she went to sleep too.

When I wake up the next morning, Melissa was already gone. She had left me a note saying she had an early class and was going to be out all day. I was a little bottomed but know that this would give me a chance to fuck Anna again. I got up and went to Anna’s room and knocked on the door where there was no reply I opened the door and Anna was no were to be seen. I figured she must have class too so I went and had a nice long hot shower. I then got ready and figured it is a really nice day I should go out and enjoy it. I went down to the coffee place Melissa showed me on the first day I got there. I ordered a coffee and bacon sandwiches I then turned around and there in the corner I saw Tina. I thought I am so happy I fucked Anna but I still want to get back at Darrell for fucking Melissa. Tina looked amazing wearing a short sleeved blouse that was pretty low cut showing off her huge tits and a short denim skirt that really showed off her lovely legs.

I walked over to Tina and I asked, “Hi, Tina isn’t it?”

Tina looked at me and smiled and she said, “Hello, your Charlie, right, you’re the one dating Melissa?”

I looked down are her tits and then back to her face and said, “Yes, that is me it is great to see you again.”

She smiled back at me and she said, “Would you like to join me?”

I smiled and just said, “Sure, if you don’t mind of course.”

She looked me up and down checking me out a little and said, “Of course not, I wouldn’t have asked you to join me if I didn’t mind.”

I pull the chair out and I sit down in front of Tina and said, “Thanks a lot, I really didn’t want to sit by myself.”

She sits up and leaned forward as she said, “To be honest Charlie, I am in between jobs at the moment, it is nice to have some company. So how are you liking the campus so far.”

I smiled as she leaned forward I got a much better view of her tits and wondered if she did that on purpose as I said, “Yes the campus is lovely really well set out, mind I have got lost a couple of times like.”

She laughed and said, “Yes, to be totally honest, I have got lost a couple of times around here myself but Darrell give me a map to help me find my way around, I think I have it at home if you want you can borrow it while you are here if you want.”

I looked at her smiling and said, “Really, that would help me out so much while Melissa, is in class.”

She gives me a cheeky smile and said, “Well, I was just about to head home if you want you can come with me and I can give it to you now.”

I was a little shocked she would invite me to hers so quickly but I sure didn’t mind the opportunity if gives me to get her alone. As I smile back as her and said, “That would be so great Tina, thanks so very much.”

She stands up and said, “Well, you better get that coffee to go, my car is just around the corner.”

I walked over to the till and asked for my coffee to go and canceled the bacon sandwiches. I paid and then walked back over to Tina and said “Ready to go” she looked at me and nodded and she grabbed her bag and we headed to her car.

We got in and she said, “Don’t worry I only live around the corner” as she pulled out and drive me to her house. We both get out of the car and walked up to her front door.

She opened the door and said, “Please come in Charlie, the map is upstairs please make yourself at home.”

I walked in the door and closed it behind me and thought ‘yes’ this is working out so well as I said, “Thanks, Tina I will.”

I sit down on the sofa and then Tina comes back down she headed me the maps and said, “There you go Charlie, that should help me find your way around.”

I take the map off her as she sits down next to me and I said, “You really have a beautiful home.”

She just smiled at me and then said, “Thanks, Charlie, to be honest, I have another reason for asking you to come here.”

I looked at her wondering what is could be as I said, “Sure, you can ask me anything.”

She looked a little nervous as she said, “Look I don’t want to freak you out or anything but I think something might be going on between Melissa and Darrell.”

I looked at her shocked and I asked: “Why? What would make you think something is going on between them.”

She looked at me seriously and said, “Come on Charlie, I can’t be the only one that noticed how they were together the other day when we meet.”

I could see by the look in her eye that she thought Darrell had cheated and that she just wanted me to confirm it.

As I looked and just said, “Look, to be totally honest Melissa and Darrell, have been together, Melissa, told me when I got here she said it was a terrible mistake and that she wished it never happened.”

Tina just shakes her head and said, “For god sake, I am fucking sick of that fucking cheating bastard, I told him the last time if I ever find out he cheated on me again we were done.”

I looked at Tina playing like I was shocked but wasn’t because I know he had also fucked Anna as well. I put my hand on her shoulder and I said, “What, are you fucking kidding me, he has cheated on you before?”

She nodded and said, “Yes, about nine months ago, I find out he had fucked another one of his students, I just can’t believe he has done it again, I think I need to report him.”

I look and see my opening as I said, “No Tina, don’t do that, you know what you to do is get back at him, to be honest, we both do.”

Tina looked at me and said, “You know what, your right and since he fucked your girlfriend I don’t see any reason you can’t fuck his wife.”

Tina then grabbed a hold of the back of my head pulled me to her kissing me hard on the lips. I must admit at first I was a little shocked how quickly she gave in but to be honest I got the feeling that is why she bring me to her house. Tina kissed me hard and she lay back on the sofa and she didn’t waste any time as she pulled her skirt up and spread her legs wide open. She stuck her tongue into my mouth as I felt her undoing my pants and pull them down as my cock spring free. I was already rock hard for seeing her huge tits she pulled her thong to one side and pushed my guided my cock inside her pussy. I moaned very hard as I pushed my cock in deeper she was so fucking tight.

She moaned out hard and said: “God Charlie, your cock is so fucking fat I love it.”

I rammed my cock deeper inside of her as I moaned “Fuck yes, I wanted to fuck you the moment I laid eyes you.”

She smiled and moaned as I pushed deeper and she said, “Well, here is your chance Charlie, don’t waste it.”

I smiled and slowly started to fuck her said: “Trust me, Tina, there is no way I am missing this opportunity to fuck a black woman.”

Tina smiled back and kissed me hard as I started to fuck her pussy harder. I was so loving having the chance to fuck my very first black pussy it felt so fucking amazing as I rammed it deeper inside of her with every thrust. She really knew how to take a good hard fucking like as I rammed her pussy harder and harder until I finally hit her cervix.

I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as her back arched and she screamed out “I am Cumming.”

She collapsed back on the sofa and said, “OMG, Charlie, I have never cum so hard or so fast in my life, I tell you what why don’t we take this upstairs where we can be more comfortable.”

I slowly pulled my cock out of her. As I stand up and so did she as she grabbed my hand and lead me upstairs to her bedroom. As she pushed me to the door she kissed me and then pushed me onto the bed. She then slowly stripped off her clothes and showed me her amazing black body and her lush huge tits. I lay there smiling as I see everything she had to offer me. As I got undressed too throwing my top and pants on the floor.

Tina smiled as she seen my young very well-toned body and my fat cock and said, “Have you ever fucked a black woman before Charlie.”

I smiled as I checked out her amazing body and said: “No Tina, I never been with a black woman before.”

She looked me over and smiled and said, “Well, Charlie, you are in for a treat then.”

As she jumped on top of me kissing me hard as she then moved up a little letting me suck her tits. She then moved up some more and then sit on my face. I smiled and then started licking and sucking on her clit hard as I felt her reach my cock and start jerking it hard again. I worked on her clit harder and she jerked me harder. She started moaning hard as she pushed her pussy into my face hard I must admit she tasted amazing. It was so erotic having a black woman pushing her pussy into my white face as I pushed my tongue into her pussy and started tongue fucking her. I flicked my tongue back and forwards inside of her as I hear her moaning so fucking loud.

She pushed her pussy into my face more and said: “God yes, please don’t stop Charlie I am so fucking close.”

I keep working her pussy harder and harder with my tongue as I felt her pussy got tighter and tighter around my tongue. As she screamed out in pleasure and cum into my mouth. She was sitting there breathing so hard as I licked up all her juices.

She tasted so fucking good as she then laid down on the bed next to me and said, “My god, Charlie, where did you learn to do that.”

I just smiled and said, “Well, let just say, you’re not the first women I have cheated on Melissa, with Tina.”

Tina just looked at me and smiled said, “You dirty boy you.”

I just laughed and said, “Trust me, Tina, you don’t know the half of it, now if u don’t mind I think it is my turn.”

Tina laid back and said, “How do you want me, Charlie.”

I grabbed a hold of her and stand her up and pushed her over to her dressing table. I bent her over so she could look in the mirror and see her being fucked by a white boy. As I got up behind her and rammed my cock back inside of her fucking her doggy style. I didn’t waste any time as I rammed my cock balls deep and started fucking her as hard as I could. I could hear her moaning in pleasure as my cock head slammed into her cervix over and over again giving her almost none stop orgasms. I fucked her harder and harder as much balls spanked against her. I just so turned on that I was fucking a black woman that I even spanked her.

Tina looked back and me and smiled as I spanked her again fucking her harder as my orgasm starts to build. I feel my cock starting to throb and I ram my cock as deep as I can and release a huge fat load deep inside of Tina.

I slowly pulled my cock and said, “OMG, Tina that was just amazing,”

She smiled at me trying to chase her breath and said, “Wow, I never fucked a white boy that could keep up with me the way you are, you know what I have a really dirty idea, Darrell has been trying for almost 3 years to get me to try anal sex and I think it would be such a huge betray if I let you take my anal cherry.”

I looked at her a little shocked and I asked “Are you sure Tina? I mean, when I fuck I like fucking hard and that would really hurt you if I am the first to fuck your arse.”

She turned around and sit me on the bed getting on her knees jerking me as she said, “Charlie, I don’t care how much it hurts I want you to be my first ok.”

I smiled at her as I said, “Ok then if you are sure.”

Tina started sucking on my cock to get it nice and hard again. As soon as it was she bent over her bed and I got up behind her. I take a hold of my cock and I slowly started to push my cock into her arse. It was so fucking tight I loved it.

I could tell Tina was in a lot of pain and I asked, “Do you want me to stop?”

She shook her head and then she spread her arse cheeks for me. I know she was in a lot of pain so I decide to just get it over with and I grabbed her hips and rammed my cock balls deep inside her. She screamed out in pain but to be honest it felt so good I just started fucking her arse hard. She was in so much pain she was biting down on the bed sheets as I fucked her arse harder. After a couple of mins, I started to hear some moaning coming for her. That after another couple of mins she started screaming in pleasure telling me to fuck her harder. It felt so fucking amazing and it was just too fucking tight I just couldn’t take anymore. As my cock throbbed deep inside of her arse I rammed it as deep as I could and shoot a huge load in her arse.

I slowly pulled my cock out of her arse and laid down on the bed and said, “Wow, I thought your pussy felt amazing but your arse was just unreal.”

She looked at me and said, “My god, that fucking hurt Charlie.”

I looked at her and smiled and said, “I told you, Tina, I might not be the best choice to take your anally cherry, I like to fuck hard no matter what hole it is.”

She looked at me and smiled and said, “No, to be honest, Charlie I think you did what needed to be done, it did hurt at first but after a short time it felt really great, not as good as in my pussy but good all the time.”

I lay back on the bed and just asked: “So yours happy I take yours anally cherry then?”

She just lay there and said, “Yes I am Charlie, it was good and I wouldn’t mind you doing it again.”

I smiled down at her and just said, “Well, if that is what you want I will do it for you.”

Tina and I ended up fucking for the rest of the afternoon in one way or another. We fucked 6 more times but only another one of them was anal not that I minded. It got to about 4:15 pm and Tina told me I had to go because Darrell would be back at 5:00 pm. I smiled and then got dressed she put on a robe and we headed downstairs. She gives me her number and told me to text her when I am free so we could fuck again. I smiled and kissed her and then I headed back to Melissa’s dorm. When I got there I was so totally wiped out I take a nap.

A couple of hours later Melissa comes in and wakes me up. Melissa told me how sorry she was for being out all day. She told me she would do anything to make it up to me. I got a very evil smiled and I take my second anal cherry of the day. Mind Melissa didn’t enjoy it at all and told me she would never do it again not that I cared because I know Tina would.

I had an amazing 2 weeks visiting Melissa at college. I ended up fucking Tina pretty much every day even when Darrell was off. I would text her she would come and meet me in her car and we fucked in the back seat. It was just an amazing experience fucking my first black woman. She was just amazing and she was just as horny as I was.

After I went back home I heard for Tina about 3 months later. She told me she was pregnant and the baby was mine. I was shocked and asked her what she planned to do about it.

She told me she told Darrell that it was his. That made me smile knowing that asshole was going to be raising another man’s baby.

Anna and I also fucked a lot when Melissa was in class it wasn’t easy balancing the two of them but it was a lot of fun doing it. I must admit I was shocked Melissa never realized what I was up to with me being so tired all the time.

A couple of weeks after I got back my stepmom Cheryl told me we were going on a three weeks’ holiday to Palm beach. I thought that would be great to just get away for a couple of weeks. Then Cheryl told me that she got asked a favor by a couple friends out there. They asked if they nineteen- year-old twin daughters could stay in the pool house while we were there. It was so they could take some time off for they study and relax. I thought that could make it a very fun holiday but that is a story for another time.

I would just like to say quick thanks to all the people that take the time to read my stories. I would really love to hear your feedback on them and any advice you might have thanks again.

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