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I had sex with my husband, without my girlfriend's consent

I had sex with my husband, without my girlfriend's consent

Her emotional conflict becomes worse
I pulled up to the house, grabbed the bag, and stepped inside. The aroma of steaks flowed through in the air, as I dropped the bag in the hallway, and found Jack in the kitchen cooking.

"There she is," he said.

"Here I'm. So, just to be clear, my vision is correct, you are actually cooking?" I asked, as I rambled towards him.

"I know, it's wild," he replied.

My arms went around him, and my lips met his for a few seconds too. Then his right hand came to my ass. We had kissed a few times since I hooked up with Kirsten, but nothing sexual ever occurred, so he was on the receiving end of a weird look.

"What, I earned the right to grab your ass when I married you," he made clear.

"Ow!" I yelled out, as his fingers pressed together on my butt.

A smile appeared on his face.

"What's with you?" I wondered.

His head leaned back, as his eyebrows rose.

"What, are you really gonna play that game?" he asked.

My eyes widened, as my heart pounded out of my chest.

"What are you talking about?" I pondered.

Then he strolled to the highest cabinet, and his hands climbed into it. He came back to me, with his left hand hidden behind his back.

"Happy anniversary, Donna, I love you," he said, as he handed me a small box.

'Holy shit', I thought, as my breathing escalated.

"Oh, Jack. I think we're past the part of the relationship where we have to give each other gifts on anniversaries," I said.

"What are you talking about? Last year, you demanded your gift right when I woke up," he told me.

Unable to talk my way out of this, tears appeared on my face, as I had nothing to give him. I opened the box, and I found a beautiful twelve hearted necklace vacating it. I just starred at it for a minute, as I was sure it had a hefty price tag.

I also knew he was gonna make me try it on, and if I resisted, he would know something was up. I took it out, and put it on. I saw my reflection in the window, and swallowed a couple times, as it became difficult to breathe. Then I found his arms coming around me, and his chin on my right shoulder.

"It's beautiful, Jack," I mumbled.

"Not even half as beautiful as you," he said.

I gave him a kiss, and jetted to the bathroom. I paced in there, and shut the door. My hands went to the kitchen sink, as my I saw my reflection in the mirror.

"How could I cheat on such a wonderful man?" I cried softly.

Positive that situations didn't get too much grayer than this one, I became clueless what to do. Tears were shed for a few minutes, as attempts to contain myself failed. My eyes shut, and thoughts of both of them loped through my mind.

My feet stomped on the floor a few times, as my hands came to my head, to pull my hair out. Then sounds of knocking were heard.

"Oh, you are making me wait, I like that," he said through the door.

My hand went to a hand towel, and it brought to my face. My tears were washed away, as I did my best to contain myself again. Bullshit wasn't an option on the gift, so I just opened the door, but more few tears escaped to progress down my face. As he saw me, his facial muscles portrayed a sad face.

"What's wrong, Donna?" he wondered.

"I'm sorry, Jack, I forgot our anniversary," I said, as I looked down.

A slight chuckle fell out of his lips.

"And that's why you are crying?" he pondered.

As a few more tears appeared, he sauntered forward to me, enclosed his arms around me, and consoled me.

"Don't worry about it, I can't give you too much shit, sense I forgot it last year. I had to confess it to you at seven in the morning," he reminded me.

He let it go, kissed me, and went back to the kitchen to finish dinner. Over that time, a few texts were received from Kirsten. A text got sent to her too, as I stood in the bedroom.

"I'm having a nice dinner with Jack tonight, it's our anniversary," I sent to her

"Oh, okay. Call me tomorrow, I guess. I love you," she sent back.

"I know, I love you too. I'll talk to you tomorrow," I sent back to her.

"Hey, Donna, come here please," I heard him yell.

I toured back to the kitchen, and saw a new dress laying on the counter. An overwhelmed look appeared, and my right hand came to my head.

"A beautiful woman, deserves a beautiful dress," he mentioned, as he cheesed at me.

I stripped to my bra, and panties, as I heard my heartbeats in my ears.

"Oh, sexy," he moaned, as I grabbed the dress.

My feet went into the dress, and my arms went in the holes. Then I found him behind me, to zip it up. He took me to the dining room, and had candles set up on the table with dinner ready.

I had a lot of wonderful times with Kirsten, but Jack seemed to be trying to make up for lost time. Then the lights dimmed, and we sat across from each for dinner.

"What's been going with you? I know you've been busy lately," he said.

A massive amount of air became sucked into my lungs.

"I've just been out, living life, while I can. You know what I mean?" I pondered.

"Does that include buying those sexy bras, and panties from Victoria's Secret? Damn, you have good taste, honey. Do you mind if you give me a little fashion show tonight, as my anniversary gift?" he was curious about.

"I'd love that," I whispered.

That would stay between us. We made some more conversation over dinner, and I remembered why I married him: for his listening skills. As I still had a life outside Kirsten, I told him a few stories from work.

"So you actually heard Susan's name called out from your boss's office? Are you sure?" he pondered.

"Yes, I'm positive. I knew there was a reason why she got promoted above ten other people, when she is a complete numb skull," I replied.

Laughs jumped out from both of our mouths, along with more pleasant conversations. After dinner, both of us crashed on the couch. He laid down first, and I followed so I'd be laying right in front of him.

We cuddled together, as the TV played Pretty in Pink. After many failed attempts to get him to watch it with me, he actually volunteered to watch it with me. When the movie ended, his feet met the floor, and his arms went underneath me.

He carried me over to the hallway, and picked up the Victoria's Secret bag. Then he transported me to the bedroom, set me on the bed, and got right on top of me. He laid his lips onto mine, and another vibration came from my phone. Even with the deal, assumption that they were from Kirsten crossed my mind

"Damn, whose texting you now?" he wondered.

"I don't know, let me turn it off," I replied, as I got up.

I went to my dresser, and pulled my phone out. I checked the texts, and I had seven from Kirsten.

"I miss you, but I'm happy about your anniversary," her latest text read.

A text couldn't be sent back right then though, but I just turned it to having no vibration, or sound. Then I came back to the bed, stood in front of him. His hands went to the back of my dress, and found the zipper.

It slowly made it's way down, and the dress fell off me. As he had me just my bra, and panties, he rummaged through my bag. He picked out the pink set, and handed it to me.

"I wanna see my sexy wife wearing this," he said.

Obligated to fulfill his wish, I stripped completely, situated myself with it. His eyes never departed from me.

"Wow, Donna. You are a supermodel, I'm sure you could even get the ladies to love that," he put on the record.

Then I began moving around to model it for him. A small dance commenced, as his eyes followed my boobs. Even as I lowered myself to my knees multiple times, his eyes never lost track my boobs.

"Oh my, I've been missing out," he moaned, with his right hand down his pants.

A cheesing smile appeared on his face, as his hand looked busy. I hadn't seen his teeth like that in a long while by then.

"Do you want to fuck me, Jack. With that big cock?" I moaned.

"Get over here," he roared like a lion.

I jumped onto the bed with him, got on top of him, and our lips attracted one another for a couple minutes. Thoughts of how this would change the relation sprung to mind.

"I love the new stuff, but I wanna see what it's hiding," he moaned.

Positions were switched, and his arms voyaged underneath me. His hands undid my bra, and threw it on the floor. I received a kiss imprint on my forehead, and then he went down to my crotch.

His lips left a kissing trail the whole way down, and his hands came to the straps on my panties. He pulled them right off me, and threw them on the floor too. His eyes glared at me, and his teeth made another appearance.

"I love you," he mouthed.

"I love you too," I mouthed back.

He went right between my legs, and began eating me out. Moans roared out of my mouth, as my hands gabbed onto the blankets, and sheets.

"Holy mother fucking shit, Jack, you are breaking out the big guns tonight," I moaned.

No break was taken, his tongue journeyed right in there, and it wasn't gonna depart until the job was done. He possessed decent pussy eating skills, but they were nothing compared to Kirsten. She was a pussy eating machine, and knew exactly what I liked.

His fingers adventured into my slit, and spread out my pussy lips. His entire tongue slid in there, moans shouted out of my mouth, but the emotional high was absent. As no cheating took place, the hotness meter dropped down.

"Oh, Jack," I moaned.

His tongue went up, and down, and side to side all around in my pussy. The idea that he was quickly looking for my g-spot, so I would get off right away, entered my mind. My hands sped off to his head, and pussy juice graced his entire face.

"Yes, I want your juice everywhere, Donna. Do it for me," he told me.

Then it seemed like a race, as his tongue jolted nonstop. Then I found myself shoved to the finish line, as I saw Kirsten standing at our window.

"Oh, shit!" I screamed.

I splattered his face, as his tongue made it all happen fast, but the view of her pulled the trigger. His head rose slightly, as he let the cum dry.

"Oh, I missed that," he said.

No words were spoken, but then he needed a minute.

"Thank you for that, but I have one more surprise for you. I'll just be a minute," he said.

He disappeared out of the room, and as I had no idea how long he'd be gone, I went right to the window. I opened it, and saw a sad Kirsten.

"Kirsten, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"What are you doing, Donna? Why are you having sex with him?" she wondered.

A disgusted face shot her way.

"He's my husband, and it's our anniversary. Are you saying I'm not allowed to have sex with him?" I pondered.

Cornered, and with no desires to fight with me, there was nothing she could really say.

"I'm sorry, I was just going nuts over there. I kept texting you, and I heard nothing back after you told me about the anniversary. I would at least think you'd say, 'Leave me the hell alone.', but I got nothing. I thought you were just really mad at me, I didn't know what else to do," she explained.

A deep inhale was taken, as my hands became fists. As her heart just got poured out, my sympathy meter sky rocketed, mostly due to the fact that I loved her. Despite my issues of cheating on him, I couldn't let her go.

"Okay, tomorrow, I'll see if I get some time I can come by," I replied.

"Promise?" she pleaded.

"Yes," I told her, just before I kissed her.

Then her eyes set on me, and I got a view of her smirking.

"Do you still love me, even though I just pulled this shit?" she asked.

"Yes, I still love you, Kirsten. Now, I gotta go, Jack could come back at any second," I told her.

She blew me a kiss, and walked away. I got the window down just before Jack arrived back, with something in his hand.

"What are you doing, is someone at the window?" he pondered.

My body quickly turned around, and I received an odd face from him.

"Are you showing off? Someone could see you flaunting those breasts," he said.

"No, I just thought I heard something, that's all," I replied.

He wandered towards me, and I discovered what was hiding behind his back.

"A new Iphone too? So, I forget the anniversary, and you give me three gifts?" I pondered.

"It's not a competition, Donna. I just love you," he told me.

Unsure I could feel shittier, I still couldn't just blow the whistle. Anyway, as we had a few other amazing sex sessions, Kirsten came through my mind many times. Thoughts of how she would view me having sex with him just never entered my mind.

Even as I had a marriage license with him, I felt as if I was cheating on her. Anyway, we both slept in on our Sunday afternoon. I awoke first, and my hand immediately went to my phone. Of course I had texts, and missed calls from her.

"I love you too, I'll see if I can sneak away at some point," I texted to her.

"I'm just glad you don't think I'm some physco bitch now," she sent back.

"You are not a physco bitch, Kirsten, you are a loving, but somewhat crazy bitch," I sent back.

"I hope I never lose you. Even if I can't always fuck you, I at least want to have ladies night with just the two of us," she sent again.

I had planned to text her back one more time, but then Jack woke up. My phone became planted on the dresser, as his feet met the ground, and found their way right behind me. His arms wrapped around me, and his lips kissed my temple.

"Don't worry, we'll go to the store tomorrow, and they'll switch on the SIM cards for you," he said.

"Oh, okay. Do you have any plans today?" I wondered.

"No, I just wanna spend time with my wife today," he told me.

"You don't have to, a lot of lost time was made up last night. It's Sunday football today, you can go out with friends to watch the game if you want," I suggested.

"Or we could watch the game together," he suggested back.

"No, I think you'd prefer getting drunk with friends, and not have to worry about those drunk bastards starring at my ass," I told him.

"You do have a point there, but the game doesn't start for a couple hours. We can still have a little more fun until then," he said, as his head nodded.

His hands went to my ass, and squeezed my cheeks.

"Well, I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off your ass either," he told me.

Eventually, my back met the bed, and I found his hairy, yet sexy body on top of me. His cock found it's way right into my slit. I loved the feeling, but I still found myself imaging that Kirsten was on top of me, wearing a strap on. Then his lips met every single part of my face.

"I love you, Donna," he moaned.

"I love you too, Jack, and I always will," I wrote in stone.

We both wrapped our arms around each other.

"Yes, Jack, make sweet love to me," I moaned.

I just had to say his name to remind myself that it was him. He locked eyes with me, but neither one of us said anything, as nothing needed to be said. His cock started another thrusting exercise.

With each thrust that took place, he said 'I love you.'. My hands went to his shoulders, as his big cock loosened my slit up. His cock measured up to the dildo, as the emotional gap had been reduced.

"Jam that cock into me deep, really deep," I moaned.

His eyelids went down, as his head leaned up. I felt sweat oozing down from his head, making it difficult for my hands to lock on him. His speed increased.

"Oh, I love shaking boobs, they mesmerize me," he said.

My mouth opened, as moans exited it. A forgotten feeling came back to the surface, as our sweet love session paid off.

"Shit, I gotta cum," he said.

"Cum inside me, I wanna feel it all around in there," I demanded.

"Oh, you are so damn hot," he moaned.

His load spewed out of his cock right into me. The thick, warm, and creamy cum oozed inside of me, as I was not on the pill. Numerous inhales, and exhales were taken.

"Sorry I couldn't last longer than that, you just get my motor going, and my defenses go down," he let me know.

"It's okay, just getting your love juice is enough for me," I let him know.

His body rolled off me, and a twenty minute cuddle session kicked off. We slept together in the same bed, but never really were together. As if we were in different beds, as we slept in pajamas, and never cuddled.

Anyway, after a couple more sex sessions, his lips came to mine for a kiss.

"I'll see you later, sexy woman. I'll be back after we are done partying," he told me.

Our lips pressed together one more time, right before I watched him get dressed, and then leave for his friend's house. My eyes went to my the window, and then to my phone.

"Oh, how can such a sweet man cheat on such a sweet woman?" I asked myself, as I fell to the bed.

My hands came to my face, as I just couldn't figure out how I could ever tell Jack just how much I loved his ex wife. Guilt plagued my mind, because of both of them.

If I had sex with either of them, guilty cheating feelings slammed my mind. Call it what you want, but I needed to feel better. As Kirsten became my sexual drug, I needed my fix.

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