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I had some more fun with my husband's ex wife

I had some more fun with my husband's ex wife

As she drives back with Kirsten, she has no idea what to expect.
Both of us ladies entered my car and made the trip back to her place. My foot slammed on the gas, as adrenaline coursed through my body. I needed to experience a little more of my new found lesbian side with my seemingly new best friend.

Meanwhile, hopes that Jack would stay out until the next afternoon were on my mind. On the ride back, Kirsten's hands came to my breasts, and remained there for the rest of the ride. The only words that were expressed were compliments about my body, and details of what we just did.

Her lips came to my cheeks on many occasions during the last few minutes of our ride, but it eventually ended, as we arrived back at her house. As we got out of the car, something dawned on me. Was she still drunk? Could all of this just been the result of alcohol?

My eyes set on her, as she could walk and speak normally. As a horny woman, my mind, and pussy didn't care. Her hand came to mine, and we headed inside. She took me right to her room, and she pushed me right onto her queen sized bed.

"Oh, feisty," I giggled.

Her body climbed up on top of mine, and our lips attracted one another again. No time became wasted getting me worked up again. Her left hand yanked my skirt up, and the other journeyed right into my panties.

"Oh, you are so wet down there, Donna," she whispered.

Her skirt became towed up by my hand too and had its adventure into her panties. We remained close, with our eyes hooked, as our fingers did all the talking. Wonderful emotional and physical feelings were felt, as my mind couldn't comprehend how I hadn't tried lesbian sex before.

She definitely knew the female body as well, and just how to get me off. With small, and flexible fingers, and pussy juice acting as lube, they moved at the speed of light. Moans bounced out of both of our mouths, the connections became stronger.

"Kirsten, do you have magic fingers?" I wondered.

"Maybe, now I wanna get these clothes back off you," she confessed.

Her body lifted off the bed, and came to the end. Her hands arrived at my feet, so she could rip off my socks, and shoes. I flipped over, so my skirt could be unbuttoned. Her hands slowly plucked it off me.

She leaned towards me, so I could receive a single kiss, and she could haul off my panties too. With my eyes on her, she stood up, and removed her shirt. She unbuttoned her skirt, and it dropped to the floor. An unbelievably sexy pair of tits entered my vision.

Other than the obvious thought, the only other was to slap Jack for cheating on her. Her dance mode became activated. Her arms went up into the air, as her torso began leaning back and forth towards me.

Her eyes stayed right on me as she smiled without showing any teeth. A smile came right back at her, as my fingers found their way right in between my wet, and swollen pussy lips. They dug in deep.

My lips came apart, as soft moans spilled out. Then her legs began inching towards me, as her arms, and torso continued dance movements. As she stood only a foot away from me, she seized my hands and situated them onto her hips.

With her hands on mine, she advanced my arms down, causing her thong to come down too. Her legs stepped out of it, and I threw it to the wall. My eyes went north as I became greeted with a glare from her.

Our eyes stayed on each other as she acquired my hands, and brought me up with her. She transferred them over to her back, They went for her bra clasp, snatched it, and caused it to plunge to the floor.

I scanned her once again, as she did the same to me. Sweat flowed off her forehead, as anticipation became built up. The mystery of her made me want her, like why all that stuff about Jack bolted out, and why she snatched me in the bathroom.

Alcohol entered the equation, but I still set her sexual juices in motion. Thoughts of her manufacturing me into a sexual replacement for Jack came to mind, as she seemed to be needing me, rather than just wanting me. Her right hand came to the back of my head.

"You are beautiful, Donna. Please don't hate me. I know I've been a bitch, but I just can't help it. As I have you standing in front of me, as we are both naked, and have eaten each other out, I feel so connected to you. Like we are life partners," she confessed.

Even as I had her naked body to eyeball, I looked up into her eyes. Sights of love, and lust were forming in there, and streaming into me. Her head came to me, and I let her lips latch onto mine. As a very passionate make out session occurred, my boobs were graced with her soft hands.

Rubbing in slow motions, going back, and forth took place. A strange sensation arrived, as each motion caused my nipples to flick. Then my hands found their way over to her butt. They perceived it as it was smooth, but somewhat plump.

"You look, and feel beautiful, Kirsten. Jack is total fucking moron for cheating," I put on the record.

"I know, and you don't look too bad either. I would marry you just for your boobs," she told me.

Then her hands pushed back in a single motion, right onto the bed. Laughs vented from her mouth, just before she got on the bed with me.

She faced me from her side, as my body laid down flat, and we were about a foot away from each other. We exchanged smiles, and then her hand came to my wrist. She transported my hand over to her wet slit.

"Finger fuck me again, Donna. I wanna cum right onto your hand, will you please do it for me?" she pleaded.

As no resisting came upon me, my fingers saw the inside of her pussy yet again. She fell to her back, and dragged me to her. Then I found my face attached to her delicate breasts, as her wish became granted, and my fingers began to exercise.

"Fuck, that feels so damn good, Donna. Thrust your fingers faster," she pleaded again.

They immediately jumped to full speed, and pleasurable thoughts poured out of her mouth.

"Oh, I love you, Donna. I don't know how Jack landed you, but he doesn't deserve you," she moaned.

My emotional high blocked a freak out then. Her right arm went over my body, as her left hand bumped over onto my pussy. As we both fingered each other, her eyes widened, and appeared to mine again.

My other hand made its way to her neck, and a fast pulse was felt. The favor was returned, as her hand arrived at my neck as well, and she felt my racing heart going into overdrive.

"Could your heart be divulging that the love is mutual, Donna?" she pondered.

No answer came from my mouth, but she saw the love report all over my face. As her fingers began thrusting in and out of my slit faster, the rest of her commenced the small journey right to me. Our boobs touched but didn't press together. My neck felt her breath hitting it like a ton of bricks.

As every passing minute came by, her smile developed until I had her cheesing at me. As the 'L' word had been broken out, my one night stand seemed to be turning into something much more.

"Holy shit, Kirsten, I fucking love you too. Now make me cum on your hand too," I pleaded to her.

Such great emotional, and physical feelings had never came upon me before, so I found myself loving it, whether I wanted to or not. Then her other hand came to my left breast, as her lips became attracted to my neck.

She kissed me there numerous times, as each one of her finger thrusts reduced my defences. Jack's fingers never found their way into my slit, so I was like a foreign finger virgin. As my slit started to weaken, the energy in me couldn't be found to keep my fingers thrusting.

"Oh," I moaned.

My eyes padlocked, and my lips freed. Then my left arm went over her, and brought her closer to me. My moans traveled right into her ear, and then as I really heard my heart in my ears, my moans escalated.

"Fuck!" I moaned very loudly.

Her hand, and the bed, received a very big dose of my lady juice. Every single nerve in my body hit like a jackhammer all at the same time, so my body had just about every single ounce of strength reduced to nothing. Then I leaned onto my back, and ejected my fingers from her slit.

Very heavy breaths were running out of my mouth, and she let me calm down. After a minute, her head came to my breasts, and she whispered something.

"I really appreciate your company, even if it is just for one night. I know we're on emotional highs right now, but I'll never forget this night," she whispered.

Laughs out of my mouth blasted out, as she glared at me.

"To think that just twenty-four hours ago, I thought you were a total bitch," I said, as I was trying not to laugh.

"I am a bitch, and if you don't like it, then tough shit. Find another pussy to finger," she mentioned seriously, as her head came up, and her eyes locked on mine.

Then hopes of Jack not calling hit an all time high, as the odds of the right words coming out of my mouth right then were slim.

"I'm sorry if I came onto you a little strong. I guess when I see someone I like, I just let my pussy take over," she confessed.

"No shit?" I asked.

"Nope, and I gotta tell you, this was the first time I had sex in about two years," she confessed.

"Again, no shit?" I wondered.

"No shit. I just saw you right there, and I took you. When I first met you, I thought you were a goddess among women. With your curly brown hair, and eyes. Since then, you have just turned into like the sexiest woman on the planet. I have no idea how you aren't a model, so I guess it has just been pure jealousy," she told me.

"I'm sorry, I'm just stuck on the part about you going two years without sex. Is that even humanly possible?" I asked.

"Well, I guess so. How often do you and Jack have sex?" she inquired.

We were in a dry spell then, and it that was why I liked being with her: she could be a sexual outlet for me too.

"Sex sessions between us have been way down, I guess we've grown apart," I confessed.

"I'm sorry, sweetie. Well, you can fuck me anytime you want," she offered.

"Thank you, I guess," I replied.

Then she wanted a cuddle session. So her arms went around me, and I immediately returned the favor. No words were spoken, and great feelings were on my mind, at least for a few minutes. Then my text signal went off.

"I should answer that, it could be Jack," I said, as I got up completely naked.

I got up, and her eyes never departed from me. I picked my phone, and saw a text from Jack.

'Hey, Donna. I'm probably just gonna spend the night at Joe's place, because we're all pretty out of it, and I don't wanna drive an hour back like this. I'll see you tomorrow, I love you.'

That's a big surprise there, I mean I'm only out fucking his ex-wife, and his stomach is about to explode. I'm sure he did something bad too, so he can't be that mad that we fucked each other, can he?" I asked her, as I looked at her.

"I wouldn't think so," she agreed.

Okay, Jack. I'll see you tomorrow, call me if you need me to come pick you up. "Send," I said.

At that point, I still had guilty feelings, as I felt my emotional high wearing off. Then I went for my bra, and panties. I grabbed them, and began getting dressed.

"Where are you going?" she wondered.

"Home, Jack could call at anytime. Drunk, or not. Besides, we're just two women that made each other feel good. Nothing more, nothing less," I replied, as I put my panties on.

"Well, can I see you again?" she asked.

Unsure what to say, I still loved Jack, and couldn't break his heart like that. Especially with his ex-wife of all people.

"I don't think that's such a good idea. I think this should just be a one time thing, and just be happy we had one special night," I told her.

"Well, don't you wanna at least spend the night?" she pleaded.

"I think if that happens, we'll be tempted to have sex again, and who knows what that'll lead to. I think we just stop before either one of us go too far down the rabbit hole," I warned her, as I clasped my bra.

I knew we dug it a bit, but she reminded me that the dirt already went over our heads.

"We both already told each other we loved each other. Are you saying that was a lie?" she asked.

"I don't know, Kirsten. We were just hot, and horny for each other. We just got naked, fingered each other, and said things while we were in the heat of the moment," I explained.

She came over to me, with all her naked beauty glaring at me, her arms encased around me in efforts to sway me. Resistance became next to impossible.

"I know your panties were already wet, but they seem to be getting a little wetter now," she mentioned.

Then I just had to get out of there, or I knew I'd never force myself to leave.

"I'm sorry, Kirsten," I cried.

I didn't even bother putting on my shirt and skirt. I just ran outside in my bra and panties, carrying my clothes, and got into my car. I had no idea what to expect when I drove over there, as we were both extremely horny.

I guess in hindsight, there was no good outcome in the end. I might have actually loved her, or I may not have, I wasn't sure. I just knew that I cheated, and couldn't let Jack find out. 

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