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I went out with my husband's ex wife

I went out with my husband's ex wife

She just wanted to log in some face time with her, but got something else.
As my hubby went out with friends for the night, I had the phone in my hand. The only intentions in my mind, were to have a nice night out with her. Even as I expected her to say no, sweat came down my temple, and my fingers felt a racing pulse, as the number was dialed. The call went through, and she answered.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Hey, Kirsten, how are you doing?" I pondered.

A sigh came through the phone.

"I'm fine, how are you doing?" she wondered.

"I'm fine too," I replied.

More words were thought, but none came out of my mouth, as heartbeats were heard in my ears.

"You wanted something, Donna?" she reminded me.

As that tone came into play, words were spit out.

"Well, Jack is out for the night, and I just wondered if you'd like to get a bite to eat with me," I replied.

As we weren't friends, I knew she was pretending to throw the phone.

"No, but thanks for the offer," she declined.

"Okay, I'm sorry I asked," I said, just before I hung up the phone.

Efforts were always made to try to keep the peace between the three of us. Even as many attempts were halted by her, my perseverance never died. I became sure the same thoughts went to her head, as my phone rang a minute later.

"Yeah?" I answered.

"I'm sorry I've been cold to you, I know it's not your fault. How about the Outback Steakhouse towards the mall?" she suggested.

"Yeah, that sounds good. Meet you there in an hour?" I inquired.

"Sure, see you there," she told me.

We ended the call, and I got ready. Anyway, as we arrived at the restaurant, we sat down, and ordered drinks.

"So, what does Jack think about you dining with his ex wife?" she wondered.

"Well, he doesn't know," I confessed.

Laughs leaped out of her mouth, as a huge smile landed on her face. Never before had the sight entered my vision, so she seemed human.

"Why not?" she wanted to know.

"I just thought he might get the wrong idea, I'm just trying to be friends with you for everyone's sake," I told her.

Her head nodded, and some small talk exited our mouths. The obvious topic remained silent, until the half hour mark.

"So, how are you two doing?" she asked.

"We have a decent relationship, and we get along too. We don't go out on as many dates now, but the big fire is still burning," I replied.

"Well, that's good. I hope you are sure about that," she warned me.

A weird look appeared on my face.

"What do you mean?" I wondered.

Her head nodded again, and it became obvious that she had something to tell me.

"I'm just saying, you may think the fire is big right now, but then all of the sudden down the road, you may get a rude awakening. Where you just might find out, that so called big fire, is really just a little tiny one barely burning at all. It's an illusion, where everything seems great, but once a hole gets poked in it, everything fades away. Maybe even slow enough for you not to notice. The worst part is, we have no one to blame, but ourselves. Somehow we drifted, and we didn't even really realize it until it was too late," she explained.

That mouthful bolted out, and I became speechless. She seemed depressed, so she had the drinks flowing down her throat almost nonstop.

"You know, I'm happy for you two. I'm just pissed off that he actually remarried only a year and a half after the divorce. How did he get so lucky? He probably just worked his charm on you, just how he did it on me. That fucker," she slurred a bit.

I just let her rant, and hopes that she'd feel a little better came upon me.

"He did certainly pick out a fine looking lady. Donna, you are hot," she told me.

"Thank you," I replied.

Our food showed up, and that soaked up some of the alcohol. Stomach pains were removed from her, and she became herself again.

"That's better, I'm sorry for what I said about Jack. I guess I just have some resentment bottled up," she confessed.

"Evidently, but don't worry about it," I let her know.

Then a decision became made in her head. Her legs stood up, and came to sit on the chair next to me. As nothing could surprise me, the question of 'Why?' remained unasked.

"So, how has the sex been? He knows how to fuck in the bedroom, and in the dressing room," she confessed.

"In the dressing room?" I wondered.

"Yeah, we had gone on quite the tour of dressing rooms early in our relationship. A lot of people like to go on vacation, and take pictures. We liked to go to different places, and pay dressing rooms there a visit," she told me, just before she took another drink.

"No kidding?" I wondered.

"Would I lie to you?" she asked.

The alcohol began to gather up in her stomach again, so the jury was out.

"I guess not. So you do actually have some happy memories?" I inquired.

"Yes, for our first anniversary, I gave him a special gift," she confessed.

Curiosity lit a fire on my interest in that.

"What did you get him?" I wondered.

"We went out to dinner, and did that boring shit. Anyway, when we arrived back at home, there was someone to waiting for us. It was my best friend, Sandra. I caught him checking her out a few times before, so we had a threesome. The sex was amazing, have you ever had a threesome?" she asked.

"No," I replied, as I smiled.

"Too bad, it's so fun. What he never knew was that a couple years before I even met him, Sandra and I started fucking. It lasted until I met him, but sure enough, when I asked her if she'd do it, she was more than willing to let Jack see us together. We ate each other out, fingered one another, and even had a titty fight. All three of us had the time of our lives, for that night anyway," she explained.

All that came out, and it just rolled off her tongue. A smile from her face glared at me, but no words were spoken from her.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I wondered.

"I like you, Donna. You are stunning, like a supermodel, only hotter," she told me.

Thoughts that she became hot for me came to light. She still had alcohol in her system, but I thought there had to be some truth to her statement. Then it became obvious that the crack on my chest caught her attention.

Her eyes were glued to it, and drool oozed out of her mouth. I had never been with a woman before, or had one lust after me either. As I thought of all this uncharted territory, she excused herself.

"I gotta go to the bathroom," she said, just before she got up.

Her feet ran over to the bathroom, and my curiosity sparked again. So I made my way to the bathroom for an investigation. I arrived in there, I noticed feet in one stall. Then my ears heard moans coming from that stall.

"Oh, fuck, Donna, eat my pussy," I heard someone moan.

Oddly enough, a big smile launched from my face. Thoughts of that being Kirsten jumped to mind. Positive that I heard my name, I rambled down towards that stall. As I got to the stall, I discovered that the door wasn't shut, and was wide open.

Sure enough, I saw her with her skirt up, and her hand down her pink panties. As it appeared to be busy, and her eyes were shut, my lips unlocked. I found my hand down in my green panties, with my fingers in my slit.

Never before had I ever thought of her like that, but as I saw my husband's ex wife in that position, my sexual juices flowed. My skirt came up with me too, so my panties were visible. Heavy breathing began, as sweat flowed down my forehead.

My fingers were thrusting in and out of my pussy, in fast, and rapid motions. Moans escaped both of our mouths, and then cum exited of our slits. Both sets of our panties were soaked.

"Oh, shit, that's the spot," she mumbled.

The only question that came to mind was, 'How could I be attracted to her?'. That remained on my mind, as I was about to take my hand out of my panties, and get out of sight.

Unfortunately, as she calmed down, her eyes opened. As she saw me, I immediately took my hand out of my panties, let my skirt fall, and grabbed onto the door. Before it could be shut, her butt left the toilet, and her hand grabbed mine.

As two women occupied the stall, she shut the door. Before a word could be uttered, her lips landed on mine. Shocked, but turned on, I refrained from stopping her.

"What the fuck took you so long?" she asked, just before she went down south.

Her head went under my skirt, and her hands tugged my panties to my feet. Then her tongue traveled right to my pussy. It moved around frantically, and only after a few seconds, she had me feeling me like a whole new woman.

As Jack never ever ate me out, I became an easy target to be pleased. A couple fingers were inserted into my slit too, so she knew what needed to be done to get me off.

"Fuck!" I screamed.

My back leaned on the wall, and my hands brought skirt came up. The beautiful sight of her eating my pussy entered my sight, and her eyes looked up at me. Patiently, I waited for her to find my g-spot, as my left hand found a place on her head. It pushed her head, and forced her to go in a little bit deeper.

"Yeah, make me your pussy eating bitch, Donna," she moaned.

As she had a drenched face, and I felt faint. My hands came to the ends of the side walls so my balance wouldn't be lost. My pussy lips were spread, and her entire tongue entered my slit.

"Shit, Kirsten, don't stop. Make me cum!" I scream.

Then my hands came to my blouse, and unbuttoned it. My bra came into sight, but she had no intention of letting me keep wearing my blouse, or bra. She stood up, her hands took my shirt, and my bra off as well. She looked down at my rack with wide eyes.

"Damn, Jack is one lucky fucker," she put on the record.

Her speedy tongue flew right to my nipples, as her hands grabbed both of my tits. My right nipple started to get sucked on, as more moans jolted out.

Then her right hand landed onto my pussy, and her magic fingers were used too. They entered my snatch, and began thrusting. My mouth opened, and moans of pleasure caused demands to exit her mouth.

"Tell me you love the pleasure, Donna. Tell me now," she demanded.

"I love the pleasure," I told her.

Then her hands went to her skirt, and unbuttoned that as well. It dropped, and her arms shot up. My hands went to her shirt, and I lifted it off her. Her lips came to mine, as her hands went to her bra clasp.

As she stood in front of me in just her panties, I examined her entire body. Her big boobs, her skinny legs, and her shaved pussy caught my eye, but every single inch of the front of her became own personal eye candy.

"It's your turn, Donna," she whispered.

Only one thing entered my mind, and my I had new found desires to try it. My eyes went down to her wet clit, and I found myself more than intrigued. As she felt my heart racing on my wrist, she let our lips touch again.

"It'll be our little secret, I promise," she whispered.

I had a desire to be with another woman, so when this chance just fell into my lap, it couldn't be turned down. I thought 'Why not?' as the offer to keep this on the down low became presented.

I lowered myself to my knees, and came towards her throbbing pussy. It looked to be so beautiful, like a sunrise, or the grand canyon. My tongue came to it, and a small moan slipped out.

"Come on, Donna, have some fun tonight," she told me.

As I had seen lesbian porn before, so some things were tried on her. Slow licks began, as her breathing steadily increased, and her eyes came down to me.

I had no idea what was going through her mind, but she seemed to be enjoying herself. Her hands landed onto my head, and made my tongue go in there just a little bit deeper.

"Oh, fuck, Donna. I had no idea you liked pussy," she moaned.

My tongue moved around in her twat, and moans ejected. I had her twitching, and breathing very heavily. Her hands hit the wall several times.

"Fuck, Donna," she moaned.

A few fingers were inserted up into her pussy as well. I never ate pussy before, but yet moans, and screams were running out like mad. Then someone's attention was received.

We heard footsteps coming towards us, but I kept my fingers, and tongue busy. I noticed feet right in front of the stall, and then the door swung open. We both noticed a pissed off woman standing there.

"What the fuck?" the woman asked.

Both of us looked towards her.

"Close the fucking door, my girlfriend is fucking me right now!" Kirsten yelled.

The woman slammed the door, and left, as Kirsten reached her breaking point.

"Fuck yes!" she screamed.

Cum splashed all over my face, and it was hell of a lot better than I ever imagined. She immediately hauled me up with her, and attached her lips onto mine. A five minute make out session took place, but she eventually had to say something.

"Damn, you are one hot fox, and you know the female body. That's so damn sexy," she put on the record.

I just cheated on Jack, but I didn't care too much. Kirsten was a fox too, and I liked that. Before I could tell her how much I love what we just did, the restaurant manager opened the door. His eyes were on the ground, as his mouth opened.

"I'm gonna have to ask you both to leave, immediately," he said.

Our eyes met him, and then they went to each others.

"Is Jack gonna be gone all night?" she wondered.

"Yes, I'm pretty sure. He maybe back around dawn, if at all," I replied.

"Let's go back to my place," she suggested.

Her lips came to mine again, as the manager stood there.

"Hello, time to leave ladies," he said.

She just shut the door, locked it, and put her lips back onto mine. We made out for about five more minutes as the manager kept knocking nonstop. It was unclear who was hotter for who in this picture. After that five minutes, he lost his patience.

"If you both don't come out of there fully clothed in sixty seconds, I'm gonna call the police," he put on the record.

"Fine, shit. Get your fucking panties out of that knot. I was just having some fun with my girlfriend, and we weren't bothering anyone," she said.

Then we both got dressed, unlocked the door, and stepped out. His eyes stayed on us, and never left. Even as we left the bathroom, and went back to our table, to collect our purses.

They didn't even have us pay our bill, as they just wanted us out. Needless to say, that we both got banned for life that night. Clueless if this happened due to alcohol, it seemed to be happening. We went back to her place to have some more fun.

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