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I went shopping with my husband's ex wife

I went shopping with my husband's ex wife

As Kirsten shows up unannounced, a shopping trip is planned.
One month into my affair, Kirsten and, I had gotten to know each other, inside, and out. Thoughts of an affair never entered my mind before, and of course the shock of it being with my husband's ex-wife, shot my nerves to bits.

Jack was ignorant that I was spending time with Kirsten. As we both had needs, even times when Jack wasn't away, we had small sex sessions. I began lying to Jack, telling him I was going out with other friends, or just going shopping.

After that night, I received many texts from her everyday. I would receive 'sexts', or descriptions of her day. As girlfriends, we developed a tight relationship. We had grown together, as I guess Jack, and I had grown apart.

Even though Jack, and I hadn't spent a lot of time together, he never seemed to worry about it. So it seemed we both had separate lives. Anyway, on one Saturday afternoon, she just showed up without calling.

As we were supposed to keep this on the down low, a call, or a text became necessary before she came over. Although, she knocked, and I traveled to the door. As I had no idea who had knocked, I opened the door, and received a kiss.

"What are-" I said before I was cut off.

The kiss lasted for about seven seconds, before my hands came to her breasts, and pushed her off me. As Jack just sat in the living room, whispers came out.

"Kirsten, what are you doing here? Jack is in the living room," I whispered.

A disappointed look instantly took over her face.

"Damn, I hoped he just be out somewhere, because I miss my girlfriend. I need her," she said.

"We had sex like seven times yesterday while he worked. I even took off work early, and just make sure you got to eat my pussy for an extra hour," I reminded her.

A guilty look appeared on her face, and cheeks were dyed bright red.

"What can I say? I'm addicted to you, and your pussy. How about we go out shopping? I'd love to buy you some panties I take off you," she said from about a foot away.

Her head leaned towards me, as a devilish smile showed up.

"With my teeth," she whispered.

My dry panties developed into wet ones. By then, her mind could pinpoint to the exact right buttons to push. As I wore another skirt, her head came back a bit, and her eyes viewed a little bit of cum running down on leg. Then her head came back towards me.

"Let's face it, we're both in love, and addicted to one another. You can keep lying to Jack about us if you want, I won't force you to tell him, or deliberately try to get caught either. I love you too much to do that," she explained.

"Do I feel a 'but' coming?" I pondered.

"I just love you, Donna, that's all," she told me.

Then Jack came to the door.

"Whose there?" Jack asked.

He saw Kirsten standing at the doorway, with a skeptical face.

"What are you doing here, Kirsten?" he wondered.

Her shoulders shrugged, as she looked away.

"I don't know, sorry I bothered you," she replied, just before she left.

Unsure what to do, I couldn't let her just leave like that. Although, if I went to talk to her, Jack would discover our dirty little secret. I opted to wait a few minutes, and quietly text her. I escaped to the bathroom, and sent her one.

"I know you are addicted to me, but damn, Kirsten, can't you go without me for one day?" I sent her.

A minute later, a reply came.

"No, I need you more than just when Jack isn't around, or when you can sneak me in," she sent back.

A single tear escaped, and went down my cheek.

"Okay, we can go shopping," I texted her.

Not even twenty seconds later, my text signal jolted again.

"Thank you, I love you," her text read.

Annoyed, I opted to not text back. Then my feet led to the living room. Jack had a football game on.

"I'm gonna go shopping, while you watch your game," I let him know.

"Okay, I love you," he replied, as he gave me eye contact.

"Me too," I told him softly.

As it was six in one, and half dozen in the other, the guilt, and pleasure were about equal. How could I pick just one of them. Anyway, she texted me to meet her at the mall. So, I drove over there, and met her in the food court. I spotted her sitting at a table, and I approached her.

"Hey, how are you doing?" I asked.

"Give me a kiss in front of these people, and I'll be a little better," she replied.

My lips made the full trip to her's, and another smile appeared, with her teeth out.

"Sit down," she said.

I sat across from her, and just glared at her. It was unclear what she was thinking, but I knew she had something on her mind.

"It seems we are in a fucked situation. You love me, and I love you, but you are married to someone you love as well. I'm sorry I've been clingy, I can't help it. I don't want you to resent me," she told me.

"Are you breaking up with me?" I wondered, as another tear made an appearance.

Even though it would be a way out, my desires were still to be with her. The sex never went downhill, and our social relationship had matured greatly, so we could do anything together.

"No, I'm not. I know I told you I would never force you to tell Jack about us, but I'm wondering if it would be worth it in the end. He may like it, you never know. He might even want to join us," she suggested.

Completely clueless what to reply, a 'Hell no.' look shot at her, as there was no way I'd do that. I'd be nerve racked of what could come after that.

"Don't worry about it, Donna. I knew the answer before I suggested it, but maybe you can do something else for me," she told me.

"What?" I wondered.

She stood up, and her feet strolled two feet towards me. Her hand made itself known, and opened up.

"Let me show off my boiling hot girlfriend to complete strangers," she replied.

My hand came to it, and she towed me up. She gave me a long kiss, as our hands never departed. A lesbian walk commenced, and a few eyes were caught, but no stares came about.

Anyway, we paraded ourselves over to Victoria's Secret, so she could buy me those panties. We arrived there, still holding hands, and she found a sales lady.

"Hi, I'd like to buy some sexy panties for my girlfriend here," she said, just before I received a lip print on my cheek.

"I'd love to," the sales lady told us.

Then the lady showed us many styles of panties, and all of them could be pulled off me, with Kirsten's teeth. The lady set out a few different pairs of panties in front of us, in different styles, and colors.

"I'm Holly by the way. It's nice to see lesbian couples in here. As you can see, we have a wide selection that you will love. We have cotton lingerie bikini panties, in pink, blue, and in these different designs. Like with poke a dots, hearts, or 'Love' printed on the back. The lacie thong, we have all the colors in this too. Maybe you'd enjoy this favorite: a v-string pair of panties. I actually have a pair of these in black. See anything you like, ladies?" Holly pondered.

Kirsten's hands turned into a panty magnet, grabbing many different pairs. Even as her hands contained seven, shit hit fan. She plopped all of them in my arms, and launched a shopping spree.

A lot of different things were chosen by her. Bras, perfumes, bikinis, and other stuff too. Thoughts of a large bill sprung to mind. As my hands were completely full, her face buzzed towards mine.

"I can't tell you how much you mean to me, Donna. I gotta be honest, I thought you might break up with me when I saw you marching towards me after all those texts. Tears would have been flooding out my eyes if you did. Let me buy all this stuff for you. Just tell Jack you went nuts, that's all. I just want first dibs to see you in them. Especially in that v-string," she explained.

Speechless, I just kissed her. After a small make out session, she required help from the sales lady.

"Will you hold this on her, so I can get a better look?" she asked the lady.

The lady actually took them, and held the bra on my boobs, and thong on my pussy. They were bright pink, and Kirsten had a huge teeth showing smile jetting off her face.

"Oh, fuck, that's perfect. I can't wait to rip that right off you, and fuck the shit out of you, Donna," she shouted.

The sales lady seemed to be happy. Appreciation became shown by me, but it felt a little forward for her to make that move, even to total strangers. Anyway, we eventually left, and her fingers wrapped around my left hand. We walked for a minute, and then a firm grip on my hand became felt.

"Let's go to the bathroom real quick, I wanna see my girlfriend in this hot stuff," she said, as she nearly dragged me to the bathroom.

We shuffled off over into the back stall, shut the door, and locked it. A few eyes were caught before the door shut.

"Get naked," she said.

A dirty look shot her way. She just leaned forward, opened door, and her head looked out. It came back, and I heard the door lock.

"Everyone is gone now, so get naked, and let me see the hottest chick on the planet put on a fashion show," she told me.

"Can't we wait until later? When we are completely alone?" I wondered.

Her eyes rolled, but madness became impossible.

"Fine, then let me finger fuck you," she told me.

"Then finger fuck me, Kirsten," I told her.

She just smiled but didn't open her mouth, and bent down onto her knees. She undid my skirt, and yanked it down. As my wet panties had shown, her right hand came to them.

"I hope you can deliver the juice to all your new stuff too," she let me know, as my panties were extracted from my legs.

I was half naked, so she could easily fuck me then. Although, she wanted to see more. Her legs stood up, and her hands wrenched off my shirt. Then her fingers wrapped around my bra straps, and ripped it off, leaving me completely naked.

She zoomed towards me, and forcing me against the wall. Her lips pressed against mine, as she put one hand on the top of the thin wall, and the fingers from the other right between your pussy lips.

"Oh, I love your pussy, Donna," she moaned.

She kept kissing me over, and over again, to where I couldn't even breathe, so my nose became overworked. The top half of her body pushed mine onto the wall. Our boobs met again, my hands went over to her butt. My hands caressed it, even through her shorts, my senses felt like it was a bare butt.

"You are one sexy woman too," I muttered.

Then her slick fingers exited my slit, and she brought them over to my breasts. Her eyes stayed on mine, as my lady juice became rubbed in on my breasts.

"That's a fine amount of lady juice, but I think your pussy can go without a little more," she told me as she dug through her purse. My eyes set on her hand, as it pulled out a large clear glass dildo.

"Do you think you can take it, Donna?" she pondered.

As an answer never found it's way out of my mouth, my slit got a cold, but pleasurable visitor. It felt better than a cock, possibly because at the base was her hand. The whole thing found shelter in my slit, as heavy breathing took place.

My tits moved just a little bit with each breath I took. Then the dildo began thrusting, with small paces. My desires were to look at her, but the pleasure would not allow me to do so. My hands went over to the tops of walls, and I held them tight.

A much firmer grip came upon the walls, as she made dildo make even quicker paces. My mouth opened up quite widely as she made dildo go up further, and further up into my slit. 'Oh, Kirsten', became moaned with each passing thrust.

The strength was found inside me to put one arm around her, and bring her closer to me. With her right cheek right up against my face, my lips left several kiss imprints there.

"Fuck, Kirsten!" I screamed.

My lady juice dislodged onto her hand, the dildo, and the floor. She slowly released the dildo, and inserted it right into her mouth. Restless, and with a shortness of breath, I just slowly fell to the floor with my back rubbing against the wall.

Her butt found a place on the floor next to me, and we just cuddled. She kissed me on the cheek, and we just relaxed for a couple minutes.

"I know I love eating you out, but fingering you, and shoving this huge dildo in your slit is hot too," she muttered.

"You really do love me, don't you?" I pondered.

Her hand gave me a slight knock on the head.

"No, I bought all this sexy stuff for Jack to enjoy. He never liked it on me. We never had much of a sex life, but with you, I'm just always left craving more. I can't help it, I do love you, Donna. You are my soul mate," she made clear.

"You really think so?" I inquired.

"Yes, no one else has ever made me feel so damn good. Both physically, and mentally. You are the one, I know it," she told me.

Unsure of what to say, words remained in my mouth. Her metaphorical heart remained whole, and honestly, I wasn't positive she was wrong. After a twenty minute cuddle session, I got up, and put on the matching pink bra, and thong set. She just sat there, and smiled, but with no teeth showing.

"You are one stunning chick," she made clear.

I thought we could rush for a fashion show there, but then my phone started ringing.

"It's Jack," I said.

The notion of what that meant became known before I even answered. She stood up, as I talked to him.

"Hey babe, are you gonna be much longer, I wanna see you," he said.

"I shouldn't be too much longer, I should be leaving soon," I replied.

"Okay, I'll see you soon," he let me know.

I hung up the phone, and my eyes got a sight of her disappointed face. There wasn't anything I could really say to get out of it with Jack.

"Well, at least I got to shop with my girlfriend, and have some in the bathroom. Just call, or text me tomorrow, you know I'm always ready to spend time with you," she mentioned.

She left the stall, and headed to the door. As I was still naked, and I went out there.

"Kirsten, wait," I said.

As she stood in front of the door, she looked back at my face.

"I think we're soul mates too," I confessed.

She just smiled, and blew me a kiss.

"Call me tomorrow, now you better get back in there. I don't want any other woman getting to see those boobs, or that wet slit," she told me.

She unlocked the door, and I escaped back into the stall. I got dressed, and my text alarm went off. I looked at it, and my eyes got a beautiful view of a nude picture of her masturbating, with the caption: Thinking of you.

Then I left the mall, and went drove back home. Clueless to what Jack seemed to have in mind, heartbeats pounded the whole drive home.

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