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Ian's Indiscretions: Hong Kong Nights...

A Business Trip to the Far East leads to a passionate fling with a Filipino

I watch as my wife starts up the engine and slowly edges out of our drive. As she departs up the road, my attention turns to last night’s dream.

I bound quickly up the stairs and head to our bedroom. Lying on the bed, I reach down to the bottom drawer of my bedside cabinet and take out my Rothman's football book, season 87/88. Turning it upside down, I flick through the heavy volume and out pops the photo, hidden deep in the back, towards the Scottish Second Division.

Looking back at me are a pair of dark brown Asian eyes that belong to a smiling woman in a waitresses uniform…

Unzipping my flies, I place my free hand inside my trousers and pull out my already hardening cock. Looking intently at the picture, I slowly begin to stroke my shaft...


I’m excited to be part of a trade delegation from the UK, heading out to the Far East for a two week business trip. I’ve never been to the Far East and I’m told that it’s a spectacular place, unlike anything I’ll have ever seen before.

After an uneventful week in Singapore, we move on to Hong Kong and the drinks are flowing and the conversations loud and excited at our first evening meal in the hotel. After what’s seems like an age, the waitress finally comes over to our table.

“I am very sorry for your wait,” she says to our table, in almost perfect English, before turning to address me directly, “Can I take your orders please?”

Fixing me with her dark brown eyes, I am struck by her natural beauty. She has jet black hair cut in a short bob, with the outer edges curling back round to rest on her cheeks. Her lips are quite full and her skin is gorgeously bronzed, in contrast to her white and black uniform.

I’m momentarily lost for words, before one the guys pipes up, “You can speak now, Ian!” and the table bursts into laughter, as they can clearly see how taken I am by her!

As the meal progresses, I find my attention constantly wandering to the waitress, my eyes watching as she glides effortlessly round the floor, arms full of plates and drinks, face always smiling, despite the obvious stress she’s under, in the oppressive Hong Kong heat.

The second evening and the atmosphere is more relaxed come the evening meal. My heart skips a beat of delight, when once again ‘my girl’ comes over to ask us for our order.

As we progress to the desserts, quite a few from our table leave and I get a chance to have a little chat with the waitress, as I settle the bill. Her name is Sue, and it turns out she’s from the Philippines and has moved up to HK to earn better wage for her family, who are from a poor rural area. She still has some tasks to do before she finishes, but as we seem to be getting on I decide to push the boat out.

“Listen, I can see you’re busy. How about we carry on our chat over a drink when you finish tonight?”

After a moment’s hesitation, she smiles and replies, “Okay. I’ll see you in the basement bar at twelve.”

As she turns to walk off, I admire her pert little bum in the tight black skirt she has on and feel a little stirring in my trousers…


I sit nervously on a bar stool, wondering if she’ll show up. Its ten past midnight now, and I’m thinking what a desperate, pathetic sight I must look as it slowly dawns on me she’s not going to turn up. Who was I kidding that a beautiful, young thing like her would fancy me?

The waiter looks at me sympathetically, as if reading my mind and asks if I want another drink.

“No thanks, I’ll be turning in for the night shortly,” I reply and with that I take the last swig of my whiskey, the ice cubes clattering together as I drain the last drop. Getting up from the stool, I turn to go towards the lift, crestfallen.

“And where do you think you’re going?”

Not for the first time my heart skips a beat, as I turn and see Sue, now changed in her normal clothes, a black blouse, tight pair of jeans and flat trainers. She must be a good twenty years younger than me. A married guy in my forties I really should know better!

Ordering more drinks, the waiter now gives me a disapproving look, and we wander off to a quiet corner, where Sue sits opposite me, elbows resting on the tiny glass table.

In the candlelight, her eyes dance and glisten as she tells me about her life. How she’s only been in Hong Kong six months and how she misses home in the Philippines.

Quite quickly though, the conversation switches to me and it's not exactly the question I was expecting to hear from her, “So, I notice you’re wearing a wedding ring…”

I’m momentarily thrown, I know full well how loyalty and faithfulness are revered in the Far East, so I try and rescue the situation. I tell her how sad I am that my wife and I have drifted apart over the years of marriage (true!) and that I’m currently going through a separation and divorce (not, exactly true!). Either way, seems she buys it.

As we carry on chatting, the conversation becomes more flirtatious and it becomes apparent that she actually fancies me. She said she’d relocate anywhere in the world for the right man, her soulmate.

“Well the UK’s very nice!” I grin and give her a cheek wink, causing her to giggle.

“Oh Ian! You are terrible!” she laughs touching my forearm gently.

Time flies by and before we know it, its past 2am and we are getting on like a house on fire.

“Come back to my room for a nightcap?” I suggest, and after another moment’s hesitation, Sue agrees.


As we enter my room, I’m wondering if her intentions are aligned with my own, but as I close the door I get my answer, as her arms circle my neck and her luscious lips part…

Wow! She is one helluva kisser! Her tongue flicks and dances whilst exploring my mouth, her hands deftly caressing my cheeks, before going round the back of my head to run her fingers through my hair, as the passion rises within her.

My own hands sit briefly on her tiny waist, before being unable to resist moving down to the squeeze those bum cheeks I’d been admiring earlier. I’m surprised at how big they are, soft and wobbly, and my cock grows at the sensation.

Next thing, I’m picking her up and carrying her across the room. She’s so light, but we still manage to bump into the unfamiliar surroundings before I finally locate and place her gently down on the bed. More passionate kissing ensues, and I quickly go to check out her breasts; again, more flesh that I was expecting, causing me to become increasingly aroused, as I gently fondle them and feel her nipples swell in response.

Sue’s hands continue to caress my face, but I want to move things on now, so I take her right hand and place it on my hardness. She gasps and hesitates before I show her how I want her to stroke it. She needs know further encouragement and before I know it, her hand is also exploring my balls, squeezing and caressing my sacs, heavy with expectancy and the lack of sex for what seems like an eternity…

Before I know it, her previously demonstrated oral skills are working their magic down below, and my cock is soon buried deep in her mouth. Its sensational and before long I have to ask her to stop or I’ll cum there and then!

I return the favour and work her swollen clit with my finger and her pussy lips with my tongue, before inserting a finger gently inside her. As I do, I swear she has a little orgasm.

I step back and smiling, take in the wonderful sight of her legs spread open, her pussy glistening, topped with a delicious carpet of thick, black pubes. “You’re an angel!” I declare.

A sensual smile lights her face, as she closes her eyes and purrs, “Make love to me Ian. Make love to me.”

I don’t know about ‘make love’, but I’m sure gonna fuck the arse off her! I think to myself.

Kneeling on the bed, I start to tease the rim of her pussy with the tip of my cock, pushing it ever so slightly inside her peachy lips, before quickly withdrawing it, repeating the process a couple more times, revelling in her gasps.

“Give it to me, Ian!” she moans, and I can resist no longer. This time I plunge my cock’s full length inside her, and as I do she emits a loud, ecstatic groan. Her pussy is delightful. Hot, wet and deliciously tight. I can really feel her muscles wrapping around and gripping my shaft. If I’m not careful I’ll cum quickly here, I think to myself.

“Oh my God!” she squeals, her voice high pitched, almost child-like, just like many of the women on the Asian pornos’ I’d watched late in my hotel room last week in Singapore.

As I begin to thrust, she sounds like she is almost crying and I find it briefly a little off-putting.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, yes. Don’t stop. You are soooo big.”

By western standards I know I’m not, but maybe compared to the Asian men she is used to, who are generally smaller in stature, perhaps I am? Either way, its a lovely little ego massage and it only encourages me to fuck her harder.

I really start to plunge into her tiny little snatch and as I nibble gently at her ear lobe, the noise emitting from her mouth is becoming one long moan, as her nails claw and dig into my back. Ordinarily I’d stop a woman from doing this, for fear of my wife finding the scratch marks, but I’ve another week before I’m back in the UK, so this little bitch can scratch me as much as she wants! I think she’s probably drawn blood, her nails are that sharp, but that just turns me on more and I really start to fuck her hard as I bury my face against her cheek, my nostrils filling up with the scent of her perfume and the flowery scent of her hair.

I realise I won’t last much longer if I continue at this rate though, as its been such a long time since I fucked my wife. In fact, the last fuck I had was probably with my former secretary, Catherine, and we’d sadly gone our separate ways after her promotion six months ago.

I dismount and we both sit up on the bed and Sue cradles my head in her hands, before kissing me tenderly. She’s a delicate creature for sure, with kind, longing eyes, and she is the type of girl I could easily fall for, if circumstances were different. Tonight though, for me at least, she’s just a fuck.

Breaking from our embrace, I lay back on the bed and holding my cock up by the base, encourage her to mount me. Facing me, she slowly lowers herself onto my trembling, glistening hardness and cries a little as she does. I can’t resist running my fingers through her dark, thick, curly pubes round her cunt, pulling at them, as I feel her pussy muscles contract once more round my cock.

She sits up on top of me her knees bent, feet resting on my shins and I place my hands on both of her thighs as she slowly begins to buck. She’s very gentle, as if she doesn’t want to hurt me, but that’s fine, as it takes the edge off things and I feel in control of my emotions once more.

I’m admiring the view from below. She certainly is a pretty little thing, with her jet black hair in a neat short bob, dark brown eyes and an upturned nose. There’s not an ounce of fat on her tummy and her bronzed skin is glistening from our collective exertions in the hot Hong Kong night.

I encourage her to fuck me a little harder. In doing so, her little Asian breasts begin to bounce and I’m entranced by her dark brown nipples, which are proud and erect on top of her little globes. So much darker than any Western woman’s…Before I know it, I’m sat upright with one of them between my teeth, relishing the soft, fleshy tissue, nibbling the hard brown nub of her swollen nipple, I can really taste her saltiness…This humidity’s a killer!

Releasing my grip of her left breast, I go to kiss her full lips and she responds passionately, her tongue exploring my mouth with gusto, making me even hornier – if such a thing were possible.

I know I’m close to cumming now, so disentangling from our embrace, I motion for her to get on all fours. Sue looks at me from over her shoulder as I slowly, enter her from behind. I push myself in as far as I can go and she lets out a gasp as I do so, her glorious hot pussy tightening on my cock with that vice-like grip.

As I start to plough into her from behind, the sensation of my hips and groin grinding against her gorgeous soft and wobbly bum cheeks as I work up a frantic rhythm is divine.

Ordinarily, I’d be looking to grab ahold of some hair as I begin to thrust deep inside her, but that’s not an option here. Instead I sink my weight down on top of her, so that my sweaty chest is lying on her back and my head nuzzles into the side of her face.

She turns to look at me and I kiss her again, this time brief nips - urgent, as I fuck her with short, needy thrusts, totally unable to control myself now, like a dog on heat.

“I’m going to cum inside you, Sue” I announce.

“Yes! Yes!” she encourages and my hands wrap around her front, one hand grabbing a breast the other flicking at her swollen clit.

Seconds later she cries out and I feel her orgasm start to shiver inside her, as her body contorts and twitches involuntarily beneath me.

Its enough to send me off too, and with three or four slow, hard thrusts I empty my load, hot jets of spunk shooting high up her dripping pussy.

Completely spent, hot and sweaty, we both collapse face first onto the bed and lay motionless, my cock still hard inside her.

As we recover, I stroke her thick dark hair and we share small-talk, a double dose of guilt already coursing through my veins. She says she’s never done this before, slept with a guy on the first night, but feels we "have a connection", as the need for sleep takes over me, Sue strokes my face again, and I hear her saying how she would love to relocate to the UK if I’d have her…

“Surely you want to find someone younger?” I counter argue.

“No. Filipinos’ like older men. They are wiser, more experienced and we can trust you to be faithful...”


The family are all excitedly gathered round as we go over the photos of my trip to the Far East, that I’ve just picked up from the developers. Most shots are the usual mix of tourist locations, downtown Singapore, Hong Kong harbour, Kowloon, the race track where the horses galloped under the bright floodlights. And then I turn the photo over and my eyes nearly pop out of their sockets, as there is Sue, in full waitress gear, smiling by our table.

“Who’s she?”

My mind races and a cold sweat instantly rinses my spine…How the fuck did that photo get in there? It’s just the sort of stunt my mate, Dave would do, knowing as he does, that my wife and I like to go through my business trip photos. Shouldn’t have been such a big mouth about our little night together!

“Er. Er...” I stammer, struggling for a suitable response, “Ohhhh, that’s just the hotel waitress. Dave had a bit of a rush on her…”

“She’s very pretty isn’t she?”

My mind’s eye shoots back to my cock plunging into her dark pussy, and my mouth around those big dark nipples, “She’s not really my cup of tea, Darling, but Dave was certainly taken by her…” I reply.

As I say that, I catch a glimpse of my son’s disapproving eye. He recently uncovered the affair I'd had with my French secretary and after much persuasion agreed to keep it secret, but is clearly drawing his own conclusions here.

Ignoring his cold stare, I quickly turn her photo over, “Ah. Now that’s a photo of the tallest building in Hong Kong…The views from the restaurant at the top were absolutely breath-taking,” as slowly my heart-rate returns to normal...


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