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If I can't have you, I'll take the next best thing

Desire gets the best of me

How did I get myself into this, I wondered, sitting on your bed waiting.  Even now, despite the feeling of lust and horniness that is taking over, I know I shouldn't be here doing this.  This is wrong; you and I have been friends for years. Close friends, even, who shared so many secrets and desires, except the one I needed most. I don't blame you for not wanting me in the same way, but that doesn't change how I feel about you or why I'm doing this.

I hear the bathroom door open and watch as your boyfriend walks out and approaches.  The smile on his face tells me that he is going to go through with this.  I don't know his motivation but he knows how close we are, showing that once again you picked a real winner.  All it took was a few sly glances and one little squeeze to get him to bring me here into your bedroom.

I stand up by the bed and let him start caressing my body, loosening the strings on my top and unbuttoning my shorts. I let my hands slide over his body, returning the lustful want.  It's not him that I desire, I hope you know that. He is just a tool, but he happens to be the tool that gets to fuck and feel your inner depths.  

My hands reach into his pants to find his cock solid and begging for attention.  It's just as you described, not overly large but with the right girth to stretch you.  I imagine all the times he's buried this shaft inside you.  I drop to my knees, freeing it from his clothing.  I flick the tip with my tongue just as you described doing it.  I take it into my mouth, hoping there is some reminder of you still on it from the last time he fucked you.  I work it slow and let my tongue explore each vein.

There is no flavor of you but I can't help but think of you in the same position, with his cock in your mouth and your pussy getting wetter each time with anticipation.  I can hear him moaning and know that if I don't slow down, he won't make it.  Not only was he easily seduced into this but he's so excited he may not last which only confirms that this isn't the person you should be with.  I would never hurt you like this.  Sure, you may call me a homewrecker and be pissed at me for a while, but we both know in the end I'm the one you'll come running back to for comfort like you do every time.

I taste his precum and slowly pull away.  I climb back up and onto the bed. I glance back to see his massive erection is still leaking precum but there is only one place I want his load and it's the same place he puts it for you.  I want to feel every drop inside me, just like you take it.  I know you'd never start doggy but this is my fuck and I want it that way.  

As he climbs up and positions himself behind my hips, I put my face into your pillow.  I can smell your scent.  The soft shampoo fragrance lingers in my nostrils, making me desire your lips even more.  Even as I picture your face I feel him at the folds of my entrance.  He slides the head through them, gathering my wetness onto his head.  

The anticipation of him entering me makes me forget everything else but your face.  I feel him slide into me, the familiar sting immediately replaced by pleasure as my pussy engulfs his shaft.  I wonder if that's how it feels each time for you. Do you moan when it enters or do you let your inner walls tighten at each thrust? 

He starts slowly, finding a rhythm, but we both know it's only a matter of time before he starts pounding me hard, the same way he fucks you.  I could focus on the pure pleasure but instead, I want to know if this is how you like it.  With each thrust, I imagine how it must buzz through your body.  I slide a hand back to find my clit waiting for my touch.  God, I want you, picturing you knelt forward taking this shaft and letting your wetness spread.  This same cock that now is filling me.

He is gaining speed. I can feel his balls slapping my hand as he really starts to pound.  I can imagine them slapping against that firm little ass of yours or you on top, riding it hard. Slamming your pouch onto his cock, harder and harder, with your tits bouncing at each drop.  It's too much for me now.  I can feel the release coming.

Before my wave hits, I picture you later today coming home and wanting to be fucked. You'll slide his cock into your mouth and it will be my flavors that you taste.  I picture you not being able to get enough of my nectar and wondering where the flavor came from. This little flash is all I need to cross the threshold as I start coming hard.  Serendipitously, my juice is enough to cause him to climax, and our inner streams rush together within me.  It's another moment I wanted. Feeling his seed spray inside me and sticking to all the right places is enough to send me immediately into another giant climax.  

We both finally slow and he unmounts me.  Still, no words are spoken as I look at his glistening cock, hoping that later you get a taste of my juices, and that taste can't help but make you desire me the way I desire you.



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