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Improbable Passion

Mature lovers behave like teenagers in pursuit of forbidden fruit
They had done this before. But this assignment was different, very different. It could not be planned. It had serious time constraints and even higher risk possibilities. But it was worth it. They would proceed with extreme caution.

As they had less than twenty four hours to prepare, it was filled with tension, anxiety, desire and intrigue. This opportunity was actually non-negotiable. They knew that the next one was totally unpredictable.

They both wanted it so badly, but could they make it happen?

They decided that if it was going to succeed they had to make the right decisions as the scene unfolded. Nothing could be pre-empted, not even the weather. All this added to their extreme desire for each other with adrenalin levels rocketing.

The time and rendezvous was all that could be planned. They both had a long way to travel from opposite directions so timing was paramount.

She managed to slip away from her family undetected to buy snacks, ice and glasses along the way. He came prepared with the drinks and a blanket after satisfying himself that his alibi was reasonably sound.

As he drove into the parking area he saw her sitting in her low slung sports coupe looking as gorgeous as ever! Her high cheek-boned smile even outshone her amazing cleavage sensually exposed by her low-cut silky flowing top. She looked radiant as always. This just confirmed why he needed to do this. His hormones were racing.

The plan was to have sundowners on the beach but the weather had deteriorated. After a brief exchange from their cars they decided on a more secluded site in a nearby camping ground. As they entered through the security gates the huge grassy areas under age-old trees proved to be an ideal setting but would the security gates be locked before they could exit? The risk was too high and could be disastrous so they moved back to the beach.

An hour had passed already and they had not even kissed.

He parked under a secluded tree which offered the privacy they needed as well as a magnificent view of the ocean. The setting was perfect but was it private enough in an open car park?

He stepped out to assist her from her car.

She looked amazing. Her soft flowing silky mini followed the form of her stunning figure. The hemline exposed most of her thighs whilst displaying her well tanned golden brown, long legs to their full advantage. His desire almost exploded as she bent down to extract her handbag. He could not help noticing her golden buns. His heart was racing because he knew that that tan covered the most intimate parts of her gorgeous body as well. He could not wait to run his hands all over her. But with control he simply greeted her, gave a gentle hug and they moved to his car.

They smiled and gazed deeply into each others eyes. Without a word being spoken their lips touched and their tongues started their intimate exploration of each others mouths.

He could feel himself hardening as her hand moved down his chest onto his shorts. His hand moved in unison and cupped her generous bosom. She started to feel his boner and frantically searched for the zipper. She looked up for a moment to check the privacy of the area. So far it was good but would it last?

Time was fleeting away.

She carefully unzipped him exposing his hardness. It shot out without having to contend with any restricting underwear. No further invitation was needed. She lifted her gorgeous body over the centre console and gently mouthed its head. Her warm juicy lips moved slowly down his entire shaft. She had such a special way with him. The feeling was sensational and he knew he was in heaven! It had been a long time since they last met and the way she pleasured him was indescribable.

His hand moved down her waist onto her beautifully exposed bum and gently fondled it as far down between her cheeks as he could reach. She was only wearing a g-string but he could even feel her wetness through it. He’s mind was being torn apart between her wetness and the amazing warmth coming from his groin.

She sucked him like a baby, up and down, as hard and as deep as she could. She came up with the occasional slurp for air and then went back down moaning quietly along the way. She moved his shorts further down and gently cupped his balls and started massaging them in unison.

His hormones raced even faster. He wanted more but was this place private enough?

The clock ticked.

She sat up. His cock was throbbing and his heart was beating in unison. They gazed at each other and kissed intimately again and again.

He whispered, “My turn. Please slip off your panties?”

She pulled away and looked around.

“Do you think its safe here?”

Without waiting for a response her silky floral g-string fell to the floor!”

Her hand moved back onto his throbbing cock whilst his moved onto her upper leg. He gently caressed her inner thighs until he felt the softness and wetness of her pussy. His fingers butterflied over them and discovered the delicacy of her inner lips peeping through in eager anticipation.

She moaned, “Oh, I so need you now, deep inside me babes”.

“I do to Sweety. Its been a long time!”.

His wet finger gently eased in deeper with each sensitive stroke as he caressed her.

He groaned. She starting sinking into her seat but not releasing her hold on his manhood.

She willingly lay back, opened her legs and moved her body forward giving him full access over the restricting console whilst her hand gently massaged his cock.

She was so wet and so ready. She desired him as much as he did. This is what they came for. Could they expect more? Would it happen here?

He eased his finger onto her clit. It had hardened with excitement and started pouting as well. His fingering had caused an instant hardness which he had never experienced before.

She was ready, so ready and he desperately needed to get his head down between her legs. But could this happen in this confined space?

Suddenly voices were heard from behind the vehicle. Fisherman had returned to their cars. Then two other cars arrived to enjoy the sunset. This was not going to work.

They took a deep breath, considered their options and decided to have a drink and a snack before they reached a point of no return in a public area.

An hour and a half had past and they only had an hour left.

They wanted each other so badly that it was difficult to enjoy the sun-downers single-handedly whilst still intimately fondling each other with their free hands.

Soon it became evident that they were not going to complete their mission here in the time available. A more private spot had to be found as a matter of urgency.

Was it still possible at this late stage? Had they already achieved more than just a sun-downer? They guarded their thoughts.

They would try one more spot.

From sea-level they ascended to a nearby mountain view-site. As the sun had begun to set and it had started to rain the chances of encountering other vehicles was unlikely. But would it be deserted? There was no time to relocate after that.

They drove off placing their hands where they’d left off! The road was very twisty so it was a slow ride. This allowed for more intimate caressing than anticipated.

His cock throbbed. It was so hard and about to explode. But she knew exactly how to pace him. She moved her hand to his balls. She too was so ready judging by the wetness on her seat. A secluded spot had to be found almost immediately.

As the road got steeper it changed to dirt. This was no deterrent for her.

She lifted her body onto the console and mouthed his swollen head. Possibly she felt that this may well be the last opportunity offered under the circumstances.

The warmness of her juicy mouth brought about a spontaneous groan of satisfaction from him as he was trying to man-oeuvre through the corrugations and potholes.

His hand stretched over her gorgeous derriere and down her crack as he fingered her wetness from behind. She sucked harder!

Navigation was difficult but oh so magnificent. It was the greatest 4x4 off-road experience he could ever have wished for and just did not want it to end.

Her head moved rhythmically with the vibrations as she went deeper and harder.

He tried fingering her deeper but the angle was prohibitive.

The road wound upwards as did their emotions. Would they simply arrive and then have to turn back? Gratefully the demarcated area appeared before them. He stopped, instantly grabbed her head and pulled it up.

“Come babes, we haven’t much time. Into the back seat now”

Only 15 minutes were left!

They both moved spontaneously whilst scanning for any possible intruder’s lights.

The doors were locked again. He ripped off his shorts. She slipped off her dress. He undid her bra. His moment of desire had arrived.

At last she was totally naked before him displaying her gloriously amazing breasts which were desperate for urgent attention. Her thick pink nipples were so hard and erect that he could not hold back any longer.

He latched onto one and suckled like a new-born. She moaned with pleasure and after he had moved to the other she murmured,

“Sweety, I need to feel him deep inside me right now. Please! Lie on your back.”

He reluctantly unlatched and twisted himself around in the limited space. She lifted her leg to position her pulsating pussy directly over his hardness.

She slipped in with absolute ease. She was so wet and so juicy that it made his mouth water.

She started to move rhythmically going deeper with each downward movement. Her bountiful breasts bounced in unison as she threw back her head and exclaimed,

“Ah babes, I’ve needed this for so long now. You are so amazing! You’re so hard, I need more.”

He lifted himself and suckled a nipple. It was so special and so incredible whilst also feeling her warmth and wetness deep down inside her. They were totally connected and that’s what they both desperately needed..

A warm trickle flowed over his balls. She was squirting. That made it even more special!

He interrupted her.

“Come Babes, my turn now! I really do need to eat you. You are so wet and so juicy, I need you now. I have also waited so long”

They changed positions and he parted her legs.

He knelt over on the car floor and put his lips to her amazing womanhood. It was soaked. Her outer lips were puffed beyond expectation and even her inner lips were exposed and pouting.

He opened her oyster with his tongue. It parted willingly to expose her erect clit at the top. It tasted like honey. It was the best butterflied oyster in the world! He buried his lips and sucked hard and deep.

His mouth moved upwards onto her clit. It was so wanting and so easy to clasp and to stroke with his tongue. He sucked harder. She moaned. He felt a new warm wetness arising on his face. She was squirting once more.

“Please stop babes, I don’t want to cum now! I need to ride you some more! “ she pleaded.

They quickly changed positions. Maybe only five minutes left.

Again she just slid onto his shaft allowing it to penetrate her deepest innermost sanctuary of womanhood. It was so deep, so warm and so intimate. It was amazing.

She started to move a little. Not too much. They did not want to loose the intimacy of the moment. Up first, and then down slowly, very slowly and then from side to side with almost a rocking motion. The sensation was indescribable. It wasn’t to end. But time was not on their side and he was about to explode”.

“Tell me when you ready babes?” she whispered.

“Slow down, please, I can’t hold off much longer.”

“Do you want to be on top?”

“No, its OK. I’m just totally out of control this way”

She dismounted, and slid onto her back.

He moved straight onto her, deep and slow, displaying his fullness inside her.

She felt his thickness like never before.

“Oooh” she moaned. “Go deeper”.

He felt his balls massaging her inner lips whilst the muscles in her love canal tightly clasped his shaft. He knew that he was at the point of no return. He managed to stop himself and whispered,

“OK Sweety, I know you love being on top so lets just do it. He’s so ready”.

They changed positions for the last time and she mounted him even more deftly than before.

They were both bordering on ecstasy as she rhythmically but very slowly slid up and down over his hardness. It was quivering.

He moaned, “I’m there babes, I’m going to cum right now!”

She increased her pace from a trot to a canter and as the finishing line became evident she galloped into ecstasy.

Their bodies erupted simultaneously releasing all they could give each other. He filled her sanctuary with his love juices and she squirted in unison. He gave her every drop he could possibly shoot out and her warm juices just enhanced this amazing sensation. It was incredible.

They both moaned with satisfaction and collapsed into each others arms savouring those special moments.

Their mission had been accomplished. They were well satisfied. But their time was up.

Reluctantly they dressed and drove back to her parked car.

They were drained. The tension had been intoxicating. A quick drink to regroup and reflect on these special moments together, was a necessity.

They both had the same thoughts. Was their behaviour befitting of loved and respected mature family adults or more like that of young teenagers?


They had proved to themselves that they were never too old to have fun and toasted the moment with a clink of their glasses:


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