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LEP Ch03: SupaNova Part 1

I torture Katyuska in a different way while teaching Vera to deepthroat

All characters in this story are 18 or older, and the author does not in any way condone non-consensual sex. This story is fiction and contains, rough anal, pain, humiliation and degradation, ass to mouth, and rough oral; if you don't like these themes, please do not read or rate it. This work is purely fantasy, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

I actually felt guilty.

Sitting in a luxury suite in the Rydges South Bank Hotel above Supanova, money flowing from all the previous month's photography, beautiful Vera at my beck and call eager to please me, and yet I was thinking about another girl's lips stretched out around my cock. The playful face, the laughing eyes, the toned, tan body and gorgeous tummy, filling out well designed cosplays, all belonging to Irina Pirorepnoya. I'd finally gotten a chance to meet her on the convention hall floor, she and her friends coming specifically to my booth. We seemed to hit it off well, like most cosplay girls she was curious about the photographs of Kat and Vera and if I was ever going to be in Russia to coordinate some shoots. She seemed to find my laid-back demeanor and confidence appealing, something that comes with the territory when you're fucking your relatively-famous models. I'd even say she'd been actively flirting with me, up until Vera had wandered over to tell me something while grabbing my thigh. My sizable, semi-hard cock printed through my grey slacks in her tiny hand, and Irina had flushed red while trying to look at something else. Her warmth had turned to an awkward chasm between us, and I had only just barely been able to write my hotel room on a business card for her as she excused herself and scurried away.

It had been a few weeks since I'd signed Vera's tight ass into the company, and work had been ramping up consistently since. Going to this con was finally the break I needed from work, and a great chance to just relax with Vera and Katyuska in a "non-work" environment. It had turned out to be an exhausting day though, manning our booths, signing photobooks and just talking and mingling with numerous fans. This was the girls' first con since their contracts with LEP and people were lining up to meet these two girls who had taken the internet by storm with their raw sex appeal and mysterious looks.

Somehow though, Vera still had the energy to try to stuff my thick cock into her mouth as I reflected on the day whilst reclining on the large couch. Back in the present, I grunted with pleasure as she impaled the back of her throat on my head continuously, still trying to make it go further, a feat we had only achieved a few times, and with a great deal of resistance on her part. We'd only been back in our hotel rooms for a few minutes before she suggested we take advantage of the evening prior to the afterparty. Professional as always, I'd booked three adjacent suits with connecting doors and we now had a very spacious retreat from the convention. We were only hours from home, but with Katyuska's boyfriend-now-fiancé out of town on work, we'd opted to go all out at the convention this weekend. The sunset reflecting off the river below and the city was breathtaking, only amplified by the view of Vera's ass kneeling in front of me. Katyuska had been hesitant to connect her room to mine, but the morning had required a little help getting ready so she'd begrudgingly followed Vera's example and turned my room into the common area.

She now sat across from me on the other couch, her legs tucked under her, disdain on her face as she browsed her phone, still wearing her new Sweet Pea cosplay. Her dark hair complimented the hood that lay on her shoulders, and her breasts threatened to escape the black bodice-cape. She had elected to wear a black thong since the cape covered her back, and black stockings disappeared into her heeled boots. Her typically dark contoured makeup was even darker today, ebony lips matching dark eyeshadow. The cosplay was the most material she'd worn in my presence for weeks, yet she had still insisted on making sure I was aware of the sexy surprise beneath her cape.

Her eyes struggled to maintain focus on her phone, the sloppy sounds coming from Vera clearly distracting her. And... the fact that I hadn't used her as a fucksocket or even a fluffer since we arrived at the hotel had befuddled her.

"Do you need me here for anything?" she finally shot off heatedly at us as she tossed her phone down. Vera tried to turn to look at her, but my hand caught the back of her head and I kept her lips locked around my shaft as I looked bemusedly up at Katyuska. Vera was wearing one of Katyuska's old SuckerPunch cosplays, white BabyDoll. Little was left to the imagination, her platinum hair and bright makeup accented by the white heels, fishnet, skirt and matching belly shirt.

"I can't imagine why, Kat. We're just taking a moment before we get ready for the afterparty. Do you know what you plan to wear yet?" I casually made small talk as I danced around the sexual tension in the room.

"I...uh, I hadn't thought of what I was going to wear yet... No," She was flustered by the lack of a cock in her ass and mouth as she was used to whenever I was present. For a day and a half now the three of us had been in each other's company nonstop, and not once had she been forced to her knees to service me or thrown over a couch and ass-fucked mercilessly. I could tell her body was constantly in heat now, and I would catch her lightly stroking herself when she thought no one was watching. Even her brain, the part of her that transfixed me with cold disdain and feigned anger every time I was about to slam my cock into her, was confused by the lack of abuse.

It had become a ritual, really. Her contoured makeup would enunciate her dark and piercing eyes as she would sink to her knees in front of me, the dismissal on her breath and the ice in her eyes continuing to permeate the space between us as she would reluctantly wrap her lips around my cock. I would gloat down at her, say something ridiculing or comment on how much of a whore she looked like and watch her eyes narrow further as I slowly pushed my cock deeper into her throat. And ever so slowly, I would see the ice and defiance fade away in lonely tears that ran down the side of her pretty face as she struggled to breath. By the time her eyes would get misty, her mind would finally concede her predicament and she would warm up to the challenges I put her through as I began to abuse her throat. And her body, well, her body ached for this ritual I put her through. It didn't matter how much resistance she put up, scorning me up until my cock caused her body to convulse or simply accepting my cock like a well-trained slave, every time she wore a sheer or white thong, I could tell she was gushing.

That scorn was written all over her face now, as I continued to converse cordially while slowly pressing Vera's face deeper onto my cock.

"Well, let's narrow the options. Do you want to do something cosplay related, or just be a sexual bombshell tonight?" I had helped them pack a large number of suitcases, in addition to throwing a few ideas in myself, so there would be plenty of options. I glanced down briefly at Vera and patted the spot on the couch next to me. She had a way to go before her throat could handle what Kat's could, but I was a great multitasker, and currently annoyed at how little of my cock was buried in Vera at the moment. She acknowledged and immediately began rotating her body up to rest on all fours next to me, her lips never releasing my cock head. I started at her ass with one hand and pulled the skirt up to reveal a white g-string (she knew it was my favorite), trailing my nails along the small of her back to her shoulder and finally coming to a stop by wrapping her hair into my fist.

Kat's eyes were locked onto her friend Vera as she struggled to fit an idea into a sentence. Vera was about to go through the motions of what she claimed to loathe every time she arrived at work, and it was clearly turning her on.

"Umm, I guess I could do 2B, that one is always popular..." she mumbled as I slowly lowered Vera's head onto my shaft. As soon as I hit the back of Vera's throat, I started the wiggling it took to even begin to turn my cock down her tight throat. Obedient as always, Vera struggled to maintain composure as the tears began to seep down her cheeks onto my lap. My head felt constricted as it attempted to navigate deeper into her, and I felt suction from her attempt to breathe. Her back arched upwards as her gag reflex finally tried to force her head off my cock. I held it in place for another second, for the panic seizures to kick in, before releasing a gasping, slobbering Vera from my lap. Her tear-stained and saliva coated face only got a moment of respite before I brought it back down on my cock, trying to sink it to the base, a difficult feat with this one. Never taking my eyes off Kat, I continued to converse as though we were two friends in a coffee shop.

"Yeah, but 2B is kinda overdone at this point, god knows every female cosplayer out there has done her. Hell, there might be some at the party tonight considering how many I saw on the floor!" Vera's head struggled to recoil up into my line of sight again, but I kept it locked onto my thick cock for a moment longer. She would never be able to deepthroat if she wasn't pushed, I mused as I watched Katyuska nervously adjust and clench her legs closed.

"Well, what do you think I should do then?" Katyuska spat, annoyed with my rejection of her idea and the continued neglect.

"I honestly don't even know if I care, Kat. At the rate things are going, you might have to go down to the afterparty by yourself. I might have my hands full tonight..." I trailed off, looking down at the choking mess I held in my iron grip, her body constantly spasming as I pushed her gag reflex further and further each time. Only an inch or two before she would be able to take the entire thing, but we really had to stop the gag reflex from pulsing through her body every time. One of my favorite sensations was a tight throat wrapped around my cock that I could mercilessly fuck to the hilt, watching the bulge travel down their neck without the mess and spitting in between every thrust.

I watched Katyuska's eyes moisten in response to my dismissive comment, the doors of sexual release slowly closing in front of her, and she turned to look at her phone in an attempt to hide it. I glanced at the desk clock briefly and smiled. Just a little while longer, Kat, just a little longer. I looked down at Vera struggling around my cock again, strange noises coming from her chest as she soldiered on trying to fight her gag reflex for me. Lifting her by her hair, I forced her to take a deep breath as I continued to taunt Kat.

"Maybe by the time you're back from the afterparty, Vera here will be able to compete with your throat's submissiveness!" To punctuate the comment, I slammed Vera down onto my cock until it reached the last inch. Her body heaved, and I quickly placed one of my calves on her head to lock it down further, finally achieving the desired effect.

"Huuurrrkkk!" Vera exclaimed, and Katyuska looked angrily down at her petite body flailing in my lap.

"I don't know what the FUCK you brought me to this convention for then!" she finally exploded at me, the pent up sexual frustration reaching a peak as she watched her friend slowly replacing her in my lap.

"Whoa whoa whoa Kat," I exclaimed innocently, absurdly contrasted by the tiny struggling frame I kept attached to my cock, the wet, warm hole finally enveloping my full length.

"Your contract doesn't cover conventions!" I explained, "As far as I'm concerned, you're here on your own volition!"

She froze, the confused look disappearing slowly as my cruel game dawned on her. I took the opportunity to finally release Vera from her prison, tossing her gasping and choking body onto her back. Her eyes remained closed as she gasped at the precious air I afforded her, her hands trying to wipe the saliva and tears from her face. I stood up from the couch, naked and glistening with sweat and saliva to deliver the coup de grace to Katyuska.

"And I would NEVER think to cross that professional boundary without your consent," I sneered at her as I rotated Vera's body so her head hung off the couch edge, using a makeshift ponytail to guide her firmly.

Katyuska sat on the couch with her mouth agape, as the full weight of my words penetrated her.

"Uhhh... ok, fine then...?" She looked defeated as she realized the suffering she had learned to crave the past few months was just part of the fateful contract she had been coerced into. Outside of working hours, she was just a coworker who didn't get used as a fuckpuppet.

"Which is truly a shame," I mumbled loudly to myself as I squatted over Vera's body and positioned my cockhead once again at her lips, one hand on the back of her head for support, the other on her throat to feel the inevitable bulge, "If things had gone well this weekend, I was gonna seduce you into giving up your pussy..."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kat's face freeze and her legs tremble, her body involuntarily creaming itself a little at the prospect of having my member finally split her craving pussy. She'd given up on begging for me to fuck her pussy a while back, my constant reprimand that it would ruin her pussy and engagement to Matt. In the heat of her degradation she never seemed to care so the responsibility was always on me to continue wrecking her other two holes. I had a good thing going and I wasn't about to ruin it...except when the moment was just right.

I slowly lowered myself into Vera's gaping mouth and pretended not to notice Kat clench her mound through her panty with a hand. When she finally spoke up, her voice was tiny and I could barely hear her over the loud gurgling emanating again from Vera's full mouth.

"You want to fuck my pussy? Really? Why now?"

I gripped one of Vera's breasts and mauled it as her hips rose involuntarily in a feeble attempt to dislodge my cock, her skirt covering nothing as it lay in disarray on her flat tummy.

"Well, I figured your pussy would have a few days out here to recuperate from my pounding, so Matt might not be able to tell the difference when you get home. Plus, it's our first convention so I thought we might celebrate!" I joked at the prospect while keeping my balls on Vera's nose. Her hands valiantly were trying to slow my hips down, but her tiny stature was no match against me leaning my hips into her. When I finally withdrew so she could breath, saliva and mucus oscillated between her cheek and mouth as her heaving chest drew in all the air it could. I stood up and walked over to Katyuska on the couch, my cock bouncing a foot away from her, dripping tons of residual saliva from the shaft and balls.

"So? What do you think? Are you interested in finally feeling this guy inside your pussy?" I slapped my cock downward, only to bounce back up eagerly and point at Katyuska's pristine face. She licked her lips as she stared at the behemoth that had inflicted so much pain and humiliation on her, but also forced her into such states of lust she had never thought possible. Just like that, the one thing she had always begged for was about to be granted without expense or ceremony.

Or so she thought, I smiled as I glanced at the clock again, and then at her phone lying next to her. It was almost 6pm, and still a few hours from the afterparty. Vera had rolled over and was watching us, grateful for the break but proud of what she had accomplished. After what seemed like a silent eternity, Katyuska's hand reached out and gripped the familiar cock by the shaft and began stroking, her eyes never leaving it.

I stepped away from her and she lost her grip on my slippery cock, while raising my finger in a scolding dismissal.

"You want this cock in your pussy, Kat?" I taunted, but in the monotone business voice, "I need to hear you consent to it."

After a brief pause, she stated flatly, "I do consent to being penetrated by your cock."

"Are you sure, Kat?" I laughed, "I don't actually have a consent form nearby for you to sign, and you don't actually sound like you want my cock..."

She grimaced, knowing full well what I wanted from her. For weeks I had forced her to beg me to rip apart her asshole in so many words. And now, without threat of pain, punishment, retribution, the only way she could receive my cock in her again was to beg.

Taking a deep breath, she brought her eyes up to mine and in a sweet voice recited, "Please Marcus, I want you to sink your huge cock in my eager pussy. I want to feel like I'm bursting at the seams like when you plow my ass."

"Better, Kat, but I think you can do better..." I turned towards Vera and acted as though I was going to walk back to her.

"Fuck me with your huge cock, Marcus! I need to feel it so bad in me! Please I'll do anything, just fuck me in my tight pussy!!" she begged and reached out in vain for my swinging cock. I paused, feigning a sigh, and turned back towards her.

As I stepped closer to her, she eagerly got off the couch onto her knees to take my cock in her mouth. I moaned and gripped her hair again in familiar fashion as I gently slid my cock in and out of her mouth. This time, her eyes only gazed up at me expectantly, eager to please. Smiling sweetly down at her, I unlaced her bodice and cape, pulling it off her back, revealing her nipples and firm stomach. After a few strokes in her mouth, I guided her gently onto her back on the couch, noticing her imprinted pussy lips through the soaking material. In shock at my gentle and caring demeanor, she laid back and looked up into my eyes, moaning as I stroked and kneaded her inner thighs. Pushing the thin material aside, I placed my cockhead near her entrance, rubbing it slowly on her sensitive clit. Her eyes rolled upward as her brain finally gave in to the pleasure she craved for so long, and I put pressure on her pussy-lips with my purple head. Slowly, I pushed the head into her tight passageway, her natural lubrication doing more than enough work to keep my cock progressing steadily into her.

"Aaauuuooohhh!" A loud moan erupted from her as her body received my large head and struggled to make way for the rest of it. In seconds, her hips twitched as the first orgasm hit her unexpectedly, her body and mind finally appeased. Vera eagerly walked over to lay on the couch next to us, watching intently as the shaft disappeared slowly into Katyuska's welcoming pussy.

"Ooohhh," she groaned as her body adjusted to the large member, pain mixing with excess pleasure as my cock probed all her sensitive spots. Her labia were stretched taught around my cock, her clit engorged and slick. Bathing in electric pleasure and new sensations, she didn't hear what I'd been waiting all evening for: her phone vibrating. Quickly snatching it up from beside her, I waited for it to ring for a few moments while confirming the caller ID. She was so far lost in bliss, it wasn't until I picked up and began talking that her eyes snapped open.

"Hey Matt, this is Marcus. Kat's changing right now, give it a minute... We're doing the typical hotel room photoshoot right now," Matt's familiar voice mumbled out a return greeting to me, and I could tell he was unpleasantly surprised to hear me in possession of her phone. I held the phone high out of Kat's reach and withdrew my cock from her slowly. Her fearful eyes turned to horror as I then reversed the motion and began to travel back into her, trying to bring our hips together. She slapped a hand over her own mouth to stifle the moans of pleasure as I grinned evilly down at her helpless body. Even with all my weight, my cock could not fit in her pussy completely, a few inches compressing on itself every time my head hit her cervix. After a few seconds, I returned the phone to my mouth.

"Ah here she is Matt, your girl sure takes forever to change!" I joked and handed the phone to Kat. As she took it in her hand, her eyes pleaded up at me. My face had returned to a stony visage as I dragged my veiny cock in and out of her depths, holding her stocking clad legs in the air above her.

"H-Hello?" she relented, realizing I had no intention of mercy, and perhaps realizing the price I planned to extract for fucking her pussy. Vera smiled and rubbed her pussy a little, turned on by the game being played now at Kat's expense.

"Oh, hey baby! I... miss you!" She stated through clenched teeth, her icy demeanor returning to glare up at me as I controlled and manipulated her body, her pleasure, her relationship.

"Yeah, I'm doing great, but I wish you were here!" she held the phone from her face before she could lie further and stifled a moan as I slowly reached her cervix with my cock. My arms gripped the couch to either side of her pale rib cage as my hips thrust at into her rhythmically.

"Ye-yeah I'm still here," she stuttered as she tried to listen to her fiancé through the euphoria and building orgasm, "Just doing a photoshoot, you know how it is at cons. Always gotta take the hotel room pics..."

I started to pick up the pace, and she grunted before stuffing the phone in Vera's face frantically and holding a hand over her own mouth to muffle her cries. Vera looked at it confusedly before taking it gingerly and continuing the conversation.

"Hey Matt, it's Vera! Kat has to pose real quick for Marcus... how are you?" She playfully stuck her tongue out at us as I grabbed Katyuska by the throat and attempted to leverage myself deeper into her. I could feel my cock trying to find more space as the position shortened her vagina and if not for my hand on her throat the cries would have been a lot louder. Vera turned away from us giggling and continued to fabricate as Kat's second orgasm pulsed through her body. I saw a tear run down her cheek as her conflicted mind succumbed to the pleasure. I could feel her velvet walls juicing like mad, somehow continuing to seek pleasure through the bruising her vagina was enduring.

"Oh yeah, she looks so hot right now! I wish you could see her now, you are just such a lucky guy!" She glanced back at us as I used one hand on Katyuska's bare ass to guide her into doggystyle on the couch.

"Oh no, Matt! Kat has been such a good girl! She is so faithful and won't shut up about you! You know she only has eyes for you..." Vera sat back to watch as I positioned my cock at her glistening pussy again. In a haze, Katyuska wiggled backwards onto my cock, trying to will it into her, but not before I reached forward to grab a fistful of hair and use it to pull her back onto my waiting member.

"Uuunnhhggg," she groaned loudly as my cock penetrated her in this familiar position of submission. Vera giggled as she watched Katyuska's body betray her with another building orgasm as my cock slowly seated itself deep in her passageway. I began to hammer rapidly into her, and Vera's eyes lit up and held a hand over the mouthpiece as Katyuska began to emanate stifled cries.

"Oh! Umm.. something fell over, I'm picking it up now," Vera lied, stroking her own pussy as she watched Vera's ass and legs twitch. I could feel her steaming velvet pussy clenching rapidly on my hammering penis, her face buried in the couch as she struggled to stifle her loud orgasm. I slowly withdrew from Kat's quivering pussy to watch her body shake beneath me. Just under 5 minutes to make her cum 3 times, I mused; talk about pent up sexual energy! I stood up from the couch and turned to Vera, my cock hanging menacingly between my legs, Katyuska's juices dripping from it.

"Oh, my turn for pictures now!" she giggled into the phone right before she placed the phone into my waiting palm.

"Hey Matt, Marcus again," I said flatly as I grabbed Vera's head and slammed her open mouth unceremoniously onto my member.

"So, you guys are doing a photoshoot, now?" Matt tried to make smalltalk as he stifled his notorious hatred for me.

"Yeah, the normal shit at con's. You know how it is, fucking pictures all the time... It's a bummer you couldn't be here to handle some of this extra photography stuff! Right now, I'm making the girls sprint back and forth in the room to work up a sweat. Lighting is really good so we get some glistening shots of their SuckerPunch cosplays. Gotta work up a sweat to really capture the effect." I confided with him as I continued to use Vera as a fleshlight, climbing onto the couch to pin her head against the wall while I forced myself deeper. We were all working up a sweat, and I figured the line would cover for their heavy breathing.

"Yeah talk about shitty timing with work," he muttered into my ear, but I was too focused on wrapping a hand into Vera's blonde hair.

"Here, talk to Kat. Work, work, work, you know?" I chuckled and tossed the phone to Kat's recovering body. She quickly scrabbled to pick up the phone as I turned my attention to seeing if any of my previous practice with Vera had stuck.

"Heeeyyyy baaaby! Yeah, I wore the Sweet Pea outfit today... Of course people were staring at me, but you know how I am baby! It's even less risqué than most! Yeah these sprints are killing me!" she murmured into her phone as Vera's throat began to accommodate my cock. Pinned to the wall, her eyes glistened up at me as I used my legs to pump my cock in and out of her throat. Reaching down, I pinched her nose as I sank my full weight into her, pinning her body beneath me. Counting from ten, I held her face in place as her eyes turned red and her hands slapped at my thighs helplessly.

Katyuska continued to chat as I released Vera from her prison, doubled over choking and gasping. Gripping her hair, I dragged her over until she was kneeling on all fours next to Kat. Concern crept over Kat's face as she looked at us while trying to maintain a level voice with Matt. I indicated for her to flip over, which she did immediately while making plans with her fiancé, wiggling her cheeks at me.

"We should totally go to that new restaurant when I'm back! I'm so excited to be back in your arms!" she frantically flipped the phone over and covered it with her arm as she felt me pull her thong aside and spread her asscheeks.

"Huuunnnhhh," she moaned as I slid deftly into her waiting asshole. Releasing her from my cock briefly, I stepped up onto the couch to position myself for the deep plow. She shot her arm away from herself in anticipation and gave the phone to Vera.

"Hey Matt," Vera quickly exclaimed, "Sorry, your fiancé is struggling with her outfit. She's trying to fix it now."

Squatting over Katyuska's prone body, I lifted her head by a fistful of hair as I lowered my cock forcefully into her waiting backdoor. Hissing through her teeth, her ass flexed upward into my intrusive cock as her body instinctively surrendered to my anal pounding. Leaning over her, I kissed her fully on the mouth as I kept my cock deep inside her. Her face was contorted in pain from the hairpulling, but her body shuddered involuntarily from the new gesture. Holding her lips to mine, I bounced up and down on her, slamming her organs deeper into the couch as I listened to Vera prattle on with a skeptical Matt.

"Uh huh, you know I keep an eye on her Matt. You've known me for like 6 years! Of course I'd look out for you... just make sure I'm in the wedding, ok?" she smirked as she watched her mentor and friend get pounded into the couch like a cheap prostitute, enjoying every second of it. I finally released Katyuska's hair and let her bite the couch cushion as she rode out my fury, reaching over to grab Vera by the hair and laying her head on Katyuska's lower back. She grinned up at me as she tried to speak over the sounds of my cock stretching out Kat's sphincter and my thighs bouncing off her perfect globes. Noticing the saliva was dissipating on my cock, I withdrew and aimed it at Vera's face.

"Oh yeah? How has that been?" she mumbled into the phone before her lips parted to accommodate my interrupting member. Wadding up her hair into a ponytail, I kept her head still as I slid in and out of her mouth, forceful enough to pleasure myself, but not too much that her gag reflex would interrupt the phone call.

"Mmmhmmm?" she mumbled around my cock, saliva starting to drip down her face as she struggled to keep her composure and conversation going.

"Erhk! Mmmhumm" her eyes were looking up at me fearfully as I extracted my pleasure from her delicate mouth that was struggling to do double duty. Another tear slid down her cute face as I grinned wickedly down at her resting head on Kat. I slowly stepped back from Kat and pulled her by her hair forward until she had to use her free hand to support her leaning body on the couch, my cock never once vacating her mouth.

"Glomp glmmphg" her throat was now contributing to her responses as I locked her head in place and tried to push my cock down her throat. Tears were streaming down her face now as I slowly pushed and prodded my cock to deeper depths. She held the phone far from her face until I finally released my cock from her throat and mouth. Gasping, she panted back into the phone,

"Oh sorry Matt... pu-putting on makeup! Here talk-Kat, I have to finish makeup and take pi-huuulllkggg!" Kat snatched the phone from her hand mid-sentence and quickly held it to her ear as I resumed throatfucking Vera. Taking a pause, I gripped Katyuska's hips and pulled her off the couch so her knees rested on the floor.

"Hey baby! Vera's trying on a different outfit now. Uh huh, Marcus got us all separate suites, so you have nothing to worry about!" she giggled as she felt Vera's face being plundered right above her butt, "No, I didn't hear anything? Maybe it was the door."

I continued to deface Vera's mouth and throat as she kneeled on all fours, pulling her forward by her throat so that I could fit my cock deeper into her. I could feel my balls boiling as I pillaged Vera's mouth to prep it for the final fucking as Matt unknowingly participated. Satisfied with the amount of slobber coating my cock again, I lifted Vera by her hair again and easily tossed her over Katyuska's body so there were 4 orifices glistening at me in between the two sets of spread legs.

"I'm back!" Vera giggled into the phone as I fingered her and Katyuska simultaneously. Spitting on Vera's asshole, I slipped a few fingers inside her pussy and ass and attempted to touch them through the thin membrane in her. Finger-fucking her, I placed my cock back into Katyuska's pussy and listened in on their shaky dialogue.

"Uh huh... we're probably, going to be... going to the afterparty," Kat struggled to get out, as her body gushed around my cock. I could tell Vera's eyes were closed as I pistoned my hand in and out of her orifices, and she tried to conceal her moans with giggling. I withdrew my cock and lined it up at the top, pushing ever so slowly into Vera's waiting asshole.

"Owwwooohhh," she arched her back and groaned as her asshole readjusted to the size. Katyuska looked at her sharply and tried to cover the mic with her hand while mumbling something about stubbing her foot.

"No honey, Marcus is working on his equipment!" she assured. My cock popped in and out of Vera's asshole a few times and she gritted her teeth while gripping the couch until I slid my cock down and into her pussy. She moaned as her other orifice adjusted to the size, and then whimpered when I left her pussy vacant to harshly punch Katyuska's sphincter.

"Huhnn!" Kat cried out at the invader, "...Oh I fucking slipped and smeared my lipstick baby! Uh huh? Erummm?"

I was getting close now as I started roughly fucking her ass, my hips slapping her glistening ass. Swapping to the last hole, I concurrently slipped 3 fingers in Vera's tight pussy. Katyuska grunted as her body and mind unified in pleasure, her infidelity pushing her to a mind-blowing orgasm as her pussy grasped my cock. Pressing the speaker button, she dropped the phone in front of her to focus on her climax.

"I... have, to-go... baby! I loveyou...Sooo much!" she barely got out as her hips began to shudder, causing Vera to fall off her. As I heard him begin to go through his goodbyes, I rammed my cock deep into her one last time, causing her to squeal into the couch cushion.

Pulling out in a fluid motion, I stood up and walked around to their waiting faces. Gripping Katyuska by the hair and pulling her up in a familiar pose, I gripped my cock in a vice grip and aimed for her face. Grunting, my cock shot hot cum in a shotgun pattern straight into Kat's face, a strand hitting Vera's mouth. Katyuska winced as the second rope hit her eye, and I slipped my cock into her mouth as it continued trying to spit out the last amount of cum.

"Bye Matt!!!" Vera laughed as Kat scrabbled around looking for her phone as she came down from her euphoric state. With only one eye available, it took her a few seconds, but she finally found it, killed the call, and collapsed onto the couch with Vera. I collapsed next to them, holding my expended member.

"Fuuuck! So, you guys think we should actually take some pictures before the afterparty? He might be suspicious."

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