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Maid To Be His

Fun benefits for his maid

Some marriage become more routine, doing the same thing every day. We humans, tend to fall into this boring, every day routine in our marriage. This was certainly true for me and my husband who disconnected himself from me, and our marriage, a little over  year ago.  It started with him working later hours at the office, or so I thought. I eventually wised up to the harsh fact he was meeting his younger secretary in different hotels while I was left taking care of the house, making sure the bills were being paid, and putting dinner on the table for a husband who was feasting on his blonde, blue eyed, fake tits bimbo.

I finally decided enough was enough. I would no longer sit and wait around hoping my husband would eventually see the error of his cheating ways. 

I decided it was time to start making some money of my own,  allowing me to feel better about myself and not have to wait till he decided to allow me to have what he considers to be his money. Something he very much loves to express, he works for the money, not me. He gives me money for certain things -- food, to pay the bills -- but I must always show him receipts. It's humiliating.  I'd got myself into this nightmare marriage but I now wanted out... 

After weeks and weeks of searching for a job, filling out applications, sending my resume to different companies, my lucky day finally arrives. I finally have an interview as a maid. Not the most glamorous job, but it will be a pay check and some benefits I very much need.  I would be insane not to go for the interview.

As I pull up to the gate, I am greeted by a security guard. I then realize who he is and what house, more like what mansion, I am at. I look around and see huge golden initials on the golden gate. My mouth drops open, my eyes widen in disbelief.

"Good afternoon, Mrs. Quincy. Mr. Kingston is expecting you. Please, go on up to the house."

"Thank you," I reply. Once I'm parked in front of the house, I am blown away how beautiful it is. 

"Oh my god, I cannot believe I have an interview with Mr. Lucas Kingston. Please let me get through this interview," I say, not realizing someone is standing behind me. I step back and feel hands grab my hips.

"What the hell?" 

"Careful, sweetheart, don't want anything happening to those beautiful legs, or that great ass," he says. My head snaps back to see who it is. It's Lucas Kingston's son.

"Hello, Mrs. Quincy, do you know who I am?" he asks with a grin.

"Y-yes, sir. You are Levi Kingston, Lucas Kingston's son," I stutter.

"That's right. I am being left in charge. My father had to leave town at the last minute, so he asked me to interview you."

"Oh, okay, well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Kingston," I say and reach my hand out to him. He grins and grabs hold of it.

"I have a good feeling we are going to get along just fine, Naomi. Now, please, follow me," he smiles and leads me into the house. We make our way down a hall and into an office.

"Have a seat, Naomi. I have looked over your resume and see you really have not had many jobs."

"No, I did work at a nursing home before I got married, to my nightmare," I whisper not thinking he heard me, but from his raised eyebrow I am thinking he heard me. 

"Your nightmare, is that how you see your husband, Naomi?"

"Oh, man, it's a long story," I snap back.
"Really? Well, I have a ton of time."

"You really want me to tell you about my marriage problems, Mr. Kingston? What does my marriage problems have to do with my interview and capability of being a maid?" I snap and regret it.

He is now looking a little annoyed with me. 

"Okay, from the annoyed look on your face, I can clearly see I just blew this interview. I will leave," I say.

I stand up and make my way to the door. 

"You're sexually frustrated, aren't you, Naomi?" he asks me without shame. 

"What? That is none of your business, Mr. Kingston," I growl.

He lifts himself from the desk chair and struts his way over to me. His breathtaking blue eyes look down at me and his fingers caress my jaw. 

"Tell me, Naomi, when is the last time your husband pleasured your beautiful body?"

I raise my hand to slap him, but he grabs it and pushes me back against the door. His right hand gently holds my throat, he leans his body next to mine, and the heated attraction between us becomes overwhelming. I soon feel a wetness between my legs.

"You and I both know you are dying to be pleasured, to feel my hands, my lips, my tongue, and my cock pleasuring you. I can take you on one hell of a pleasure trip, Naomi. All you have to do is give in to what you know you want."

"I have never cheated on my husband."

"Maybe not, but your husband has no problem cheating on you. Like right now, Naomi. I had a meeting at the hotel on Wilkins Drive, and guess who I saw entering the penthouse room with a blonde? Trust me, that blonde was all over your husband," he informs me and I become furious. Without thinking, I grab his neck and pull his mouth on mine. His hands grip my hips and, seconds later, we are both naked. 

"Tell me, Naomi, what is it you are wanting me to do to pleasure you?" he asks.

I lie on the sofa and open my legs. He climbs between them and uses his right hand to  grabs and ankle and lift it up. 

"Oh god," I moan as I feel his tongue licking up my thigh.

"That clit is begging for a good tongue lashing, and my lips are dying to suck it till you cum,"  he grins as he lowers his face between my legs. His hands firmly hold my hips in place while his tongue begins to flick my clit. 

"Shit, Levi," I moan.

"I'm just getting started, Naomi. Be prepared to cum numerous times," he seductively says.  I instinctively begin to thrust my hips, wanting to ride out the pleasure from his tongue.

"Ride my tongue, " he says as he forces his tongue into my wet cave.

'Fuck," I moan and grab his head.  His fingers are now plunging deep inside of me.

"Oh god, Levi, I'm about to cum," I pant as I thrash my hips. His hands go under my ass, lifting it up, and he is now sucking on my clit.

"Do it, Naomi, cum for me," he commands. 

I grab the sheets as I feel an amazing orgasm surge through my body. "Shit, Levi," I scream out in pleasure and tighten my fingers in his dark hair. 

"Damn, you taste so damn good. It's your turn to see how good I taste," he grins as he pulls himself up and puts his cock right at my lips.  My lips part ,allowing him to enter my wet mouth. My tongue flicks his tiny hole, causing him to moan and grasp my head.

"Oh fuck, suck me, Naomi, don't tease me," he pants.

I wrap my lips tighter around the head and suck him into my mouth. "That feel good, Levi?" I mumble with my mouth full. I use my right hand to stroke him from the base to the top.

"Shit, yes, fuck. I want inside of you," he moans and pulls his cock out of my mouth. 

"I want to ride you," I say.

He lies on his back and grabs my hips, lifting me up. I impale myself on his rock hard cock and instantly feel some pain from his size.

"Relax your body, don't tense up or it will be more painful. Sit there a few seconds and allow your body to adjust to my size," he says.  After a few seconds, he holds my ass, and  lifts me up and down.

"You think you're ready for me to give you the fucking of your life?" he asks and I am now even more wet than before. I place my hand on his chest and begin to bounce up and down on him. I soon hear skin slapping on skin and this gets me even more excited.

"Fuck, Naomi, you are so tight I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to last long," he says, reaching up to pinch my nipples. 

"Oh god, Levi, you feel so damn good. Make me cum again," I loudly moan.

His hands squeezes my ass and he is now violently thrashing his hips, causing me to feel every inch of him deep inside of me. 

"Cum, Naomi."

Oh god," I cry out as I feel his thumb on my clit. 

"Cum, on my cock, Naomi."

"Shit, oh my god, Levi,"  I cry out as I arch my back and feel another orgasm hit me. 

'Shit, keep rocking your hips, Naomi. Fuck, I'm going to cum."

Once we both calm down from our orgasms, he pulls me next to him. We look into each other's eyes and busrt out laughing.

"So, would you still like to be my maid, Naomi? I promise you, I will personally make sure you get all the fun benefits that comes with being my maid, but I will need you to move into the guesthouse."

"The guesthouse, Levi? What about my husband?"

"Do not worry about that cheating pig, I will take care of him. By this time tomorrow, you will be free of that asshole, and you will be all mine."

"Sounds great. I will be more than happy to move into the guesthouse."  






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