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Mardi Gras- Galveston Style

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The business trip that turned into a Party

Galveston, Texas. I decided to make a trek down to Houston for some business and decided to stay at a local downtown hotel, not knowing this past weekend there was a huge Mardi Gras celebration. What a nice little surprise.

I was wandering through the massive street crowd, watching young ladies and a few older ones as well. Some of whom were drunk or on their way to being drunk, baring their breasts to people hanging over railings, tossing out all kinds of beads and plastic trinkets to any girl willing and brave enough to flash their best assets.

I was surprised as how easy it was to see young women openly showing their breasts, if only for a few seconds, just to collect a few plastic beads. After wondering through a pretty rowdy crowd, I was even more surprised to find someone I knew- a neighbor- a soccer mom by the name of Mandy, who was cute beyond all belief.

Mandy was sitting on a chair in the hotel lobby with a load of plastic beads around her neck, chatting with two other ladies that I didn’t know and didn’t recognize.

“Fancy seeing you down here,” I remarked as I walked up to the group.

Mandy turned about four shades of red with embarrassment. I only knew Mandy peripherally, since she lived a few houses down from where my wife and I lived.

“Oh my gosh!” Mandy exclaimed, raising her hands to her face in surprise.

“How did you get all those?” I asked, taking quick stock of her loot.

Mandy looked at her friends.

“Can you give me a few minutes?” she begged of her companions. “This is my neighbor.”

The two other girls nodded and said they’d catch up to Mandy “In a little bit.”

Mandy’s friends sauntered off, leaving Mandy and I alone.

“You don’t see me,” Mandy quickly remarked.

“That’s funny,” I replied, “You’re not hard to miss.”

“This is not what you think,” Mandy quickly shot back, “I’m just having a weekend get away with some friends.”

“Same here,” I replied, “Only I came down for work. I didn’t know you were throwing a party.”

Mandy laughed.

“Please don’t tell anyone we met up down here,” Mandy requested.

“No problem,” I replied. I had several strands of beads I had managed to finagle away from some drunk young ladies, hanging around my neck.

Mandy smiled.

“So, how’d you get those?” she asked, looking at my strands beads.

“That’s a long story,” I replied. “It involved a little teasing, some debauchery and being in the right spot at the right time. How did you get yours?”

“The very same way,” Mandy replied, flipping a strand of errant hair out of her face.

“Mostly debauchery,” I shot back.

“Maybe a little, but not a lot,” Mandy replied. “I’m pretty conservative.”

Yeah, right, I thought to myself. Mandy had a rock-solid body. I had seen her in gym shorts, and tight-fitting t-shirts, jogging the neighborhood. If she was conservative, then I was a Cardinal from the Vatican.

“So, are you going back out to earn some more beads?” I inquired.

She gazed at my multi-strand set hanging around my neck.

“Maybe I can just claim yours,” Mandy remarked.

I fingered my beads.

“These don’t come cheap,” I replied.

Mandy stood up and fingered my beads.

“Neither do I,” Mandy replied, biting down on her lower lip as she toyed with my treasure of beds.

“They can be parted with,” I replied.

Mandy smiled, and slipped her hand down to my side.

“Really?” she inquired.

“Oh yeah,” I replied. “I’m pretty easy.”

“But you’re married,” Mandy retorted.

“So are you,” I quickly shot back.

Mandy looked past me towards the bar where her friends had gone.

“I’ve got some free time,” Mandy whispered, “Do you want to go anywhere?”

“Have you looked outside in the last few minutes?” I replied. The crowd could easily be heard all the way inside the hotel lobby.

“I’m thinking somewhere quiet,” Mandy replied.

“I’ve got a room,” I said.

“Show me,” Mandy shot back.


We stepped into the hotel elevator and I pressed the third-floor button. Mandy stood next to me, looking at the elevator floor light indicator as we ascended the different floors. As soon as we stepped off the elevator, Mandy slipped her arm underneath mine.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Mandy whispered.

“Me neither,” I replied.

I slipped my card key into the door and pushed it open. Mandy stepped in and I locked the dead bolt behind us. The room had a small French-style balcony set of doors, which opened to the street below. I opened them and immediately the rush of tawdry and bawdry noise rushed up to meet us.

Mandy leaned on the railing, as I stood next to her. I slipped a set of beads over my head and tossed them down to a group of young college-aged girls standing in the street. One of them quickly flashed her breasts in our direction, so I tossed her another set of beads.

Three college-aged guys started chanting- yelling up at Mandy.

“Boobs! Boobs! Boobs!”

Mandy looked at me.

“Should I?” she asked.

“Go for it,” I said.

Mandy stepped back inside the room and stripped out of her t-shirt and her brassiere, then redonned her massive seat of Mardi Gras beads. She stepped back to the railing and the crowd went crazy, with folks trying to throw beads up to our third-floor window.

Mandy stepped back inside after only a few seconds, red with embarrassment.

“Don’t get me thrown out,” I warned.

“I won’t,” Mandy shot back. “It’s just in fun.”

Several sets of beads found their way into the room through the open French doors. Mandy sat on the side of the bed and slipped off her tennis shoes, then proceeded to strip out of her skin-tight designer blue jeans.

She stepped back up to the French-doors and leaned over the railing. I thought for sure she was going to go over, because she leaned out so far, to catch the hordes of beads being tossed our way. I held on to her soft waist as she collected strand after strand of plastic beads.

After quite a few minutes, she stepped back inside and grabbed her cell phone. She snapped a few shots from the balcony of the Strand and the massive crowd, then asked me to take a few photos of her on the patio.

I was now hard as a rock, watching her prancing around almost naked, in nothing but a black thong and adorned with a massive amount of multi-colored plastic-beaded necklaces.

“This is wild!” Mandy exclaimed. “This is crazy!”

I plopped down on the bed, on my back, to watch the show as Mandy continued to collect beads being tossed up to the window.

Mandy tossed necklace after necklace of the colored beads at me as I lounged on the bed. I stripped out of my polo shirt and put several sets of the beads around my neck.

Mandy looked in my direction, then without saying a word, she launched herself on to the bed and on top of me.

“Kiss me,” Mandy demanded.

I was happy to oblige the request. In an instant, Mandy working her way down my body, planting kisses along the way, stripping off beads and then, stripping me of my trousers and my underwear. The sound of the tawdry and bawdry just outside the open doors to the French balcony made everything seem so surreal.

Mandy was on fire. She had an insatiable desire for the wicked and she wrapped her mischievous tongue around my steel rod, doing unspeakable things. I yanked at her thong and in instant, she begged for me to please her. The beads had to go.

I tossed several strands of them towards to open French doors as Mandy settled on to my lap, straddling me, pushing my cock into her shaved kitty. She planted her hands on my chest and tossed her head back, taking in deep breaths and forcfully exhaling in an exhilarating attempt to control what could not be controlled. Her body quivered, my cock buried deep inside of her. Her arms stiffened. Her arms shook and suddenly, she flooded my lap and the bed with love juices. She lowered her head, her long black hair framing her face, as she continued to shiver in ecstasy.

I couldn’t hold back. I filled her pussy with a gallon of my best-ever, pulling her downward, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. The passion was unbridled and unrestrained.

Mandy’s breathing slowed over the course of the next few minutes, until it became a deep snoring sound. I rolled her on to her back and pulled the bed covers over her sexy little body. I slipped out of the bed and closed the French doors to the patio, even as the roar of the crowd continued. I pulled the drapery closed and turned off the night sand light, before slipping back into the bed beside the “Queen of Galveston”.

Mandy was a ton of fun. I checked out of the hotel the next morning before she woke up. I want to pinch myself, because things like this don’t really happen. They’re made up. So, I decided to write this story as I sit here on my flight back to Dallas.

Uh oh. I just heard a familiar voice.

“What are you doing?” Mandy has asked, dropping a strand of purple, green and gold beads on to my laptop.

“Catching up on work,” I have replied.

“Did you have a good time in Galveston?” she asks, nonchalantly.

“The best, ever,” I reply. “Just never long enough.”

“It never is,” Mandy replies, proffering a smile and wink. “Thank goodness, every now and then you find a way to take away something unique.”


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