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Meeting Will and Liz again

"Gary, I'd like to share Liz with you."

I was working on the far side of town, it was late, and Pat was away visiting her sister. So I thought I would stop at a bar and have a drink before going to a lonely house.

I had just sat down, and I heard a voice, "Gary is that you?"

I turned to look and saw Will; he was an old work colleague I hadn't seen for years.

We exchanged pleasantries, and he told me to join him and his wife, Liz.

"You remember Liz don't you, of course, you do." Will said.

I certainly did remember Liz, an attractive young girl. I shouldn't say, girl, not now anyway They would both be in their early forties, I would guess.

I liked Liz and got along very well with her. She had this way with her, very flirty. Sometimes she would say some very suggestive things. But she was alright, at times I would have fun with her myself. Tell her how cute she looked when she walked away. Or how delightful her breasts were, and one day I hoped to see them.

All in good fun, of course.

I picked up my drink, and Will showed me to his table. Liz didn't give me time to put my glass down before she threw her arms around my neck. Will commented that it was apparent Liz remembered me too. She kissed me and told me to sit on the bench seat with her. We sat down, and Liz held my arm. She squeezed right up next to me and put her head on my shoulder.

"You can go now Will. I don't need you now Gary is here," Liz said. She had a beaming smile on her face.

We chatted away, but then I finished my beer and said it was time for me to leave. Liz told Will, he had to convince me to stay, but I said it was late and I had to go. She wasn't happy, but she gave me another kiss and made me promise to see them again soon. I put my arms around her and kissed her too, and as I did I let my hand fall and squeezed her ass cheek.

A couple of days later I got a phone call from Will, asking if I would meet him. He wouldn't say why, except it was personal. I met him in a coffee shop in town. He told me a story how he was reading erotic stories on the internet. Some were men sharing their wives.

Then he dropped a bombshell on me, "Gary, I'd like to share Liz with you."

I asked him what the hell he meant.

"I want you to fuck Liz,"

Will explained for many years he as wanted to see Liz having sex with another man. It was a fantasy of his. I asked if he had spoken to Liz about this and he said he had. She wasn't keen on the idea, but maybe one day. He thought she might be receptive to me. We always got along, and he trusted me to treat her with respect.

The notion of sinking my prick into Liz began to appeal to me, so I agreed, and I would try. Will asked if I was doing anything Saturday night. Pat was still away, so he asked me over for dinner.

Saturday night arrived, and I was ringing the doorbell at Will and Liz's. It was Liz that answered the door. Her welcome was enthusiastic, and I wondered if Will had said anything. While she kissed me, I slipped my hand inside her top and held the small of her back. When I got the chance, I asked Will if she had agreed to let me fuck her. Will said no, he hadn't mentioned anything to her.

We had a couple of drinks and then a delicious meal. We sat and chatted, and I took every opportunity to touch Liz. Putting my arm around her, holding her hand, even adjusting her hair. There was the occasional look from Liz to Will, but she seemed receptive and comfortable. She gave me some lovely looks and smiles.

We moved into the living room, and Will sat one end of the couch, me the other. I thought it strange when Liz went to sit in a chair.

"Liz, why don't you sit here on my knee?" I asked.

She looked at me startled, and then looked at Will. He gave her a reassuring smile, and Liz made herself comfortable on my knee. I slid my hand up and into her top again. I let my hand stroke her soft skin and then walked my fingers on her spine. Liz still seemed very comfortable, so I asked if I could steal a kiss.

Her eyes went straight to Will. He gave her an encouraging smile again and nodded his head, giving his permission. Our lips touched, but for just a moment.

"Don't be shy," I said.

Liz leaned in and kissed me again, this time a little longer. She took her lips from mine, but almost immediately began kissing me again.

I could tell she was putting more feeling into her kisses; she was beginning to melt.

I found the clip to her bra and unfastened it. Liz's breasts fell slightly. She froze for a split second and then carried on with her kiss. She forced her tongue into my mouth and held me tighter. My other hand ventured inside Liz's top and grabbed her bare breast. It brought a reaction from Liz, she moaned but then broke off and looked at Will.

"It's alright, forget I'm here," Will said, as he put his hand on the noticeable bulge in his pants.

Liz's eyes followed Will's hand, and she smiled.

Liz turned back to me, and after kissing me again, she adjusted her position and straddled me. She put her arms around my neck. I could feel her excitement in her kisses. I put my open hands on her waist. I slid them up and only stopped when my thumbs covered her hardened nipples.

Our mouths were locked together, hers, trying to bite my lip, her kisses frantic. Liz was rolling her hips, grinding herself into me.

"Remember what you used to say to me?" Liz asked.

I asked what, and Liz reminded me, how I had loved watching her walk away. The other she had a lovely pair of tits and I hoped to see them one day. Liz lifted her top over her head and threw it to Will.

Her breast had fallen enough so that I could look at her nipples, peeking out just below her bra. I eased the straps over her shoulders and down her arms. Liz took her bra from me and tossed that to Will as well.

"Well, there they are," Liz said.

I gazed at her naked breasts and then grabbed hold of them. My mouth sucked a nipple in, and my teeth bit down. I squeezed the other breast and teased the nipple. Pulling it, rolling it between my thumb and forefinger.

Liz moaned.

Liz asked me if I knew Will wanted to watch her getting fucked. I said yes and asked her how she felt about it. She replied that she never thought she would, but now, the thought was exciting her.

Liz got up and lay on the settee, her head on my lap. She unfastened her jeans and asked Will to remove them. In no time Will had them and her panties off.

Liz lay there naked. I cupped her breast and admired her. I could see the slit between her shaved pussy lips. Will looking directly between her bent splayed legs.

"Are you going to fuck me now?" Liz asked me.

I told her to stand up and bend over. Liz did as I asked, her hands on the couch seat for support. Will was sitting just to her right, and he cupped a hanging breast in his hand. I stood behind Liz and savoured the view she gave me. Her swollen pussy lips between her parted legs. Her vagina already slightly open, looking wet and inviting. I played with her lips and then pushed two fingers inside her.

Liz's reaction was to moan, and she said something to Will that I didn't quite catch. It sounded to me; she was telling him he was about to get his wish. He was about to watch as she was getting fucked by another man.

She reached over, her hand was on his crotch, no doubt holding his cock. With my free hand, I managed to free my shaft. I positioned myself close behind Liz. The tip of my cock nuzzling the hole between her pussy lips.

With my hands-on Liz's hips, I moved mine forward, slowly purposely. I could feel her pussy wrap around my cock.

Liz was tight, wonderfully tight.

My hips moved back and forth. I was fucking Liz slowly, and she was moaning softly. Will had his cock in his hand now, stroking himself.

Liz moaned loudly, "Fuck, oh fuck."

I could feel her cunt tighten around me; she was having an orgasm. I carried on fucking her, and my strokes began to quicken. She grabbed Wills cock and stroked him. As I pushed into Liz, I became more forceful. Liz's hand was motionless on Will's cock, and I felt a warmth around my shaft.

Liz was cumming again.

I was very close myself, and after a few more strokes, I began shooting my sperm into Liz. We ended up sitting on the couch, both breathing heavily.

Will's shaft was still out and erect. Liz started running her hand up and down, wanking Will.

I asked Will if he minded if I asked Liz a personal question. He said he didn't, but it was up to her if she wanted to answer or not. Liz said to go ahead, she didn't mind. I asked her about Mike, a young man that worked with us. Liz and Mike flirted heavily, and there was a rumour they were fucking. Liz looked at Will again, and he said he was okay with whatever happened. It was a long time ago and before they were married.

Liz said nothing much happened. They would fool around sometimes, kissing and so on. Mike would feel her up, and sometimes she would let him put his hand inside her bra. Once she came close to sucking his cock, she had it out, but they were disturbed. Will gave in, and he shot his load, squirting sperm over Liz and himself. She giggled like a school girl and pumped him till she had the last drop out.

She told me later it was the first time she had seen him squirt cum. Liz had watched it occasionally happen in porn movies. She didn't particularly like the idea and made Will cum inside her.

I said, "So you have never been sprayed or had a facial?"

Liz replied, "Never," but after seeing Will, it didn't seem too bad. "Maybe I should try it, want to volunteer?"

I told her it would be my pleasure.

I stayed there in the spare room that night. Before I fell asleep, I heard Will and Liz; they were fucking. I must have fallen asleep at some stage because I woke to feel Liz getting onto the bed. She pushed the sheets back and knelt by my side. Her arse was in the air, and her mouth around my cock. I must say Liz knew what she was doing when it came to blowing cock.

I heard a noise and both Liz, and I turned to look. Will was standing in the doorway, naked with his cock in his hand, jacking himself. Liz looked up at me and smiled. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and began giving me a hand job. She put my cockhead in her mouth and teased it with her tongue. I groaned, and let fly, my sperm shooting into Liz's mouth. I thought maybe she would take it out of her mouth and watch. But she didn't and swallowed my cum as it filled her mouth.

When we finished, Liz sat by my side. Will was still hard and rubbing his cock. I remembered Will's reaction earlier and asked Liz about any other sexual moments she had.

Liz told me about a couple of daydreams she as when she is alone and relaxing. One is, she is at a party, alone in a room, a man walks in and locks the door. He grabs her and begins kissing her, his hands roaming over her body. She faints trying to push him off because she wants him to ravish her. His hand reaches under her skirt and to the top of her legs. When he forces his fingers into her pussy, she cums straight away.

Her second fantasy is at a barbeque. She is getting along talking to this handsome guy. While they are chatting, the only thing on her mind is his cock fucking her hard. He grabs her arm and takes her behind some bushes. He lifts her top and bra until her breasts fall out. His mouth sucks on a nipple, and his hand cups her tit.

Liz said that at this point she usually, as her hand in her panties and she is fingering herself.

Liz and I are watching Will; he is running his hand quickly along his shaft.

In her fantasy, the most exciting part is that Will comes along and is talking to someone just a few feet away. That is all there is to it, but she usually orgasms.

There is a grunt from Will, and he shouts, "Holy fuck."

Will began to shoot cum. Each squirt landing on the carpet. Gradually the force weakens, and there is a broken line of white sperm along the floor. Liz congratulated Will for his performance and told him not to bother cleaning it up. Will staggered back to his bedroom.

Liz got into bed and snuggled up to me, and we fell asleep.

I woke the next morning and Liz's hand was gripping my cock. I put my hand between her legs, and her pussy was as wet as it was the night before. I spooned Liz, and my cock was inside her. I was fucking Liz, and she became very vocal, asking me to fuck her harder.

Will heard the noise and came rushing into the bedroom. He was naked, and when he saw we were fucking, he stopped. His cock was hard, and he stood by the side of the bed. He began jacking himself, but Liz reached over and took over. I slowed my movement down and then stopped, with my hard cock inside Liz's cunt, I watched as her hand moved along Will's shaft.

I felt the build-up inside me and began fucking Liz again. My cock jerked, and I started pumping my cum into Liz. She pushed her arse into me as my shaft throbbed inside her.

When my balls were empty, I just laid there. My cock was slowly deflating inside Liz's pussy.

Throughout the fuck, Liz never faulted wanking Will. It seemed she was concentrating more on Will's cock, than getting fucked. When Will's face contorted, and his whole body tensed I understood why. She pointed his shaft at her face, and when he came, Liz got her first facial.

Liz's mouth was open, and she caught a few beads of sperm. A few strings landed on the pillow, but most landed on her face. She leaned over and put her mouth around Wills prick, sucking the last few drops out of him.

Liz turned on her back; she was smiling. There was cum all over her face. Her lips were open slightly, and sperm began to dribble out of her mouth. It ran down her chin, and onto her neck.

Liz got the facial she wanted.

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