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Mixing Tennis with Sex, Part 2

Sandy again falls to Rex's charms
Sandy lies quietly recalling what happened after the lesson.

'I wanted Rex to kiss me, but I kissed him first. His soft lips and tongue stirred my hormones more than I thought they would. When he unfastened my bra I didn’t stop him or complain. I took off my shorts and panties willingly when he asked. I could have struggled when he lifted me over his cock, but I didn’t.

Then it was too late. His hands, his mouth, his tongue, and his cock overwhelmed me. I can’t believe how incredible my orgasms were. But I’ve got to tell him tomorrow it was a mistake and it can never happen again. I won’t take anymore lessons and stay as far away from him as I can. I love David. I can’t cheat on him and lose everything I have in a divorce. When Rex calls tomorrow I’m going to tell him not to contact me again, and that I don’t want any more lessons from him.'

Finally, her thoughts running in circles she falls asleep.


David is late getting up and rapidly eats his breakfast. Between bites he asks, “Did I hear you right last night? Rex only told you to buy a racket to fit your hand better, and showed you how to hit a forehand shot.”

“Basically that’s it, but he repositioned my body perpendicular to the net and had me bend my knees more. We spent most to the time practicing hitting the ball. At first most of them went into the ground or net, but before we finished I hit a lot of balls over the net and into the court. He’s a patient teacher and I learned a lot." She sipped on her coffee dreading what David might ask next.

Finishing with his scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast, he stands. “Well, did he hit on you? I suspect he’s a dirty old man who’s interested in you.”

“No, he didn’t try anything. He was a perfect gentleman.” Sandy lies, wringing her hands nervously out of David’s sight.

“And he didn’t try anything after you had a drink?”

“I told you he didn’t. We drank and talked about the lesson and for the next lesson we will work on hitting the backhand.” She calmly rises and clears the dishes.

“Darn, I wanted him to hit on you. If he had, I’d be so horny we’d have to go back to bed.”

“We can do that anyway, if you want.” Sandy removes her apron, revealing her nightgown without a bra.

“I’m glad I married you. You look good in the morning without make up, and I love these.” He kisses her lightly on the lips and fondles her breasts. “Unfortunately, I didn’t finish my work last night so I have to get to work. I should be home around six. “I love you.”

He left the house at 8:15.

Sandy washed the pots and pans, and puts the dishes in the dishwasher. The phone rings a second time. She answers, “Hello.”

“Sandy, honey child, I’m going shopping this morning would you like to go with me?” her mother asks.

They talk for about ten minutes before hanging up. Sandy is not going shopping with her mother.

She wonders if Rex called while she talked with her mom. I hope he doesn’t call. It’ll be embarrassing, and I’m not sure how to tell him I won’t be taking anymore lessons. I don’t plan on ever seeing him again without David being present.

She also wonders why she’s disappointed because he doesn’t call. Thoughts of what happened in the back of her car flash through her mind. She pushes them aside and goes about the task of making up her face, selecting a sexy pair of panties and her most uplifting bra. In the bedroom she puts on tight short shorts, and a form fitting tennis shirt. She looks at the phone, before she makes the bed, and cleans the bathroom.

The phone rings at 11:14. She rushes to it, it’s Rex. “Hello.”

“Sandy it’s Rex.”

She sits down trembling. “Good morning.”

“What did David say when you got home last night?”

“He was asleep in his office. We talked about my next lesson.” Her voice is shaking.

“I want to thank you for last night. I had a wonderful time.”

She hesitated. “I don’t want to talk about it. I shouldn’t have let you use me that way.”

There was silence.

“Rex, are you there?”

“I was just wondering if you were there last night.” He says.

“What do you mean?”

“For some reason you seem to think I took advantage of you, but if I remember correctly you were the one that kissed me first, slipped your tongue into my mouth, and ground your pelvis into mine.

“I was surprised when you took me in your arms, but I’ll admit I kissed you more passionately that I should.”

“You didn’t protest when I unfastened your bra, and you didn’t hesitate to remove you panties.”

“No I didn’t, she says.

“And you groaned in pleasure when you settled on my cock, and you didn’t hesitate to ride me until we climaxed.”

“Rex, you’re correct and I enjoyed my orgasm a lot, but I can’t see you anymore or continue our lessons.”

“Was it that bad?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Her voice fills with emotion.

“Are you crying?”

“Will you please stop asking me questions?”

“I will if you give me a straight answer.

“Yes, I’m crying.”

“You cried last night, why are you crying now?”

She was silent for a long time.

“Sandy, are you there?”

In a wavering whisper she says, “I loved it, but I feel so guilty.”

“I want to see you again, to make love to you rather than having a quickie.”

“I…I can’t do that Rex.”

“Why not, you said you loved it?”

“I’m married and I love my husband.” She murmurs.

“Does he make you feel the way I did?” He asks confidently.

She indecisive and waits before answering. “To tell you the truth, he doesn’t, but a good marriage isn’t only built on sex.”

“You’re saying the sex was good.”

“Yes, damn it I said the sex was enjoyable.”

“I have a client waiting for me. I’ll meet you at the tennis club at seven. Buy a proper racquet before you come.” He clicks off.


Sandy is upset because he hadn’t let her tell him they were not going to see each other again. She storms around the house angry with him when the phone rings again.

“Hello Sandy, this is your darling husband calling.”

“David, you never call me during the day.”

“I know, but my father and I have to leave this evening for New York to negotiate a building loan, and we’re going to spend at least two nights there.”

“Can you take me?” She asks thinking that would be one way of getting away from Rex, from temptation.

“No, I’m sorry I can’t take you this time, but we’ll plan to go later in the year for a week of shopping, Broadway shows, and fine restaurants. I’m going to come home early so we can have some quality time together.”

“What do you mean by quality time?” She asks.

“I want you to put on that black negligee and be in the bedroom when I get home.”

“Oh, quality time means sex.”

“Yes, I’m going to miss you while I’m away, and I want to make mad passionate love to you. I’ll be home about four.” He clicks off.

She‘s upset that Dave is going out of town when she needs him home as an excuse not to see Rex, and because she isn’t really interested in having sex with him.

Even though she’s upset, she lays out his clothing for a three day trip, and puts together a crock pot dinner. At three she takes a long bath before trimming her pubic hair, and making up her face. She oils her body with a strawberry fragrance, and puts on the sexy black gown. When David rushes into the room, she’s reading Shape magazine

“You’re beautiful in that outfit. Please model it as I get undressed.”

She places her magazine on a night stand, puts on a pair of six inch black heels, and parades around the room. The negligee shows off her body, well tones legs, and reveals lots of cleavage. As he stands stroking his hard-on she opens the gown and reveals she isn’t wearing undergarments.

“Holy molly, that’s one of the sexiest poses I’ve ever seen.” He cups her plump breasts and kisses her.

Sandy kisses back grinding her groin into his erection.

“I love that. You’re as horny as I am.” He removes the garment and pushes her onto the bed.

She isn’t really up to having sex, but to please David and to forget Rex she acts like a slut. Her tongue jams into his mouth, and she grabs and strokes his cock. She enjoys the kisses, the feel of his hard shaft, and his hands stimulating her breasts. Pulling away from his mouth she kisses the tip of his cock, swirls her tongue around and around it, before taking him into her mouth.

I wasn’t interested in making love, but David has aroused me, or I’ve aroused myself.

As she bobs up and down on him, he massages the outside of her pussy before slipping a finger to her G-spot.

She spits out his cock. “Oh, keep your finger right there. Oh, oh that feels so good.”

She returns to sucking his staff and writhing under his persistent finger. She hums around his rod, “Clit.”

Dave immediately fingers her honey button with his other hand while he continues to finger fuck her.

The combination of her sucking, and his fingers on and in her snatch brings is enjoyable, but she’s not getting any closer to an orgasm. She fakes a moan, “Aaaugh,” I’m ready give it to me. He rolls her over, places a pillow under her hips, spreads her legs, and glides into her pussy from behind.

“You’ve got a nice cock,”

“I can’t wait.” With his hand on her hips, he plunders her. He falls on her back and keeps thrusting with his leg, hip and ass muscles. Like a machine, he drills her. Over and over again at a rapid pace he thrusts until shooting glob after glob of jizzcum into her cavity.

Sandy lies under his perspiring body wanting to have an orgasm. She stopped him before she had a clitoral orgasm, and while his cock feels good and stimulates her she doesn’t have a vaginal climax either.

David catches his breath. “Wow that was sensational. Did you come?”

After a pause, she lies as she whispers “Yes I came.”

He rises on his hands looking down at her. “You’re beautiful and I love you. I’m going to miss this while I’m away.” He rolls off the bed and goes to the bathroom.

Sandy puts on a robe, goes to the guest bathroom, cleans herself, and goes to the kitchen to see about an early dinner.

When David comes to the kitchen, he finds a salad, chick breasts, potatoes, and onions on the table. “Thanks for laying out my clothes. You take good care of me.” When he finishes the food he says, “That was delicious as usual.”

After he finishes a cup of coffee; he gives Sandy a kiss. They walk to the garage door; he picks up his luggage and brief case, and goes to his car. He stops before getting in. “Remember be careful of Rex Elliot he has the hots for you.” He gets into his car and drives away.


Sandy watches her husband leave. They had sex, but she isn’t satisfied. She remembers she has a lesson with Rex at seven, but she isn’t going. David’s right. He wants to get into my panties, and he already has. Even though he’s a better lover than David; she doesn’t want to cheat again. She does the dishes and cleans the table and counters.

In the bedroom, she sees the rumpled bed and her black gown lying on the floor. As she removes the sheets she sees some of the remains of his wad. At least he got his gun off even if he didn’t satisfy me. That’s a woman’s duty to be a vessel for their husband’s cream. She puts the sheets in the washer with other dirty clothes. Her cum stained panties are on top of the pile. That’s Rex’s jizzcum she recalls. They remind her of their back seat fuck and the orgasms she had. She sees his face, hears his voice, and feels him filling her.

Without another thought, she grabs a short white tennis skirt, matching bloomers, and a tight red top showing a hint of cleavage. She pulls on a pair of anklets, Nike tennis shoes and hurries to the car. It’ll take me ten to fifteen minutes to get there. I’ll be late but not too late.

She walks into the Daniel’s Island Pro Shop at 7:20. Ted, the pro, is tending to something behind the counter. He turns when she enters and stutters Ma…may…I…I help you, Ms …?” His eyes feast on her tight red shirt.

“It Mrs. Kahn, Sandy Kahn, Rex Elliot who give me a lesson told me to buy a new racquet, one that fits my hand.”

“Is… is it okay if I call you Sandy?”

“Please do because I already know your name, Ten Steinke.”

“How did you know that?”

“Rex told me Wednesday during my lesson,” she says smiling at him.

“I forgot, Rex told me he was giving a lesson on Court Fourteen at seven o’clock. It looks like you’re late.”

“Yes, she is.” Rex comes into the shop.

Sandy turns and sees his eyes burning holes through her blouse. She blushes. I…I’m sorry. I got a late start and didn’t come by earlier to purchase a racquet as you suggested.” Not only is she embarrassed, but her stomach does a flip flop. She returns his stare thinking about his exciting love making.

“It’s okay, now I can help you pick out a racquet with Ted’s assistance. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

The three of them go to the part of the large shop where the racquets are kept.

Rex walks behind Sandy with his hand on the middle of her back.

Sandy feels his warm hand and her temperature rising.

After looking at and handling more than a dozen rackets, Sandy selects a Wilson HYPERion 3.0 pink racquet.

“I like it. It feels good in my hand, I love the color, and the price is right. I’ll take it.”

“Good selection,” the men say.

She pays for the racquet. “Is it too late to have our lesson?” She looks at Rex feeling excitement in her stomach

“Are there any courts available?” Rex asks Ted.

He looks at the schedule. “I’m sorry none of the courts will be open until nine, but the backboard space is open. You could teach a lesson there,” Ted says.

“Is that all right with you?” Rex asks Sandy.

“You’re the teacher.”

“Okay let’s go. I’ve got balls outside.” Rex leads Sandy to the area where the backboard is located.

“Do you want to start the lesson or talk?” He sits on a bench.

“We don’t have anything to talk about. Let’s practice.”

“You mean we don’t have to deal with what happened in the back seat of your car last night?” He looks at her with a grin on his face.

“No we don’t. What happened, happened. We can’t change that, but it’s not going to happen again?” She stands walking to the practice space thinking about her inability to forget how good sex was with Rex.

“Okay, let’s begin. Take your forehand position.” He waits until her left hip is perpendicular to the net, her right arm held back at waist level. He tosses a ball in front of her.

She misses. She’s frustrated and angry. She discouraged because she doesn’t hit the ball. She’s angry for David’s leaving and not being there when she needed help from temptation, and her inability to stop thinking about having sex with Rex.

On the sixth ball, she hits it into the net. Ball after ball drops in front of her, and Rex’s face is on each ball. She hits him. She hits the ball. Within twenty minutes, she’s knocking a majority of the balls above the net level into the backboard.

He shouts, “Good job,” each time she strikes the ball properly.

Her frustration and anger lessens.

She looks at Rex and smiles, “I think we need to talk.”

“David called me earlier today and told me he was going away for a few days on business. He was coming home early to spend some quality time with me, and I was to be waiting for him in the bedroom in a black negligee.”

“I understand he waited to have sex with you.” Rex repeats the essence of her statement.

“Yes, he wanted to have sex with me, not to make love. We had sex. He shot his load into me, and left me unsatisfied.” She says.

“You didn’t believe your time together was quality time.” He paraphrases.

“He left me unfulfilled, but I still want to remain a loyal wife to him by not cheating on him. You’re the problem because you enabled me to enjoy my sexuality. I decided not to come to the lesson tonight, because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to say no to you.”

“ saying David doesn’t please you sexually and fear being unfaithful. But for some reason, you’ve come here anyway.

She pauses. “I decided to take the lesson, but not to allow you to talk me into having sex with you again. However, you didn’t do that. You were patient with me during the lesson. You didn’t get upset with my attitude. You never once mentioned wanting to have sex with me. You’re behavior has changed my mind. I’m still horny from my time with David. I’m ready and eager for you to make love to me.”

“You’re willing to have sex with me, but not like we did in the back of the car. You want to experience love making rather than sex.”

“Yes, David’s going to be out of town until late Sunday. I want you to take me to your place.”

He looks around, “I can’t kiss you here and now, but I want you to spend the rest of the week with me. He collects the balls and packs his bag, as Sandy places her items into her bag.

He carries all the bags to their cars, and kisses Sandy on the lips as they stand by the cars.

“Are you sure about this?”

She runs one hand through her damp hair and with the other she caresses her nipples. “I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life?” She gets into her car and watches his lean figure and fine ass crawl into his. She follows him with a smile on her face and a finger fondling her crouch.


He drives into the parking lot and waits for her. They kiss and walk hand in hand into the building, an elevator, his condo, and his bedroom.

“I’ve been fingering my clitty since we left the tennis club. I’m ready to have an orgasm and I know you can give it to me.” She undresses leaving a pile of clothes by the door.

Rex follows her lead and undresses before kissing and carrying her into his bedroom. He falls to bed with her.

They continue to kiss with tongues dancing to some unknown tune. Their hands caress each other’s backside.

Sandy giggles when his finger runs up and down the crack of her ass, and she moans, “Oooah,” as he massages her inner thighs getting closer and closer to her pussy. She puts her hand on his and pulls it between her legs. “Make me wetter.”

His kisses don’t stop while his hand tickles her pubic hair.

She wiggles from side to side as his finger as he tickles and moves his hand over her mouns.

“You do that so well. It feels so good and I’m getting excited.

Rex’s hand and fingers move vertically, horizontally, and in circles around her private parts before he lightly drags is finger up her split.

She moans “oh, I like that.”

The finger moves up and down each time going a little deeper between her outer and inner vulva lips.

Her body tenses as he sinks further into her, and she moans as his finger circles the inside of her cavity searching for her G-spot.

When he finds it and presses it with increasing pressure, she clamps her thighs around his hand, “Oh yes, right there.”

As he manipulated her G-spot, he sucks a nipple into his mouth and uses his tongue to stimulate and harden it.

“Oh Rex, I’ve not used to having my pussy and tities stimulated at the same time.” Sandy is caught up in the unusual love making. David never fingers me or sucks on her at the same time. “Rex, oh Rex your driving me crazy. I can feel every stroke and lick.”

Rex kisses his way to her groin and while pressing into her G-spot takes her clit into his mouth. His tongue circles her honey button gently and rapidly.

She can’t believe he’s sucking her clitty, but yet the sensations of his finger and tongue have her writhing in pleasure. Her hand holds his short, graying hair. She closes her eyes and enjoys the thrills he giving her.

Rex continues until his manipulations until Sandy’s uterus contracts quickly sending wave after wave of excitement through her body and she climaxes by groaning, "Aaaaug,” and floods his hand with her fluids.

He licks her pussy clean and returns to massage her clit until she climaxes again.

“Aaaugh! I’m I heaven and all I can see and feel are shooting stars. Every fiber of my body is on fire. I’m blazing from head to toe, fuck me, fuck me?

Raining kisses on her face and mouth, he scrambles between her legs. He pushes them back along her breasts and eases his throbbing cock into the depts. of her wet pussy. He stops to allow her to become accustomed to his shaft, and his crown touching the bottom of her tube.

“Oooah, oooah, oooah, your dick is sending shock aftershock into my pussy, fuck me!

Holding her legs in place and looking down at her, he rises and falls in what looks like a series of pushups. He plunges and withdraws at a steady pace feeling himself separating and collapsing her tunnel walls.

Sandy looks up at the handsome face of the man who is ravaging her pussy. She grunts, “Augh!” each time he bottoms out and each time she gets closer and closer to another orgasm. “I’m ready give it to me,” she cries.

Rex rolls her onto her shoulders and from a different angle he rams her with all the lust he possesses.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, fuuuuuk!” She groans climaxing.

He continues pounding her until the stimulations of her tight, wet pussy push him past his point of no return and he ejects glob after glob of his jizzcum deep into her. He hangs on as his secondary spasms continue for a number of minutes. Finally, he softens and slips from her and to the bed.

“That was wonderful. You’re the only one who has ever given me three orgasms at one time.”


They shower and put on bath robes and go to the kitchen.

“Sit down; I’m going to prepare one of my favorite meals: toasted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.”

Sandy watches him effortlessly go about the task of preparing the meal. She doesn’t remember a time when David cooked for her.

They eat quietly staring as each other and asking for this or that to be passed.

When their finished he says, “Help me with the dishes. I’ll wash and you dry.”

They stand side by side at the sink as he washes and rinses the few items. He directs her where to put each piece as she dries them.

After they finish, he takes her hand and leads her into the den. “What would David and you do on a Thursday evening?”

She laughs. “I’d either read or watch TV while David would go to his office with a glass of wine and work until 11:00 or 12:00.”

“That doesn’t sound too exciting for you.”

“It isn’t. I live a boring life at night unless I play tennis or go to a movie by myself.”

He directs her to a couch, searches through some DVDs, places one in the player and sits beside her.

“What did you pick?” She asks.

“The Thomas Crown Affair, it’s one of my favorite stories.” He puts his arm around her shoulder, opens her robe and cups a breast. “I hope you don’t mind my fondling you.”

She giggles. “Oh no I find it romantic.”

As the move plays, he lays her head on his laps and he continues rubs her hair, face, side, and breasts.

She lies relaxed enjoying the intimate connection between them. This is one of the most intimate evenings I’ve ever spent. I lying on a handsome mans lap and he’s gently caressing my body. Chills and thrills are running up and down my body. This is what I thought romance was about being together and enjoying each other.

When the movie nears the end, Rex more assertively caresses her body concentrating on her breasts, especially her nipples. He opens his rob and turns her head to his erection.

“Do you want me to suck it?”

“If you’d like.”

She shifts her position to lick the precum from the head of his cock before taking him into her mouth. She bobs up and down on his staff adding more and more pressure to her sucking.

Rex rather than fondling her nipples takes them between his finger and thumb and gently twists them until they harden.

The movie ends and as the credits roll he pulls her to his lap with her legs straddling him.

They kiss passionately while he fondles her breasts and she rubs his back.

“I want to take you right here.”

“You can have me anywhere you like. I’m ready.”

He picks her up, and lowers her pussy to the head of his cock. “I don’t want to enter all the way. I want you to fuck my crown.” He pulls her down until on the top of his cock lies between her outer and inner lips.

She places her hands on his shoulders and bobs up and down on his tip.

He cups, fondles, and caresses her breasts.

“Oooah Rex, this is sensational. Your dick going in and out of my opening is exciting all my senses. I’ve never had this feeling before. It’s wonderful.”

After several minutes, she looks at him with a determined smile, her face becomes redder, and her breathing rate increases. “I’m right on the edge, but I can’t come.”

He kisses her lightly on the lips and moves his hand to her clit circling it gently.

Sandy plunges down on his staff and explodes in frenetic movements. She throws her arms around his neck moving rapidly in all directions as her sex organs convulse intensely and she climaxes with a howl, “eeek, wooo, ohya, ohya,” and her fluids drench Rex’s lap.

He holds her by the hips enjoying the powerful sensations of her pussy stimulating him to a point where he can’t control himself. He raises his hips and shoots spurt after spurt into her cavity.

She continues writhe on his shaft, and his spasms are in harmony with her outburst.

After long minutes, she calms, “Rex, oh Rex, that’s the kind of orgasm I’ve always dreamed about. You’re wonderful.” She kisses him lovingly.

Rex sits dazed by their combined energetic orgasms. “Sandy, you’re incredible. The real you showed up to night.” He becomes limp and slips from her.

They lay on the couch listening to the static from the TV.

“I think it’s time for bed.” He picks her up and carries her to the bedroom. Within minutes their asleep in the spoon position with Sandy’s derriere in Rex’s groin and his hand cupping a breast.


Friday morning Rex wakes with a start. Sandy swirls her tongue around the head of his cock, and when he groans, “Aaugh,” she takes him as deep as she can and slithers her tightly closed mouth up and down his length. He lays back wide awake with his hands held under his head enjoying her incredible lips sucking his shaft.

She doesn’t stop.

He takes her by the hair and tries to stop her.

Sandy grabs him by the hips and persists sliding up and down, up and down.

He groans, “Aaugh, wooo, geee, you’ve got to stop or I’m going to come in your mouth.”

Her speed escalates and Rex falls back and fucks her mouth until he comes with a rush firing rope after rope of jizzcum into her mouth with a pleasurable groan.

She takes all of his fluids and as he becomes flaccid she licks him clean. “I wanted to do that because of how you treated me last night.” She smiles at him before jumping on him with her lips coving his in a passionate kiss.

“Sandy, Sandy, what have I done. I’ve unleashed a woman’s sexuality. A sexuality you didn’t know you had.”

“Your right about that darling. Let’s get cleaned up and have some breakfast so we can come back to bed.

Rex laughed. “Woman, I don’t think I’m going to last the weekend if you keep this up.”

“You’ll do fine. You already know a woman doesn’t need a cock to have orgasms.”

To be continued…

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