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Mr. Fixit

Mr. Fixit

She called him to fix her plumbing... and he did!
"Oh damn!" Angie said as she saw the greasy brown, stagnant water in the kitchen sink. "I don't have time for this crap now!"

Angie Parker was not having a good day. Between running around doing her typical morning routine - getting the two kids ready for school, fixing her husband Mike's lunch and getting him off to work, then getting ready for work herself - she was already running behind schedule. But she figured she could make up the time if nothing else went wrong. Unfortunately, something else did go wrong. And now the kitchen sink was hopelessly clogged!

So left with no other option, she called her work to let them know she would be late coming in to work and why. Fortunately, her job as a medical receptionist meant that her presence at work was not "mission essential"; they could get along without her for a few hours. After calling her office, her next phone call was to the plumber.

"Hello, Four Star Plumbing and Heating. How can I help you?" the receptionist answered.

"My name is Angie Parker. I need a plumber to come unplug a drain. I don't know what happened, but my kitchen sink is plugged," Angie said.

"Well we can definitely do that. What is your address, please?"

"1246 E 24th Street."

"Okay got it. And your phone?"


"Thank you. Let's see, I can have a plumber over there tomorrow afternoon. Is that all right?"

"Oh no! Can't you get someone over here quicker? I took off work! I have two kids who are going to want dinner when they get home!"

"Well, let's see. Okay, I can have one of our guys stop over in about an hour. If it's not too bad a clog, maybe he can get you going then."

"Thank you so much. I hope he can too," Angie said. She hung up the phone and looked around the house. "Well, I might as well do some laundry while I wait," she thought to herself and put a load in the washing machine. With a load of laundry going, she grabbed the vacuum cleaner and began vacuuming the living room. She vacuumed the living room and the hallway before she heard a knock on the door. She hurried to the door and glanced at the mirror next to the door to check her appearance.

Angie was dressed in a salmon colored business suit consisting of a medium length skirt and blazer, with a white blouse. She also wore a Victoria Secrets lace bra, panty, and garter belt set and dark thigh-top stockings with her black high heeled pumps. She was dressed for business, but still let everyone know she was all woman as well.

"Hello. I understand you have a plugged up sink?" the man at the door said. Angie looked over the man that stood in her doorway. The name on his coveralls read James and he carried a good sized and well-used tool kit with him.

"Yes, I do. Come in," Angie said, and then closed the door after he stepped inside. He set his tool kit down and reached into his pocket to pull out a pair of shoe covers.

"I don't want to mess up your nice carpet," he explained. She smiled at him. As she lead him into the kitchen she explained what had happened that morning.

"I don't know what the problem is," she said, "but as I was getting the kids off to school I noticed the sink wasn't draining like it normally does. My husband had already left for work or I would have had him look at it."

"Well, let's have a look and see what we can figure out."

"I sure appreciate it. The kids will be coming home from school hungry and I have to get to work. I would really like this sink fixed when they get home."

"Oh? How many kids do you have?" he said, trying to make small talk as he got to work.

"I have two, one boy and one girl," Angie said.

"That's nice. Which one is older?"

"My son, Nick is older. Amy is two years younger than him. Nick is twelve and Amy is ten."

"No way. You don't look old enough to have teenagers!" he said.

"Oh aren't you sweet! Yes, I'm afraid I am getting close to the teen years!" Angie said, blushing a bit.

"Well if you don't mind my saying so miss, you do not have the figure of a woman with teenaged kids. Much less two of them."

"T... Thank you," Angie said blushing really red now. She smiled at the man on the floor. "My name... is Angie."

"Very nice to meet you, Angie. I'm James," he said.

"Yes I figured that," she said giggling.

He looked down at his coveralls. "Oh yeah... kinda obvious, I suppose."

Angie looked at the plumber a bit closer as he worked. He was kinda cute. And certainly nice. He was blonde and a few years younger than her she guessed. Which made her all the more flattered - a younger man thought she was attractive. While his coveralls didn't show it, he appeared to be in pretty good shape too. Hmm...

A thought crossed Angie's mind - a deliciously wicked thought that put a smile on her face and a tingle in her pussy. What if... She went into the other room quickly and took off her blazer and removed her blouse. She put the blazer back on but only fastened the lower of two buttons, leaving the collar open enough that she could see her black lace bra and plenty of cleavage.

Angie did have a very good figure - she was proud of her looks and especially proud of her 38DD breasts. Now she wanted to show them off to this strange man and see what would happen!

Angie came back in the room and stood next to the dishwasher where he could see her. She started making small talk again when she decided to make her move.

"Tell me James, and be honest - do you like this outfit? I'm not sure I think it makes me look too old," she said.

James looked up at her from under the sink. "No, I think it looks fine. I don't think you look old at all."

"Really? Because I was thinking that this skirt is too long. The women are wearing them shorter these days. What if I was to take up maybe here?" she said pulling her skirt up a bit and revealing a bit more leg. She watched for his reaction. Still not satisfied with the results of her teasing, she raised the skirt still higher "Maybe even up the here?"

James licked his lips and he could feel his heart beating faster. "Y.. yeah, that's a good... height," he stammered.

Angie smiled at his stammering. She knew she had gotten to him and it pleased her that she was able to make him so flustered. But she wasn't quite finished with her little game.

"Okay, that should just about do it. Your drain should be running fine now," he said, after a couple more minutes work.

"Oh thank goodness! Just in time - the kids will be home in a few hours and I can actually get dinner on the table on time too," she said.

"Well I'm glad I could help. I'll just clean up here and get your bill ready, then I'll be out of your way," he said as he crawled out from under the sink. He wiped up the water drips and cleaned up the mess he had made and then stood up. He took off his coveralls because they were dirty too and that is when Angie got a good look at him.

Those coveralls did not do James justice at all. He was indeed a well-built man, his tight t-shirt accentuating his large chest and his well-muscled arms. He wore well-fitting blue jeans as well - not so tight that he couldn't move easily in them, but not so loose that she couldn't see his tight butt and powerful legs. Angie definitely liked what she saw.

They went over to the dining room table and James began drawing up the bill.

"Would you like something to drink, James? I have soda, ice tea..." Angie asked.

"I wouldn't say no to a glass of tea," he replied. Angie poured them both a glass of tea and brought them over the table to where James was sitting.

"Thanks for fixing the sink, James," she said.

"It was no big deal, you just had some food in the trap. Someone put it down the drain instead of the garbage disposal," he said.

"Since I have you here James, can you see anything else that might need some... fixing?" she asked him as she pulled her chair a little closer to his and sat down. She pulled her skirt up a bit higher and spread her legs, showing him she wasn't wearing any panties and revealing her clean-shaven, moist pussy. "Or... maybe I could do something for you since you were so nice to come right over and help me with the sink."

James sat there in shock with his mouth open. He didn't know what to say. Angie scooted forward to the edge of her chair. She was sitting in right in front of him with her knees practically touching his and his crotch was just a foot away from her. She looked down and saw the bulge in his pants getting larger and she licked her lips unconsciously. She looked up into his eyes and flicked back and forth searching for a reply. Not finding one, she reached out suddenly and grabbed the bulge, giving it a squeeze.

"If you can think of some way I can thank you for helping me out, just let me know James. I would be glad to do it."

That was all poor James could take.

"Yeah, there's something you can do all right," he said, getting up from his chair.

James started unzipping and pulling at his pants. He jerked them and his boxers down in one swift motion. His cock sprung forward into her face.

Just looking at his cock made Angie even wetter. He must have been a good seven inches long and as big around as her wrist. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her off her chair and onto her knees. He stepped forward slightly until his fat cock was right in front of her face.

Angie opened her mouth as wide as she could and let James' big fat cock slide paste her red lips and over her tongue. James wanted to show her that he was in charge right off. He started pumping his cock back and forth in her mouth, face-fucking her while she greedily sucked on him and twirled her tongue around his stiff pole.

James wasn't about to take it easy on her either. She had shown him she wanted this. She asked for it. And now she was going to get it! James was ramming his cock deeper and deeper with each stroke. He wanted his cock fully down her throat. Angie had never deep-throated anyone and as she felt him go deeper down her throat, she started to gag a bit.

James backed out of her mouth allowing her a gasping breath. "You're gonna have to do better than that!" he growled, before thrusting his cock back down her throat.

While he was ramming as much of his cock into her mouth as he could, he reached a hand down inside her blazer and pulled up on her lacy bra until her breasts fell out from under it. He grabbed hold of one of her full firm globes and began digging his fingers into the soft meat and pinching her nipple hard. Angie whimpered as pain shot through her breast.

"Is this what you want? Do you like the taste of that cock?"

"Mmmfmm," Angie mumbled around the monster cock.

"You are a dirty little whore aren't you?"

"Mmmfmmfmm," Angie said.

"Suck my cock you little slut!"

Angie was loving it. She loved that he was so strong and forceful. She felt like a dirty whore - his dirty whore - and she loved it when a man treated her like that.

He began fucking her mouth faster and faster. Angie knew that he wouldn't last long at this pace and she wanted fucked. She didn't want him to just blow his load in her mouth. She was scared if he did, he would leave her pussy still empty and aching to be stuffed with that stiff, fat, juicy cock.

Angie pulled her mouth off of his cock.

"James, please... please fuck me. I need your cock in my pussy, now," she begged.

"Oh I'm going to fuck you all right, you little slut. Now where's your bedroom?" he said as he hoisted her to her feet. He pulled up his pants and boxers as Angie took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom. She quickly crossed the bedroom floor and sat on the edge of the bed. She spread her legs just enough to pull him closer to her

She reached up and started to unbuckle his belt. She pulled his pants down, exposing his still rock hard cock. She grinned at the sight of it and slowly started licking the length of the shaft and then took it deep into her throat as one hand cupped his balls.

As Angie continued to suck his cock, he stepped out of his pants and then he pulled his shirt over his muscular shoulders. He then pulled his hard shaft from her hungry mouth and I heard her slurp as her lips left his cock. He pushed her back onto the bed and ripped her skirt down her legs and off of her to reveal her bare pussy. He knelt down next to the bed and spread her legs apart to reveal her already wet love nest. He could see the juices running down over her anal opening.

He pushed his hand between her legs and jammed three fingers into Angie's soaking wet hole and started finger fucking her.

"You're a tight little whore aren't you?" he said. "I'll bet hubby loves fucking this tight little cunt. Does he know how big of a slut you are?"

The more James talked, the hotter she got. As he talked, he was twisting and jamming his fingers in her pussy hole and stretching it to capacity. Angie moaned and squirmed and twisted in rapturous delight.

James was treating her like a whore and she loved it.

Suddenly he pulled his fingers out of her juicy pussy and sat up. He grabbed her behind each knee and pushed her legs up and over her shoulders spreading them as he did. With her sopping pussy now completely exposed to him, he buried his face into her wetness, his tongue parting her petals and diving deep inside to get to her warm pink pussy. She let out a loud moan as she felt his tongue invade her most intimate spot.

"Ohhh my goddd! I'm cuumming!" she screamed, "Yes! Oh James, lick my pussy! Suck up all my cum, baby!"

As his tongue went up and down between her dripping wet slit, she quivered and moaned with delight. After he sucked every last drop of her sweet nectar he stood and pulled her to the edge of the bed. He rolled her onto her stomach and had her bent over the edge of the bed.

"Let's see if you fuck as good as you taste," he said.

He spread her legs wide and then with a stab he sunk all of his thick cock into her still wanting, throbbing cunt. It felt wonderful. He slammed his shaft all the way to his balls as she felt them smack against her clit. The thickness made her hot pussy feel full. He reached down a grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and gave it a pull, raising her head up and forcing her back to arch.

Then James started slamming into her. Banging his hips into Angie's ass and forcing his cock in her as deep as it would go. The room was filled with the sound of his hips and balls slamming against her. He didn't take it easy fucking her pussy, either. He was going to fuck this slut senseless and he slammed in and out of her drooling pussy like a mad man.

"You like that slut? Do you like the feel of my cock stretching your little cunt?"

Oh my god! Oh my god! Yesss! Yess! Fuck me, fuck meee..." she wailed as he battered her with his pile-driver cock.

This was just what Angie needed. He had her juices flowing like a river. Slam, Slam, Slap, Slap! He was giving her the fuck of a lifetime.

He slid a finger down and lubed her ass with pussy juice and then slid a finger in her ass. That's when Angie knew he was going to shove that fat cock in her tight little asshole.

Angie hadn't had a cock in her ass for more than five years. Her husband, Mike, had never tried to fuck it. She wondered if her asshole could handle the size of James's cock. Angie's last boyfriend had fucked it years ago but he wasn't as thick as James.

Angie didn't care. She knew it would hurt, but she was ready to go for it.

"Fuck my ass... fuck my ass, please!"

"Stick that big dick in my little asshole," Angie pleaded with him.

James pulled out of her pussy and rubbed some more of her own natural lube over her ass. Then he stuck two fingers into her puckered hole and spread her open, spitting into it.

He guided the head of his cock up to the opening and started to push. Angie could feel the pressure as his cock started to expand her ass. It hurt so bad, but she wanted this so much.

Angie whimpered a little and gave a few shrieks as he shoved his fuck stick deep inside her tight ass.

The pain started to subside a little as she got used to his size. Then James started to slowly fuck her. He drew almost completely out of her ass, leaving just the mushroom head inside before slipping back into her driving into her until she had taken him fully back in.

Angie reached between her wide spread legs and started rubbing her pussy furiously as he fucked her faster and faster. She was lost somewhere between blissful pleasure and searing pain, but she was loving every second of it.

"Fuck me harder! Ram my ass like I have never been rammed before. Give it all to me, Ohhh... Yesss! Oh, fffucckk mee! Harder! Ohhh fuckkk meee!" Angie was screaming and thrashing wildly, like a woman possessed.

Faster and faster he moved in and out of her until he was fucking Angie's ass the same way he had fucked her pussy. Hard, fast, and merciless. Angie worked her fingers around her swollen, aching clit, strumming it like a guitar string and rubbing it frantically. She brought herself to another crashing orgasm. Her knee's were trembling and shaking so bad her legs could no longer hold the weight of James body slamming into hers any longer and she fell face down on bed.

James fell on top of her and scooted them both to the middle of the bed. Then he started pile driving his cock into her ass like he had done to her pussy. Each time he came down, he pushed her down deep into the mattress. He paused every so often to give her ass a hard swat with his hand, each time making an angry red handprint on her creamy white flesh. He was giving her ass a beating, but she was in heaven.

Angie grabbed the bed sheets, balling them up into her fists and shoving a corner of the pillow into her mouth to muffle her screams. She thrashed and writhed and struggled under him but not to get away, only to show him that she was enjoying his rough treatment.

"Get ready, slut, I'm going to cum soon."

Angie moaned loudly at his announcement. He plowed into her again.

"I'm going to pull out of your ass and shoot my cum down your throat," he growled. He rammed deep into her ass once again.

"Get ready here it comes,"

He pulled out and I jumped up and turned around. "I love tasting my own juice off a cock, I think it's so hot and it's a real turn on for me." She inhaled his wet shaft in her mouth and sucked it as if it were a delicious Popsicle.

She could taste a mixture of her pussy and her ass on his cock and she loved it. Angie worked his cock with her mouth and tongue and took him all the way to the back of her throat with each stroke. James grabbed her head and pulled her face hard into his stomach, forcing all of his hard, fat cock into and down her throat. Angie began choking and gagging but he didn't let up.

James gave a loud grunt and then she felt him shooting a huge load of hot sticky cum down her throat.

Angie couldn't take it any longer. She forced him back and pulled his cock out of her mouth even as he was still shooting rope after rope of cum. They hit her face and onto her chest. When he finally stopped cumming, she took his cock back into her mouth to suck out the last few remaining drops of his cum and lick him clean.

They both collapsed onto the bed, panting and sweaty, their hearts racing and their bodies still trembling with an occasion residual spasm. This was definitely the best fuck she had ever had.

James didn't say much for awhile. Angie rested for a minute as she came down from her orgasm and then went to the bathroom for a towel to clean the cum off her face.

When she came back into the room, James was getting dressed. He said he needed to get back to work.

"You are a nasty little slut aren't you"?

"Yes I am," Angie said, "Did you like it? Can you come back for more sometime?"

He smiled and gave her a long, passionate kiss then said, "Give me all call the next time something needs fixing. I'll come take care of it."

* * * *

James and Angie got together several times after that. He would come over whenever she needed "fixing" and Mike, Angie's husband, never found out. Eventually James moved on to a better job in another state. But she fondly remembered her handyman and would often think of him when she felt "broken".

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