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My First Massage

Beth's special massage.

I had never had a proper massage before, so when I started to suffer from sciatica my wife promised she would treat me to a special one.

My wife Jules regularly went for a massage as a treat at a Members Only parlour, so when she had her last one she asked if she could book me in for what was advertised as a “gents' only special massage.” She asked what was special about that type of massage; she was though unable to find out anything as it was strictly for men only. She was told it involved ladies dressed quite scantily who carried out the special massage although it was not a brothel.

The gents' only session was held just once a month and is usually over-booked as it had become very popular. My wife informed me of her little surprise and that she had to choose the type of masseur I wanted, blonde, brunette or redhead, and had opted for a blonde as she knew that was my favourite hair colour. She also had to book me in under an assumed name to keep anonymity so used the name, Bob.

One of Jules best pals works as a masseuse so she had been getting some pointers from her and testing out her techniques on me prior to the event. I had no idea which of her friends was a masseuse at this time though. I had to admit, following the sessions with my wife I was really looking forward to a real experienced masseuse laying her hands on me; my wife’s efforts had certainly helped my back problems so a real massage should be wonderful.

On the evening of my appointment, I showered at home after a long day at work and slipped into a pair of smart chinos and a loose shirt. Jules dropped me off at the parlour and went off to spend a night with her lady friends so was not expected home till late if at all. I had no work the following day so I was hoping for a really good long massage before I was to join my mates at the pub.

At the parlour, I had to ring the bell on the side door. It was answered quickly by a stunning smartly dressed lady who ushered me into a little room. In the room, I had to complete a health questionnaire, was informed of the no touching rules and was then shown photo’s on an iPad of the masseuses available, straightaway I recognised my wife’s good friend, Beth, as I will call her.

Beth was a regular visitor to our house and we had spoken many times, I knew she was into physiotherapy or something but was totally unaware she was a masseuse. Beth was blonde with a really nice figure; she had a really pert ass and really good D cup breasts. Beth was married with a young son and lived less than half a mile from our house. Beth’s husband Dave was one of the guys I was meeting later at the pub so I was curious as to why she would work on a men’s only night as a masseuse.

I, of course, selected Beth and was ushered to another room still using the name Bob, just in case there was anyone present who might know me. I shouldn’t have worried though because at no time did I see any other clients attending the gents' only night.

In the small well scented, dimly lit massage room I was told to strip naked and lay face down on the massage table with the white fluffy towel across my ass to keep my dignity covered. I was lying on the table with my face through the hole in the end, facing the floor when the door opened, in walked my masseur. I guessed it was Beth but at this time I had no idea who it was, all I could see was a perfect pair of legs wearing really high heels.

The door closed behind her and she spoke for the first time, “Hi Bob,” said Beth.”How are you and what can I do for you tonight?” she went on to say.

I replied, “Hi Beth, I am fine but I do suffer from really bad sciatica in my lower back and backs of my legs.” 

Beth seemed confused and replied, “How do you know my name?”

I raised my head and looked straight into her eyes and just said, “Hello how are you keeping? I must say I was surprised to find you working here!”

Beth used my real name and said, “Are you sure you want to go ahead with this or should I get someone else to give you a massage?”

I said, “No, as this is my first ever massage it’s great that I know you and we can chat without feeling awkward, other than the fact I am naked.”

Beth replied, ”I am really happy to have you as my client, so let’s get started.”

I now had a really good chance to have a look at Beth; she looked really hot in a loose-fitting white gown that barely covered her Black lacy bra and panties. Her really impressive cleavage was clearly visible through the gap in her gown and she did her best to try and hide it without much success.

I pointed out to Beth that Jules had arranged this as a surprise for me. I then told Beth the areas where I was suffering, so Beth selected some nice warming oils and started giving me a really nice deep massage to the whole of my back. She gradually moved to my legs which felt amazing starting at my ankles and moving up slowly, she eventually reached my upper legs and asked me to part my legs slightly so she could concentrate on the thighs and hips.

Beth asked if she could remove the towel whilst I was on my front so she could really get into my buttocks as that is where I have most pain, I had no issues as I knew I was lying on my semi-erect cock.

Beth was amazing she really knew how to repair the knots in my bum and upper legs but she did keep brushing her hand against my balls as she worked between my legs. I was unsure whether it was done intentionally or not but it certainly felt great and made my cock get even harder. It was a bigger surprise when she eased my legs a bit further apart and started to really massage and caress my neatly trimmed balls.

Beth said,”You trim your body hair then!”

After a few minutes of that Beth asked me to turn over onto my back and handed me my towel, I asked her to turn away and quickly turned over and covered my now erect cock with the big fluffy towel. The way the towel had been folded though meant it only just covered my full erection and left my balls on show.

When Beth turned back her robe was open a lot further than earlier and I could clearly see he big brown nipples through the lace part of her bra.

I said, “Wow!” but shouldn’t have said it out loud!

Beth said, “You obviously like what you see?”

I said, “I have seen you in a bikini before but your figure looks amazing, have you been working out?”

Beth replied, “I had to get into shape to work here to compete with the younger girls.”

With that Beth slipped off her robe and started to give my front a massage in just her bra and panties and looked stunning. She started with my feet and lower legs gradually moving up to my calf’s, knees and thighs working just below my balls, she then stopped and moved so she was standing in front of my head looking down the length of my body.

I had had my eyes closed but suddenly opened them and looked straight up at the underside of Beth’s tits that stood out and looked huge. Beth was now working on my upper chest and arms as I just lay ogling her big tits, occasionally she would look down making sure I was OK and enjoying my massage.

On one of those occasions, she caught me looking straight at her tits.

Beth said, “I normally offer extras at this point for a charge, like fifty pounds to remove my bra and another fifty to remove my panties but for you, I can’t do that. Do you want me to get someone else in who could offer you that service?”

I said, “No, I am happy for you to continue as I wouldn’t want any extra’s anyway as I only came for a massage and didn’t expect anything else.”

Beth continued on with the massage still standing above me and was making me feel so relaxed working on my head and neck that I almost started to doze off.

Then Beth stopped momentarily and said, “Why should you miss out just because you’re my best friend’s husband,” and quickly removed her bra and panties leaving her just in her heels and looking so sexy and hot.

Beth said, “No extra charge for you as long as you come back.”

I replied, “I will, I will.”

Beth remained above my head reaching down massaging my chest and my tummy meaning she had to lean over my face and her big tits came into contact with my mouth. I opened my mouth and with no resistance she allowed me to suck each nipple, in turn, making them go as hard as bullets, I licked and sucked all over her big firm tits until she raised her body and returned to stand beside me again concentrating on my abs and tummy area.

I could not take my eyes off her tits as they wobbled when she moved and massaged my body; she was now working very close to the head of my erect cock and occasionally her hand slipped under the towel and brushed the head.

Beth then grabbed the towel and it was gone leaving me naked with my erect cock pointing at the roof.

“Now we are even,” she said as she wrapped her hand round my cock and with the use of a little oil started massaging it up and down, I had no time to react at all.

 I said, “Don’t think you have to do that just because Jules has paid for a special massage. Only do what you are comfortable with.”

Beth replied, “What goes on in the parlour, stays in the parlour.”

Beth gave me a little smile then lowered her head and started licking around the hood of my cock, licking up and down the shaft before wrapping her lips around it and swallowing virtually the whole length. I took one of Beth’s big firm tits in my hand as it was all I could reach and started massaging her, pinching and squeezing her nipples making her moan and sigh.

Beth was giving my cock some major attention and I couldn’t help think how lucky Dave was, getting blowjobs like this daily, not that Jules wasn’t good but Beth was much better. I now managed to pull Beth towards me with my cock still in her mouth and lift her up onto the table so she straddled my face; I then pulled her cheeks apart and buried my tongue deep into her soaking pussy.

We were now pleasuring each other and both really enjoying the sensations from the constant moans and ooh’s. Whilst deep into her pussy, I managed to grab a bottle of the oil and used it to lubricate Beth’s little bud and slowly insert one finger then another into her ass. I gently fingered her bringing her to a massive orgasm that squirted all over my face and into my mouth.

Beth knew I was close as well, so moved her body and lowered her pussy onto my hard pole and in a reverse cowgirl position, a position I had never tried before. She rode me hard and wild for what seemed like hours but was only minutes before I shot my load deep into her pussy, just as she said, ”Don’t cum inside me!”

I replied, “Too late, I have filled you up,” 

She said, ”I know. I felt it and I wanted it but wanted to see how you reacted.”

We both collapsed onto the bed, I was covered in Beth’s juices and she was full of my cum. She did though clean my cock up and sucked off every last drop of our entwined juices.

Beth explained that she had never had full sex with a client before and never ever would, she does though offer the blowjob and allow her pussy to be licked for one hundred pounds, on top of the strip money.

The session now over, Beth guided me to the huge walk-in shower and handed me gel and shampoo as well as a fresh towel. I switched the water on and in I went, I was joined by the still naked Beth who straight away began soap up my cock and balls as I started on her wonderful tits soaping and massaging them.

Beth said, “If I can get this hard again I will suck you off before you go as an extra.”

Beth worked really hard on my cock and in minutes he was fully erect and ready to be blown, she dropped to her knees helped by my hands on her head. Beth sucked on me for a good fifteen minutes altering the speed, and occasionally deep throating me before I shot what seemed like gallons of cum into her mouth and down her throat. Beth swallowed up every drop easily, then after cleaning me up again stood up and left the shower kissing me full on the lips allowing me to taste my own cum in her mouth.

I dressed and left by the side door but not before booking another session with Beth the following month.

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