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My Roommate fucks my girlfriend

My girlfriend gives herself to my roommate
The sunlight flooding the room woke me up before the alarm did. I turned over to see Sarah still sleeping beside me. I loved how sexy she looked even when she wasn’t trying. The light painted her skin a golden color. I brushed back her long, light brown hair to give her a kiss on the cheek. She opened her eyes slowly and smiled at me.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” I whispered to her.

I loved waking up to her in the morning. I hugged her petite body and gently kissed the back of her neck. I love the way she giggled when I kissed her neck. She was so ticklish it was adorable. I moved my hand down her slender body and cupped her round c-cup tits. She started giggling and squirming as I played with her nipple.

Sarah playfully tried to push me off but as I moved down her chest and towards her clit, she resisted less and less. I stared straight into her large green eyes as I rubbed her gently but quickly. I could feel her getting wetter and the way she bit her lip and stroked my cock underneath by boxers told me she was ready.

I kissed her stomach and made my way down to her pussy. I gently licked her clit and slid a finger into her hole. Her juices started coating my finger and her moans became louder and louder. She tried covering her mouth with a pillow so her suitemates wouldn’t hear what was happening in the next room, but I took the pillow from her. I loved hearing her moan. It was so playful and sexy that I didn’t care if anyone else heard.

I took off my boxers and slipped on a condom. I played with her neck and ears as I slid my cock into her warm wet pussy. I was always the one on top but I didn’t really mind. She wrapped her legs around my back, and we kissed as I thrust into her faster and faster. She was very quiet in bed but I didn’t mind. I loved her so much. I love the way her lips felt, I loved the way her legs held me tight and pulled me into her. I loved how wet she felt when I entered her. I loved it all so much that after about a minute I could feel the condom filling up with my cum. Shit.

I pulled out of her and plopped back onto the bed. I felt so stupid, like a little kid who couldn’t control himself. I insisted that Sarah let me finish her off but she just told me not to worry about it. She smiled, but I could tell from her expression that she was disappointed.

I got dressed and headed back to my room. I felt pretty bad but Sarah was probably used to it by now. She never overtly said she had a problem with me cumming early. After all, it did work out well for some afternoon quickies in the bathroom if we wanted, but it was pretty obvious that lately she was having a problem with it.

I opened the door to my room where I was greeted by the sight of my roommate slamming his cock into a girl bent over his desk. They turned to me and frantically covered themselves up.

“Shit, sorry Nick,” I said as I covered my eyes and walked towards my desk, “I just needed my backpack. I’ll be out of your way.”

“No worries, man. Guess we forgot to lock the door,” he replied nonchalantly.

I couldn’t help but take a quick look at the girl as I walked out. I had to admit I was slightly jealous of Nick. This wasn’t the first time I had walked in on him, though he usually warns me beforehand when he’s bringing a girl home. Most of our text conversations involved him asking me if he could use the room. The girl he was with today was easily out of my league. I just chuckled and left.

The rest of the day went by normally, and after classes were done Sarah and I walked back to my room. Nick wasn’t there, so we dropped our stuff and climbed into bed. I really didn’t want to mess up this time. I figured the problem may have been the condoms I’d been using; they had lubricant on them that was stimulating for both men and women. Sarah was totally against the idea of me fucking her without a condom. She was on birth control, but she said that it just felt slutty to do it that way. It didn’t make sense but arguing about it would be a mood killer. There was another idea though.

I pulled down her jeans a bit and started rubbing her ass. I slipped my thumb in between her cheeks and slowly made my way to her hole. She started smiling and giggling again. We’d never done anal but I was glad to see she was open to trying it. She got on her knees and began stroking my cock. I was so excited. I would be the first guy in her ass and she would be the first girl I ever fucked in the ass. My cock became rock hard at the thought of my shaft disappearing into her tight hole. Sarah was about to let go of my cock when all of a sudden a couple thick drops of cum landed right on Sarah’s arm, and I felt all the excitement from moments ago flood out.

Sarah didn’t say anything, but the half-cocked eyebrow and frown blatantly displayed her frustration. I profusely apologized but Sarah cut me off and went to the bathroom to wash her hands. As I pulled up my jeans, Nick walked into the room. He greeted me as he took of his gym shirt and threw it in the hamper. He was about to take off his shorts too when Sarah came back.

They stared at each other for a moment before Sarah smiled and introduced herself. I realized, that they had never met each other, since Sarah and I usually went to her room to hang out. She only looked at Nick’s face for a second before moving down his body. Nick exercised regularly and it showed on his well-defined abs and chest. He was a bit taller than Sarah and I, with brownish-blonde hair and dark colored eyes. He checked out Sarah too, eyeing how she twisted her hair around her finger and didn’t break her handshake for a while. They seemed to talk for hours before Sarah turned to me.

“By the way Andrew I meant to ask if I could borrow your bus pass for a bit. Nicole and Susan [her suitemates] need some groceries but can’t make it before the store closes.”

Before I could speak Nick interjected, “You don’t need to take the bus. I’ll drive you!” he said emphatically.

“Really? You sure that’s not a problem?” Sarah asked. “Of course not. It’ll be fun,” he replied.

I was glad Nick offered. Sarah lost the last bus pass I loaned her and I had to pay $50 for a replacement. Besides, I would know she’d be safe traveling with a friend.

There was no point of me being in my room anymore, so I walked out with them to the lobby and told Sarah I would be studying in the library and to text me when she gets back. Nick put her arm around her shoulder and led her to his car. I should’ve introduced them long ago. Nick seemed like a great friend to her.

The clock soon struck 11pm and I was getting tired of studying. I asked Sarah where she was but she replied, “Sorry I forgot to text you. Nick just dropped me off. Going to sleep. Good night, love you!"

Damn, I was hoping to spend the night with her but she clearly didn’t want to. I wasn’t mad; we had spent almost every night together before today, so I wasn’t missing much. I started walking back to my room but Nick soon texted me “Hey. I got someone over, just letting you know. Sorry man!”

I was almost taken back. Two girls in one day? Nick really knew what he was doing. I thought about the girl he was with this morning. I only caught a glimpse of her, but from what I remember, she was really hot. I almost felt guilty, but I started fantasizing what the girl that Nick was with right now must look like.

I felt weird about it, but the horniness I felt overwhelmed any apprehension I had. I walked back to my room and carefully opened the door to my suite so as to not let Nick know I had come in. Our suitemates were asleep before 11 and when Nick asked me for the room, he assumed that I would go into the common room on our floor to wait, so he would be alarmed if he heard the door slam. I crept over to the door and tried turning the knob. Nothing. He actually remembered to lock the door this time. However, I remembered how he complained the door was thin, so I sat on the floor and leaned my ear against the door.

I could hear Nick’s bedspring squeaking combined with the loud moans of some slut he was fucking. I pulled down my jeans and started rubbing my cock. It was somewhat to make out what they were saying but the bits and pieces I caught were enough to make me hard.

“You feel so good Nick! You’re so fucking huge!” the girl said as the bedspring sounds got louder. “Ahh fuck me harder! Make me cum again!”

“Does your boyfriend ever fuck you like this?” I could hear Nick say through pants and moans.

Boyfriend? I didn’t know Nick ever scored with a girl that was taken. I felt bad for the guy, but the sound of my buddy fucking some cheating slut was really fucking hot. I rubbed my cock faster, careful to make as little noise as possible. The girl mixed her cries of joy with “Never.” and “He can’t make me cum like you can.” This girl was a freak. I always wished Sarah would be more vocal in bed. It was a major turn on for me.

“Get on your knees. I want to finish on your face,” Nick commanded.

The girl did as she was told and after a few seconds, I could tell Nick was squirting his load onto her. I imagined the face of the girl this morning coated in hot cum, and with that, I blew a small load into my hand.

“I’m gonna go wash this off and head out. My place tomorrow?” I could hear the girl ask Nick as she headed towards the door.

Shit, no time to clean up. I quickly gathered my things and ran out of my suite before she walked into the hallway.

The next day after classes I texted Nicole but go no reply. Strange. Usually she’d be the one berating me for not waiting outside her class to walk her to her room. She must have already walked back by herself, so I headed to her dorm building. As I got out of the elevator to her floor, I was surprised to see Nick standing there.

“Oh hey! What’s up?!” Nick asked me a bit overemphatically. His face was unusually red and he seemed startled to see me.

“Is everything okay man?” I asked him out of concern. “What are you doing up here?”

“Oh…um…Sarah forgot…in my car. I was just giving it back it to her,” he replied.

Sarah was always forgetful. It was nice of Nick to walk all the way to her dorm to give it back. I thanked him and headed into Sarah’s room. She walked out of the bathroom wiping her face but jumped back when she looked up and saw me.

“Andrew, hey. What are you doing here?” she asked me, still clearly flustered. That’s weird. She never cared if I just stopped by.

“I didn’t mean to scare you babe. I just missed you.” I walked over to her and kissed her on the lips. “Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday.”

“Uh…wait…I’m not really in the mood, babe.” she tried telling me in between kisses.

She always teased me like that, but I knew how to get her in the mood. I took her into her room and pulled down her pants. She reluctantly bent over the desk. I loved looking at her ass. She was a small girl but her ass thick and sculpted. I rubbed my cock a little before putting on the condom and sliding into her. She sighed but decided to go with it.

She felt so much wider than before. My cock easily went inside her and barely rubbed her sides. She moved her legs closer together, seemingly aware of the problem, but that hardly helped. Her face became noticeably red and I started to feel awkward. Why could I fit so easily inside of my girlfriend’s pussy?

I nevertheless kept thrusting into her trying to ignore the issue. I pressed her asscheeks together which helped make her pussy feel tighter. Sarah gave out the occasional moan but didn’t say much. I closed my eyes and thought of the girl Nick was fucking last night, how she screamed that Nick was making her cum like her boyfriend never could. The way she moaned was incredibly sexy. I immediately thought of what Nick did to the girl when he came, and I wanted to see Sarah’s face like that too. I told her to get on her knees and turn around. Sarah seemed surprised but did what I asked. I rubbed my cock faster and faster but all that came out was a few small squirts that barely covered her cheek. Sarah stared at my cock for a little before looking up at me and giving a quick smile. She wiped my cum off her face and put her pants back on.

“Thanks hun. That was….great,” she said with a perfunctory note. “I have a lot of work to do. Talk to you tomorrow?”

“Sure. Bye babe.” I couldn’t help but notice there was a strange taste on her mouth when I kissed her, but I assumed she must have had something bad for lunch.

At about 10 pm the next day Sarah and I were hanging out in her room watching a movie and eating dinner when she told me that her sister was driving in to visit her that night. I knew Sarah’s family lived close by but because of Sarah’s busy schedule, they hardly found time to see her. I knew I wouldn’t be able to spend the night with her (Sarah’s sister and her slept in the same bed whenever she visited) so I kissed her goodbye and left. When I got back to my room however, I realized I had left my keys in her room. I tried knocking on the door but Nick didn’t seem to be in the room.

I decided it was worth the walk to go get my keys. As I approached Sarah’s room, I heard a strange undulating choking sound. I chuckled and thought Sarah must be watching porn before her sister arrived. The door was ajar, so I decided to peer inside as to not alarm her like last time. My jaw dropped when I looked at her bed.

Nick was sitting naked on Sarah’s bed while she was on her knees wearing nothing but her socks. Both of her hands were clasped around Nick’s cock. I was shocked by the size of it; Sarah’s hand couldn’t fit around it, and when she brought her face close to it, his thick mushroom head tip went well past her ear. Sarah slowly ran her tongue up Nick’s shaft, swirling her tongue around the circumference of his cock. When she reached the tip, she playfully licked the underside of his cock, staring and smiling at him as rubbed his shaft and took Nick’s massive head into her mouth. Nick moaned loudly and grabbed Sarah’s head.

“Look at me while you suck my cock, you slut,” he commanded my girlfriend as he grabbed her by the hair and forced her head down the length of his shaft.

The familiar undulating choking noise returned as he thrust his tips faster and faster into Sarah’s face, slamming his cock into the back of her throat. Sarah never broke her gaze as her mouth was completely filled by my roommate’s meat. Nick played with Sarah’s nipples with other hand, rubbing and pinching them. He took his hand off her head but Sarah still continue the rhythm he wanted. She rubbed half of his shaft while she cleanly sucked and slurped the rest of his dick.

Sarah slid her mouth down Nick’s shaft until she reached the bottom. She rubbed and gently squeezed Nick’s balls, making Nick lose it and unload into the back of her throat. She waited, staring at Nick as his cum dripped down the sides of her mouth. She let go and swallowed the rest of his cum, smiling at him.

“How was that?” she asked him playfully.

“Perfect, babe,” Nick replied, staring at his new conquest. “Come here, I’m not done with you.” he said tapping his lap.

Sarah walked over to him and climbed onto his lap. She rubbed her already dripping pussy while Nick stroked his cock.

“Did you fuck your boyfriend after we did?” Nick asked seemingly aware of the answer.

“Yeah, but it was nothing. He barely fit inside me.” Sarah said while rubbing the tip of his Nick’s cock on her wet labia. “You stretched my pussy so much yesterday! I’ve been waiting all day to fuck you again.”

Nick grabbed Sarah’s hips and pushed his cock into her hole. Sarah gasped and moaned as inch after inch disappeared into her body. When her ass reached Nick’s thighs, her head went back. She had a look of pain and pleasure that I’ve never seen on her before.

“Wow Nick, you feel so fucking incredible. I love how huge you are.”

I realized in that moment how stupid I was. How did I not realize that Sarah didn’t care that Nick’s arm was around her? How did I not realize that the slut I was masturbating to last night was my girlfriend fucking my roommate? How did I not realize that Nick had just fucked my girlfriend before I walked into her room? How did I not realize that the taste on her lips was the taste of Nick’s cum in her mouth? I was devastated and tears rolled down my face, from pain, from insecurity, from naiveté. But even through the sorrow I couldn’t look away as the love of my life was bashing me in front of my roommate, taunting the sizing of my inadequacies, delightfully enjoying another man’s cock without the slightest hint of remorse. In a way, I almost believed that the girl fucking my roommate in front of me was not my Sarah. It was not the same Sarah with the long brown hair and large green eyes. It wasn’t the same Sarah whose laugh was genuine and attractive. I wanted to believe it wasn’t her who swallowed another man’s cum. I don’t know why I stayed but I stayed, watching her to see if she would just come to her senses and stop.

Sarah’s legs rested beside her on the outside of Nick’s thighs. Nick leaned back and pulled Sarah with her, revealing Sarah’s perfect apple shaped ass to me. He slapped Sarah’s ass a couple of times before finally grabbing her hips and bouncing her on his thick cock. Nick thrust inside of her pussy while Sarah screamed in pain and pleasure. I could see Nick’s thick shaft stretching my girlfriend’s pussy to a size she never felt before. Every time she came down, her ass slapped Nick’s thighs and she moaned as his cock filled her up. She moaned the same moans I heard the previous night from outside my room. Nick moved his hips faster and pushed as far as he could inside her. I could tell he loved the feeling of being superior to me. He loved knowing that Sarah needed his cock because I couldn’t provide her with what she wanted.

“Ahh yes! Fuck me baby! Fuck your little slut!” Sarah shouted obscene things I had never heard from her when she was with me.

Nick loved how Sarah begged him. He pushed Sarah off him and pushed her onto her hands and knees. Sarah smiled and reached around, pulling her ass apart and shaking it for him. Nick got behind her and didn’t hesitate to push his cock into her pussy. He grabbed her arms and held them behind her, pulling her up and into him as he shoved his cock into her. Sarah closed her eyes and bit her lip, the face of pure ecstasy painted on her permanently.

Their thighs slapped as Nick rammed his cock into my girlfriend’s pussy. Sarah screamed that she was cumming, and Nick let go of her arms and grabbed her hair instead. He thrust into Sarah as fast as he could, slapping her ass and leaving prints on her skin. Sarah screamed and convulsed. Her body tensed up as small clear streams of cum shot from Sarah’s hole. She moaned loudly as the waves of pleasure left her body.

“Wow, Nick.” Sarah held out her words out of fatigue and pleasure. “I’ve never squirted before.”

Sarah could feel Nick’s cock throb inside her, but as Nick was about to pull out she stopped him.

“Leave it in. I want your cum inside me,” Sarah begged.

She pushed her ass all the way back and took Nick’s shaft inside her. Nick didn’t hesitate at the opportunity and unloaded deep inside her. He stayed inside her for a good minute, moaning as he continually unloaded inside her pussy. Sarah smiled, reaching underneath her and squeezing his balls as he came. When she got up, I could see thick streams of cum dripping out of her pussy. She turned around and bent over for Nick, putting a finger insider her ass.

“I saved the best part for you,” Sarah said giggling. “Andrew never got to fuck me here. My ass has never been fucked before.”

I didn’t want to watch anymore. My stomach felt sick and my eyes burned. My girlfriend gave every part of her to a guy she met three days ago. I had never felt more inferior in my entire life. I walked back to my room and asked the RA to let me in instead. I got in bed and tried falling asleep but the sadness was overwhelming.

I didn’t know how to tell Sarah I knew. For some reason part of me still loved her and wanted to be with her. But part of me knew I was just an emotional pillar for her whereas Nick reaped the physical benefits of being in a relationship with her. There were many times where I felt as if she wanted me to know. Nick and Sarah have occasionally decided to fuck in my room while they believed I was asleep. I could hear Sarah taunting my small penis as she rode her my roommate’s cock. This went on for days as I tried figuring out how I wanted to approach this. I thought that maybe this was just a craving Sarah had and soon she would grow tired of him.

Little did I know this was just the beginning.

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