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My Wedding - True Story

We talked about it, we fucked over it, we did it.
I looked at my phone and read, "downstairs in 15min."

I loved it when he snuck over after his shift. My loving fiancé was fast asleep and when I heard a car I crept out of bed and went downstairs. I opened the front door and without a word we kissed passionately. His hands were everywhere and it was like he hadn't seen me for months. I loved fucking him as he always made me feel like it was his first time getting into my pants. Even though we had fucked many, many times. We stumbled over to the lounge and he fell on top of me kissing still. I had nothing on under my robe so he was easily rubbing my breasts and soaking pussy. We had to be quiet which made the intensity so much stronger. I love my (then) fiancé and I loved that he let me fuck other guys and girls but I had discovered something along my journey to being a slut. I loved sneaky, risky, dangerous sex the most. The rush was addictive. So who better to secretly fuck as often as possible, than my partners best friend. It helped that he is well over 6 feet tall, dark skin and so hot! 

I could feel his hard cock pressing into my leg so I reached down and released it from its confines. I love the feeling of a hard cock in my hands. So warm and his was so thick and oh how I love big cocks. I rubbed him making him moan quite loudly which solicited a ssshhh from me. I wanted to scream but held it in. Our hands were all over each other like teenagers sneaking a quickie in the back seat of a car. He moved down my body and began sucking my clit. I had to bite a cushion. He was still frantic in his movements and I was loving every second. He pushed some fingers in my ass which he knew would make me cum almost straight away. Furiously sucking my clit and pumping my ass I came hard. I had the cushion pressed firmly in my mouth to muffle my ecstasy.

Without pausing for one second he kneeled up shoved his thick cock in my pussy. Every now and then one of his thrusts would slap into me loud and he'd smile his cheeky smile. It was then that he leaned down and whispered something in my ear. 

"I want to be the first one to fuck you in your wedding dress." It took me a second to process as his cock was still pumping me but then it hit me. Wow! That would be incredible. My answer shocked him and me for that matter. 

"How about on my wedding day?"

His answer was in the form of several large spurts of cum pumping deep in my pussy. In the heat of sex we had realised our ultimate naughty fantasy.

The next few weeks was like a blur. The preparation for the wedding was fairly smooth and stress free. I became wet every time I thought about this plan. I had worked out how we could pull this off but still thought it would remain a fantasy as a million things could have gone wrong.

I'm sitting at the bridal table after a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. Everything was going beautifully. The entree had finished when the best man moved over to the chair next to me and asked if he could have some advice on a section of his speech. My new husband looked at him and smiled and said 

"You better not embarrass me too hard."

I suggested I should proof read the part in question which hubby quickly agreed to. We left the reception room made our way downstairs to the bridal preparation room. It was a small room which my bridesmaids and I had used to touch up our make up and fix our hair after the ceremony and before the photos. Nobody saw us enter the room together. I locked the door and my heart was pounding.

I wanted him so much I could feel my pussy burning. I gently kissed him and we embraced tightly. Our hands roaming over each other, it was the most intense feeling of my life. Scared we'd get caught but the rush was so intense. I unzipped his pants and started wanking his thick pole. I almost came without him touching my pussy. He grabbed my waist and spun me around. I bent over one of the chairs and he lifted my dress up over my waste. In no time he had my white lace panties off. My pussy was absolutely saturated and he slid straight up my tight tunnel so easily. I couldn't help but moan loudly. I was married only a couple of hours earlier and here I was getting fucked hard by my new husbands best friend. My head was spinning. 

He pumped me harder and harder and I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit. I came so hard. My orgasm threw him over the top and I could hear his groans as I knew he was pumping a load of cum in my married cunt. I felt like such a slut. I loved it. I knelt down and cleaned off his cock with my mouth. I could feel his cum dripping out of me (I have the small stain on my dress to this day).

I put my panties back on and reapplied my lipstick. I went back upstairs and sat next to my new husband and reassured him the speech was fine. It was an amazing experience during a perfect wedding day. I'll never forget it.

And yes I did fuck my husband later that night. I was still soaked and he commented on how turned on I felt. I smiled on the inside and remembered my first cock as a married woman. 

There are more stories to tell so this is my first of many.

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