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My Wife Spends the Night at a Friend's

My wife plans to spend a night at a girlfriend's house but ends up with another man

"I miss you too honey, but Trish and I were about to put on a movie," she said.  

"Ok, I'll talk to you in the morning," I replied. 

"Good night." she said hanging up without an ‘I love you’.  

Suspicious, I decided to log in to her laptop remotely to see what she was up to. As her screen opened on my computer I could see her standing in front of the laptop in her bra and panties positioning the laptop on the dresser facing the bed.   

"I can't believe we're gonna record this!" she said with anticipation.  

"You know it will be hot to watch later." I heard an unfamiliar man's voice.   

Once she positioned the laptop she backed away revealing a young black man sitting on the edge of the bed wearing only his boxers. He looked to be in his late twenties, about six feet tall, well built with very dark skin. Just the type of guy my wife dated before we met.  

"Now come over here and suck this dick!" he commanded pulling his erect cock from his boxers waving it back and forth.   

"Holy shit!" I blurted out in shock.

His dick must have been at least ten inches long and incredibly thick. I watched as my wife took his massive dick in her hand stroking it up and down before taking the head of his cock into her mouth.   

“Yea, suck on that dick!” The man moaned as my wife slid her lips down the shaft of his cock sucking him deeper into her mouth. To my surprise my dick was rock hard and pinned down in my boxers, begging to be set free.   

“I missed this dick!” My wife said looking up at the man before taking his big black cock deep into her mouth confirming my suspicion that this wasn’t the first time she had been with another man. My dick grew harder and harder as I watched my wife’s lips slide up and down the man’s thick black cock leaving a wet trail of saliva.  

“Damn that feels good!” The man moaned as my wife sucked more and more of his massive black dick into her mouth.

He placed his right hand on the back of her head for leverage as he began pumping his dick in and out of her mouth. The sight of this man pumping his big black dick in and out of my wife’s mouth turned me on like never before. I unzipped my pants, reached in to pull out my rock hard dick and started stroking as I watched my wife sucking on a huge black dick.  

“Fuck yea! Swallow that dick!” The man screamed holding her head with both hands as he buried his dick deep in my wife’s throat.

I stroked my cock harder and faster as I watched my wife take his huge black dick all the way down the back of her throat. She kept the man’s cock buried in her throat for almost a full minute before starting to gag.  

“Gahhh! I love when you fuck my throat!” My wife said wiping the excess saliva from her lips before taking his dick back into her mouth.   

“Enough, get up and ride this dick.” The man instructed, lying back on the bed with his thick black cock standing tall.   

“With pleasure!” My wife replied as she climbed on top of him facing away from the camera. The man’s dick slid up between the cheeks of her ass as she lowered herself onto him.   

“Oh my! I don’t remember the last time your dick was so hard!” she exclaimed as she felt his massive dick pushing her cheeks apart.  I watched as she moved her hips up and down letting his dick slide up and down between her plump ass cheeks.  

“Come on! Slide that wet pussy down on my dick!” He said growing impatient.   

“How bad do you want this pussy?” My wife asked sliding her ass up and down the shaft of his cock, continuing to tease him.  

“So fucking badly!” he grunted grabbing her by the hips. My wife reached between her legs and guided the head of his dick into her pussy.  

“Oh fuck!” My wife screamed as she lowered her lips sliding his big black dick deep into her pussy.  

“Damn that pussy is so tight!” the man moaned as my wife worked her hips up and down burying every inch of his big black dick in her pussy.

I watched in disbelief as my wife’s plump round ass bounced up and down as she rode the man’s huge black dick. She started riding him faster and faster as the pleasure and excitement built between them. It wasn’t long before she was sliding her pussy up and down the entire length of the man’s dick.   

“I’m cumming all over you!” She moaned as she started to cum, making her pussy gush all over his big black dick as she rode him fast and hard. Her body shook as her pussy writhed back and forth on his thick cock, then slowly came to a rest as her orgasm subsided.  

"I just came so hard on your huge black dick!" My wife moaned as her pussy quivered around the man's massive hard dick still deep inside her.  

"Is that all or you ready for more of this dick?" he asked pushing his dick deeper into her pussy.  

"Mmm, flip me over and fuck me from behind with that big black cock!" she demanded, falling on to the bed next to him.

The man sprung up to his knees, grabbed my wife by the hips, flipping her on to her stomach. She was facing away from the camera with her legs spread giving me a great view of her ass and soaking wet pussy. The man moved in behind her.

I could see his huge black dick swaying between his legs. I watched as he placed the tip of his rock hard dick between the lips of my wife's pussy before he grabbed her by the thighs and pushed the tip of his cock into her pussy.  

“Come on baby, give me that dick!” my wife begged as he only slid the tip of his cock in and out of her pussy.

He ignored her request and continued rocking back and forth sliding only the first few inches of his dick in and out of her pussy lips. My wife started to squirm around on the bed as she got more and more worked up.  

“Please put that big black dick inside me!” my wife moaned pleading with the man to fill her waiting pussy. 

Again, he ignored her wishes not letting another inch of his dick slip into her pussy, driving her absolutely mad. She pushed her hips towards him and reached back attempting to grab him and pull him closer but he was too strong.  

“Oh my god, baby, please give me that big black dick! I need you so bad!” she begged hysterically. That very second, he thrust his hips forward burying every inch of his massive black cock deep into her pussy.  

“Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” My wife screamed as the man’s thick black cock filled every inch of her pussy.   

"Oh god, yes! Fuck me with that big black dick!" she screamed as he pounded his thick black cock deep inside her.

My dick grew hard as I watched inch after inch of his massive cock disappear into my wife's tight pussy.  

"I love fucking your little white pussy! It feels so tight around my dick!" he moaned as he continued to pump his big black dick deeper and deeper into my wife's tight pussy.   

"Oh yes! Give me that big black dick!" my wife screamed as he started fucking her with long powerful strokes at a steady pace.

I watched mesmerized by the sight of his big black cock sliding in and out of my wife's pussy. His thick shaft glistened from my wife's juices as they coated his dick.  

'I've never seen her pussy get so wet!  She had to be close to cumming.' I thought to myself.   

I continued watching all ten inches of his massive black dick fucking my wife, filling more of her soaking wet pussy with each long powerful stroke. I held my throbbing cock in my hand as I watched my wife being pleasured by another man.  

"Oh god, yes! Fuck me harder! Fill my pussy with your huge black dick!" my wife screamed as he continued pumping every inch of his massive black dick deep into her soaking wet pussy. He tightened his grip on her thighs as he pounded harder and harder with every stroke.   

"Oh fuck, yes! I can feel your huge black dick filling every inch of my pussy!" My wife moaned.   

"You love this big black dick don't you?" he asked, buried balls deep inside my wife.  

"Yes, I love your big black dick! My pussy has never been this full of hard cock!"  She moaned as I watched every inch of the man's thick black shaft pump in and out of my wife, stretching her pussy more than I ever could.  

"Flip me over, I want to look into your eyes while we fuck," my wife said. He flipped her on to her back and immediately climbed on top of her sinking his dick deep into her.  

"Oh god, yes! Fuck me with that big black dick!" she screamed wrapping her legs around his waist as he fucked her pussy hard and deep.

The two gazed into each other’s eyes as he pounded my wife's soaking wet pussy harder and deeper with each powerful stroke.  

"I'm going to make you cum so hard on this dick," he moaned, fucking her harder and deeper with each stroke. "I want to fill your pussy with cum."

He groaned as she wrapped her legs around his waist tighter pulling him closer and deeper into her pussy.  

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming all over your dick!“ She screamed, writhing on the bed beneath him. " Fuck my pussy harder!" she demanded as she continued to cum on his thick black cock.   

He wrapped his arms around my wife's body holding her tightly pounding her soaking wet pussy as hard as he could.  

"God, yes! Fuck me with that big black dick!" my wife moaned louder and louder with each stroke as his thick black cock made her cum harder than ever before. "Harder! Fuck me harder! Oh, god yes! Oh god!"

My wife screamed as her body convulsed in pleasure beneath her large black lover. He continued to bury his thick cock deeper and deeper into my wife's pussy pushing her into one orgasm after the next.   

"Take that black dick!" He grunted as he thrust forward burying every inch of his thick black cock deep into my wife's pussy.  

"Oh fuck yes!" She screamed one last time her body still quaking from the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced.   

The motion of their lustful passionate fucking had come to a halt.   

I watched closely as he buried his dick deep inside my wife. Her pussy tightly gripped the thick shaft of his cock as it throbbed inside her, filling every inch of her pussy.   

"Oh god! I can feel your dick throbbing inside me!" She moaned.  

"How does that pussy feel?" He asked smugly.   

"I've never felt so full of dick!" She said wrapping her legs around his waist making sure he would stay buried deep inside her.   

"So you like this black dick?" He asked still deep inside my wife.  

"I've never cum so hard in my life!" she sighed as her body trembled in ecstasy, her pussy still full of hard black cock.  

"Well, I'm not done yet. I'm gonna fill that white pussy with so much cum!" he said as he began pumping his dick into her pussy.  

"Let me suck on that big black dick. You can cum on my face!" my wife suggested.  

"That would be hot, but this pussy feels too good. I'm going to cum inside this tight pussy," he replied as his dick pushed deep inside her.   

"You can cum anywhere you want, just don't cum inside me." my wife replied. “I can’t have your cum leaking out of my pussy tomorrow when I’m back at home with my husband.” She explained.   

At first, I was glad she told him not to cum inside her, but hearing the explanation made me so hot all I wanted was for him to fill her pussy with cum. The thought of my wife walking around the house with this man’s cum dripping down between her thighs was driving me insane.   

He continued pumping his thick black cock deeper and harder into my wife's pussy ignoring her pleas. The bed started to rock back and forth as he fucked my wife harder and harder.   

“I’m about to dump my load deep into this tight pussy!” he moaned fucking my wife harder and deeper. The shaft of his cock was throbbing even harder than before. I could tell he was close to exploding.   

“Please don’t cum inside me! I’m serious!” my wife insisted.   

'This is so hot! I hope he fills her pussy with his thick cum!' I thought to myself, watching his huge black dick fucking my wife’s pussy while frantically stroking my own cock.  

“I hope you’re ready cause I'm about to flood this pussy with my cum!” he taunted.   

“I’m begging you! Please don’t cum inside me!” she pleaded.  "You can cum on my face or tits! I'll swallow I'd you want me to!" she begged.  

Hearing my wife beg this man not to cum inside her had me so turned on. The fact that he had every intention of pumping her full of cum, ignoring her plea was even hotter!  

“Oh fuck! Here it cums!” The man grunted as he buried every inch of his thick black cock deep into my wife’s pussy.   

I watched the base of his dick throbbing harder than ever as he pumped his seed into my wife’s pussy.  

“Oh fuck! Oh, fuck yes!” my wife screamed at the top of her lungs. The sensation of the man’s huge black dick throbbing deep inside her pussy, pumping her full of cum, sent my wife into another explosive orgasm. “Oh god yes! Fill my pussy with cum!” My wife demanded as he continued pumping load after load of thick cum deep into her pussy.   

'Holy shit, I can’t believe he is still cumming!' I thought to myself as I watched his thick black cock throbbing deep into my wife’s pussy. His dick continued to throb deep inside my wife until I saw a creamy white liquid leaking from her pussy. He had pumped so much cum into my wife. Her pussy was so full of his thick white cum that it started leaking out of her around the shaft of his cock.   

“Fuck,  that little white pussy made me cum so hard!” He grunted as he pushed his dick deep into my wife’s pussy one last time.   

"Oh my god! I can't believe you came so much, my pussy is completely full!" She said giddily as his cum leaked out of her.   

"I told you I was gonna fill that pussy! You mad he cum so hard!" He bragged.   

"Your huge black dick made me cum even harder!" my wife said breathing heavily.  

"You like how I fucked your little white pussy?" he asked still filling her pussy with his thick black cock.  

"I loved the way you fucked my pussy!" she sighed deeply. "The feeling of your thick black cock stretching my tight pussy was incredible!".  

"You just love some black cock don't you?" He asked.   

"I love the way your dick felt when it was throbbing deep inside my pussy!" She said  

"I wanted to feel you explode inside me!" She admitted.  

"So, you're glad I ignored you and came in your pussy?" the man asked with a sly smile.  

"God yes, I came so hard when I felt your dick explode inside me! I could feel your cum gushing until my pussy was flooded with your cum!" my wife confessed.   

I stroked my dick as hard as I could as I listened to my wife admit to wanting this man's cum inside her. My eyes fixated on the shaft of his thick black cock still buried deep inside my wife's pussy. More and more cum squeezed out around his thick black cock coating him in creamy white cum.   

"Good, because I have to admit that listening to you beg for me to stop really turned me on," he said.  

"Are you serious? What if I was really screaming at you telling you to stop?" She asked.  

"I was going to cum that pussy no matter what." He replied, "Nothing was going to stop me from busting inside you."  

"Well, then it’s a good thing I wanted your cum so badly!" She confessed. "It feels amazing being so filled with your hot cum!" She sighed.  

"What a fucking cum slut!" I said watching another man's cum running out of my wife's pussy stroking my dick harder and faster.   

"Your husband is going to have one hell of a mess!" He laughed.  

"I should make him lick my pussy clean when I get home!" She said with a devious tone.   

The thought of licking another man's cum from my wife's freshly fucked pussy drove me over the edge.   

"Oh, fuck yes!" I moaned shooting cum up onto my chest.  I could almost taste the hot sticky cum pouring out of my wife's pussy. I continued to stroke my dick shooting rope after rope of cum across my chest and neck.  

"Damn girl! That is kinky! You'd really make him do that?" He laughed surprised by her response.

His dick slid out of my wife as he rolled onto the bed next to her. I stared as his thick cum gushed out of my wife's pussy.  

'I'd lick every drop of cum from between her legs.' I thought to myself stroking my still sensitive cock.   

“Aww, my pussy feels so empty again.” My wife sighed feeling his massive black dick slide out of her pussy.

I stared at his huge black dick as it rested between his legs, dripping with cum. I couldn’t believe all ten inches of his cock was just inside my wife. Her pussy would never feel the same again.   

I closed the lid of the laptop and cleaned myself off before lying down on the bed. I couldn't help but imagine what her pussy would taste like, so full of cum.  

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