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New Neighbors Part 1

New Neighbors Part 1

She caught Tom’s attention as soon as she, her husband, and their teenagers moved in next to his house. New neighbors for the old Smith’s house he thought and interesting at that. Sarah, he came to learn was her name, and no she wasn’t one of the teenagers. She was the wife and teenager’s mom. A blonde between the ages of 35-40, 5’-3” or 5’-5”, a few pounds over her desired weight, she would readily admit. But Tom found it very sexually intoxicating.

The first couple months that they were there, the family was busy getting settled in. He had gone over and introduced himself, he had only been in his house a few months before they moved in, but he offered assistance with anything that they might need. Her husband kept Sarah close, and she appeared ever the “good wife”. Maybe Tom’s senses about these things had gotten rusty. He was sure that she was the kind of woman that would love the erotic thrill of an illicit affair.

Tom had been very well received in the cozy neighborhood of families. Sure he was the only single guy among them, but he had gone out of his way to attend all the association meetings, even taking a position on the neighborhood association, and his sweet potato bake was the rage of the summer picnic. He also made it a point to interact with the children in the neighborhood, whether it was scraping the windshields of the neighbor’s car on those frosty mornings, or tossing the football around with the young boys.

As the months passed, Tom would watch from his backyard the goings on next door. Sarah liked to work in the garden, and that afforded Tom some interaction time with her. They engaged in small talk, a little flirting, and just being neighborly.

During the warm summer months, Sarah would wear a light colored blouses and shorts that showed off her thighs and cute butt. Tom thought those few extra pounds only added to her sexiness. As she moved about her garden, bending, squatting, and leaning, Tom would be in his house, stroking his cock to her every move, fantasizing about doing her in that very garden.

This continued throughout the summer, with Sarah not aware of the wanton desire she was fueling next door. She continued to smile, wave, and small chat with Tom all summer.

Occasionally there would be the little flirt; the blouse that seemed opened a button too low, the shorts higher on her thighs than normal, and the sexy little black dress that she would wear out to dinner with her husband. She would exit their car on Tom’s side of the yard, and it seemed to Tom that she would always show a bit more thigh, as that little black dress rode up her legs.

Tom was almost sure that his early senses were not that far off, when one morning as he was getting ready for work, he sensed someone watching him.

He had showered and gone into the spare bedroom to iron a shirt, wearing just a towel wrapped around his waist. As he ironed he sensed someone looking at him, and he turned around, the bedroom window faced directly into Sarah’s bedroom window, and he noticed the curtain was pulled back and someone was watching him.

His room was lit up, and it was much easier to see in than to see out. Whoever was watching him made no effort to close the curtain quickly as if they had been caught. He continued to iron, and as he did, he let the towel drop from his hips to the floor, exposing his taught firm ass to whoever was watching. As he bent to pick it up, he glanced at the window and saw the curtain close.

Well he thought that was interesting, and needed to find out who was doing the peeping.
That evening after work, Sarah’s son David, was out in the yard tossing a football to himself. Tom pulled in his driveway, and waved to David as he always did. David asked Tom if he would throw the football around with him. Tom asked where his father was, and David said his dad was gone in California on business since the weekend. Tom’s mind went back to the morning, so if her husband was gone it had to be Sarah watching him. Tom set his laptop in the house and went over to toss the ball around with David.

Shortly after that Sarah came to the door to call David in for dinner, and a look of surprise came over her face as she saw Tom in the yard.

She knew that Tom interacted so much better with her son than his own father, who was more interested in cars, and David who liked doing sports things, skateboarding, shooting hoops. She and Tom exchanged greetings, she liked the way Tom looked in his business suit, rugged but still professional. She told David to go in and wash for dinner, and then before she realized it had extended an invitation to Tom to join them.

She blushed and felt her heart racing, and then explained that her husband was gone, and the girls were staying at friends, so it was just her and David. Tom readily accepted the invitation, and held the door open for her as they went inside.

The dinner was enjoyable, and they all made small talk. Tom asked David a lot of questions, which pleased Sarah, as her husband always seemed to yell at him.

David asked to be excused and said he was going over to a friends to play video games. Sarah told him to be back by nine o’clock. David hugged her and ran out the door.

Tom stood and began clearing the table. They made small talk about the children, the neighborhood, and work, all the while never really making eye contact.

As Tom got ready to wash the dishes, Sarah said she could get them, that he must have been exhausted from working all day, and then entertaining David. Tom looked and their eyes met in that split second, and the fires of passion were ignited.

Tom moved quickly across the floor, pinning the smaller Sarah against the kitchen wall. Their lips met in a fiery kiss, almost melting against each others. Sarah resisted for a brief moment, Tom felt her stiffen, but then she seemed to ignite her flame. She knew that as soon as she started down this path there was no turning back. No more “Good Wife”.

Tom was kissing her feverishly, passionately, their tongues locked in battle. He had her blouse pulled out of her shorts, and ripped open to expose her black lace bra, holding her wonderful breasts.

Sarah knew each move, each kiss, pulled her farther toward that road of no return. Tom knew he wanted her, desired her, his manhood erect and hard pressing against his shorts and dress pants. His lips kissed down Sarah’s neck to those lovely breasts.

She could feel the wetness between her legs; she could feel Tom’s hard cock pressing against her thigh. She thought about making a feeble attempt to stop him, but his desire for her was only fueling her own desire to be taken.

All thoughts of stopping left her mind when his mouth opened to take her taut nipple between his lips hungrily sucking it. Sarah found her hands ripping open his shirt, caressing his strong hairy chest. Their kisses reached a fevered pitch, as Sarah felt her shorts being pulled off her hips. Tom pinned her a little harder against the wall, his knee spreading her knees apart. His hand reached up behind her head, pull her hair back down, forcing her head up to his lips, mouth open.

Tom felt Sarah fumbling with the belt to his pants and with his free hand, he was able to help her unbuckle his pants, and guided her hand inside his shorts to his hot throbbing cock. His thigh pressed against the front of her black lace panties, feeling her wetness soaking thru.

Sarah meanwhile had grasped his harden cock in her soft hands, and was stroking it feverishly. Tom’s hand pulled aside her panties to expose her swollen pussy lips, and hard clit. Sarah felt the rush of cool air against her damp womanhood, and knew what was to follow.

She allowed herself to be lifted off the floor, and wrapped her legs around Tom’s hips. Tom’s hand guided his throbbing erect cock to her pussy lips, his precum mixing with her wetness. Rubbing the swollen mushroom head of his penis up and down her swollen lips only made her wetter.

He moved forward and his cock slide inside Sarah easily. His thick full cock parted her soft pussy lips and slipped up inside her. She gasped as he entered her, it had been years since another man’s cock had been inside her, other than her husband’s, and she bit down on Tom’s lip.

Tom’s thrust’s bounced her against the wall, harder and faster. Their lips locked in a wildly passionate kiss, as Tom’s hands cupped her full ass, pulling her against him. Her orgasm shook her to her core. She hadn’t cum that hard in a very long time.

Tom felt the result of that orgasm as Sarah’s pussy lubricated his hard shaft. His cock slide in and out and exploded with a full load of hot cum deep inside her. She felt their juices mixing, running down the inside of her leg, as his cock continued to pump and squish inside her. As they kissed, a long slow passionate kiss, they heard the front door open.

A male’s voice called out “Sarah”!

Damn it was her husband, home early from his business trip! Tom knew he had to move fast, Sarah’s face showed her panic.

Pulling up his pants, Tom let his eyes glide over her naked body, taking a mental picture, and kissed her hard and full on her lips.

Slipping out the back door, he hid for a moment behind the garage dressing quickly. He heard Sarah’s husband say to her that he was pleased that she had greeted him naked at the door.

Tom smiled and started to make his way across the yard, when he noticed a moving van on the next street. A tall blonde woman was carrying some boxes in, and she turned to wave and say hello.

Tom smiled and waved back….

To be continued
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