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No Longer Loyal

Jamie and her boyfriend's best friend have to keep a huge secret
Sitting on the sofa, playing on her phone, Jamie kept herself distracted while her boyfriend of two years, Chris, was talking to his co-worker on the phone. Chris's co-worker, Josh, was at least ten years older than the twenty year old Jamie, and Jamie always found herself glancing at him when he came over to hang out. Josh was tall, strong, and smart, Jamie loved everything about him, especially his laugh, whenever she heard it, she craved him more and more.

Jamie quickly found herself touching herself at the thought of him while her boyfriend was just one room away speaking with him. Chris's friends were coming into town for the weekend, and he wanted Josh to come over and set up equipment so they would be ready to party. Jamie couldn't wait to see him.

"Awesome, dude, I'll see you in a bit," Chris said to Josh. He hung up the phone and turned to Jamie, her hands still between her legs, "You don't care if..." He paused at the sight of Jamie playing with herself. "What are you doing?"

"I figured I'd get this out of my system before we had company." Jamie didn't want Chris to know she was really thinking of Josh. "I'm sure you don't want me trying to play with your cock while Josh is over," she lied.

"Well," Chris began as he began to take off his pants, "I can help you with that."

Before Jamie could even react, Chris came over and ripped her shirt of and began sucking on her breast. Jamie loved the feeling of his teeth pulling and straining her nipple, it drove her wild. She quickly moved her hand down to Chris's raging hard on and she grabbed the thick six-incher and began to tease. Chris moved his mouth up to her neck. Jamie began to moan and grind her hips up so Chris would begin to fuck her.

Chris began to chuckle. "You're going to have to be patient, pet."

Jamie loved the darkness in his voice, and she loved being teased. But as she was just starting to enjoy herself, a sudden thought of fear struck her. In between moans, she asked, "How long do we have until Josh gets here?"

Chris didn't even answer, he moved his hand up to her head and grabbed her hair hard and pulled her down to his lips. As he continued to passionately kiss her, he swiftly rammed his cock into her soaking wet pussy. Jamie loved the way his thick member slid and stretched inside her. Her moans grew and Chris could tell she was coming close to orgasm. He pumped harder and faster, and Jamie exploded with juices sending Chris into his own orgasm.

Jamie lay under Chris still feeling the waves while Chris began playing with her breasts again. "If you keep doing that," Jamie said in between breaths, "I'm going to need you to fuck me again."

Chris laughed and pulled away. "Maybe later tonight."


About a half hour later, Josh knocked on the door and greeted Jamie. She tried her best to not undress him with her eyes, but how could she resist his tall strong figure? Thankfully for Jamie, Chris walked in the room and handed Josh a beer.

"Shall we get started?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, it's gonna take a bit to set everything up the right way."

Chris and Josh had to set up a DJ system and amp system as well as build a table for all of it. Jamie mixed herself a drink and started reading porn on her phone. Chris and Josh were oblivious to Jamie playing with herself under the blanket.

Out of nowhere, Josh handed Jamie a beer. "Want one?"

With her phone in one hand and her pulsing clit in the other, Jamie didn't know what to do. All she could mutter out was, "Uhh... sure." She removed her hand from her clit and took the beer accidentally brushing fingers with Josh. She prayed he didn't notice the juices sparkling on her wet fingers. "Thanks," she said as she blushed and returned to her phone.

Jamie chugged the beer and finished her mixed drink, now feeling a little buzzed. She stopped reading porn and played games for the rest of the night, listening to Chris and Josh in the adjacent room. Every now and again, Josh would laugh and Jamie's panties would get moist. She wanted so badly for him to laugh into her neck as he teased her clit and to slowly kiss his way around and up to her mouth, grabbing and pulling her tits and hair.

"Nah, man we need that wire to finish the system," Josh's voice came out of nowhere.

Jamie quickly snapped out of this delusion as Chris and Josh walked into the room.

"I can drop it off tomorrow during the day."

Chris sat on the sofa opposite of Jamie, and Josh sat on the same sofa as Jamie. "Oh god" she thought to herself.

The guys turned on Netflix and watched it until Josh left an hour later. Chris turned to Jamie and asked her if she wanted to continue what they started earlier.

"No, I'm pretty tired." Chris looked a little disappointed but accepted.

Jamie walked to the bedroom and flopped onto their bed and passed out. Chris came in and fell asleep soon after.


The next morning, as Chris was leaving for work, he told Jamie Josh would stop by in the afternoon to drop off the cable they needed. Chris kissed Jamie goodbye and went to work. Jamie sat on the sofa in a cami and her underwear. She watched the news and spent some time on various social media sites and heard a sudden knock on the door.

It was way too early for it to be Josh. "Could it be maintenance?" Jamie thought to herself. She shouted "Who is it?"

"It's Josh, I have the cable we need and I'm gonna set it up real quick."

"Oh shit," Jamie whispered to herself. It wasn't even noon and Josh was at her door. "One sec!"

Jamie put the blanket around her waist and opened the door for him. "Hey," was all she should could say to him.

"What's up?" Josh asked in passing as he walked into the other room.

Jamie followed him and 'accidentally' flashed her black lacy underwear as she continued into her room. Josh saw and asked if she was okay.

"Yeah." Jamie responded. "I didn't think you'd be here this early, so I'm putting on some shorts." Jamie laughed.

Josh followed her as stared at her ass in that sexy black lace as she bent over to pull up her shorts. Jamie could feel him staring at her, and she couldn't be more excited about it.

"Jamie, when I handed you that beer last night, I knew what you were doing."

Embarrassment struck Jamie. She slowly turned around and looked at him. "You did?"

"Yes," Josh began to move closer. "and let's just say that was very bad of you to do that."

Josh was now less than a foot from Jamie, and she could notice the erection he was getting. She looked up to Josh with large innocent yet seductive eyes. Josh reached around for her voluptuous ass and grabbed it tight. It surprised Jamie, and she let out a gasp. Josh quickly pulled her closer and kissed her, he forced his tongue into her mouth and soon their tongues danced together in such a way Jamie forgot all about how wrong this was. Josh grabbed her thick brown hair and pinned her to the wall.

Josh moved his hands all over Jamie's body, feeling every inch of every curve. He brought one hand up to her breast and the other to her shorts. He started to squeeze and rub and overwhelm all of Jamie's senses. Jamie managed to reach her hand down and feel his member through the denim fabric. Josh broke the kiss ever so slightly to smile and chuckle.

As soon as Jamie heard that laugh, she was his. She would let him do anything to her. She undid his buckle and unbuttoned his pants to reveal his eight inch cock. Josh led her to the bed and shoved her down on it. He pulled her shorts off and buried his nose in her soaked underwear. But before he removed it, he pulled up her shirt just enough to keep her arms bound and stuck so she couldn't move.

Out of the corner of his eye, Josh spotted Jamie's feather nipple clamps sticking out from under her pillow. "What are these?" He reached over to them and popped them onto Jamie's perky tits. He tightened them as tight as they would go, making Jamie moan loudly. "Shh..." Josh scolded with a wicked smile, "we can't have the neighbors hear." As he said this, he pulled the chain connecting the clamps hard enough to drive Jamie wild.

Josh made his way back down to the lacy undies and pulled them off. He licked all the way up Jamie's silky legs to her juicy clit. He sucked and slurped and Jamie couldn't contain her moans. Josh inserted two fingers into her vagina and began rubbing her g-spot while flicking her clit with his tongue. He pulled on the nipple clamps and Jamie's moans became higher pitched and Josh could tell she was only seconds away from orgasm. He didn't slow down and he kept up all the motions until Jamie's body shook. Josh continued to slurp as her juices flowed out of her uncontrollably.

Josh removed his fingers from inside of her, and he gently kissed his way up to her breasts. Without warning, he ripped the clamps off Jamie's nipples, causing her to yelp in both pain and pleasure. Josh kissed both of her nipples to relieve the pain, and he freed her hands from her shirt.

Josh kissed his way up to her neck and began biting.

"Josh..." Jamie moaned. He found a spot on her neck and he started sucking and biting. "Don't leave a mark, Chris can't know." But it was too late, he stayed in that spot with all intentions to leave a brown and purple hickey. Jamie started to moan loudly again. Josh removed his shirt, and before Jamie couldn't take it any more, he shoved his cock into her soaking vagina.

Jamie's moans were uncontrollable. Josh kissed her to attempt to silence her, but she moaned into his mouth. She dug her nails into his back, he felt so good inside of her. He continued to quickly pump in and out of her, sometimes pulling out completely to tease Jamie.

"Please..." Jamie got out, "please show me no mercy."

That was all Josh needed, he fucked her hard and fast, and Jamie came all over his dick. Feeling her juices again and her body react to him finally brought Josh to an orgasm.

Before removing himself from inside of her, he continued to lay and kiss Jamie. They eventually broke their embrace and redressed.

Jamie walked Josh to the door and broke the silence, "Josh, we... we can never tell Chris."

Josh leaned toward Jamie and kissed her one last time. He pulled back, and he had the same devilish grin from before.

"I know."


This is my first story so let me know how it is!

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