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Not so faithful

Can't keep desire on check.

Our place had a new trainee, Rachel. We were short-staffed and have been unable to fill a post for more than a year. This was more or less the situation across the country.

During regional meetings, one of the other consultants had come across Rachel. She was unhappy with her present workplace and was looking to move out. As we had nothing to lose, we interviewed her.

She was nothing brilliant, had average references but was someone who could do the job, that’s what I heard. A pair of hands is better than none. 'As long as they don’t break anything,' I thought.

I had been hearing about her but never met her. It so happened she got an office-space just outside my personal office. She was in her late twenties with shoulder length red hair, a slim figure and had piercings on lips and nose which was a bit unusual for our work-place.

I wondered where else she had the piercings. There would be usual courteous greetings but not much else. She had an easy-going smile and a naughty gleam in the eyes. She had the vibe of someone who would be fun in the bed. Not that I wanted anything from her, but you get that vibe from certain people.

It so happened she was doing a power point presentation at a regional meeting and I was to supervise. The meeting was in a week's time, I suggested she show me some slides the next afternoon.

She seemed upset, so I asked what was the matter. She mentioned that there were so many things to finish that day. As she had moved recently to the city, she and her boyfriend were in the middle of buying a house as well. I suggested if she could show me something the day after, that would be great or at least send me the slides two days prior to the meeting.

“I can show you some draft slides today,” she said the next day.

The afternoon was unusually hot for October, she was in a tank top, with her cardigan off. Her back and shoulder had an elaborate tattoo. I’m not sure why, it made me uncomfortable when I passed her. Not uncomfortable, rather guilty that I was aroused.

I'm thirty-eight-years-old, a slim guy, married with two kids. I enjoy erotica, occasional porn and have had some naughty chats online, but apart from that a faithful husband. We have our share of fights, but a lot of good sex.

I was busy in meetings all afternoon. Towards the end of the day, I suggested she came to my office, so we could edit the slides. She entered my office, and remarked on pictures of my kids which were in a photo-frame in a corner, “So cute. How old are they?”.

“Nine and twelve, we had them young. Didn’t plan that soon, but you know accidents happen”.

She giggled.

“We have taken permanent measures now,” I smiled.

She laughed, “Who? You or her?”

I looked at her, as this was entering uncomfortable territory. I didn’t answer, just laughed.

I suggested she sit at my computer, and edit slides as we go through them. I pulled a chair next to her. I could smell her perfume. I was leaning over her to point to things on the screen. It didn't look like she had done any presentations before.

I was telling her the basics, about fonts and contrasts before even going through the content. I did notice there was no bra under the tank top. Not that I was attempting to look.

She had a nice cleavage with erect nipples pushing out her top. If I was a little aroused before, I now had a full blown hard on. It was almost 6 pm, most people had left an hour ago.

I sat a bit back in my chair, a little away from her. I had a hand in my pocket, trying to sort my cock discreetly. She knew there was something amiss, she turned around and smiled before looking at the screen again. She did a second take and noticed my cock straining through my pants.

She winked at me, “Does it behave unusually since the vasectomy?”

I was dumbfounded, but fully aroused.

“I never did, Sally had it… as a part of…” I mumbled.

“So, you have a fully functioning cock. Never seen a man get aroused by power point,” she said.

Her hand was now slowly caressing my thigh over my trousers. “If you feel more comfortable working on the power point with your cock out, I don’t mind,” she had this mischief in her eyes as she spoke.

“I’m married!” I protested.

“Tell your cock that,” she said with the same wicked smile.

I sat there, my hands dropped to my sides. She unbuttoned and unzipped me and pulled my cock out.

Stroking my cock, she asked, “Have you never been unfaithful?”

I shook my head to indicate no.

“Time to free you from that burden,” With that, she swallowed my cock.

She was on the floor between my legs, looking up with her slutty green eyes. She was gripping my shaft, and licking my cockhead all around. She pulled my trousers all the way down, and grabbed my balls. She absolutely knew what she was doing.

She lifted her head up.

“We'd better sort this, otherwise we'll never get through this presentation,” she said in in mock seriousness.

She was tugging at my balls as she deep throated me. I was almost ready to cum. She could feel my cock throb.

She lifted herself up, saying, “I need it in my cunt. Does your office door lock from inside?”

“You have not been concerned about it so far.”

“I’m not yet naked darling, you are.” 

She locked the door from the inside, and lifted her skirt up as she sat on the table.

Her cunt was so smooth and of course, had a vertical clitoral hood piercing. I caressed her pussy lips.

“I waxed it today, it's our extreme fuck night,” she said, squeezing her breasts under the tank top.

I was wondering what happened on those nights.

“It’s nice to have some practice before,” she was twisting her nipples.

Her juices were already dripping, I was trying to catch them all on my tongue. I slid one, then two fingers inside as I licked all around, my fingers massaging her insides. Her clit was crying for attention, I started flicking it around with my tongue as I finger fucked her.

She let out a scream. I opened her pussy with two fingers, and pushed my tongue all the way in. My wet, slithery tongue fluttering inside. Her pussy started spasming.

“I need your bare cock now, fuck me from behind!” She ordered.

I pulled her down, turning her over. I shoved my cock inside. She was surprisingly tight. I moaned as I entered ‘all the way’ in her on my first stroke. I held it there for a moment before pulling it out slowly.

“Harder,” she commanded.

I started fucking her. The desk was creaking a bit. Her face was on the table near my desktop, my phone lying next to the keyboard lit up. I imagined it must be a text.

I was pounding her hard.

“Deeper…Yesss, deeper. Hit my cervix,” she moaned.

After a few minutes, my phone started ringing. My wife’s pic came up.

“She is hot," Rachel said as she swiped the phone the wrong way as I thrust deep into her.

I froze. My wife's voice came over on the phone. My cock was still buried in Rachel. I indicated to her to put the loudspeaker on.

“Honey, I just called to say, I‘ve texted you a shopping list. I didn’t get a chance to pick it up,” Sally said.

I was still breathing fast, “A…Ye... eah. Su... ure.”

“You Okay, honey?”

“Sorry, I’m in a different department, the signal is not very good.”

Rachel slapped my leg, signalled me to continue fucking her. I started shoving in and out.

“There is lube on the list, go to the bigger store. I really want to get fucked hard tonight,” Sally demanded.

I said, “Yes, darling, but I’m in the other department right now.”

“Fuck you, Ray, its home time. You had better come home with the lube and a hard-on, I want to be fucked thoroughly,” she said as she put the phone down.

At the same time, Rachel punched my leg, moaning, “Harder I’m almost there.”

I bent over her and bit her shoulder. I sunk my teeth deeper as her spasming cunt milked me hard.

“Fuck Ray, don’t mark me!”

I let go. I couldn’t hold back longer and was flooding her cunt with cum by now.

I pulled my spent cock out of her and sat on my chair. She sucked my cock clean as her fingers were catching cum leaking out of her well-fucked cunt. She slowly sucked cum off her fingers, one finger at a time.

Once her fingers were clean and shiny, she came and sat on my lap. We kissed, our tongues tasting each other and exchanging cum. I had a grin on my face.

“Ray, I loved it. You’ve had good practice over the years,” she teased me as she bit my lower lip gently.

After she had finished nibbling my lips, she said in a serious tone, “It’s always better to say what’s on your mind.”

I looked at her puzzled.

“You know, what I’m thinking now?” she pondered.

Then she giggled with that naughty gleam in her eyes, “How do I fuck your wife? She sounds fun!”



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