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One Great Halloween Chapter 1

A scary spooky night turns hot and wet.
It was Halloween 2004, a night of frights and scares, along with fantasies that came true.

Our friend, Janine, decided to join us for the fun that weekend. J-Nine, short for her name as we called her. Halloween is M's favorite holiday of the year. We decorate heavily with the cemetery, the burning flames leading to the house, and both garages decorated out in full Halloween spook. Needless to say, we overdo it a bit. Bloody Mary's on dry ice, and fog machines for effect, etc.

J-Nine showed about seven that night, just as the festivities were starting. For Georgia, it was a warm Halloween, about sixty-five degrees outside. So, needless to say, costumes needed to be a bit lighter weight for the two hours of trick-or-treaters to be greeted especially as the booze flowed easily and quickly, not just in the house but to the parents as well.

J-Nine and I have always teased each other a little here and there, but she was a married woman, and nothing was further from our mind than what would occur very soon.

So, I will set the mood just a little. I was dressed as Dracula, my petite wife, M, was dressed as a Witch, and J-Nine decided to come as a Pirate's Bitch, which had a very short skirt, a little t-shirt, and not much else wrapped around her other than an eyepiece. We all had a starter drink, passed a kiss on the cheek to each and got ready for the kids and the fun later.

Now, J-Nine is about five three and a size four, M is about five four and just slightly smaller. Both have nice breast, M is a B-cup, and new to the night was J-Nine's recent enlargement to a C-cup from an A. So she was quite happy to be exposing slightly her new endowment without being outright embarrassing with the kids coming around.

As the night progressed and the drinks were flowing, it was amazing we had gone through two gallons of Bloody Mary's so quickly. J-Nine and I went to the kitchen to make up another batch, a bit larger this time while M greeted our young candy grabbers and invited the parents to our party.

J-Nine poured the two bottles of vodka into the cauldron as I was pouring the quarts of Bloody Mary mix but, some way or another, the mixture splashed up and covered J-Nine's shirt. Knowing that she and M were the same size, roughly, I took her upstairs to the bedroom to get her another t-shirt. This may be where we made the mistake that tells this story.

"Hold on," I said as we entered the room before going into the closet to grab her a T. "What are you doing?" I asked when I stepped back into the room, seeing her standing there nude from the waist up.

She simply walked over and kissed me, and without any thought I, of course, acted as any man, and stuck my tongue into her lungs and felt those gorgeous tits.

After a couple of minutes, we heard M yelling for us to bring the alcohol. This brought us back to reality as we realized what we had been doing. We went downstairs quickly and took the alcohol filled cauldron to the front door, acting as if nothing had happened. The children dwindled and the adults began accumulating, making for a good Saturday night Halloween party to come.

M can be a lightweight drinker at times and began to tire around Midnight. She decided to turn in, telling all of our guests, “do not keep me up too late.”

Eventually, it came down to around four guys and J-Nine, all had been drinking, and they all kept asking to see her new tits. She was not as proud as I thought and decided it was time to go to bed. The guys and I chatted a bit longer, and about thirty minutes later, everyone left. I decided to hell with cleaning up, I was turning in too.

I went to our bedroom, the door was closed, just as I had thought it would be with a guest in the house, so I entered the dark room and closed the door behind me, undressed, and rolled into the bed.

There were some light breathing sounds coming from the middle of the bed, and being that it was a queen, I was a bit pissed. But, I figured M would move over when I rolled in and wrapped my arms around her. I was just hoping for a good night sleep and no hangover in the morning.

I began to spoon the body next to me before I realized it was nude. Now M will sleep in the nude, but not normally, especially when we have a guest. So, I reached my hand up and felt those incredible tits, realizing it was J-Nine, not M. No words were said, nothing changed except maybe the breathing for about a minute or so, until I slid my hand down to feel J-Nine's moist pussy.

She shifted and rolled into me with her mouth leading the way, making it obvious she had been awaiting my arrival. Her juices were already flowing fast, and her nipples felt like darts stabbing into my chest. Before she broke our lips, she lightly wrapped her hand around my cock and gave it a gentle pull and then whispered into my ear, "I don't think this should continue here."

We slid out of the bed very quietly, completely nude, and went downstairs. Finding the only room that was dark and felt almost safe, we entered in the darkness. J-Nine simply pushed me down on the rug and jumped on for the ride as I slid into her with just a bit of resistance. No foreplay, just raw fucking. Needless to say, neither of us lasted long, but it was great. Erupting in orgasms that had both of us trying our best to be quiet, yet still enjoy the sensations, this is when the real trouble started, as she bit me to quiet her moan.

So we lay there, kissing and playing, touching every spot, and saying how long we both had wanted this. Yet neither I, nor she, was sure how to approach it. She finally just turned around, took my cock in her mouth and slowly blew me to another full erection. At the same time, I twisted her around to finally taste her sweet cum, and I was not about to stop unless a team of mules pulled her away.

With my erection back to full mast and wanting more, I took her into the den and placed her on the sofa, abandoning all fear at this point of being caught. I just dove into that pussy with my cock like there was never going to be another chance.

At this point, I now had some great staying power, and her lust was just as deep as mine. I decided to spin her around, and I entered her from behind driving as deep as I could as she was moaning, "I have had never been fucked so deep."

After she had her umpteen orgasm and I came again, we cleaned up a bit, wiped the sweat away, and cuddled on the sofa. This was now like an hour and a half later, around three AM, and J-Nine all of a sudden wanted more, and was not going to be turned down.

She started to blow me again, as she was going to have what she wanted one way or another. I became hard once again, and this was when I got something I would not have dreamed of.

She bent over, and as I was about to enter her, she stopped me and said, "lick my asshole, and then fuck me there."

"Are you sure?" I had to draw back a bit.

She simply said, "Yes, but go easy, I never have before."

WELL, OK! So I began to lick that little pink rosebud as best as I could, driving my tongue and then a finger into her until I felt she was ready.

I then slid back into that tight pussy for some lube, drew out slowly and pressed the mushroomed head into that tight ass. Oh, how slow I had to go but didn't want to. She, on the other hand, was burying her face into the cushions to suppress either her screams or moans, I was not sure which. Slowly though, I was able to get all seven inches deep into her ass and just stayed that way for a few moments.

I fucked that ass hard, with a steady rhythm, as she was now moaning and dripping down her legs, reaching back to pull me in as I withdrew on each stroke. She began scratching my ass with her long nails to hold me tight to her as her orgasm was nearing again.

When we were finished, both totally satisfied, we knew we were going to have to explain the scratches and bite marks to M, but that is a whole new story on a great Halloween weekend.

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