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Pat meets Peter part 2

"Just put it in," she insisted.

Only four hours to go before Pat would be picked up by her new friend Peter. We met Peter one evening earlier this week on the beach.


It was Pat’s first date in years, she was very excited; I caught her touching herself a few times. We had chosen the outfit she was going to wear, now all she had to do was get ready.


I couldn't resist myself, though. As Pat leaned over the bed, I put my hands on her hips and slid my hands down. She was only wearing a pair of track pants that slid down easily with my hands. Once they were down nearly to her knees, I placed my cock between her legs. Pat obliged me by spreading her legs a little, and as I entered her, she moaned softly. I put my hands on her hips to steady myself, and she bent over a little more. Pat's pussy was incredibly wet, more so than usual. I started with slow strokes and then began to increase my speed. Each time I pushed forward, Pat would moan or say fuck.


As she explored her new found sexual experiences, her language became more explicit more often. And not only while she was having sex. With me, fuck and cunt were common words for her to use. In other company when she became familiar with a person she gauged what she could or couldn't say.


"Mmmm," Pat said softly, and then she sighed.


I held still inside her and felt her muscles tighten around my cock. She pushed back towards me wanting more of my shaft.


"Ohhh fuck, I'm cumming," she said, and I'm sure I felt her pussy clamp onto my cock even harder.


After a short time, I felt Pat relax her hold on me, and she moved forward slightly.


Then came the words I now love to hear, "You know where I want you to cum, don't you?"


I withdrew my shaft and aimed it a little higher; my cock was glistening with Pat's cum.


"What about lubrication?" I asked.


"Just put it in," she insisted.


I touched my shaft against her tight hole and pushed my hips forward and entered her sweet little arse. It felt wonderful as I slid my penis backwards and forwards, while Pat's fingers were playing with her clit.


My strokes became more forceful as I came nearer to reaching my climax.


Pat let out a loud scream, "Fuuuck, I'm cumming again, I'm cumming, Ohhh fuck."


Just as well she did, my cock erupted inside her. Each time I shot more sperm into her, I could feel her muscles tighten around my cock.


We collapsed onto the bed and smiled at each other.


"Come on; I can't lie around, you have wasted enough of my time, I have to get ready," Pat said still smiling.


"There's plenty of time."


"No, there isn't, I have plenty to do," Pat said forcefully while pulling up her track pants.


"Ok, ok," I said as I walked out of the bedroom into the lounge.


Not ten minutes later the doorbell rang.


"Can you get that?" Pat shouted from the bedroom.


When I opened the door, I got a shock; it was Dave. Dave is the friend I have shared Pat with a few times.


A few quick words passed between us and he asked if Pat was home.


"She's in the bedroom, go on through,"


Just then Pat shouted asking who was at the door. By this time we were at the bedroom door. As we walked in, Pat was bent over picking something off the floor. A sizeable damp patch was showing in her pants, evident enough for Dave to see.


Pat looked back, "Dave, what are you doing here?"


"Well, it has been a while, I just wanted to see you. You don't mind, is now not a good time?' Dave asked.


"No, no, sorry, come here,"


Dave went to Pat, and she put her arms around him and kissed him. Dave took hold of her; he placed one hand on the small of her back, and the other clamped onto her still naked breast.


"I was just getting ready; I'm going out tonight," Pat said to Dave when she broke away.


"Oh, sorry, I just thought..."


Pat interrupted Dave, "I can feel what you thought."


"I haven't seen you for a while, is it possible?"


Pat put her hand on Daves crotch, "I have missed that lovely cock of yours."


Dave kissed her and dropped to his knees. He began teasing her pants down. Once her pussy was in sight, Dave reached round putting his hands on her arse cheeks. As he pulled her closer, his mouth began eating Pat's pussy.


Pat looked over at me with a questioning look, as if to say, 'What am I supposed to do?'


But then her expression changed as she began to feel the effects of Dave's mouth. She put her hands on the back of his head and pulled his head into herself.


Her head fell back, and she opened her legs, "Mmmmm, that feels so good. Yes, just there Dave, just there. Ooo, fuck that's good."


I could see the force on her arms as she pulled his head into herself.


"Oooo, Dave I want you inside me. I want your cock fucking me now."


As Dave got up, Pat wriggled out of her pants and then helped Dave release his penis. She turned around and then arched over the bed, resting her palms on it to support herself. Pat put one hand between legs, and her fingers opened and her cunt lips, showing where Dave should place his prick. Dave's cock was standing proud, and without any effort, he was deep inside her.


As I watched Dave fucking my wife, I couldn't help but think; it was only ten minutes ago Pat was in the same position with my cock in her. Judging by the moans, she was enjoying herself for the second time.


Then Pat surprised me by saying, "Dave, would you like to take my arse?"


"Would I? I've wanted that since I first saw you."


"You'll need to lubricate. Gary, you know where it is. Can you pass it to Dave please."


I went to the drawer and took out Pat's lube and passed it to Dave. His face was glowing; Pat had told me he had been asking for this. Dave eagerly covered his cock with lubricant and had it pointing at Pat's rectum in no time.


"Not yet," Pat said, put some on your finger and lubricate me.


I could see the disappointment on Dave's face; he had waited a long time for this, he didn't want to wait another second. But he did what Pat instructed, and ended up fingering her arse. She bent over more, placing her head on the bed. Pat spread her legs further, offering Dave and me a fantastic view of her arse hole and pussy. Her cunt lips shining in the sunlight coming through the window. She reached behind and spread her bum cheeks making it an even more magnificent sight.


Dave moved forward and touched the head of his cock in Pat's hole, Her head jerked, from the anticipation of what's going to happen.


"Yes, Dave, there, quickly."


Dave eased forward, and slowly his cock disappeared into Pat. The look on Dave's face was priceless, his cheeks were red, and his smile said it all.


Dave looked at me, "Fuck, Gary, you're a lucky guy to have such a slutty wife."


As he massaged the inside of Pat's arse with his prick, Pat moaned with each push.


In my mind, I was saying to myself, 'Slut, he just called my wife a slut, how wonderful.'


The name was becoming apt as I watched him, after all, I had just been there a few minutes ago. Pat's moans grew louder as Dave pumped her. I could see cum escaping from Pat's pussy. Then Dave's face distorted, and I knew he was cumming.


"Holy fuck!" he screamed, and his whole body tightened.


When he relaxed, he withdrew his cock, which quickly softened. Pat fell over onto her back, her legs wide open, as was her arse hole for a time.


Dave was breathing heavily, but still managed to compliment Pat, "That was the most fantastic experience, Pat."


Pat smiled, "I didn't realize I'd missed your cock so much, but you have to go. I need to get ready."


Dave went to the bathroom to clean himself, then Pat ushered him to the door.


As she kissed him, he tweaked her bottom. Before he left, I heard Pat ask if he would like to come around the next day about three. Dave responded enthusiastically that he would love to.


I looked at Pat as she walked back in, "What?" she asked.


"Nothing," I said with a smile on my face.


Pat put her arms around my neck and kissed me, "Go on, you liked watching that as much as I enjoyed doing it."


"Maybe," I replied jokingly.


Pat kissed me again, and her tongue ventured into my mouth, "Mmmm," she moaned, "I could fuck you once more right now, but I have a date.


As Pat turned to walk away, I raised my hand and brought it down firmly on her still bare backside. She jumped, and when she looked back, she had a broad smile on her face. Then, as she disappeared into the hall, I could see my hand on her arse in red.


As usual, it seemed like an age for Pat to get ready. I had two or three beers, and then the doorbell rang again.


"I'll get it," I shouted.


Today everything was working in two's, another man for Pat.


I opened the door, it was Peter.


"Hello Peter," I said.


"Hi Gary, I've come to pick Pat up, if that's ok?"


"Sure, come in, I'm afraid she's not ready yet."


Peter came in, and I offered him a drink.


"No thanks," he replied, "driving, you know, can't be too careful."


"No, of course not," I said and opened myself one.


We sat talking for a while and then Pat made her entrance.


She went straight over to Peter and kissed him on the lips. Just long enough so he knew she meant it, not too long so as not to embarrass him.


"Wow, you look stunning!" Peter exclaimed.


"Why thank you, sir."


Pat did look particularly attractive, not too much makeup and well dressed. She wore a blue crochet dress, above the knee, the neckline not too revealing. She turned and asked if the seam was straight down her legs.


Both Peter and I looked, admiring her shapely legs as well as checking the seam. In unison we agreed, she looked stunning, and they were straight. Peter didn't know yet; they were stockings, held up by a red garter belt. It was part of a set, red lace bra, and panties.


"Ok then, I'm ready, let's go," Pat said, like a young girl going out on her first date.


Peter and I got up, Pat took hold of Peter's hand, and we walked to the door. Pat kissed me, and I told them to have a good time.


Pat kissed me again and whispered, "He will."


They walked to the car and like a gentleman Peter opened the door for Pat.


I went back in and got myself another beer and settled in to watch the match. I must have fallen asleep at some stage because I was woken by a car door closing. I heard voices and giggling outside and knew they were back. I got up and opened the door to find them embracing, lips locked together.


I feigned clearing my throat, and Pat turned to me, "Sorry, we were coming in."


They came inside, and I asked if they would like coffee or something.


"Love one," Pat replied.


"Thanks for the offer, but I really should be going," was Peter's response.


Pat looked at Peter and put her arms around his neck, "Ahh, at least have one drink with me to round the night off. What I really would like is for you to stay. You can have the spare bedroom, and I'll come in with you, at least for a while."


Peter looked very tempted into saying yes, but declined, saying it would cause even more trouble at home. I placed the coffee on the table, and we sat down, all except Pat. She made an excuse and disappeared into the bedroom.


As she walked past me, she bent down and whispered in my ear, "I know what you are wondering, and yes he was inside me earlier."


Peter and I chatted, but he didn't seem too comfortable, "Anything wrong?" I asked.


"Um, no, everything is good," he said unconvincingly.


"Look, you fucked my wife, and you will again, don't worry, I'm ok with it. We told you things weren't what you thought when we met. You knew what you wanted from Pat tonight, and so did we. As she said to you I like to watch."


"She did mention it, yes."


"Are you ok with that, being watched, it is a condition if you want to fuck her again."


"Oh, I want to, very much, so yes, I mean no I don't mind."


Peter was saved more embarrassment from me because Pat walked back in the room. His problem now was she had removed her dress bra. All she wore now was her panties, stockings and garter belt. Peter's eyes fixed on her as she walked to him and put her knees on the sofa, straddling him.


She took his hands and placed them on her tits and leaned back shaking her head.


"Sure, you can stay, I want you to," Pat said in a sultry voice.


I could see the agony on his face as he declined, "I can't, I have to go, my wife."


"Ahhh," Pat voiced. "Let me leave you with something else to remember me by."


She got up and knelt between his legs, opening them as she did. Pat looked him in the eye, smiling as she freed his member. To me, it seemed bigger than mine, but after licking her lips, she swallowed it with ease.


Still looking at him she released his cock from her mouth and proclaimed she could taste and smell herself. Peter’s eyes closed and he put his hands on Pat's head. He grunted repeatedly; I knew Pat's tongue was doing its job on him. The way she rolls it around the head and then sucks, he was in heaven.


Then suddenly he groaned loudly, and his hips lifted, his cock going deeper into Pat's mouth. He was pushing her head down, but Pat managed to lift herself off. Peter hadn't finished, and he spurted cum onto Pat's face. He relaxed, and Pat went back down on him, slurping any liquid left. Peter jerked as she did, the head of his prick still in that tender moment after cumming.


Peter sighed expelling the air from his chest in satisfaction. Pat got up and turned to me. she had cum all over her face. It was the first time I had seen Pat like this, she had never let me give her a facial, but now she had one. Pat wiped her face with her hand and then ran her tongue along it; she sucked each finger in turn. She was learning how to be seductive and doing it very well. But alas for her, Peter did leave.


Pat walked him part way to his car, even though she was all but naked. Pat went to kiss him, but he pulled back, but then he did. When she came back into the house, I could see why Peter hesitated. Her face was glistening with his cum, and she still had globules in her hair.


She smiled at me and said, "Hope you don't mind, he's coming around tomorrow about three."


"But you asked Dave around then. What are you up to?" I inquired.


"Dave called me a slut didn't he?"


"You heard that?"


"Of course I did, tomorrow he will find out how much of a slut I can be. Hope he can handle it. You're in for a treat tomorrow I'm going to give you a hell of a show. Now I'm going to clean myself and go to bed. Don't be long, I want you to fuck me."

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