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Private Dick, Chapter 2

Private Dick, Chapter 2

It was time to give her the bad news...
Mrs. Reynolds arrived at my office right on time. She looked as stunning as ever, today dressed in red knee-length tank dress with matching red heels. The dress showed off her very appealing form, but wasn't quite as tight as the one she wore when I first saw her. Still, she was amazing looking and my heart skipped a beat when she walked into my office again.

"Hello Beverly, thanks for coming by. It's nice to see you again. Please, have a seat," I said as she came in the office.

"Hello Peter, thank you. I hope you have some news for me," she replied with a smile.

"Well, I do have news. But before we get to that, would you like a cup of coffee, I was just about to make myself one before you came in."

"Yes I would love a cup of coffee. Thank you."

"How do you take it?"

"Cream and sugar, please." I went over to the door and gave it a quick twist of the lock. With what I was going to have to tell her, I didn't want to be disturbed.

I brought us both a cup of coffee, sat down in my chair, and then I got out the folder I had on her husband.

"Oh my! Is that all on Paul?" she asked.

"Yes. I did a good bit of checking on your husband. I wanted to be sure of my findings."

"And are the findings good?" she asked, the lilt in her voice sounding hopeful. I didn't answer that question just then. I couldn't.

"I started out with the usual background check. You gave me enough information to do a pretty thorough check on Paul. I ran his driver's license and did a credit check on him. You gave me the credit card numbers for the four cards, but in My credit check I found he had two more - a gold MasterCard and a Platinum Visa."


"Yes. I also ran the names of his past affairs. The one, an Angela Baskins, is now married and living in Seattle. The other, Tanya Robbins, is still in the area, living in Brooklyn."

"I see," she said, her hopeful tone dying down some.

"And now for the bad news. There is no easy way to tell you this, so I'm just going to be straight with you..." I started.

"Please, Peter. Please tell me the truth."

"The truth is that you were right to suspect your husband. Paul is cheating on you. Her name is Christina Allen, a twenty-two year old barista working at the Starbuck's in his office building lobby."

Beverly sat there across the desk from me very quiet. I could see the hurt and defeat in her face, though. This was one part of the job I could do without.

"I have some pictures of the two of them together. You don't have to look at them if you don't wa..."

"I want to see them," she said, cutting me off in mid-sentence.

I turned the folder to her and sat there watching her go through the pictures. Her eyes got misty, then a tear rolled down her soft cheek as she went picture by picture and saw with her own eyes her husband in the arms of another woman. I had taken out the most extreme pictures, not wanting to crush her completely. But there was enough photographic evidence left in the folder to hang him twice over.

Suddenly, she did something I did not expect.

Beverly sat straight up tall and proud, wiping any tear from her eye and composed herself, determined to be a lady. She stood up and spoke.

"Thank you Mr. Kirkman for your help in this matter," she said, matter-of-factly.

I stood and walked around the desk, a bit surprised at her sudden turn. I came up to her and she took my hand to shake it. That's when the woman in her came out.

The second I gripped her hand in a gentleman's handshake her legs buckled. I reacted quickly and caught her before she fell completely and she began sobbing.

"Oh, Peter! What am I going to do?" she sobbed, shaking as her world fell apart.

I helped her over to the couch on one side of my office. "Here, Beverly, lay down here for a bit," I told her. I dragged a chair over to sit with her. "I know this is a terrible blow, believe me, you aren't the first one that has found their husband or wife was unfaithful. This type of thing is a private eye's bread and butter I'm afraid. But you seem to be a strong and independent woman. You will get through this. And you will be stronger and smarter on the other side."

"But she is so pretty, and I'm... I'm just..."

"You are very attractive Beverly. I thought so the very minute I saw you in my office that first day you hired me," I said, holding her hand. And I meant it too - she was a knockout.

"Really? You mean that?"

"Of course! Why, any man would kill to have a woman like you. And your husband is a damn fool if you don't mind my saying so, for even looking at another woman. Much less a blonde girl like the one in those pictures."

The emotions of the moment must have gotten to Beverly right then, because she pulled me out of my chair and over to her. I moved to sit on the edge of the couch next to her but that's not what she wanted. She pulled me on top of her before I could stop myself.

"Mrs. Reynolds I can't! You are a client!" I said, shocked at this turn in her.

"Peter, please... it's all right. I just need..." It was at that moment my walls crumbled also. Beverly Reynolds didn't know it, but I had been dreaming of her since the day we met. And now with her giving herself to me like this, and needing validation that she was still beautiful and desirable, well what is a guy to do?

I lowered my mouth to hers and kissed her hard, deep, and genuinely. Her crimson lips were soft as I had imagined and her tongue came out from between them to meet my own. She moaned almost imperceptibly as we tasted each other for the first time. We kissed for several delicious minutes as our passions grew. Both of us had needs and both of us wanted the other to fill them. As I lay on top of the beautiful woman, I could feel my cock growing... straining against my pants... wanting her as I wanted her.

She must have felt it as well because her moans got louder and more desperate as we kissed, She reached around me and put her hand on my ass pulling me harder onto her. She opened her legs as far as her dress would allow, which wasn't very much - it was a fairly tight dress, but it was enough. She could feel my stiffening cock rub against her and she wanted more.

"Peter, would you... I mean... please Peter, make love to me?" she asked, her eyes pleading with me.

Without another word from either of us, I got up and took her hand helping her to stand. I held her close for a moment kissing her again, then kissing her neck, her soft bare shoulder, her throat. I reached behind her, finding the zipper and slowly pulled it down till it stopped at the small of her back.

She softly whimpered as I slid the thin straps off her shoulders. She modestly held it up covering her full perfect breasts for a moment, but as I pulled it slowly from her hands, she let it go. It fell to the floor around her ankles as she gasped a bit, feeling the cool room air on her bare skin. I steadied her as she stepped out from the puddle of a dress, leaving it on the floor as I pulled her towards me.

Beverly stood in front of me trembling - whether from need or from the coolness of the room, I'm not sure - as I reached up and unfastened the hooks on her front-hook bra. Her firm breasts stood high and proudly out on display, the nipples plump and erect and begging to be kissed. Her husband may have been a cheating asshole, but he was a hell of a plastic surgeon, I'll give him that. They were magnificent!

She watched with childlike eyes as I leaned forward to take one of the hard, throbbing buds into my mouth, licking and sucking on her nipple as she groaned with pleasure. She put her hand on the back of my head pulling my head towards her even as she tried to push more of her breast into my mouth.

As I chewed on her sweet breast, my hands roamed around her slim waist and journeyed down her back to her taunt ass. I discovered the waistband of her red lace panties and the soft silkiness of the material covering her rear. I began grabbing and kneading her ass cheeks as she moaned and wriggled it playfully. I squeezed each cheek alternately and she pushed back against my hands as if asking for more. My hands moved closer together and down towards her thighs, I felt the dampness beginning to soak though her panties and I rubbed the wet spot a bit.

As I started playing with her pussy through her panties, she backed away so my hands couldn't reach her. I gave her ass a good swat when she did that, and she squealed and jumped closer again. I went back to playing with her pussy, and this time she began rubbing her ass up and down in time to my hands. Beverly wriggled her ass and humped back at my hands, thoroughly enjoying my toying with her. Her breath had become labored and her moaning was louder and more urgent.

"Ohh goddd..." she moaned. I knew she was ready to give herself to me completely.

I pulled away from her tender breast and took my hand from her pussy. She looked at me as I took the waistband of her panties, the only thing she had left on, in my hands. Kneeling down, I looked up at her, watching her as I removed them slowly. Beverly offered no resistance, her only action was to bite the corner of her lip as she felt the satiny garment slide down her thighs.

I took her panties off her and brought them to my nose, smelling her scent. The move made Beverly's knees weak. I smiled at her reaction. Turning my attention to her newly uncovered treasures, it was my turn to smile as I discovered Mrs. Beverly Reynolds was shaved as smooth as a baby! Not a hint of hair anywhere, not even any stubble. She must have very recently depilated... perhaps she knew deep down what I would find.

"Very nice," I complimented her. I lightly ran my finger around her petals and I felt her tremble at my touch.

"P.. please..." she whimpered, her body swaying back and forth slightly. I rose from kneeling and putting the laptop she had been looking at on the chair I cleared the rest of the desk in a moment. Then I brought her to the edge and bent her over the desktop, spreading her legs as I did. Beverly gasped loudly at the suddenness of my movements but did not fight them. I moved around behind her stroking her now wet pussy from behind.

She laid her head on my desk, reaching forward to grab the other edge with both hands as I fingered her. My fingers made a wet squishing noise which when added to her moans and gasps made for lovely office music!

She smelled of lust and perfume and I knelt back down. I wanted to see if she tasted as delicious. I buried my face in her dripping pussy and my tongue worked its way into her depths.

"Ohhh goddd! Oh, Peeterrr!" she cried. She pushed back against my face as I lapped and licked her juices. She wriggled and spread her legs wider, inviting me into her and encouraging me further. Using a couple fingers I massaged her clit as I tongued her making her squeal with pleasure.

"Ohh! Ohh!" she moaned with each long lap of my tongue. I ran the flat of my tongue over her slit like I was licking an ice cream cone and she was loving it.

But as wonderful as she tasted, my cock also wanted to play as well. My pants were getting very uncomfortable as my cock strained to push its way to freedom. So after I had thoroughly excited this beautiful woman, I stood and unfastened my pants pulling them off quickly along with my boxers.

Beverly had turned to see why on earth I had stopped doing what I was doing just as she was climbing to her orgasm. But when she saw I was getting ready, she understood and got even more excited.

"Oh Peter, Oh fuck me! Please fuck me! I need you inside me now!" she pleaded desperately.

The private detective business is a service-based business. And if my clients aren't happy, my business suffers. So now that my client was so insistent, what could I do? I took hold of the base of my eager cock and pointing it at her most intimate spot stepped forward. I placed my hand flat on the small of her back and touched her pussy with the tip of my cock. I ran the head of my cock up and down her drooling slit holding her and keeping her from pushing back onto it.

"Peter Pleease!" she screamed, her distress driving her insane with lust.

I shoved into her fully, impaling her on my hard stiff cock until my balls slapped her pussy.

"Ohhh, Fuuckk!" she screamed as she felt me filling her, spreading her pussy open and stretching her wide. I am not a huge man, certainly not porn-star huge, but apparently I was enough for Beverly that day. She gripped the edge of the table until her knuckles turned white as she arched her back and tossed her head back in rapturous delight.

"Yess! Oh, Yess!" she cried, as I began slowly pumping in and out of her. I began slowly, but quickly I sped up the pace, increasing every couple of strokes until soon I was fucking her furiously and savagely. And as hard and fast as I was pounding her, she wanted more.

"Fuck me, Peter! Fuck my pussy harder!" she said urgently.

I did as she asked, slamming into her with everything I had. I buried myself in her tight pussy over and over again, pulling completely out and charging full speed into her, crashing into her so hard I almost knocked the wind out of her with each lunge. I was afraid I was hurting her, slamming her into the edge of the desk like that. But if I was, she didn't complain. All she wanted was more.

Finally she'd had enough and I saw her arch one last time. I knew she was close, so I slammed once more into her hard and deep and held it there as her world split apart.

"Ohhh, Peter! I'm cuuminnggg!" she screamed as she bucked and twisted, and writhed on my desk, her orgasm wracking her body and contorting her in ecstatic convulsions. She clawed at the desk and whipped her head back and forth as if she was possessed while wave after orgasmic wave crashed into her like the fury of a storm on the sea coast.

At long last she collapsed on the desktop, completely exhausted and sated. Her breathing in ragged gasps, she lay on the desk with me still fully inside her.

"Don't... move!" she said, her pussy and clit still hypersensitive to any sensations.

I leaned over and kissed her neck as she lay there. After a few moments her orgasm passed to the point I was able to pull out. I was still very hard though and as Beverly turned around she noticed that I had not finished. She smiled and without so much as a word she went to her knees in front of me.

She took my still unsatisfied cock in her delicate hands admiring the tool that had just pleased her so well. She licked the tip gingerly, tasting herself on me before she took me into her warm, wet mouth.

Beverly licked and sucked my cock with enthusiasm cupping my heavy balls in her hand and massaging them gently. She licked her way down the shaft until she reached my balls then took each one into her mouth to tongue-bathe it and give it proper attention. She then licked just under my sac, a move that always drove me crazy, before moving back up to the swollen, purple, cock head.

I reached down to tangle my fingers in her long brunette hair, guiding her in the rate and rhythm that I needed and it wasn't long that the talented woman had me on the edge of my own orgasm.

"Bev... I'm going... to cum!" I panted.

She pulled me out of her mouth. "That's it baby, cum for me. Cum in my mouth. I want to taste you," she said, before swallowing me again. She sucked my cock deep into her mouth and reached around to grab my ass cheeks squeezing them and sinking her long ruby-painted fingernails into my cheeks.

That was it for me. I groaned and gripped her head tightly, holding it in place as I emptied my balls into her mouth and down her throat. Beverly was a trooper though, she swallowed my sticky cum as fast as I filled her, not missing a beat. I dumped four or five loads into that sweet mouth before I was empty and when I had finished, she pulled me slowly out, her lips sealed around my cock to keep any of the precious cum from leaking out. I came out of her mouth as clean as I was when I went in and then she looked up at me smiling.

I lifted the beautiful woman to her feet and she threw her arms around me, kissing me deeply.

"Thank you, Peter, for the work you've done and for this. Yes, I pretty much knew Paul was cheating on me - the signs were all there. But I needed confirmation. It still hurts, sure, but at least I know now."

The woman was every bit a lady and she maintained her class and charm despite the circumstances. I really admired that. I was glad that she hired me for this investigation.

* * * *

Beverly Reynolds did divorce her husband, getting a very nice settlement from him due to his repeated affairs. She won the house in the Hamptons, the Lexus, and a very nice alimony settlement. She also took her maiden name of Jackson back as well. I testified at her divorce and all the details I had found on him came out in court. But in order to preserve his practice, and Beverly's very generous settlement, an agreement between her and Paul kept all the sorted details under wraps.

Beverly and I continued to see each other regularly, until one day when we decided it made no sense to both keep separate residences. The divorce had been finalized for almost a year when we decided to move in together.

Paul, I'm afraid, didn't fare so well. After the divorce was finalized, he and the blonde he had been fooling around with broke up when he knocked her up and then took off on her. She realized she was only one in a long string of playthings, and that Paul had seduced several clients.

She took him to court and in court she wasn't nearly as discrete and Beverly was. She aired everything out and by the time Blondie was finished he had lost his wife, his girlfriend, his practice, his home, and everything he held dear. Last we heard, he had moved away from New York to someplace out west.

All I know is that Beverly and I remain very happy and content together. I am still in the private detective business, and Beverly is still every bit the lady. And the sex is still amazing!

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