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Scandalous Affairs

Just one dance can change your life.
The first time it happens there is guilt. Usually always is, but that biting urgency to let passion take over can't be ignored...

The party is in full swing and drinks are in everyone and everywhere. The younger crowd dancing and swaying to the music thumping through the speakers, lights flashing in time illuminating the sweating bodies in the club. Rented out for a very special occasion the college students are taking full advantage of the scene and not wasting time with conversations.

Mel and her beau Wilson are dancing next to their favorite couple friends Tina and Hector. The guys are roommates while the girls take a couple of classes together, being in the same major and all. Mel dances off of the floor and pauses looking around long enough to get her bearings and heads towards their empty table. She picks up her water bottle and uses a napkin to wipe some of the sweat from her body. She feels two strong arms slide around her from behind and a tongue work its way along an exposed shoulder.

She shivers with delight and squirms against Wilson as she turns to kiss his lips. "Miss me?"

He runs his hands along her back while staring into her eyes and chuckles, "Of course, and I wouldn't want you to steal all of the water..."

She swats his arm as Hector chimes in to their side, "You two need to get a room, and while you're at it see if there's a deal for a second one."

Tina giggles as she sashays into him, while he receives a high five from Wilson, and says, "Isn't he funny?"

"The funniest!" Mel and Wilson reply in kind while everyone takes a minute to hydrate.

"I need more alcohol!" Mel slightly shouts to the rest of them and Hector throws a fist in the air and the two head towards the bar. They wait with the throng of fellow students and discuss the celebration.

"This is the best party yet! I wonder what the Senior parties are like..."

Mel shrugs at Hector's musings as she readjusts her hair tie while trying to fan herself with her hands. "Probably just as good or bigger than this one, although I don't think there are many parties celebrating this many wins for the men and women basketball teams."

They move closer to the bar and Hector asks, "What should we get? A pitcher, or something a little more intoxicating?"

Mel smiles. "Intoxicating sounds fun!"

They reach the bartender and ask for a pitcher of intoxication. He complies with a blue frosty mix and glasses. Hector takes the pitcher and Mel hands the guy a tip while grabbing the glasses. They surf the crowd back to the table and Hector pours the blue for everyone while Wilson wrangles Mel in for a couple of long kisses. They down their glasses, then another and start giggling before making their way back to the dance floor. Mel's head is spinning as they gyrate and bump around and into others. Tina makes her way to the bathroom while Wilson goes to get another drink and Mel finds herself dancing with Hector.

She looks up at him while they move to the music and feels his hands get lower, moving over the back of her skirt and pressing her closer against him. She places her hands on his arms and feels herself getting lost into the music and his touch as the crowd around them move more wildly and they are swept along into the middle. Hector's hands have reached under her skirt now as they practically grind against each other, he unzips his jeans and pulls aside her thong as their mouths are drawn to one another.

Their tongues tangle against each other as he enters her willing body, and she feels one of her legs go around his waist. While they move together through the beat of the songs his hands rub against her breasts that are tightly wrapped in her tube top. Her hands clench his upper arms as he lifts her and bucks wildly, their kisses more passionate as everyone is lost to the music and oblivious to their sudden activity. They gasp as they rocket into release and feel their shaking bodies slow to the newer beat as they stay connected her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, his cock buried deep inside her. Smiling at one another they kiss once more before disconnecting, placing his hard on away and her panties in place, Mel whispers into his ear, "More intoxication?"

Hector nods and grinds his teeth lightly into her earlobe as he pulls her off the dance floor towards their table. Their hands drop away before they exit the crowd and they find Tina just returned and pouring herself a drink, Wilson lazing against the bench sound asleep. Mel snuggles up to the all-star member of the men's basketball team and pours herself a glass to hurriedly wash down the last few minutes and flood her mind into a more addled state. Tina kisses Hector and takes him to the floor after they both finish their drinks, he winks at Mel before they're off and Wilson slowly wakes up halfway through Mel's drink.

He holds her tight against him and murmurs into her ear, "Maybe we should go get some shut eye, before I can't walk anymore."

Mel giggles and finishes her drink to thrust her lips into his, her tongue finding his then her teeth nibbling his lower lip. His hands tighten on her waist as he starts to move them out of the booth Mel grabs her purse as Wilson leads them out of the club. They walk to her dorm and relieve themselves in their respected bathrooms before Wilson kisses her into her room and against her closed door. He presses her against the wood as his own gets harder with each breath and she grinds her hips slowly against him. They move towards the bed taking articles of clothing off in unison before succumbing to the urgency on the floor...

The next morning Mel wakes up on the ground laying on her stomach. She moves her hands to sit up and finds a note from Wilson saying he is at practice, love, and didn't want to wake her. She rummages around for her purse, grabs her phone, finds multiple messages from Tina and quickly replies agreeing that the party was epically killer. She finds a text from Hector and hurries to get dressed, runs a brush through her hair and walks out the door towards the food court.

When she sees him at a table with two plates of eggs and bacon and toast she doesn't know if she could eat, the memories flooding back at a sickening rate. She sits heavily and looks at him with complete loss in her eyes. His looks slightly mirror her own, but there's a hint of a smile. "Good to see you, Mel."

She feels her body react to those lips while part of her relishes it and the other wants to tear herself apart. "You as well, Hector. Thank you for breakfast... what are we going to do?"

Her words settle as they both attempt to eat something, she goes for the eggs while he picks up a piece of bacon and after munching replies, "Bury it."

She reaches for the salt but fails, he pushes it towards her while their fingers brush memories from the dance floor rush back and she gasps softly, his hand starts to shake. "Yeah... bury it..." She looks up into his growing eyes as she feels warmth pool into her abdomen. "That'll work..."

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