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Season Opener

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Hooray! Hockey season has begun and, in case you’ve not read my earlier journal entries, I do not like any sports. Couldn’t care less about them. I am, however, married to a man who loves the Boston Bruins and he goes to as many games as he can. 

Obviously, I knew in advance that he had tickets for the season’s opener and that allowed me time to prepare myself for it. Put it another way: I had time to plan the fun I’d have while he was at the game.

I had so many online options. First question, though, what kind of night did I want? And then who should I pick to supply my fun? 
I weeded out the guys I didn't want and that left a few repeat ‘offenders’ — or someone fresh. I decided on someone who had a better approach than most of the guys I see online. Robert, a vet known as Bob, is sixty-three, tall, grey, and portly. He’s also hung very nicely, thank you.

Bob has an approach many could learn from. When he asks me out, he has the manners of a gentleman. Most guys just say they want to fuck me, or similar crass things, but Bob knows how to ask a woman out. I agreed to meet him at a very nice restaurant in Gloucester which isn't far from me, allowing me ample time to get ready after work.

I got home, saw the boys off to the game, and quickly got ready. I dressed all in black, a tad sexy I thought. When I arrived, Bob was waiting by his car like he’d promised. He kissed me in greeting and, as we walked into the restaurant, he was grinning ear-to-ear. He was quite the southern gentleman and we had a pleasant conversation over a romantic dinner with wine. We passed on dessert and I followed him to his house. The deck faced the ocean and the view was awesome, a full moon lighting up the sky. 

We talked for a bit, drank more wine, but, with time ticking by, I decided to speed things up. I asked if it was okay to take off my dress and, when he said “Of course,” I pulled it over my head and let it fall to the floor, revealing purchases I’d made at Victoria’s Secret a few years ago.

His jaw dropped and his eyes bulged. He asked if it was okay if he took a viagra.

“Of course,” I said, “anything you want.”


“Yes, anything.” 

“I'm a kinda pervert,” he said, grabbing my hand. “Follow me.”

He led me to the king-sized bed in his room and that’s when the gentleman changed. I’d thought he would appreciate my lingerie but he ordered me to take it all off and get on the bed. I did and turned to see him undressing and grinning. He then got between my legs and began licking and fingering me, roughly and very fast. Soon he had most of his fingers in me and said things like, “You like this, cunt, don’t you? Take it, have it…”

It brought me to my first but only orgasm of the night. This was simply because he never put his beautiful cock inside my pussy. He fucked my mouth for a long time and he certainly wasn't gentle. He hung my head off the edge of the bed and really drove into me, making me gag a bunch of times. He’d wiped his pre-cum on my face and he yelled at me, calling me filthy names. That can be a turn on but not when I was dying to be fucked.

Eventually, he pulled out of my throat and entered me — but in my ass. And that hurt because the only lubricant was my juices. I tried to enjoy it but after he came inside me, he put his cock back in my mouth. I sucked and licked him clean — and he was viagra hard again! This mouth fucking went on for some time until he came again. It didn't amount to much but he reacted as if he’d cum enough to empty a leg.

After he composed himself, I said I had to leave and Bob the Gentleman returned. I thanked him for a wonderful evening and, while I gathered my things, he asked if we could do it again sometime.

“Maybe,” I said, adding, “it was fun.” But I knew that it wouldn’t happen again. 

Back home, I showered and put my lingerie back on to surprise my guy. He obliged, doing what he does best, making me cum three times. After that, I was able to blissfully fall asleep.

You never really know what to expect. Sometimes, there are monsters that have been caged too long and this was a perfect example. It was almost like a fetish video as Bob rapidly changed from gentleman to rabid animal. As such, that isn't a bad thing — but I’d never spent an hour with someone fucking my throat as hard as he did.

Oh well, it’d better be a long hockey season.

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