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Secret Seduction

Secret Seduction

A married woman takes her young gardener to the next level
Coming of age was one of those expressions that Matt Baker had never considered in any detail. He had ambled along through his teenage years, noticing girls more and more without being in a mad rush to do anything. It was after turning 16 that his hormones really kicked in. The trouble was, that Matt was just naturally shy and had never plucked up the courage to ask a girl out. Since then, events had begun to overtake him. He was gradually beginning to discover the pleasures of the flesh.

Judy Morris wasn’t just any 39 year old woman, she was the mother of Larry, his football training buddy and best friend. Matt didn’t have the balls to make a pass at a woman her age in the first place, but his Mom’s best friend was particularly out of bounds. Judy had had other ideas.

Matt’s visits to Judy Morris’s house had begun innocently enough. He needed the extra cash so had offered to do some gardening jobs. He was a hard worker and it showed. Then Judy had begun to notice the furtive glances. His bashful looks, when his gaze caught her weighty boobs jiggling in her top. Women had a way with mirrors and she noticed him checking out her ass on more than one occasion. Her sex life wasn’t exactly stale, but she missed the excitement of dating. She longed for the secret assignations of her youth. Matt was a fit young man. But he was naïve and not versed in the ways of the world. Slowly but surely, Judy took it upon herself to break him in. Being a normal red-blooded guy, Matt’s visits, while busting his nuts had actually made him more horny at other times. He would get spontaneous erections and sometimes missed his bus stop, as he waited for a particularly big hard-on to subside.

A week after his seventeenth birthday he looked forward to his next visit to see Judy Morris with some trepidation. He knew that Mr Morris and their son Larry would be on a fishing trip for the weekend. Judy had asked him to pop over to ‘put in some bedding plants’ but Larry thought this was a pretext for getting him to come round. Neither Judy nor Matt had openly acknowledge their fornication and Matt especially had not allowed himself to countenance the role he was playing but saw it as a right of passage. It was as if they had each stumbled into their liaison with a degree of suspended disbelief.

It was on his second visit that she had invited him in for a beer; his brow wet with perspiration and his shirt scruffy from the garden. She had given him his first tit-wank and blowjob. Then on his third visit, after meeting Mr Morris briefly, Judy had teased him on and off; inventing reasons to flash her bra and her panties at intervals. Matt was in torment when she eventually relieved him. After introducing him to the joys of pussy eating she had allowed him to come on her. She loved the way he went half crazy, delirious almost as he came, shooting his load over her face and tits.

Matt arrived around 2pm on the Saturday and saw the pansies and sweet William lined up on her patio, so he knew at least, that that bit was true.

“Mrs Morris! I’m here.”

“Hello, Matt. Come in, can I get you anything before you make a start?”

“No, I’ve got my tools in my bag, so I’ll get them planted right away.”

Matt’s eyes roved around Judy’s body as he spoke. Her yellow blouse hugged her breasts, the upper line of her bra making a ridge through the cotton. Her dark grey skirt had fluted pleats and was shorter than her usual ones. Matt couldn’t see any stocking tops and figured she had put on pantyhose. Even the word ‘pantyhose’ made his heart thump. He loved them. Even as he stood in her porch, discussing how she wanted the plants arranged, he could feel himself getting hard. Judy’s long brown hair looked a little damp as if she had not long showered and he detected a lovely scent of recently applied perfume. She glanced down and looked at Matt giving him one of her knowing smiles, as he craftily tried to shield himself with his trowel. He just ended up looking more awkward and they both knew it.

Matt looked back as she turned to go in her kitchen. Her lovely round ass was like two plump peaches squeezed into her skirt.

He spent an hour, turning out heaps of soil and planting out the flowers. Some he laid in neat rows and others in little circles. He tried to vary the colours – so that he didn’t have two adjacent ones the same. As he patted down the earth around each one, his thoughts constantly turned to Judy Morris, his imagination reconstructing the outline of her legs and ass, clad in those barely black pantyhose. His cock throbbed painfully in his kneeling position as he thought of her cleavage spilling out of her bra with his nose trapped between the mounds of flesh.

At last he was done and raked the bits of loose soil flat and stood back to admire his handiwork. He started as he felt a hand on his shoulder and the unmistakeable whiff of Judy’s scent.

“Very nice, Matt. Come in for a beer, you earned it.”

Her words were accompanied by a squeeze of his butt and he turned to look at her. He had lost the slightly scared expression from his earlier visits and was now accustomed to her inevitable advances. He followed her in and Judy handed him an ice cold bottle. As he took a long draught of the refreshing beer, Judy walked down the hallway and stopped. She looked back at Matt, and curved her index finger in an encouragement to follow her.

“This way, Matt.”

“Where are we going?”

“Upstairs, Matt. I have something special I want you to do.”

Matt pushed himself up from the bar stool and followed her up. Judy purposely walked slowly up her staircase, giving Matt the maximum opportunity to study her amazing bum.

Matt’s mind was in a whirl at the possibilities of carnal delight that lay before him.

“Wash your hands in the bathroom, Matt and I’ll be waiting for you in there.”

Matt looked through and saw the large double bed and its large lilac duvet. The light from the window was bathing the room in the cool glow of the afternoon, making the glass sparkle on a water colour, which hung on her bedroom wall.

“In your bedroom, are you sure?” said Matt.

“I’m sure,” said Judy, sexily.

Matt dried his hands after removing the garden dirt from his hands and presumptively removed his shirt. He knocked on the door, which was now closed apart from a few inches, ajar.

“Come in, Matt.”

Judy was kneeling on her bed and had stripped down to her bra and pantyhose.

”Awww you’re so sweet, knocking ‘n’ all,” said Judy. Come here.”

Matt studied every inch of her body; her tummy with the sexy ripples of flesh; her breasts, which were like a shelf, heaving in her bra and their mass of cleavage; her firm, broad thighs, clad in pantyhose. She looked up at him, igniting his libido with her hazel-blue eyes. She reached out and slid her hands down the outside of his torso. She stroked his abs with one hand and traced a finger of the other along his ribs.

“Hmmm… you have a fine body, Matt.”

Matt touched her shoulder and then twirled her hair around his fingers. Judy loved how he was growing in confidence. Three weeks ago, he would never have touched her without asking first. It made her hot and meant that as he matured, she would need to raise the stakes even further. She wanted to push him to the very boundaries of pleasure.

Judy stood up and unfastened his trousers, sliding her palm over his erection in the process. His cock was straining inside his boxers and Judy relished the moment that she could have his bare cock in her hand. As his pumping hard-on sprang up, she rolled her tongue along his shaft, causing Matt to yelp. She stroked the inside of his firm, sinewy thighs as her mouth slowly found the tip of his cock. She sucked on the end, sliding her tongue around his glans each time his cock popped out of her mouth. Judy’s cock-sucking techniques were based on years of practise. It was the same knowledge of perfect fellatio, which made her hold back. She wanted to save his cum for the right moment.

She rose to her feet, gliding her hands upwards at the same time. She wanked his cock slowly and then for the first time put a hand round his neck and pulled him towards her. It was as much a surprise to his young sensitivities as it was a sensation of ecstasy as she kissed him on the lips. Any reservations he might have were instantly overwhelmed by his desires and he responded, tongue and all. His heart beat was almost tachycardic and his cock pounded against her belly as they kissed. Matt had never kissed a girl before and at that moment discovered the joyous honey-soft kisses of Judy Morris were better than he could ever have imagined. Even having her lips around his cock hadn’t hinted at the pleasures of kissing.

Matt looked at her, half bewildered, as they parted. Judy held the gaze as she began to roll the waistband of her pantyhose over her hips.

“I want you to sit on the bed, Matt.”

“Just here?”

“No, up there, right up. Yes, to the top.”

Matt positioned himself a foot from the plush pink headboard with its gold embroidery and watched as Judy took off her bra. Matt had seen photos of ‘older women’ on porn sites, but none had boobs like Judy Morris. Hers were perfect. Her lovely round globes, heavy and swaying, yet just retaining a character of their own and a stubborn resistance to gravity. Her nipples were large, pink and stiff with a sprinkle of goose bumps around her areolae.

Judy climbed on the bed and inched towards him. Matt’s cock was like a radio aerial, standing to attention, as he attempted to comprehend the sheer sexual presence of his sultry host. As she straddled his left leg with her knees planted in the bed, he could see how her neatly trimmed pubes were glazed with her juices. Her labia were swollen and Matt could discern the moisture on them.

Judy ran her hands over his legs in a massaging motion, squeezing his calves. She inched closer, sitting up on her knees until her breasts were just out of kissing distance. She took his hand, lifting it and placed it on her right breast.

“I love your touch. Fondle me, Matt. Don’t miss anywhere.”

After the briefest hesitation, Matt began to explore her body, weighing her breasts in his palms. He pinched her nipple and stroked her belly, savouring the soft contours of her body. As his hands roamed around her waist and legs, Judy moved closer to Matt until her boobs brushed his face. Matt placed a hand on her ass and squeezed her plump butt cheek as his mouth suckled on her teat. His moans of pleasure intensified as Judy stroked his throbbing erection, her hand making a light-as-feather corkscrew motion around his organ.

“Hmmm…that’s it my love, suck my tits!”

Judy threw her head back and enjoyed the attention he was giving her breasts. Her nipples ached to be sucked. Each time he drew her titty flesh into his mouth, she got a little wetter. His hands were occupied with her ass, kneading the flesh and stroking the crack of her ass.

“Oooh… you’re so good Matt. But haven’t you missed something?”

Matt released the nipple that he was sucking and looked at Judy.

“I have?”

Judy held his hand and guided it to her mouth, placing his index finger between her lips and coating it with saliva.

“I think you know you have."

Matt followed his finger with his eyes as she traced it down her body, between the valley of her breasts, down her tummy and down, until she came to rest on her tufts of dark pubic hair.

“I want you to put your fingers in me.”

Matt’s breathing became deeper as he looked at her pussy. He remembered the sweet muskiness when he had licked her the last time. Her pussy lips looked so inviting. He could see the folds of her inner lips and their sweet glistening juice. At first he dabbled his fingers around the entrance. They were so smooth – slippery like honey on velvet. Even though he had been invited, Matt felt he needed to proceed with respect. He moved his fingers - palm upwards, with a gentle backwards and forwards action. Almost without thinking, his two longest fingers curled upwards and they disappeared into her hot, wet cunt.

“Aaaaah… yes, Matt!”

“Oh! Mrs Morris!”

Matt’s fingers seemed to find their own way into her pussy. They went deeper as if her hot sex were drawing them in. Matt was amazed by the gorgeous heat of her pussy as her wet vagina enrobed his digits. Judy placed her hand under his and pushed him, following his rhythm, urging him to thrust deeper and faster, as her body responded and her voice expressed her pleasure.

“Yes Matt! I love to be finger-fucked!”

Matt fondled her breasts with his free hand as his fingers went in and out of her steaming hot pussy. He watched in awe as he saw the result of his actions. The look of pleasure on her face the way her body moved was a new experience for him.

“Oooh Matt! That’s so good! Hmmmm…”

Judy held him to her as she had a trembling climax. Matt was dazed, his cock still throbbing, his arousal inflamed by seeing Judy come on his fingers. He wanted to remember that moment.

Judy took his cum-glazed fingers and implored him to lick them clean. At the same time he was aware of her pushing him against the headboard. She held her hands around his face, stroking his lips as she straddled his waist. Matt knew what was happening, but gulped for breath in panic. Judy calmed him, speaking to him softly, as she guided his rock hard dick into her pussy. His rigidity and her wetness meant he entered her with little difficulty and Matt felt his cock slip inside her lovely wet cunt as she held his wrists.

Judy’s breasts smothered his face as she moved her hips, making his cock slide in, all the way, until his ball sack was pressed hard on her ass. She could sense his throbbing. His size felt wonderful inside her. At the same time she was aware of his fevered moans and cries of pleasure, muffled as they were by her breasts. Judy felt a sense of pride and achievement in taking his virginity. At the same time she was grateful for the sudden injection of excitement and taboo into her life and she would make the most of it, while she could.

Matt’s cock began to throb harder and harder. She could feel his size increase and his body jerk as he neared orgasm. She thrust her hips harder, wanting him to come. Matt held his hands around her, kissing her neck and chest, his yells of pleasure mingling with Judy’s moans of delight as he exploded inside her pussy. Matt almost screamed as he gave way to his feelings. His body jerked uncontrollably as he pumped load after load into her hot snatch.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Mrs Morissssssssss!”

“Yes, Matt! Cum!”


The pair continued to lurch back and forth, the perspiration making their bodies slide together as they gradually came down from their moment of orgasmic bliss.


A while later, Judy lay next to Matt on the bed, running her fingers over his chest.

“Was it good Matt, your first time?”

“Yes. I feel guilty though.”

“There’s no need. I’m the one to feel guilty, if anyone.”

“But what about Mr Morris? I’m drinking his beer and everything.”

“Don’t you worry, Matt. This is just something we have to keep to ourselves.”

“Okay. But…”

Judy put a finger to his lips, silencing his doubts.

“You ought to go water those plants,” she said.

Judy jumped up and began to dress. Matt swung his legs over the side of the bed and pulled on his socks. He didn’t know it yet, but his journey of sexual discovery had only just begun.

Judy had plans for Matt. She had taken the young, naïve 16 year old and was making him a man before her eyes. Maybe now, having turned 17 and losing his cherry, it was the time to share him. The girls at the bridge club had spoken of getting themselves a plaything. Thus far, no one had come up with a candidate. Judy had played her cards close to her chest. But now she figured that he was ready to enter the fold.

Matt was going to be a busy boy.

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