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Seeking My Revenge

Seeking My Revenge

I Want My Sweet Revenge On Him
The spark of a lighter wakens me. I allow my eyes to only open slightly, letting out a groan. The memories of last night start to flutter my mind. A warm glow pushes through the closed curtains. The ugly furniture is a reminder of where I am. What the hell did I get myself into now, I can’t help but think.

The man I’m sharing the bed with speaks deeply. His voice is thick, like a heavy smoker would sound like. “Last night was fun, Doll-face. You’re one hell of a fuck,” he chuckles and smacks my ass.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” I groan out. I roll over to face him. It’s the first time I’m truly seeing his face. His brown hair shaping his face nicely, a few strains hang over his eyes. They are a beautiful shade of blue. His naked body exposed to me, he has taken off the covers. I can see his erection, clearly ready to roll in the sheets again.


Again, the memories of last night roll through my head. I got home around six in the evening, expecting the house to be empty. My boyfriend had told me he was going to be out late. I was actually looking forward to some time alone. A nice bubble bath, with a glass of wine and soft music, is what I had in mind. However, that isn’t what I came home to.

Unlocking the door, I noticed the living-room empty, but I could hear noises in the bedroom. The first thing that came to my mind was all the horror films I’ve ever seen. Should I be the typical girl and yell out “Hello, is anyone there?” No, I don’t think so. Instead, I go towards the bedroom. When I open the door, I see my boyfriend being fucked by my best friend. Of all the people in the world.

Screaming at them, I demanded to know what the fuck was going on. Of course both of them said they didn’t mean to, it just happened. The typical bullshit you hear from cheaters. I kicked them both out, telling both of them to never contact me again. I was fuming mad! I just lost my boyfriend and my best friend all in one go.

I tried to calm down, to be realistic. I didn’t want to overreact. But, being in the apartment, the bedroom, it all made me so sick. How long had it truly been going on? I couldn’t help but think it was more than just that time. That’s when I decided to take a shower, get dressed and go out. I was going to drink my hurt feelings away.

That was the idea, anyway. That is what happened, at first anyway. I was happily content by myself, drinking far too many White Russians. I wasn’t in the mood to socialise, I even made sure to sit in a darken corner. That didn’t stop a guy from asking if I minded company. I didn’t want to be rude, so I allowed it. At first we just sat and drank our drinks. Eventually we got to chatting, about nothing of importance. The more drinks we had, the more he started to flirt and get touchy.

Knowing how angry I was at my ex, I didn’t care, I liked another man wanted to touch me. It was even my idea to get a hotel. He didn’t need to be asked twice. We left the bar and found the nearest motel. When we got there, he paid for the room and the next thing I know, he is all over me. He unlocked the door and pushed me against the wall. The light never even came on. He became aggressive and rough, making me wet with excitement.

His lips were everywhere, touching, kissing, biting, and licking all over me. I almost couldn’t keep up with how he moved. It was exciting and so very hot. The way his tongue pushed up inside my pink folds, tongue fucking me where I stood made me come hard. I had never had someone go down on me, while I was standing. It was erotically hot.

When he needed to be inside me, he growled it in my ear. We moved to the bed, where I was suddenly on my hands and knees. My pussy dripping and ready to be touched, ached for him. The way he took my hips, steadying his self, before moving deeply inside me made me tremble. He began to embed himself inside me. Until he hit the hilt, he started to grind into me. It made me squeeze tightly around his thick cock. The orgasms came in floods. I don’t ever recall coming so hard before with anyone else. I lost count on the times he made me climax. When he finally joined in, he filled me to the deepest depths.


“Thanks Doll,” he smiles at me lazily, taking a long drag of his cigarette. The swirls of the smoke, circle in light curls. “Now tell me, what’s your story? As great as last night was, you don’t seem like the type to have one-night-stands.”

I look at him, before reaching out and taking his cigarette. I smile and take a long drag. The nicotine fills my lungs, before slowly blowing outwards. I start to tell him about last night, what happened and what I had walked in on. He listens quietly, nodding every so often. All the while, we share his cigarette. Once I’m done, he tells me I deserve better and that I did the right thing.

I find out, the man I have had sex with is named Edward. He is thirty three and works as a paramedic. I’m grateful he seems to be decent. He isn’t much older than my twenty seven years of age. He tells me a bit about himself, telling me he doesn’t normally pick up women in a bar. He was having a bad day and needed a distraction. I tell him it seems that we both did.

When the clock hits ten thirty, we both know we had to go, check out is at eleven. Neither of us wants to call it a day yet. So, we decide to grab breakfast, where we continue to talk. We talk more about what happened last night. Overall, we talk a lot about my relationship with my ex. Edward tells me he has been in a similar situation, years ago. He tells me he wishes he was able to get revenge on his ex.

After exchanging phone numbers and breakfast being done, we part ways. I head back home, knowing I have to face my apartment sooner or later. I can’t help but think of what might have gone down in here, when I wasn’t around. Was it really just the one time? From what I could see, they seemed comfortable enough with one another. Nothing like you’d see from a onetime thing. Though, who am I to say? I felt comfortable with Edward, I had no idea who he even was. Maybe I was too hard on them.

In the bedroom, I strip the sheets off the bed. I know I won’t keep them, not even washed would I want to sleep on them. I stuff them in a garbage bag and toss it outside. Regardless of what did go down, I wouldn’t take back my boyfriend. I just couldn’t ever trust him again.

We have been dating over two years and everything I ever felt is now in question. Did he ever really feel the same about me? How could he cheat on me? We even talked about getting married. What we’d name our kids and dogs. We were serious about one another, or so I thought. The more I think about it, the angrier I become. I grab a new trash bag, and begin to throw all the stuff that reminds me of him, in it. How dare he waste two years of my life. How could he even think of fucking my best friend?

Of course thinking of her just pisses me off more. How dare she! We’ve been friends half our lives. I always knew she had a slutty side, but to fuck her best friends’ man, hell no! What were they possibly thinking? Clearly they weren’t thinking of me when they fucked. I realise the tears are streaming fast and hard now. I am so beyond angry. How could I be so stupid?

Once everything that reminds me of Matthew is packed, I make the bed with fresh, clean sheets. I drop onto it and cry myself to sleep. It’s only the middle of the afternoon, but I don’t care. I don’t want to deal with anything or anyone. I’ll be the typical girl, cry myself in a pint of ice cream, watch cheesy romantic films and walk around in my house robe.

Around dusk, I hear the beep of my cell going off. An incoming text, not a call, I realise. I reach over and read it. It’s from Edward, who tells me he hopes I’m doing well. I had better not be crying and moping around, allowing my ex to have that power over me. I am better than that, he tells me. It makes me weep a little more. I know I shouldn’t feel sorry for myself.

It makes me think of what Edward had said about his ex, about getting revenge on her. I wonder how he would have done that. Nothing I can think of can compare to what Matthew did to me. I want to seek my own revenge.

Over the weekend, I don’t hear a single word from Matthew or my now former best friend. They must be in some hole, licking their wounds. But, that doesn’t last long, when Matthew tries to call me Monday evening. Work was hell, and hearing from him is the last thing I want to deal with. I don’t take his call, but I do listen to his voice mail. He apologises, telling me how sorry he is. He wants me to forgive him, to take him back. I’m shocked he thinks it would be so easy.

When I don’t call him back, he begins to call more and more, soon followed by endless texts. He keeps telling me how sorry he is. He is willing to do anything to be back with me. As mad as I am at him, I can’t help but miss him. I was always under the illusion we were perfect. It is hard and conflicting not to just take him back. But, the idea of being with him after he has been inside my friend makes me sick. I haven’t even heard a single word from her. The little hussy!

Edward and I talk, getting to know each other. It is mostly through text and calls, because his work life keeps him very busy. We do manage to hang out a few times. It is nice to make a new friend in all of this. A lot of me is building up the courage as to how he would have gotten revenge on his ex. It is something I want to know.


It’s been a little over three weeks since I’ve been single. Three weeks of endless calls and texts from Matthew trying to get me to get back together. Him going on and on about how sorry he is and how much he wants to make things right. Three weeks of me getting to know Edward and making a new friend. Three weeks of me trying to cope with being single.

“You should change your number, Abby,” Edward tells me. He can hear the vibration of the phone going off while we chat on call.

“I have thought about it. Honestly, I’m surprised he hasn’t come by. I don’t know what I’d do if he did something like that. Maybe it is for the best.”

“It might be. He hasn’t gotten the clue yet. He seems so sure of himself. He is a strange kind of person, wouldn’t you say?” Edwards’s voice is soothing, even with the deepness he has. “You know what, we should grab dinner later. I don’t work until midnight. What do you say?”

“I’ll think about changing my number. It is just a pain in the ass to do. As for dinner, I say, I’ll see you at six, how’s that sound?” I can’t help but smile.

“Works for me, Doll. I’ll come by and get you,” the sound of a lighter flicks as he speaks. The light inhale of him taking a drag of his cigarette distracts me for a second.

“I’ll be ready. See you then.”

I busy myself getting ready to go out. It is easy with Edward. I like hanging out with him. He helps me forget the crappy situation I’m in right now. He hasn’t pushed anything on me, he is just there. The few friends I do have, know I’ve broken up with Matthew. However, most don’t know what has happened. I just told them we decided to go our own ways. They can assume what they will about it.

When Edward shows up, he is dressed causal, since he has to work later. Cigarette in hand, he gets out of the car and opens the door for me. He tells me how nice I look, even though I am just in jeans and a shirt. We decide to hit up a local spot, a place I’ve been to before. But, when we pull up, there outside on the street is Matthew and my former friend! They’re all over each other, like school aged kids.

I quickly tell Edward to drive away. He doesn’t question it, not until we’re a safe distances from the restaurant. I explain to him who I saw, all the while, trying not to cry. I am tired of crying over a man who doesn’t care about me. All the voice mails and text messages are complete bullshit. He thinks I’m so stupid that I wouldn’t catch them eventually.

We find a new place to go. Some place a lot quieter, and a little too pricy. For a while I’m quiet, my head full of the new situation. How could Matthew call and text so much, wanting to get back together, but be out with her? I just don’t get it. I scan over the menu, finding something I think I can tolerate right now. Edward tries to make conversation, with me giving half answers and nods. He knows I’m hurting, so he doesn’t push it.

When the waitress comes to ask if we want dessert, we decide we do. After she takes our order, I finally ask what I’ve wanted to for three weeks. I ask Edward how he would have gotten revenge on his ex, for what she did. He sits back, thinking for a long moment. I think he is deciding if telling me is a good idea or not.

After a few moments, he tells me what he would have done. The idea is brilliant. My mood is instantly lifted, laughing and joking. I tell him that we should do it to Matthew, that way we both, in some weird sense, get our revenge. Edward laughs, but agrees, and I’m shocked. I tell him I’m serious, he tells me so is he.

Over the next hour, we talk about how it is going to work. Both of us thinking of ideas, planning it, making sure it is something we can do. All we need now is for Matthew to try and get a hold of me again. Since he didn’t see me, see him with her, I’m sure he’ll try to text me again. I have no doubts.

The plan is set, the dinner is over and Edward is bringing me back home. He asks to change at my place, before work. He stays for about twenty minutes, before kissing me goodnight. I’m in a pretty good mood, given all that has happened tonight.

Early the next morning my phone is buzzing. A new text from Matthew. It is the same bullshit crap he has been spewing since the start. This time though, I give in. I tell him, I do miss him, that it has been lonely without him. He goes on and on about how sorry he is, telling me he is willing to do anything. This, of course, is what I want to hear.

As I’m texting with Mathew, I send a text to Edward. I tell him what is going on. I’m multi-task, talking to both of them, as I make the plans. I tell Matthew I want to see him in just three days. We can sit down and talk about what happened and where we see ourselves going from here. Of course, he has no idea what I truly have in mind.

It is the longest three days ever. I’m excited, nervous, worried, happy, and so many other emotions. I can’t help but think this is the right thing to do. Matthew should be here in a few minutes. My mind is racing with what is going to go down. I know I can do it. Edward believes I can do it. I know he is as excited for it, as I am.

Matthew arrives on time, showing up with a dozen roses. I put on the best fake smile I can. He pulls me into his arms and kisses me. It takes all I can not to vomit. Though, I think I do just a little. We sit down, and he starts right in. He tells me it was a mistake doing what he had done. It was a onetime thing, that he would never hurt me in such away. All he does is sit at home and cry. Of course, I know better. It takes a lot out of me not to call him out on it. I just let him rattle on, filling me with more lies.

When he thinks I have forgiven him, he begins to kiss me. His lips are urgent, full of need, but done with no real romance. I feel nothing. It doesn’t stop me, though. I keep up the charade, doing my best to act like I want it. Eventually, I tell myself to suck it up. This is what I wanted to happen.

“Come, let’s go to the bedroom,” I tell him. I give him a smile, standing up and pulling on his hand.

He follows me, walking into the bedroom. It is very clear I’ve cleared out anything that has reminded me of him. He is smart, though. He doesn’t mention it. He thinks he is about to get his way. I strip him down naked, seeing he is already hard as a rock. It doesn’t take much for him to get excited. I used to like that about him.

“I have something new in mind tonight. Something we’ve never done before. Are you willing?” I give him a naughty smile, squeezing his cock, tightly.”

He groans out, leaning into me, “Fuck yeah, anything you want, baby.”

“Just keep an open mind, all right?” I keep squeezing his cock. I can feel the throb between my fingers. It takes all I have, not to squeeze him so hard, it hurts. “Just sit here,” I tell him. Pushing him onto the chair, he does as I say, without question. He lets me tie his ankles to the chair legs, and his arms behind his back. He is all for it. When I know he isn’t going anywhere, I blindfold him. I promise him, it won’t stay on long.

After I say this, I tell him I’ll be right back, that I have a surprise for him. I leave the bedroom, to go into the guest bedroom. Where, all along, Edward has been waiting for me to come get him. He is smiling from ear to ear, asking me if I’m ready. I tell him I am. He takes my hand and we go back to where Matthew is waiting for us.

“What’s taking so long, baby?” Matthew asks, squirming in his seat. His cock is starting to slightly soften from the wait.

“I’m sorry, baby,” I say, coming in and standing in front of him, “I just had to go get something. I can’t do this, without it,” I giggle.

“Let’s see, show me. I can’t take the suspense anymore,” Matthew complains.

“You got it,” I say, leaning over and I remove his blindfold. He blinks a couple times, looking at me and quickly spotting Edward at the door.

“Who the hell is that?” Matthew asks, clearly embarrassed to be naked in front of a man.

“This is my surprise, silly! You’re going to watch me get fucked by him. Since I had to see my hussy of an ex best friend fuck you. I mean, it’s fair, isn’t it? If you want me back, this is how you earn it. Understand?”

“Are you fucking serious, Abby? Come on! When I said anything, I didn’t mean this shit. Untie me, let me go!” Matthew demands.

“If I let you go, we’re done. You’re not to contact me again. Got it?” I become a little angry, remembering the view I had to witness just three weeks ago.

“I can’t do that. Of course I want you back, baby. I love you!” He pleads with me. His words almost sound true, but I know better. I saw him out the other night. He is lying to my face. This just pisses me off further.

“Fine, this is what has to happen, to make that work. I’m not changing my mind, Matthew,” I say flatly.

“Fine! Just get it the fuck over with, so I can bury my cock back inside you. Right where it fucking belongs!”

I smile at him, then towards Edward. Who hasn’t said anything, just watches what is happening between us. I move over to him, taking his hand, I move him into the bedroom. I lean up, I kiss him softly. I kiss him with a hungry need. His lips are sweet, his tongue hot and ready. Edward wraps his arms around me, lifting me up and holds me close. I wrap my legs around him, squeezing my thighs. Our kiss is long, deep and it makes me so horny.

It isn’t long before he puts me back down. He strips me of my clothes, just like he did the night we met. He has me exposed to him and Matthew. He angles us perfectly, so Matthew can see everything. I’m lying there, feeling him kissing from my ankle, slowly upwards. He makes my breathing uneven, quick gasps, as he moves up closer towards my sex. I can see the look on Matthew’s face. We’ve hardly begun, and I know I am getting the reaction I wanted.

When Edward gets to my sex, he begins to tongue fuck me. He isn’t slow and passionate, but crazed with lust. He makes me squirm, moan and hyperventilate with excitement. When I begin to climax, he goes even faster. I come hard, squeezing my legs tight, but he forces them open. He wants Matthew to see just what he is doing to me.

Pulling him up, by the head of his hair, I kiss him deeply. My legs are dangling over his shoulders, he has me pinned in place, his lips covering mine. He is in total control, but in a sense, so am I. He adjusts his hips to angle with mine. The head of his thick member presses against my soaking pussy. I know he can feel the heat of my pussy radiating off of him. He groans, slowly he begins to push his cock into me.

The low mewling sound that ripples from my throat causes Edward and Matthew to both groan out. I glance at Matthew, who is sitting there, transfixed on us. His cock, once more, is rock hard. He is dripping pre-cum, his cock glistens with it. He is squirming with need. I know he’ll want to come soon. He doesn’t look happy to be watching what he sees, but can’t help but be turned on at the same time.

Edward pulls my attention back to him, when he leans down and bites hard on my nipple. He begins to suck on it with a harsh, lashing need. His tongue darts against it, his teeth tugging on it. I tremble, climaxing again. I come tightly around his cock, sucking him in deeper. My pussy walls cling to his shaft, with each thrust, I grow tighter. He doesn’t slow down, not even for a minute. His attention focused on only pleasing me.

He applies pressure to my legs, pinning me tighter. He begins to fuck me faster. He is pounding into my tight, little pussy, hard. Giving me no mercy, this is what I asked for when we talked about this. The overwhelming pleasure of what Edward is doing to me and knowing I’m seeking my revenge on Matthew is so great. I am thrown into orgasm after orgasm.

After what seems like forever, Matthew starts to bitch. Telling me it’s been long enough. He gets the point, he want us to stop. It only drives Edward to fuck me harder, until he finally explodes inside me. I climax with him, coming hard, calling out his name. This pisses Matthew off even more. We stay as we are for a long moment, coming down from our high.

“Okay, okay. Now get off of her!” Matthew growls at Edward, struggling in his seat. Edward just smiles, pulls me in close and kisses me softly. My mind is spinning, I’m on a high and I kiss him back. When we break the kiss, I grab my robe. I put it on and sit at the end of my bed. “Are you happy now?” Matthew asks me. “Did you get it out of your system? Can we move the fuck on?”

I let out a sigh, looking at him, “we’re not even. It is out of my system. Just like you are, Matthew. I want nothing to do with you. We’re over, we’ve been over. I know you’ve been lying to me. You piece of shit. You think I’m stupid?” I lean forward, inches from his face. “I don’t fucking need your worthless ass, got it? I deserve better!”

“What the fuck was all this for then! You stupid bitch!” Matthew growls at me, struggling to get free. “Un-fucking-tie me, now!” I can see the strain, as he tries to break free.

“I wanted my revenge, Matthew. That is why. I have gotten it, now you can go away. Vanish into thin air, I don’t want you anymore.” I stand up, grab his clothes and toss them out the window. “You can go fetch these when you leave, which is now, of course.” I help him out of his ties, and step back.

“You’re fucking crazy, Abby. I’m the best thing that ever happened to you,” he tells me, standing up. He tries to cover his still hard cock. As if there is a reason to be modest at this rate.

“Unlikely. Get the fuck out, Matthew. We’re over. Go crawl back to your little hussy. I’m sure she’ll make you real happy,” I spit out the last few words.

Matthew is at a loss for words, he turns to leave, saying nothing more. I hear him go down the stairs quickly, hoping no one catches him naked. Edward comes towards me now, holding me close. He tells me how great I was. I tell him the same, kissing him. I rest against him, he just holds me close, we’re content just as we are.

Being cheated on sucks, but the revenge is sweet. Without the help of Edward, I doubt I would have gotten it. He even tells me that he feels like he got his own revenge, in some odd way. That leaves us both happy.

It’s undeniable; Edward and I become a couple. We don’t feel it is rushing things, because it feels so right. It is the start of a beautifully, sweet relationship.

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