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Sex Mixed With Tennis, Part One

Tennis lesson leads to back seat sex.
Sandy sits, with her husband David Kahn, enthralled by the play of two men in the Daniel Island Tennis Club 2012 Championship. She’s drawn to the older of the two players, Rex Elliot. He’s tall, about six feet, lean, muscular, tanned, brown hair and eyes, and is handsome in a George Clooney sort of way. On the court he is graceful with powerful and precise strokes both while servicing and during play.

The match is exciting. Each player has won a set at 6-4, and the third set is 5-4 in favor of Rex. His opponent, Frank Wilkins, is serving but Rex has the advantage. The serve is to Rex’s forehand and he makes a weak return to the center of his opponent’s court. Rex retreats as Frank rushes forward, and hits a stinging ball that hits the left hand corner of the court. Rex moves into position and smoothly back hands the ball straight down the line. Unfortunately, for Frank his attempt to return the ball falls weakly into the net.

The announcer calls out, “Game, set, and match to Mr. Elliot.” The three hundred or so in the crowd stand and applaud a well played match as the two opponents run to the net.

“Congratulations Rex for a well played match.” Frank says shaking his hand.

“Thank you for a great game, I didn’t think I could win,” Rex replies.

The chairmen of the tournament committee, Bill Hayes, walks on to the court using a sound system, “It‘s my pleasure to congratulate Rex and Frank for a well played and entertaining match. For Frank I have the Club Championship runner-up trophy.”

Frank takes the trophy and after a handshake steps back.

The Club Championship trophy goes to Rex Elliot for the fifth consecutive year. Rex as you know could play in the Master’s category this year, but decided to defend his championship again. Congratulations Rex, please give some of the younger players a chance next year.”

Rex shakes the chairman’s hand, takes the trophy, and holds it over his head to the delight of the standing and applauding crowd.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as is our custom a reception is ready for ya’ll in the dining room. Please come and enjoy the food and beverages, congratulate the players and enjoy the fellowship.”


Sandy and David applaud the players and follow the crowd to the dining room. They’re wearing traditional white shorts and tops and Nikes. Sandy attracts attention because of her beautiful face, long black hair, brown eyes, petite and slender hour-glass figure, out of proportion breasts, and well tanned legs,.

As they slowly shuffle along as part of the crown Sandy asks, “How old is Rex, do you know?”

“I heard he turned fifty this past February,” David says.

“Isn’t it amazing how good he looks for a man his age, and he’s so fluid and graceful and the court? He makes it look so easy.”

“There’s no doubt he’s a great player as his five championships prove, but, as usual, you have to mention how he looks,” David says smiling sarcastically.

“How can you say that? How many women do you find attractive and have no difficultly pointing them out to me?” She says with anger in her voice.

“I’m sorry. I was only kidding. I do have a roving eye. I found you didn’t I?” He takes her hand as they walk with the crown into the well lit, blue, brown, and white décor of the dining room.

Sandy notices the handsome club champion talking to a small group. His tall, lean, sun tanned figure is appealing to her. She like older men, her father was fifty when she was born.

The Kahn's, having recently moved to Daniel Island and the Golf and Tennis Club don’t know many people.

They maneuver through the crowd when a handsome man steps in front of them extending his hand to David.

“I’m Travis Vaughn.” He shakes David’s hand while surveying Sandy.

“I’m David Kahn and this is my wife Sandy.”

“I’m pleased to meet you. Have you lived here long?”

Sandy offers her hand.” It’s nice to meet you Travis. We moved here only two weeks ago.” She enjoys the size and warmth of his hand.

“I’m sorry to interrupt,” says Bill Hays, “but I want to introduce the Kahn’s to Rex.”

Travis looks disappointed. “That’s nice of you Bill. It’s been a pleasure meeting you David and Sandy,” he says lingering over her name and looking deep into her eyes. “I’m sure we’ll see each other again.”

“I’m sure we will,” Sandy says returning his look.

Bill places his hand in the middle of Sandy’s back, near the panty line, and guides she and David toward Rex Elliot.

“I wanted to meet Mr. Elliot,” Sandy says noting the warmth of Bills hand on her back.

“Please call him Rex, he doesn’t like formality.” He leads them to a small crowd surrounding Rex. “Excuse me Rex may I interrupt to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Kahn.”

He excuses himself from his admirers and comes to them with a smile. “Certainly Bill, I’d like to know the names of this delightful couple.”

“Rex this is David and Sandy Cowen,” Bill says.

Rex shakes David’s hand, but he stares into Sandy’s eyes, takes her hand, turns it so the palm is facing down, and plants a kiss on her knuckles. “I’m pleased to meet you, and I’d like to congratulate you David for having such a lovely wife.”

Sandy blushes and says, “Thank you for the compliment, and I enjoyed your match. You played a beautiful game. She bats her brown eyes at him. “David would you get me another drink, please?” She gives him her glass.

Bill says, “It’s nice seeing you again Sandy,” as he walks to the bar with David.

Rex’s smiling face draws her eyes to him. He‘s much better looking up close. She notices the scent of his cologne mixed with perspiration.

“Rex you don’t look anywhere near your age. You’re as fit as the men on the pro circuit and much more handsome than most.”

“Thanks again Sandy, but in the looks department I believe you’re the most gorgeous young lady in attendance.”

“Thank you Rex,” she says placing her hand on his arm. “I’m so impressed by how easy you make playing look. It’s so difficult for me and David is such a good player.”

“Thank you, but I’ve spent a few years and thousands of hours playing and practicing. That gave me an edge over Frank today even though he’s considerably younger.”

David returns balancing three glasses. “I brought you some PowerAid. I didn’t think you’d want alcohol after your match.”

“That’s very thoughtful. Thank you.” He takes a drink from the glass, but his eyes remain on Sandy.

“Do you give lessons? Sandy is trying to learn how to play, and would benefit from some tips from someone who isn’t her husband.” David laughs looking at his wife.

“I’d be pleased to help Sandy as much as I can.” He looks at her with his sexiest smile.

“Do you have a time available that is convenient for you?" Sandy asks.

“Most days of the week I work until five have a bite to eat, and come here. I don’t know off the top of my head if I’ve scheduled anything for next week, but I’ll probably have some free time. Is some evening next week okay with you?”

“Almost every evening is fine, because David spends most of the night looking at the paperwork he brings home. Since I don’t work, I usually have the house taken care of and dinner prepared. Anytime after six would be fine with me.” She returns his stare. I like the way he focuses on me when he talks. It’s a pleasure to be the center of a man’s attention who isn’t your husband.

“Give me a call, either this evening or Sunday. By then I’ll know what my schedule looks like. You can find my name and number in the club’s directory. I need to shower. It’s been nice meeting y’all.” He shakes David’s hand and places both his hands on Sandy’s. He walks toward the locker room.

Sandy watches his lean figure walk away and appreciates how well he fills out the seat of his shorts. He has a really nice butt to go along with everything else.


On the way home from the Golf and Tennis Center David say, “You certainly were a hit today. You’ve got three give guys panting over the chance of taking you to bed. Did you notice how Rex looked at you? Travis and Bill were bad enough, but Rex was beside himself to give you lessons."

“Yes, he stared at me a great deal, it’s apparent he likes what he saw.”

“Does that turn you on?” Dave rubs his hand over Sandy’s thigh.

“No, he’s too old, but it’s nice for men of any age to look at me like that.” She pushes his hand away.

“I look at you like that.” He puts his hand back on her thigh rubbing up and down.

“When was the last time you looked at me that way?” She removes his hand.

“When I noticed Rex looking at you; I looked at you too.”

“So, you look at me when you see another man appreciate me?” She stops his hand.

“Ya, it made me horny. I can’t wait to get you home.”

“What do you plan on doing at home?” Sandy pries his hand from her leg.

“I’m going to take advantage of what Rex was looking at.” He places his hand on her left breast.

“David, stop someone might see.” She moves toward the door.

“I don’t care what people see. After all you’re my wife. You might be able to get away from me now, but not when we get home.” He laughs.

“Oh no you’re not, I’m going to take a shower and prepare dinner.”

“Man does not live by bread alone.” He reaches for her, but she is hugging the door.

“If I knew you were going to act like this after watching a wonderful tennis match, I won’t have gone with you.” Sandy keeps his hand away.

“It wasn’t the match. It was the way Rex looked at you that made me feel this way. He’s right, you’re one sexy babe.”

“I’m not a babe, and if I got horny every time a man looks at me you’d be dead by now.” She looks at him with a sly smile.
“Are you telling me you notice lots of men looking at you?”

“As a matter of fact, yes.” She stares at him.

“Wow that makes me even hornier.” He pushes the accelerator to the floor.

“What are you doing?” Sandy puts her hands on the arm rests.

“I’m getting you home as fast as I can.”

“David, slow down you’re going to get a ticket.”

“I don’t care about a ticket. I care about getting into your panties.” He slows, turns right, and pulls the car into the garage. Last one into the bedroom has to cook dinner.” He jumps from the car and runs into the house.

Sandy goes directly to the bathroom, locks the door, and showers. Darn, I don’t have anything to change into. I’m going to have to go into the bedroom and my horny husband will be waiting for me, but I’m not in the mood. She wraps a towel around her body, and tip toes toward the bedroom.

David lies naked in the middle of the bed stroking his erection as she walks into the room. “After we finish, you have to fix us something to eat.”

“There isn’t going to an after. I’m going to get dressed and then think about what to prepare.” She goes to the dresser and opens a drawer. As she pulls on the knob, the towel is yanked from her; David grabs her breasts, kisses her on the neck, and pulls her to the bed.

“David, st…” David’s lips cover her and his tongue pushes past her lips into her mouth. She struggles to get away, but he’s too strong.

“Come on honey don’t act like you don’t want to do this.” He rubs her nipples with one hand and her pussy with the other. “I love you and want to take advantage of what Rex was looking at but can’t have.”

“That’s not a reason for us to have sex.”

“It is to me. Come on honey don’t act like an uptight Jewish female.”

“I’m not uptight. I’m just discussed with you. Oh, that hurts.” She tries to remove his hand from her pussy, but his finger is buried deep in her.

“I’m sorry but I want you so much. Just spread your legs and I’ll be done in a minute.” He continues to stimulate her nipple and finger fuck her.

She doesn’t want to admit it, but his finger and mouth are lowering her resistance. “Okay, okay get off me for a second, I need lubrication.”

David goes to the night stand, and gives her the KY Jelly.

Sandy applies the ointment to her pussy, lies on her back, and spreads her legs. Between David’s actions and her thoughts of Rex she’s ready for her husband.

“That’s my girl.” David kisses her shoving his cock into her. “Ah, that’s what I want and need. You have a great snatch.” His tongue invades her mouth as he strokes her slowly.

She breaks the kiss. “I want to have an orgasm, so roll us onto my back so I can finger my clitty.”

David laughs. “So, now you want some. I thought you’d come around.”

They roll over with Sandy on top. She slides up and down his erection.

“Sandy you’re a great piece-of-ass keep riding me.” He pushes her upright and fondles her breasts.

She has sensitive nipples and enjoys David’s manipulations. At the same time, she fingers her clitty until she feels the rumblings of a climax. She falls to his chest, grabs his shoulders and rides him like a cowgirl. Her hair flies around their heads as she strokes them to climaxes.

“Aaaugh, Sandy you’re the greatest,” David says as he comes.

She squeezes her pussy lips as tight as she can as the contractions of her uterus send her to the stars, “Yes, yes, yes, oooooaugh!


Sandy prepares a salad, meat loaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, and green beans. For desert she has carrot cake and coffee. The only conversation during the meal pertains to passing food.

David leaves the kitchen with a glass of wine on the way to his office.

Sandy is upset, as usual, because he runs off to his office every night to check on the business’ paperwork. She does the dishes while thinking about the tennis match and the handsome, sexy Rex Elliot. He may have been a little obvious with his ogling, but he treated her with respect and offered to give her lessons. She wouldn’t mind being around an older gentleman who could probably improve her tennis game, and whose butt and legs attracted her.

With the dishes done, she looks up Rex’s number in the membership directory. It‘s a little after eight on Saturday 7 September when she calls. The phone rings six times before it’s answered.

“Hello Sandy, I’m sorry I was at the other end of my home when my cell rang. What can I do for you?”

She hears music in the background. “Am I disturbing you? I hear music.”

“No, I was doing something in my office when you called, and I always have some type of music playing when I’m home.”

“I’m calling to see if you have time this week to give me a lesson? Some of my friends and I are going to play a doubles match at seven on Wednesday. I was hoping you could meet with me after that. We should be done by 8:00.” Sandy waves her free hand in a variety of gestures as she talks.

“Wednesday about 8:00 will be fine. I’m playing with some friends, but we’ll be done long before you are. I’ll reserve a court for 8:30, and see you after your game. Thanks for calling and I look forward to watching you play, and see if I can determine what kind of things you need to work on to improve your game.”


Rex showers after playing three sets with Ralph Guy, and has a sandwich in the dining room before going to the court where Sandy and her friends are playing. He sees right away that Sandy is going to be a project. Her serve is a baby tap over the net, and she seldom returns a ball. She either misses the ball all together, or hits it into the net or off the playing surface. The best thing about her game is the tight fitting short shorts covering a well-formed ass, and the low cut blouse revealing both cleavage and lots of bouncing breasts as she runs around the court. He meets her at the gate when she and the other players leave the court.

They exchange hellos.

“I’ve reserved court number fifteen for 8:30. Since we have about thirty minutes to wait I'll buy you a drink and let you rest or would you rather shower?” Rex appreciates looking into the eyes and cleavage of the beautiful brunette.

“Showering is a good idea, but I didn’t think to bring a change of cloths. So, let’s have a drink, I’m thirsty,” she says, laying her bag on the bench outside the snack bar.

The restaurant is small with only four tables. The all white walls and light brown counter and furniture are nicely arranged.

Rex takes her order and returns with two PowerAde’s. “You sounded a little upset on the phone Saturday evening. Were you having a problem of some kind?”

Sandy looks at him startled. “You could tell I was upset over the phone?”

“I’ve only talked with you once before, but you sounded a little agitated.” He stares into her eyes.

“My husband sometimes can be such an ass.” Her voice is louder than necessary.

“I’m sorry. Is your spat over now?” Rex reaches over the table and covers her hand with his.

His warm and soft hand sends chills up and down her spine. “No, I’m still angry with him, but let’s talk tennis. My personal problems shouldn’t interfere with tennis.”

“I watched you play. It’s apparent you haven’t played much or for long and you lack fundamentals. Once you’ve mastered the basics, then we can work on your court sense and ball placement. However, it’s going to take a number of lessons before you’ll see improvement in your game.” Rex says.

“I know my game is bad and I’ve never had lessons. I just started hitting the ball around with Dave and didn’t do much of that.” She looks at him enjoying the smile on his handsome face.

They finish their drinks and leave the snack bar.

Rex opens the door and guides her with his hand in the middle of her back.

He has such a nice touch that it gives her chills.

At the court, Rex has her hold the racket. The grip is too large because she isn’t able to put a finger of her left hand between the handle and the palm of her right hand. Sandy notices her hand trembling as he holds her hand, and teaches her how to determine if the racket handle is too large or small. I can’t believe I’m reacting this way to a man almost as old as my father, but he’s much more active and better looking.

“Your racquet handle is too large that’s one of the reasons why your shots are spraying all over the place and not onto the court. You need to have it replaced or buy a new one. I would suggest a new one. Ted in the pro shop is very good. He’ll be able to fit you with a proper fitting racquet.”

He picks up a bag of balls, takes Sandy by the arm and leads her onto the court.

Sandy enjoys having a man take charge in a gentlemanly fashion, but his hand on her arm is unnerving. She perspires for no logical reason.

In the center of the court about three-quarters of the way back from the net, he has her stand sideways in a crouch. He uses his hands to position her because she appears awkward and anxious.

She feels like an idiot because she acts as though she’d never been on a tennis court, but she likes the way Rex positions her. His touch is magical. It makes her feel embarrassed and aroused at the same time.

“I’m going to toss a ball in front of you, and I want you to hit it with a fluid motion.”

She misses the first few balls, but with his encouragement she starts hitting the ball. At first most of the ball she hits fly into the net, but after a few tips she hits some balls over the net.

They take a break after fifteen minutes, and Rex explains what she’d been doing wrong, and why she is now hitting some of her shots over the net and onto the court.

As she stands after the break, she notices Rex staring into her cleavage. She blushes but enjoys his watching.

They spend another fifteen minutes hitting forehand shots, and the longer she hits the balls the more she puts in play.

When she hits the last ball into the court on the other side of the fence Tom says, “Beautiful, beautiful shot. Now you’re getting the hang of it. After you get a new racket, I want you to practice your forehand shot for at least thirty minutes a day. Next time, we’ll work on your backhand.”

“Oh Rex, I’m so thrilled by how much I’ve improved in only one lesson.” She drops her racket, grabs him around the neck and kisses him.

He takes her into his arms, pulls her breasts into his chest, and kisses her passionately.

She pulls back. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have kissed or let you kiss me, but I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time. I’m just thrilled.”

“It’s okay Sandy, I understand, but I do like your kisses.”

She blushes. “I apologize, it’ll never happen again.”

He smiles. “I hope it does. I liked it very much. You’re a good kisser and you’re going to become a much better tennis player.” He picks up their bags and the balls, and walks back to the club house. “Do you have time for a drink or do you need to go home?” He asks while smiling and staring into her eyes.

“It’s not ten o’clock yet. I’ll call David and see if he wants to join us or if he needs to keep working.” She watches Rex easily deal with the bags.


Out of earshot of Rex she calls David. He answers and tells her to stay and have a drink, but not to stay past ten because Rex wants to get into her panties.

“David you’re wrong about Rex. He’s a perfect gentleman. She meets Rex in the club house bar. She orders white wine and he has a Dewar’s on the rocks.

They sit side by side with shoulders and legs touching.

Sandy is conscious of their contact, but his physical and emotional warmth is exactly what she wants and needs. “I only have time for one drink. I told Dave I’d be home by ten.”

“That’s fine; I’ll be ready to go as soon as I finish my drink.”

They talk until about 9:30 and walk to the door.

He opens it and guides her out with his hand in the middle of her back. “Where’s your car?”

Rex’s hand in the middle of her back is comforting. He has a light touch she thought. “Right over there,” she says pointing to her Lexus.

Walking with his hand on her back is soothing and arousing. David never touches me this way.

“I want to thank you again for taking the time to give me a lesson.” She looks up at his smiling face thinking how nice it would be if he kissed her.

“It was my pleasure.” He takes her in his arms, pulls her to him, but stops just short of kissing her.

She closes the distance between their lips and they kiss. She kisses him a second time with more passion, and the third time she pushes her tongue between his lips and into his mouth.

They kiss over and over again.

“I shouldn’t… we shouldn’t be doing this.” She breathes heavily.

“What should we be doing?’ He draws her closer with his hands cupping her ass.

She kisses him again and grinds her groin against his lost a feeling of lust courses through her body.

He slips his hands under her blouse unfastening her bra.

“Rex, stop I can’t do this,” she says weakly but doesn’t struggle.

He opens the back door to her car, pulls her in after him removing her blouse and bra. His face pushes into her breasts taking a nipple in his mouth.

His mouth sucking on her sensitive nipple arouses her further.

She doesn’t protest as he pulls half of her shorts and panties off her butt.

He shifts nipples and uses his other hand to pull the rest of her shorts down.

She arches her back as the thrills of his sucking has her feverish with desire.

They kiss again tongues dancing at a furious pace.

Sandy’s will to resist the pleasure of his mouth vanishes, and she allows him to pull her tennis shorts and panties off one leg. He rolls her nipples between his fingers and thumbs she moans, “Oh my god, oh my god.”

He picks her up, unzips his shorts freeing his erection, pulls her over his lap, and lowers her until his crown separates her outer and inner lips. She slides down his cock until he can go no deeper.

They groan, “Aaaugh!”

Rex sucks her tongue as he twirls her nipples between his fingers. Sandy’s instincts take, and she slides up and down his cock.

Someone gets in the car next to hers and starts the engine.

They freeze in place and wait until the car backs out of it parking place and drives away.

The interruption causes Sandy to consider what she’s doing.

Before she can say anything, Rex picks her up and drives his shaft up and into her pussy. Over and over again he slams into her.

She goes rigid before exploding in frenetic movement on top of his staff as she climaxes.

He holds her tight until she calms, and then he resumes plunging into her. Like a machine he thrusts and retreats, thrusts and retreats.

Sandy becomes stiff again and then moves like a cowgirl riding a wild stallion as she has a second orgasm.

Her movements this time are too much for Rex. He rises so she has a long, hard cock to ride; he loses control and spouts glob after glob of jizzcum deep into her cavity.

“Oh God, what have I done?” She asks as their fervor subsides.

“What you’ve done is wonderful.” Rex holds her close with his face between her breasts. “I wish we had more time to enjoy this, but you have to go.”

Sandy weeps.


They disentangle, dress, and get out of the car.

“Don’t cry Sandy. What we did was incredible.”

“David told me to be careful because you were hot for me, but I didn’t pay any attention.”

He kisses her. “That was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

She cries harder.

“We have to talk, but you have to get home before David gets worried.”

“Yes, I know I have to go, but I’m a mess.”

“Go to the ladies locker room and clean up, then get home as fast as you can.” Rex kisses her and points her to the club house. “I’ve got to go. Call me in the morning after ten.”

She kisses him and runs to the club house and ladies locker room.

Rex smiles to himself as he watches her hour-glass figure and swaying ass leave him in the poorly lit parking lot.

Sandy cleans herself, combs her hair, adjusts her clothing, and hurries to her car. She’s exhilarated and scared at the same time. Her orgasms were better than she’s ever experienced, yet she’s committed adultery and could be found out as soon as she gets home. She drives the short distance as fast as possible. With fear at what her husband will say, she quietly enters the house. She doesn’t hear anything. Peering into David’s office, she sees him sleeping slumped over his desk. With a sigh of relief, she hurries to the bathroom, takes off her sex stained clothes, throws them in the cloths hamper, and takes a quick shower. In the bedroom, she dresses in a night gown, puts on some slippers, and with fear and trepidation goes to David’s office.

“David, David wake up. You need to get up and come to bed.” She shakes him gently.

“I must have fallen asleep. I didn’t know I was so tired. How did the lesson go? Did he hit on you?”

“You know he didn’t do that. He’s a perfect gentleman and a good teacher.”

“What did you do?”

“He showed me my racket’s handle was too large, and I need to buy a new one. He spent most of the time showing me how to hold the racket and how to hit a forehand. By the end of the lesson I was hitting the ball much better.”

“Why don’t you finish telling me about it in the morning? I’m tired and need to take a shower. Go to bed, I’ll be in shortly.”

They leave his office together. He goes into the bathroom and she into the bedroom. She pretends to be asleep when he comes to bed.

In less than a minute he snores softly.

To be continued…

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