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She Waited in her Bedroom

She waits for him again...
She lay on her back listening to herself breath as she waited for him. Her hard nipples were pressed against the red silk nightie that he asked her to wear, and the black lace trim offered a nice contrast to her milky white skin. She was wet in anticipation of his arrival and could feel the moisture on her outer lips. She grazed her fingertips across her nipple and thought back to thirty minutes prior...

It was 7:30am on Saturday morning and she lay in bed absorbing the relaxing feeling of not having any responsibilities until noon. Her husband had taken their son to baseball camp and then was heading into the office to work for the rest on the day. She had the morning off and didn’t need to be anywhere until she had to pick up her son after camp.

As she lay there, she heard the vibration of her phone. She picked up the phone and saw it was a message from her little secret. Her pussy twinged when she saw his name. He knew that she would be alone from when they had talked the night before and now she knew he was sending her a sexual message.

The first part said, “Put on your red nightie with no panties and lay on the bed on your back and wait for me.”

Now she was lying there with thoughts of him racing through her mind. Although it had only been ten minutes since she actually got on the bed, she was in a near frenzy. Then she heard the door open and placed the blindfold over her eyes as the second part of the message had instructed her. Then her hands raised above her head towards the headboard, the final instructions in the message.

Her senses were so acute that every footstep seemed louder than the previous as he walked down the hallway. It became harder to inhale as he came to the doorway and pushed it open. He approached the bed and lightly ran his hand across her cheek.

“Perfect,” she heard him whisper.

And then he took her hand, placed it in a padded strap and pulled it snug to the headboard. He walked around the bed running his fingertips down one leg and up the other before repeating the same process with her other hand.

Her breathing became shorter as he placed her ankle in a strap as well and then the other. But this time he pulled them hard pinning her to the mattress. Her arms and legs were spread wide and she could barely move at all. Then there was silence.

Two minutes had passed and she had heard nothing. She was tied and her body was tingling knowing that he was there looking at her. Then she heard his belt buckle being undone followed by the unmistakable sound of his zipper being pulled down.

This excited her even further as she began to wiggle her knees. Then a snap filled her ears. She knew that sound... it was her baby oil cap! She then heard a sound that she recognized from giving her husband a handjob; he was stroking his cock with the baby oil.

As a complete surprise, she felt him take her index finger and rub oil on it and begin to massage her finger. He then massaged each finger individually and then massaged the palm of her hand. She felt his weight on the bed as he cupped her hand with both of his.

Then he placed his cock in her hand while he held it in place and began to slide it in and out holding her fingers around his shaft. He fucked her hand for a few more strokes and moved to the other side of the bed. He then massaged each finger and palm of her hand as he did before, cupped her fingers again and slid his cock in her fist.

He continued to rub her on her arms and shoulders, coating her with baby oil along the way. When he got to her shoulders, he stopped and moved to the foot of the bed. He took her foot in his hand and began to rub the sole with his oily thumbs.

And then he ran his fingers between her toes making her squirm and wiggle. Her other foot was given the same treatment. She was going out of her skin by time she felt the bed between her legs depress.

She felt a hand on each shin as he continued to rub her body, massaging each muscle as he continued past her knees. Her hips began to move in a side to side motion as both of his hands began to work her thighs. First on the out side and then up the insides in unison stopping just short of her vagina which was so hot he could feel her heat without touching her.

He now had his hands on every part of her body except that which was covered by her nightie. He then stood up and placed a foot on either side of this vixen, undulating in sexual excitement yet unable to move. He then knelt down straddling her ribs and she felt the weight of his balls on her belly.

He placed a finger on each of her erect nipples and began to move in a slow circular motion stiffening them even further. He pinched them and pulled them through the soft fabric and then tugged her nightie down so that the black lace was next to her nipples as he continued to lightly tug and twist her nipples. She was so excited by this point that she felt her moisture drip from her pussy and in between her butt cheeks, tickling her asshole.

She felt him lower the nightie even further, reach in, cup her breast and pull it out exposing her to him. He pulled the other out and began to massage her breast, kneading them in his oil covered fingers. He placed his fingers on her nipples and pulled on them, lifting her breasts. She arched her back the best she could but he had her pinned as he tugged her boobs.

He let go and cupped her tits from the sides pushing then together. She liked having her tits handled like that and liked it even more as he slid his cock between them. She rolled her head back and thought about how she must look right now. Blindfolded, hands and feet spread and tied to the bed, a man holding her breast and fucking her tits. She moaned when she felt a drip of precum land at the base of her neck.

He then got up and got off the bed. She felt her the hem of her nightie being lifted off of her, exposing her shaved pussy to him.

Her legs were tied wide open and he could see everything including her juices running from her. She looked so sexy he couldn’t maintain his slow assault anymore. He crawled between her legs and placed his mouth directly on his pussy sucking her juices with vigor. He licked her pussy lips and pushed his tongue inside her.

Her moans were loud and clear as he brought her to her first orgasm. She continued to wiggle and squirm as he began to flick her clit with his tongue. She felt her loins boiling as her sucked her clit into his mouth while continue to assault it with his tongue and she came again, squirting on his chin and chest.

Her breathing was heavy as he pulled from her and knelt between her dripping pussy. Gathering his composure, he placed a hand on either side of her sliding between her legs. He moved up until the top of his cock came to rest on her clit. He lowered himself onto her and then stopped. Only his cock touched as he remained over her. She began to roll her hips making her clit slide against his shaft.

Each movement brought her closer and closer, she needed more. Soon she was moving her hips so fast trying to get more pressure on her button that she appeared to be convulsing beneath him. She looked so hot in a frenzy like that with her tits hanging over her lace and a flushed look on her face. Again he lost composure.

He knelt back on his heels and slid his knees under her ass, lifting her off the bed. Between the straps and his knees she was completely suspended in the air as he grabbed her hips and pulled his cock into her. He began fucking her as slow as he could, pulling almost all the way out of her pussy and then slowly sliding back into her until he filled her completely. The build up was slow but he made her cum again and she coating his dick with her juices. He began to pound into her as hard as he could making her orgasm continue for several minutes.

Then he rolled forward and dropped onto her with all his weight. He slide his hands under her until he had a cheek in each hand and his chest lay on her face. His hips push his cock deep inside of her with an urgency and pushed into her again. He could no longer control himself and began to fuck her with reckless abandon. Thrusting into her deeper and harder each time. He felt his balls begin to tighten and he pulled out.

He got onto his hands and placed his cock back onto her pussy. He began to slide himself against her again, leaned for ward and kissed her as his penis twitched and he released his jism onto her stomach, pushing forward with each spurt of cum. He got up and got dressed, untied her hands and leaned forward.

“Perfect,” he said, before he kissed softly on the lips and slid out the door.

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