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Sister-in-Law Finds New Love For Doing Laundry

Sis in law finds her panties dangling from my cock

I am an oversexed, under-serviced middle-aged man who is still in decent shape and has a full head of silver hair, and a cock full of seed to offer.   It seems that nearly every day, I get raging hardons at the slightest bit of provocation.  Practically every good looking woman I see, meet or talk to, innocently and unknowingly, provides the necessary stimuli to send me into an embarrassing state of arousal.

So I should not have been too surprised when I recently started getting boners when my sister in law would come to the house.  My wife's sister is a nice looking woman with a pretty decent body, nice big tits, and a hairy pussy.  

How do I know you ask?  Well, she and her husband used to travel with us to casinos and such. One such time we shared a large suite.  I walked out of our bathroom just as she opened her bathroom door and there she stood, completely naked, sporting the most beautiful patch of pussy hair I have seen.  She didn't scream or try to cover herself.  She just laughed and slowly closed the door.

So back to this string of current events.  She has been coming over to do their laundry regularly since her home flooded in the hurricane.  If we happen to have a load in the laundry, she leaves her basket on the floor and comes back later to do theirs.  On more than one occasion I have pulled her panties from the laundry and rubbed my throbbing cock into the crotch, even filling them with a load of cum more than once.

Just telling you this story makes my cock throb.  I could barely wait for the next time she brought her panties and bras over to wash.  There is a window in the laundry room that faces the drive, so I could see when she or anyone else was nearing the back door.  I got very careless a time or two and if she hadn't struggled to unlock the back door, I would have been toast!

They come over quite a bit just to hang out, but recently, they came over for dinner, and after a few drinks, her hubby made the mistake of jokingly telling us she loves giving blowjobs.  Funny thing is, she just chuckled, but didn't deny it.  We all laughed, but on the inside, my vivid imagination raged!  

Now I cannot get that image out of my head and I constantly fantasize about her sucking my cock till I blow all over her face and tits.  If I think about it long enough, I can almost feel her tongue gliding up and down my cock, coaxing the last drops.

So trying to maintain a shred of decency, I have been content sneaking peeks down her blouse when she bends over, and checking out her ass as she loads the washer and dryer.  Discretion has never been one of my better virtues.

Just a few days ago, she unexpectedly dropped off laundry and put a load in the wash, then yelled she would be back later.  I was startled to hearher voice.  Normally, she calls and tells me ahead of time when she's coming in the house, but she had left her phone in the car this time, so she just came in any way.

Luckily for me, she didn't stroll back to my office to chat as she is prone to do, because I was sitting butt naked in my office chair, watching a cam model masturbate as I stroked myself.  There would have been no way to hide that from her!

After hearing the door slam shut, I walked naked through the dining room, then through the kitchen to the back of the house.  Well damn, she hadn't left at all, she just slammed the door to keep the cold out and I had only assumed she had left.  

My semi-erect cock swayed as I walked right into her as she exited the laundry room.  We both screamed, then died laughing.

"What the fuck are you doing?" she asked in a hushed voice as her eyes panned quickly up and down my body until they fixated on my cock.

Feigning embarassment, I half heartedly apologized, "I thought you were gone."

Truth be told, I was glad she was seeing me aroused.  My cock bobbed up and down as I spoke.  I had secretly yearned for this moment a long time.

She laughed kind of a wicked laugh, "Well, surprise surprise!  It doesn't look like I left does it?"

We stood face to face, arms folded against our chests, and tried to make small talk.  I never tried to cover up at all, just stood facing her.  She must have looked up and down my body a dozen times.  Every time her eyes started looking down my body, her voice trailed off and I flexed my manhood just to watch her expression.  I just couldn't help myself. 

With my cock jutting above perpendicular, the large head pointed right at her face.  Having run out of small talk, we stood quietly looking at each other.  I guess neither of us wanted to make the first move.

"Maybe you should put that away before someone gets hurt." she laughed awkwardly, pointing to my cock.

"Maybe?" I questioned.

Since my wife still works outside the home, we both knew we had all the privacy and time we needed, if things went that direction.

Seeing is one thing, acting on it takes it to a whole new level, especially if it goes wrong.  Throwing all caution to the wind, I brazenly reached for her wrist.  Her eyes grew wide as I guided her hand towards my shaft.  At first, she resisted, then reluctantly stepped closer.  She extended her partially closed hand until the backs of her fingers touched my cock.  I let go of her wrist to see what her next move would be.

Her eyelids fluttered as her fingers slid slowly back and forth along my length.  I could feel her fingers trembling nervously.  After several clumsy passes, her hand opened and her fingertips traced the bulging veins of my cock.  Then quickly, her hand wrapped around my shaft and she began to slowly stroke me as she stared into my eyes.  I knew then, I was going to sample at least a blowjob, maybe more.

Her hand went back and forth several times, getting faster as her breathing grew heavier.  She licked her lips a lot.  I mean a lot!  I reached for her other hand and she willingly offered it as I placed it under my balls.  She rolled them side to side and gently caressed at them as she stroked me faster, all the while, making the cutest little moans.

"Are you going to cum in my hand?"

"If that is my only option?" I smiled.

I kept glancing back and forth from her eyes to her freshly moistened, parted lips, suggesting in so many words that she suck my cock.  By now, I was raging hard, precum dripping from my man slit, lubing her palm and fingers with each full stroke she made.

Before I could utter the invitation, she dropped right in front of me and took my entire eight inch cock, balls deep on the first suck.  She squeezed my balls as she slurped and sucked me wildly in and out of her throat.  Saliva dripped from her mouth as she worked to drain my balls.  Her nails dug into my hips, holding me in place, guiding my thrusts as she plunged deeper and faster onto me.  Her velvety tongue and lips sent tremors through my body as I felt pure exstacy.  I know she felt my balls tighten, ready to unload.

She looked up at me so innocently as her tongue worked its magic.  I know she expected a mouthful sooner or later, but damn, I nearly gagged her with my volume.  I came on the down stroke, sending the first rush down her throat.  She tried in vain to pull off but I held her head in place and pistoned harder into her mouth.  Her eyes bulged in fear and her cries were muffled by pounding cock as another rope of cum blasted off inside her mouth.  I came so hard it erupted from around the union of my shaft and her lips, sending cum dripping onto her blouse.

I released her head, letting her gasp for air before shoving my cock back in.  She pumped me hard and fast as I slammed in and out of her mouth.  Her teasing tongue and lips coaxing more cum from me than I knew I had.

She looked up at me as I finally slid from her lips.  "Damn boy, doesn't my sister take care of you at all?"

"Not like this she doesn't!" I panted.

Long strands of silky cum dripped from her mouth, landing on her blouse. She offered a few more caressing strokes and flickers of her tongue as she watched my expression of pure pleasure.

Her husband was right, she gave a damn good blowjob and had done her best to prove it.  Temporarily spent, I had a good laugh at the royal mess I had made of her face and clothes.  

With my cock still in her tightly clenched fist, she looked at the mess and giggled, "Might as well wash these too."

She yanked her blouse over her head, only letting go of my cock long enough to completely strip naked.  Her big beautiful tits bounced as she ripped her bra off.  She turned away from me and wiggled out of her shorts as she bent over and pulled her panties off.  The crotch stuck to her wet pussy.  She held her pose, giving me an extended view of that beautiful hairy pussy from behind.  I nearly blew my wad again.  Then she scooped up her clothes and shoved them in the washer while it was still going.

 I walked up behind her, pinning her against the washer.  My throbbing, dripping cock pressed into the small of her back.  I reached around her, groping at both tits as she ground her ass into me.

Her nipples are large, very hard and a beautiful brown.  My saliva coated cock slid up and down between her ass cheeks as she gyrated against me.  Within seconds, she was moaning like a fucking cat in heat, hips working against me like she'd never been fucked.

With one hand going back and forth on her nice big titties, the other dipped down her tummy into her thick hairy pussy.  My middle finger split her wet lips with ease, curled deeply and sank to the palm into her wetness.  Her vagina slammed tightly around my finger and she cried out loudly as I probed her roughly.  After a minute or two of finger fucking her, she hiked one leg up to rest her knee on the dryer, opening herself wide open for me.  With one middle finger still probing her from the front, my other hand slid between her ass cheeks, and that middle finger entered her pussy from behind.  Both my long thick fingers fucked her like small cocks, slamming, stretching and pounding her writhing pussy in double penetration roughness.  

I rubbed her hard clit and stretched and finger fucked that tight pussy for several minutes as she worked towards a massive, squirting orgasm.  She grunted loudly as her orgasm built.  Her moans and cries grew quite loud as held onto my arm tightly and her entire body shook like an earthquake as she came.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, that felt unreal!" she smiled as her hands covered mine, her fingers intertwining with mine inside her wet nest. 

As I knelt behind her, I pushed her forward, bending her over the washer.  I'm sure the vibrations of the motor further stimulated her as my tongue poked into her pussy.  I sucked at her juices as she yelled and called me names.  I had never heard her talk like that, but it turned me the fuck on!

I tongued and ate her pussy until she squirted again, then I stood and shoved my cock deep into her from behind.  As I aggressively pushed past her tight opening, she squealed out as my initial thrust slammed the back wall of her pussy.  She grabbed the edge of the washing machine, cursed loudly, and held on as I pounded her hard.  

My cock slammed into her depths as hard and fast as I could deliver.  Her cunt was so hot I thought my cock would combust.  I wove my cum soaked fingers into her long hair, pulling it until her back and neck arched.  Then, I called her every nasty name I could think of as I fucked her recklessly hard.

After several minutes, our bodies both trembled as we came together like converging rivers in a torrent of cum and vulgarities.  I slapped and squeezed her ass and scolded her for her bad language, but she liked it and called me even dirtier names.  With wobbly legs ready to fail us, I pulled my glistening pole from her tight sheath and my seed poured down her leg.

We stood like newborn colts, wobbling legs threatening to fail us and us holding each other up.  I bit her earlobe and tongued her ear as I continued to fondle her tits and ass.

"Suck my cock Cunt!" I snarled in a manly whisper.

She reached between us and grabbed me by the balls, squeezing them to the point of pain, and asked me to repeat what I had said.  I was a little nicer the second time.  Happy with my second request, she kneeled down in front of me and sucked me completely clean.  

Then she hopped up on the kitchen island and leaned back on her elbows as her legs fell open.  Her wet, swollen lips invited me to come play.

"Return the favor," she ordered, "or I spill the beans to the family of how you overpowered me and took me by force.  I want you to suck your cum from my pussy."

I laughed.  She didn't.

With palms to both her knees, I spread her legs painfully wide and licked the cum from her thighs.  It was a wonderful tasting mix of juices.  Cum dripped down between her ass cheeks and puddled on the island under her.  I kept my eyes glued to that beautiful hairy prize that oozed its goodness.  

As my face neared her pussy, her musky scent filled my nostrils.  I licked my lips and slid both forearms under her thighs to grab her by the waist.  Watching her eyes, I extended my long slithering tongue until the tip lightly touched her pussy hair.  Her hips jolted upward at the touch.  I retreated, giving her an evil smile.

Once again I extended my tongue and teased the soft, swollen folds where they meet her thighs.  Her body writhed as my touch and tongue neared her opening again and her hips lifted her woman parts to meet my face as my tongue lightly made contact with her engorged clit.

She muttered and mumbled incoherently as my tongue flitted around her folds and perineum, teasing her mercilessly. Her body shook violently when I finally sucked one swollen lip into my mouth, then the other, gently chewing on them.  I went back and forth several times before slipping two fingers in to massage her as I nibbled.  

With one hand, I pulled her towards the counter's edge until the lower half of her ass cheeks hung over the edge.  She rested both feet on my shoulders to brace herself as I prepared to lap in luxury.

I watched her pussy lips quiver as my tongue drew closer.  Her scent was driving me mad with lust.  There was no more waiting.  My cock ached from being so hard.  I parted her lips with both thumbs, exposing her beautiful pink insides.  I stuck out my tongue as far as it would go and began stabbing the middle of her wetness, sending screams through the otherwise, quiet house.  She grabbed fistsful of my hair, holding my mouth in place as I ravaged her.

My hands lifted her trembling legs, pushing her thighs towards her tits until her puckered little asshole lay exposed. I slid my tongue from anus to clit and she came unhinged, thrashing and flailing about as her body became electrified.  She called me every kind of mother fucker she could think of as she came in long hard waves of orgasms.  Finally, her eyes rolled back and she temporarily went limp.  

Juices poured from her gash like a spring.  I laughed at her state of condition as she moaned and slithered about in her blissful euphoria, pussy left agape by my tongue and probing fingers.

Again, I stuck two fingers deep in her pussy and this time, collected some of her lovely nectar.  Then my thumb and middle finger trapped an erect nipple and pinched hard, making her mouth open in pain.  I took advantage of the opportunity and pushed my cum coated fingers into her mouth.  Like a newborn calf, she instinctively began to suck.

Finally, she sat up, ass sliding about in cum juices and sat on the edge with her knees to either side of my waist, tits swaying as she combed her fingers through her hair.  One look at my glistening face testified that I had fully enjoyed the culinary delight.  The smell of sex filled the air.

She cupped her tits, brandishing hard nipples just inches from my mouth, "Not bad for an old woman huh?"

"What was that noise?" I suddenly interrupted.

"What?  What did you hear?" she asked nervously as she looked towards the back door window.

"There it is again.  Did you hear that?"

"No! What is it?"

"I think I heard the dinging of the washer go off.  Your laundry is ready to be dried."  I laughed.

She laughed, "Very funny!"

I wrapped an arm around her and pulled her body into mine as she got off the counter.  Her pussy left a wet trail down my stomach and her open legs allowed her pussy to slide across my semi-erect cock.  

I watched her as she gingerly wobbled to the laundry room, her pouty, cum matted hairy lips on display from behind as she walked awkwardly.  I felt another twitch.

"So, how long have you known that I have had a hardon for you?"

"You think we women are stupid?" she laughed, bending over and shoving clothes into the dryer,  "I was beginning to wonder if you would ever have the balls to make a move on me, to be honest."

"What?  How long have you thought that?"

"The first time I can remember was when we all went to the casinos. Do you remember us both coming out of our bathrooms at the same time?  I was butt ass naked and you had a towel around your waist that did little to hide your manhood."

"How could I ever forget that?  I have jacked off to that memory many, many times."  I confessed.

She giggled, "Well, I didn't shut the door right away because I wanted you to feast on what you saw.  It has been yours for the taking for a long time.  It took you for fucking ever, but better late than never I guess."

"The reason I didn't come out of my bathroom right away was because I was so aroused at the emoment, I masturbated as I thought about you fucking the hell out of me." she purred.

"You mean to tell me we've wasted all these years that we could have been having fun together?"

"Maybe we'll have to make up for lost time now, won't we?" she smiled as she playfully reached for my cock.

For the first time in the 30 plus years we have known each other, we kissed a very hot, deep kiss.  I knew this was the start of something I had fantasized about for decades!  Apparently, she had too.

I invited her into my home office while her laundry dried, where she slumped down in a plush office chair opposite my desk.  We both sat around naked, talking and sharing fantasies we had about each other.  With legs open wide, she leaned forward, resting her tits on her forearms and jokingly asked for a job application.

"Well then okay.  What would you say are your greatest assets?" I teased as I played along.

She cupped both tits, squeezing them together, "Well, you will get to titty fuck these girls anytime  you want.  I happen to love the feel of a hard cock thrusting between them into my mouth."

I pretended to make notes, "... loves... to... be... titty fucked.  Got it, and what else?"

She licked her lips, smiled and pointed to drying cum on her face.  "Blowjobs at work are where I excell.  If you think doing laundry is a turn on, you should see me at work.  I'll suck your cock any time you want."

"Ah ha, duly noted." I laughed. "And I must attest, quite skilled at that too.  Anything else?"

She leaned back in the chair and opened her legs wide, running both hands down her tummy to either side of her furry triangle and then into her matted hair.  She grabbed a handful of pubes and smiled, "well, and there's this!"

"When can you start?" I asked.

My cock was raging hard again and wanting more of that hot pussy.

"Now for the hands-on portion of the interview.  Come sit next to me."

She had just sat down in the chair next to me when my phone rang.  It was my brother in law, looking for her.  I explained she had left her phone in the car, then handed her my phone.

I leaned forward, running my hands up her open thighs as she talked.  Her glaring eyes screamed, NO, but her legs opened wider.   I pushed two fingers into her wet opening and she covered her mouth to muffle the gasp.  As they slid in and out, I curled them to massage along the upper wall, hitting her G-Spot.  She shuttered and gasped loud enough for him to notice.

"What was that?" he asked.

She laughed and said a combination of a hiccup and burp.  He bought it.

As my fingers toyed with her pussy, she held my forearm with one hand and finished up the call.  "Be home as soon as these clothes are dry.  Love you too."

She made sure the phone call was terminated, then slapped the shit out of me.  I leaned back, cock swaying in the air like a tall timber in high winds as I rubbed my stinging face.

In one swift move, she came out of the chair and straddled me, pushing her tits into my face and sinking onto my cock until our loins met.  My cock pushed hard into the back of her tight vagina.

I spun my office chair to face my desk and she leaned back, resting elbows on the edge.

She lifted both feet until they were on my chest, the full force of her weight resting on my cock.  I wrapped my forearms around her upper thighs and began pumping her hard and fast as she played with her clit and tits.  

This one quickly became an angry fuck.  A "FUCK YOU" hard and fast fuck that ended with both of us shaking and cumming as we tightly clutched each other.  I held her in place until I was certain every last ounce of cum had emptied inside her.

She playfully slapped me again and leaned back.  "Damn!  That was fucking magical!" she panted as her hips wiggled to feel my withering cock inside her.  "The danger of getting caught made my pussy red fucking hot!  I think I'm going to laundry naked from now on."

My cock remained hard enough for her to grind off another orgasm.  Now totally spent, we had barely relaxed when we were interrupted by the dinger of the dryer, telling us the laundry was dry.

I looked down at my lap as she lifted off of me.  I was completely soaked in cum.  Her pubes were just as matted as mine.  "You better jump in the shower before you head home!"

As she rinsed off, I pulled her dry clothes from the dryer, folding and stacking them.  Several minutes later, from behind me, I heard, "What the fuck are you doing?"

Her panties dangled from my erect cock, "Oh nothing." I smiled.

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