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Worth it

I write this journal entry feeling as sore as I’ve ever been — yet very happy. I wish I could cut and paste an email and a messaging conversation to help you understand how this went off. I’m really so sore that I can’t sleep and so I’ve got up to write this. 

What happened was like something straight out of a great porn film and it disappoints me that I can’t tell anybody in my life all about it.
It really began well before the actual night. I frequent several websites and have many so-called friends but I don't really recall who I chat with from time to time. I guess Mike was one of those guys… 

As we do most Saturdays, we attended a club in Providence and had a good time. Of course, there are rules but ask yourself this: is swinging with rules better or worse that not swinging at all?  

So, my man and I go together and, most of the time, we have fun as we did this night, even though it could have been better. We were greeted by the hostess, Cheri, who is awesome. We chatted some and I know she and my guy have history. They like to play from time to time and he loves her. 

Cheri told me a guy had arrived and he'd asked her if we were coming in that night. I said, “Great, who is it?” 

My husband said, “A single guy? No thanks,” and we laughed as we only play with couples. In most situations, he likes to get some action, too, and I understand that, I really do. But it’s also why I need to do my own thing. 

It didn't take long for the mystery man to see that I had arrived and he approached me, calling me by name. I walked toward him so nobody could hear us talk and I said, “Hi, do I know you?”

He explained that he was Mike, an online ‘friend’ of mine, and we’d chatted a few times. He’d discovered about the club from me and, apparently, he really liked my profile and pictures and had said he hoped we would meet one day. I guess I’d chatted with him but, in all honesty, I didn't remember him at all, although he said, “I’m a big fan of yours.”

“In that case,” I said, laughing, “you must know that I can only play with couples unless my man is down with it.” 

I asked if he was with anyone and he pointed to his friend, who had the same name as my husband, Stu. His friend waved and Mike said, “So, we cant fuck then?”

“I'm sorry, no… unless we somehow wind up in the group room and it happens.” 

My man approached then and they shook hands and Mike said he’d seen us on a website and wanted to meet us, that’s all. And that was enough to kind of end the whole conversation as I was whisked off to chat with a few couples we play with from time to time.

We got busy soon after but I also wandered around and peeked in rooms as I normally do. It was then that I saw Mike — and he was going at it. I simply couldn't turn away. Mike was very tall, strong looking, and had a beautiful cock. It looked about eight-inches long and was as thick as a beer can. Yummy! His pal, Stu was even longer in that department but nowhere near as thick, and they were really fucking a girl who was taking it and being very loud. I just had to watch. 

Mike looked to be in his forties and he was dark-skinned but not black. I watched him and his friend fucking the girl and I wished I was getting fucked like it. They were really fucking her hard and she was moaning so loud the whole room was watching. Mike saw me and smiled as he continued to make this woman very happy. I was jealous. I was also very turned on and so convinced my man to go a round with a new couple. That was great and the woman got me off while I was thinking about Mike and his massively thick cock.

We left late and I didn't see Mike again but, as we were driving home, I tried to figure out who he was. But I couldn’t remember.

Sunday morning I felt great but had to masturbate once to calm down from being turned on about Mike. I knew I had to let him fuck me. 
I continued to check my webmail for a message and it finally came in the afternoon. It read: I saw you watching me and I know you wanted to be her. I won’t lie, I wanted it to be you and it still can be. I’m asking you to meet me. 

I didn't know what else to reply but, Yes!

He came back: Good. Make it happen, asap

Frustrated, I masturbated to the thought of being that woman. Then a miracle happened. My husband said he was going to the Bruins game on Tuesday so I eagerly wrote to Mike and he emailed back his address and added, 7pm.

I sent, I will be there.’

Monday was horrible. All I could think about was being really fucked by a hot guy with an awesome cock. I had to settle for masturbating and giving my guy a blowjob before bed.

Tuesday came and I was so excited. I did my best to do my job and not masturbate. I emailed Mike saying, I can’t wait’ but he didn't reply. I was worried that he’d changed his mind but I was planning to be there, anyway.

At home, I pretended to be watching TV until my guy took his kid and headed to the train station just after six. I jumped in the shower, shaved, and made sure I smelled and tasted okay. I put on black leggings and a baggy shirt as I knew it had to come off fast. 

The drive to his condo was long but I was totally turned on and all I could see was the face of that girl he’d fucked and how happy she’d been. There was no feeling of guilt as I walked toward the door of his building and rang the buzzer. It was 6:52.

I took the elevator to the third floor and walked down the hall. Before I could knock on his door, it opened and Mike was there in just a pair of black boxer shorts. He pulled me in close and we kissed while he squeezed my ass. Then he offered me a shot of Patron and I smiled. 

“I heard it was your favorite,” he said and I took three quick ones before he told me to take off my clothes and go to the couch. 

I told him to put the game on TV so that we knew how much time we had. He did that and I took off all my clothes as he watched. He told me I was so beautiful — and then it began.

He had me kneel at the end of the couch with my ass in the air. He started by licking my ass and pussy from behind as if he was a bulldog eating a bowl of ice cream. I was already wet. This was followed by his fingers fucking me hard and fast accompanied by some verbal abuse which made me cum. My ass and pussy were soaked and he really punished me with his hands but it felt so good.

“Your husband can’t fuck you like I can,” he said. “You deserve this, slut, don't you? Take it, baby.”

It was all like a porn film I watch. His face was soaked with my wetness and his hand was too. I’d cum twice already and I looked up at him as he dropped his boxers. He told me to kneel before him — and he fucked my throat with his huge cock, making me gag and drool. It got rougher as it went on and, believe me, Mike carried on for quite a long time. At one point, I was lying on the couch while he fed his cock to me. 

Then he ordered me to kneel on the seat, ass up, and hold on to the back of the couch. At first, he basically fisted me and called me names while he also fingered my ass. I came again and he asked if I wanted him to fuck me. I said ,“Yes” but he kept repeating the question until the door opened and his buddy, Stu came in.

Grinning, Stu said, “Oh, I can’t believe this is really gonna happen,” and he stripped as fast as he could while they both laughed.

The threesome began with Mike pounding me as hard as he could while Stu held my hair and fed me his cock. He called my husband “a douche” and said that he had no idea how slutty I was and what I needed. 

Throughout the encounter, Stu was not very nice to me at all. Not that I really cared but I wanted to point out that he didn't give a fuck about me.

We had to reposition a few times and I actually felt like that woman at the party. They switched positions so many times till I finally got something that the woman had received — DP.
Stu said, “Let’s DP this slut,” and asked me if I wanted it. I simply moaned and sat on his cock. It took Mike only a moment to line up his cock and stretch me open. With only my own juices acting as lubrication, it hurt like hell at first but, as they moved in unison, it became easier to handle. Soon I climaxed very hard and I was very loud in doing so. 

Stu came next, announcing he was going to cum in my ass and he did and immediately collapsed to the ground while I continued with Mike. He kissed me and said he wanted to cum on my face, ordering me to my knees. After more throat fucking, he spurted loads on my face and almost blinded me as some got in my eye.

Glancing at the TV, I noticed it was the third-quarter of the game and I sucked the last drop from Mike’s cock. It tasted like my ass and pussy combined. 

My whole body was aching, my sore ass was killing me, and I needed a shower. Mike let me use his and when I came out, Stu had gone.

Mike sad he’d been dreaming of getting it on with me for some time and really hoped we could do it again. I didn't make any promises but I said I wished I was sleeping with him that night.

“Maybe one day we can,” he said. 

“Yeah, and leave Stu at home,” I said. “ He’s not very nice,” and Mike agreed.

Even though I felt clean, I knew there must be some semen still inside me and my ass was so sore that I thought it was torn or something. It definitely was a new ouch feeling. 

I got home and, as much as I tried to watch TV, I couldn't and eventually passed out, waking up in the middle of the night to write this. It had been like I was in a porn movie without the cameras being there. In a way, I wish it had been recorded but I hate evidence, even though I sometimes send ‘headless’ pictures to guys in areas that I don't frequent.

Overall, it was what I’d been dreaming about, and I wish I could tell somebody about the experience. If I find out who the woman at the party was, maybe I will tell her. Otherwise, I can only write what I recall and post on this page. 

I truly hope I have fun like it again — just not too soon because I need to heal and rest.



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