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Special Lunch Delivery

Short on cash when the delivery man arrives, my wife makes a deal he can't turn down.

It was already past lunch time and Renee was starving. She had been stuck at home for the third day in a row, but now with an empty fridge to go along with her empty wallet. She sat in frustration for a few minutes before an idea popped into her head. She had remembered that the delivery guy from her favorite place had a crush on her and they would often flirt openly for a couple of minutes every time he delivered food.

'Maybe I can get him to do me a favor,' Renee thought to herself, as she picked up the phone. She confirmed Justin was working before placing her order, then sat back thinking about how she could convince him to not charge her for her order.

She ran upstairs and changed into a pair of yoga pants and a tight low cut shirt putting her ample double D size tits on display.

"Coming!" Renee shouted from her bedroom, hearing the doorbell ring. She rushed down the stairs and opened the front door with a smile.

"Hey, Renee! I have your lunch right here," Justin said, smiling back at her.

"Hold on a sec, let me get my purse," she replied, turning into the living room. She bent over at the waist giving Justin a good view of her as she grabbed her purse before returning to the door.

"Hold on, I can't find my wallet," she said, placing her purse on the table next to the front door.

"Sure thing. You're looking good today," he added. Renee smiled as she bent over to look through her purse allowing Justin to see directly down her low cut shirt. Her tits bounced as she shuffled around her purse. After more than a minute of searching she turned to Justin just in time to see him adjusting himself while he stared down her shirt.

"Rats! I can't find my wallet anywhere!" she exclaimed.

"Do you have any money lying around the house?" Justin asked.

"No, nothing. Do you think you could do me a favor just this once?" Renee asked.

"I'm really not supposed to do that," he replied, still staring at her tits.

"You can look at my tits but you won't lend me money for lunch?" she asked.

"I’m... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to," he said, caught off guard.

"Want to see more?" she offered, pulling her shirt down further squeezing her cleavage out the top.

"Yea, I do!" he replied, grinning ear to ear.

"I'll show you my tits if you buy me lunch," she offered.

"I would, but I only have a few bucks, and I'll get in trouble if I come back short," he replied, disappointed.

"Please, help me out. I would be so grateful. I'd even give you a quick handjob for the favor," she replied, sweetening the deal.

"A hand job would make the trouble I'll get in seem not so significant," he replied.

"Then come on in!" Renee said, grabbing him by the hand guiding him to the couch sitting down next to each other.

Renee started rubbing her hand across Justin's crotch feeling his already plump cock.

"Why don't you take off that shirt so I can look at your tits while you jerk me off," Justin suggested. Renee immediately grabbed her shirt and pulled it up over her head letting her huge tits bounce freely in Justin’s view.

Renee unfastened Justin’s pants and slid her fingers under the waist and of his boxers. pulling them down slowly exposing his thick black shaft inch by inch. Once the waist band slid over the tip, his massive ten inch long black dick sprang to attention.

"Oh my god! Your dick is so big!" Renee gasped, taking it in the palm of her hand. She wrapped her hand around the thick shaft, her fingers still inches from meeting. She admired his massive black cock as she started to slide her hand up and down his shaft.

"Yea, stroke that dick baby," Justin moaned, as his cock grew harder.

"I can't believe I'm doing this!" Renee exclaimed. She could feel her pussy soaking through the fabric of her panties as she continued sliding her hand up and down Justin’s huge black cock.

"You like stroking that big black dick don't you?" Justin asked.

"Yes, I love it, but I feel so slutty cheating on my husband," Renee confessed.

"You like being a slut for this black dick?" Justin encouraged.

"I love being a slut for your huge black dick and its making my pussy soaking wet!" Renee moaned.

"Why don't you take off those pants and let me fuck that white pussy?" Justin suggested, fondling her tit pinching her nipple between his fingers.

"I'd love to climb on top of you and slide my pussy all the way down the shaft of your thick black cock, but I am a married woman," she explained.

"You're already cheating on him. Why stop now?" he asked.

"It’s just a hand job and he would never find out," She replied, attempting to convince herself not to go any further.

"He'd never have to know about me fucking that married pussy," Justin argued.

"If your huge black dick wasn’t twice the size of his it might work, but he would notice how much you stretched out my pussy," she explained. The thought of Justin’s thick black cock stretching out her pussy made her body tremble as she continued sliding her hand up and down his ten inch dick.

Renee got down on her knees in front of Justin and wrapped both hands around the shaft of his cock sliding them together up and down his dick.

“Oh, fuck yea girl! Stroke that dick with both hands!” he moaned, moving his hips up and down fucking her hands while she jerked him off. His dick started to throb in Renee's hands, making her pussy quiver.

Renee slid one of her hands over the head of his cock smearing a large drop of precum all over the head of his cock. With her palm over the head of his cock she worked her hand in a circular motion spreading more and more precum onto her palm. Once the palm of her hand was coated in his sticky precum she slid it all the way down the shaft of his cock leaving it nice and slick.

“Oh god That feels so good!” Justin moaned, as Renee continued to stroke his slick cock. More and more precum leaked from his cock as she stroked his dick harder and faster bringing him close to the edge.

“Come on baby! I want you to cum!” Renee pleaded, as she worked both of her hands up and down Justin’s throbbing black cock.

“I’m getting close!” Justin grunted pumping his hips up and down meeting her strokes.

“Come on baby! Cum all over my tits!” Renee instructed, stroking his dick harder and faster.

"Oh shit! I'm gonna cum!" Justin grunted, as stream of thick cum shot out of his cock and splashed against Renee's exposed tits. She continued stroking Justin's throbbing black dick as he shot stream after stream of thick hot cum covering her huge white tits.

“Now, where is my lunch? I’m starving!” Renee said, picking up the plastic bag carrying it to the kitchen.

“You sure as hell earned it!” Justin said, relaxing on the couch as he grabbed a nearby throw blanket to clean up his sticky cock. Renee walked back into the living room with her lunch plate and sat down next to Justin as he finished cleaning himself up and buckling his pants.

“Well thanks for the lunch! I hope I enjoy my food as much as you enjoyed cuming all over my tits!” Renee laughed, as she began to eat.

“Anytime you need a meal. Let me know!” Justin said, as he made his way to the door.

“See ya, stud,” Renee said, as he left the house closing the door behind him.




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