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Stroke of Luck I'd Say

Supermarket mishap led to amazing fuck.

I was in Sainsbury's, getting some bits and pieces that I needed. There was a lady in front of me at the check out; I thought I recognized her, yes, it was Jenny. She's married to Mike, a good social friend of mine and work colleague. As she was lifting the shopping bags into her trolly, one of the bags overbalanced and all of her stuff fell over the floor.

I moved in to help her, picked up all the stuff from the floor, rebagged it and placed it into her trolley. Unfortunately, she had hurt her arm as she tried to catch the bag as it fell from the shelf at the till. By the time I'd finished picking up the goods from the floor and getting it into her trolley, my few items had been scanned. I paid for them and we left the store together.

We walked across the car park and arrived at her car. She opened the boot and I was on hand to help unload the heavy bags from the trolley. We stood and chatted for a few minutes and she rolled up her sleeve. I looked at her arm, there was no cut; although it appeared she may have strained a tendon.

''Would you like to come over to my apartment for a coffee? I can also take a look at your arm if you like,'' I asked Jenny.

My apartment is on an estate, only a few hundred yards from where I work with Jenny's husband. She would need to pass within ninety yards of my front door on her journey to her house.

"No thank you, I have quite a few items that need to go into the freezer. Thanks anyway," she replied.

However, as she was getting into her car she shouted over to me, "Excuse me, I will take you up on your offer - I could use a coffee if I'm honest."       

I shouted back to her, "Follow me."

We came off the car park in our respective cars,  Ten minutes later we pulled up outside my apartment. I offered to take the freezer stuff and put it in my freezer but she declined the offer suggesting that she wouldn't be able to stay long anyway. We went into my apartment. it was a bit untidy, but, I am a man on his own, what can you expect?

I went into the kitchen to put the kettle on, I invited Jenny to have a seat in the lounge. I was waiting for the kettle to boil when she walked into the kitchen, came up behind me, she grabbed my arm and said, "Thank you for helping me today, you were most kind."

I turned around and said to her, "It was the least I could do, let me look at that arm."

As I rolled her sleeve up, she pulled my shirt towards her and we kissed, quite passionately.    I suggested to her that what we had just done was wrong, with that we kissed again, our tongues explored each other's mouths.

I broke away again from her and I told her, "Mike would be mortified if he knew we were doing this."

With this, she kissed me even harder, shit, it was hot. I felt my cock had suddenly become solid, she obviously felt it against her body and she pushed her crotch into me. I knew what was going to happen, there was no turning back. I think we were both very keen to fuck.   

I asked her, ''Do you want to fuck?'' She looked at me wide-eyed and nodded her response.

I grabbed her hand and led her into my bedroom and we climbed into bed. We just lay on the bed and continued kissing, both fully clothed at this point. It was hot, and it continued to be so.   

Bit by bit we undressed each other. I began by playing and sucking on her amazing tits, she is a big breasted girl and seemed to enjoy my early touch of her flesh.

We kissed passionately and I caressed her breasts until she directed my hand down to her pussy, which was already very wet. I fingered her, finger fucked her, teased her clit and she moaned loudly. I left her beautiful lips to go down towards her pussy and I nibbled her clit, I tugged on her pussy lips and she continued to moan loudly. My tongue was deep inside her, this was every man's dream, a girl I met only a couple of times previously and here I was ready to fuck her simply because she had dropped her shopping in Sainsbury's and I was on hand to pick it up for her.   

She came quite quickly as I was teasing her clit with my tongue, there was a small squirt, that soaked me, I gobbled up as much as I could and it tasted so sweet.

She looked at her watch, ''I have to go soon, I've cum, but you haven't. Please fuck me."

I looked into her eyes, she seemed confused, presumably wondering how she had allowed this to happen, or at least that is how I read it. I may have been wrong because she lay on her back, spread her legs and simply said, "Fuck me."

I teased her with my cock head, playing around her entrance. She said in a quiet voice, "Bastard," not very nice, was it?

She paid for that comment,  I shagged her hard and deep. She moved with me, not a regular occurrence in fucking girls these days, but she did and her talking dirty to me helped me towards completion.     

She shouted, "I love you Mike," a couple of times but I never queried that; I just carried on with the job in hand to cum before she had to leave me, to do wife stuff at home and put her frozen items into her freezer.

It wasn't long before I told her I was close, thankfully I have the knack to hold it as I wish and cum when I want. I asked her where she wanted me to cum and she simply said, "Deep inside me."   That in itself was enough for me to explode and I came inside her exactly as she had asked.      

We kissed for a little longer, she got up, still holding her arm, and then she announced that this must never happen again and Mike must never find out.

This was last summer, and Mike never found out about it. Funnily enough, Mike and I seem to have become close friends, and last New Year four guys had a weekend away and Mike and I were buddies throughout the trip.

It's not something I will forget, it was hot and special at the time, I have seen her since, about three times, but not for anything naughty,  I winked at her and she smiled, but that is as close as it got, but I will never forget the bags falling from the ledge near the till at Sainsbury's and my reward for coming to the rescue.





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