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Thanksgiving Special Treat

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Thanksgiving will never be the same again . . .

Thanksgiving is a special time of the year for our family and, so it is I remember one family gathering from a couple of years back, very fondly.

My wife had insisted we go to her parent’s house, which I wasn’t too thrilled about, but went anyway, seeing an argument of gigantic proportions coming if I even dared to hint or balk at going. Sometimes, it is better to be silent and go along than become the focal point for a thunderstorm.

Janet’s family is one of those old stuffy suburban types, one where everyone pretends that the gay uncle in the room is not really gay, even though we all know better. Tom, who was Janet’s brother had passed away a while back and for that, we were all sad and some of us were rather wistful about it since we no longer had to be careful about the elephant in the room.

Janet also had a younger sister, Jackie, who like Janet was drop-dead gorgeous, but also very suburbanite in that she thought her poo didn’t stink. Jackie had two daughters, both of whom were Jim’s kids by a previous marriage. I hadn’t seen the twins in quite a few years since Jackie and her husband, Jim, usually went on vacation during the holidays or to visit Jim’s parents. I was quite surprised to see Jim, Jackie and their two college-aged girls at Thanksgiving. The girls had each brought a friend, which surprised me, since our gatherings had traditionally been relegated to family members only. One of the girls, Dani, had brought a college-aged female friend and her twin sister had brought along a boyfriend.

The Thanksgiving lunch was great and afterwards, everyone staked out positions in the living room or the kitchen area dinette or the dinning room or a study to chit chat and catch up with things on social media. Jim and Janet’s dad, along with myself, took up positions to watch a football game in the study.

The one twin decided to go for a walk with her boyfriend, while Dani and her college-friend stayed behind and closeted themselves of in a bedroom.

After the first quarter of the game, I decided to empty the ole bladder. As I stood in relief in the restroom, I could hear Dani and her friend goggling in the adjoining bedroom.

“Your uncle is a hunk,” Dani’s college-aged friend commented.

“Hush!” Dani shot back.

“Well . . .” the girl replied, “He is!”

“I know,” Dani replied, “But he’s twenty years older than either of us.”

“So,” the friend of Dani replied.

“So . . . what?” Dani shot back.

“So . . . is he happily married?” the college-aged girl asked.

“I don’t know,” Dani replied. “I rarely even see him, much less know him.”

“I bet I can find out,” Dani’s friend replied.

“No,” Dani shot back. “My aunt would kiss you.”

“Don’t worry,” Dani’s friend replied, “I’ll be discreet.”

My mind was now circling. The girl was cute as all get-out and she wanted to know if I was happily married.

I was and I am, happily married, but I was also sexually-deprived and my overhearing of the conversation was so fortuitous, than even I couldn’t believe my luck. I made my way back to the study and waited to see what would transpire. It didn’t take me long to find out.

Dani and Trish sauntered into the study and asked if any of us needed anything. Jim said no, as did my father=in-law. I, on the other hand, said,

“A good stiff drink would be nice.”

I emphasized the word “stiff” for effect, on purpose. My slight of tongue was not lost on Trish, who smiled as I looked her way.

“What do you have in mind?” Dani asked.

“Sex on the Beach,” I teasingly replied, before self-correcting and saying “anything with liquor in it.”

“We can fix one you up,” Dani replied, grabbing Trish by the arm and pulling her out of the study.

Jim and my father-in-law were way too engrossed in the game to even notice our conversation. I waited about ten minutes and then sauntered into the kitchen to see what was transpiring. Janet and Jacki were sitting at the table, talking to their mom. There were also some other relatives, cousin-types hanging around as well.

I jokingly mentioned that I had ordered up a drink from the waitstaff. Janet laughed.

“You know mom and dad don’t drink,” she said, “and this is not a bar.”

“They went to the house to grab some stuff,” Jackie added. “Be patient.”

I was not the patient type.

“Fine,” I replied, “I’m going for a walk at the park, so if they show up, tell them I’ll be back in a bit.”

I sauntered out the back door and headed down the street. I had only walked about a block when I heard a car horn. It was Dani and Trish.

“Where are you going?” Dani asked through an open window as they drove up beside me.

“Looking for a park and some hookers,” I jokingly replied.

Dani laughed.

“Trish might fit the bill, but she doesn’t come cheap.” Dani replied.

“Oh my God!” Trish exclaimed, covering her face with her hands in embarrassment.

“You said you thought he was a hunk,” Dani responded, looking over at Trish.

“Oh my God!” Trish exclaimed again, “Hush!”

Dani was having fun, embarrassing her friend. I was now standing next to the driver’s side window, and Dani.

“Whatever she does,” I jokingly replied, “You have to do the same.”

“Whatever she does,” Dani replied, “I can do better.”

“Oh-my-gosh!” Trish retorted.

“Be careful,” I replied to Dani, “I may hold you to that statement.”

Dani laughed.

“Maybe instead of 'Sex on the Beach,' Dani retorted, “we should have ‘Sex in the Park’.”

I liked Dani. She was cute and quick-witted, just like her mother.

“Sex in the Park,” I replied, “sounds so mischievous and dangerous.”

“I live for the danger,” Dani replied. “Get in.”

I slipped into the backseat of Dani’s jeep. The park was only a few blocks away.

Dani pulled down a dusty and bumpy trail to a remote and scenic overlook. She pulled up under a shade tree as Trish pulled out a bottle of Crowne from a brown paper sack. Trish twisted off the cap and took a swig from the bottle, then handed it to Dani, who also took a swig. Dani handed the bottle to me and I also took a swig.

The Crowne was smooth and tangy as it went down, hitting my stomach with a splash. I was glad this was an after-lunch drink-fest. I handed the bottle back to Dani who took another drink before she handed the bottle back to Trish, who did the same.

“So why don’t y’all have boyfriends?” I nonchalantly inquired.

“Because we’re bitches,” Trish shot back.

“Speak for yourself,” Dani retorted.

Trish offered me the Crowne and I politely declined.

“I was speaking for myself,” Trish replied to Dani’s comment.

“No, I’m serious,” I pressed.

“I haven’t found the right guy,” Trish replied.

“What’s the right guy?” I asked.

“One that can keep up with me, likes to drink and is good in bed,” Trish said.

“Do you prefer to be on top or the bottom?” I asked.

Trish looked confused by my question.

“When you fuck,” I clarified, “do you prefer to be on top or the bottom.”

Now it was Dani’s turn to be embarrassed. She covered her mouth with her hands and turned about four shades of red.

“I don’t really have a preference,” Trish replied. “I leave it up to the guy.”

Trish offered me the Crowne a second time. I took it and pretended to take a drink. I didn’t want to get drunk, so I pretended to like I had taken a huge drink. I handed the bottle to Dani, who quickly took a drink and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, as she handed the bottle back to her friend.

“What about you?” I asked, looking at Dani.

Dani flipped her long dishwater blonde hair back over her shoulder.

“I’m with Trish,” Dani replied, “I leave it up to the guy.”

“What about you?” Trish asked.

“I like the girl on top,” I said. “I like to see the way she reacts and it gives her a bit of control.”

Trish took another drink from the Crowne and then handed the bottle to Dani.

“Be careful,” I warned Dani. “You’re driving.”

“I know my limits,” Dani replied. “This isn’t my first bottle.”

I had the backseat to the jeep all to myself, and assumed what some might call the “man-spread” with my legs parted as wide as possible.

Trish was turned in the front passenger seat and glanced back at me and then briefly at my crotch.

“You know,” I said softly, “you’re more than welcome to do more than take a fleeting glance.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Trish shot back.

“It’s your choice,” I replied.

Trish glance over at Dani, who shot back, “You asked for it.”

Trish took the bottle of Crowne from Dani and took another large swig from it. She recapped it and then turned to look back at me.

“Let’s see what you have,” Trish said.

I unfastened my belt and then unzipped my pants as Trish and Dani watched from the from the front seats. I arched my back and slipped my pants from under my buttocks, leaving on my boxer shorts, in which my nine-inch steel rod remained tucked.

“Oh baby!” Trish cooed with excitement.

“If I am going to show the goods,” I declared, “there needs to be a little reciprocation.”

Trish looked at Dani in silence.

“I think he wants to see some bobbies,” Dani replied.

Trish pulled off her t-shirt and unfastened her bra, baring her small but very perky 32-b cup sized breasts. She rubbed her hands over her nipples.

“I know they’re tiny, but it’s all I have,” Trish said apologetically. I looked at Dani.

“I’m just a spectator here,” Dani quickly remarked, sensing the request she knew I was going to make.

“No,” I argued back, “you’re more than a spectator.”

Trish placed her arm on Dani’s arm.

“Please,” Trish begged. “We’re in this together.”

“Fine,” Dani replied, stripping out of her t-shirt and her bra, revealing her larger 36-inch breasts. Like Trish, she teased her nipples by pinching them between a finger and her thumb.

“She has the better boobies,” Trish declared, looking back at me.

I looked at Dani and winked.

“Nice rack,” I declared. I stood up, since the Jeep was topless, and allowed my trousers to fall to my ankles. I heel kicked out of them and then peeled out of my boxers. I held on to the jeep roll-bar, butt-ass naked and my stiff cock hanging in the wind, looking down at Trish and Dani as they stared at my manhood.

Dani pretended to have her eyes covered, with one hand, but peeked between split fingers, while Trish covered her mouth with one hand.

“Okay,” I said. "Who wants to be the first to suck on it?”

“Oh my Gawd!” Dani declared, moving her hand to her mouth.

“Oh gee,” I replied, "surely y’all have seen a cock before.”

“Yes,” Dani replied, “just not one this huge!”

“Can I feel it?” Trish asked.

“Go for it,” I replied.

Trish placed a lone finger on my abdomen, just above the point on my body where my cock connected. She slowly and silently worked her finger down to my shaft, down the shaft of my tool and to the tip end, where she gingerly lifted up my tool to study it.

Precum leaked from the tip end of my tool.

“Oh wow!” Trish exclaimed as she gently wrapped her finger around my cock and squeezed it. Dani sat in stunned silence.

“Any thing she can do, I can do better,” I remarked out loud, as I looked at Dani, quoting what she had said just a few minutes earlier.

Dani balked again.

“That’s what you said,” I said as I looked at Dani.

Dani reached out and cupped my testicles. She then silently stood up in the driver’s seat and quickly stepped around the seat back, to stand beside me in the back seat. She slipped her hand on to my buttocks and squeezed them.

“Nice ass,” Dani declared as she dug in her manicured fingers.

I grabbed Dani’s hand and shifted it to my crotch. She wrapped her fingers around my tool and squeezed it.

“Nice,” Dani replied, as she sat down in the seat next to me, gently stroking my tool. I placed my hand on top of Dani’s head and tilted it back. She looked up at me, expressionless-like.

“Do you want to suck it?” I asked.

“Can I?” Dani replied.

“Only if you promise to go easy on me,” I said.

Dani shifted in the seat and placed the head of my manhood into her open mouth. I thought for sure, I would unload right then and there, but lucky for me, I didn’t. Dani’s oral skills were beyond belief.

Trish was not about to left out. She catapulted into the back seat and insisted on being a part of the action. While Dani worked on my cock, Trish went to work on my testicles. I held on to the jeep roll bar, but couldn’t keep standing. I collapsed into the seat, with Dani still holding on to my stick.

Trish quickly stripped out of her jeans and her underwear. Oh my God! She probably didn’t weight 90 lb. She was completely shaven and void of any pubic hair. Her pussy lips were enlarged beyond belief. She grabbed my hand and forced my fingers on to her veejay, pushing them inside of herself.

“Fuck me,” Trish pleaded. “Pleeeeease.”

Dani let go of my cock as Trisha repositioned herself, standing up between my spread legs, her bare ass settling down into my lap. She reached between her legs and guided my tool into place. As her warm and moist pussy enveloped my cock, I could feel it clamping down on my tool. I could feel my balls tightening. I grabbed Trish’s hips and grunted as I unloaded inside of her. Trish dug her fingers into my legs, shaking and trembling.

“Oh my God!” Trish exclaimed as we both climaxed at the same time. She lowered her head as she continued to shake uncontrollably. She fell forward, my cock popping out of her, glistening in the afternoon sunlight. Amazingly, I was still hard.

Dani grabbed Trish’s t-shirt and wiped my cock clean, to Trish’s horror.

“That’s my t-shirt!” Trish exclaimed as Dani wadded up the t-shirt and tossed it into the front seat.

“I’ll get you a new one,” Dani said. I quickly dressed as Dani slipped her t-shirt back on.

Trish lie beside me, still naked and spent, my cum dripping out of her vagina. Finally, she grabbed her t-shirt and used it to clean up. Se then slipped back into her pants as I did the same. She begrudgingly slipped her t-shirt back, with a huge, musty-smelling stain in the middle of it.

We passed back by Dani’s house to get Trish a fresh shirt. In the process, Dani slipped into a tight little miniskirt, in anticipation of her and Trish going out to the clubs. It was Thanksgiving. I didn’t know the clubs were even open.

We slipped back the house of my -in-laws just as the football game was ending. I was starving. So was everyone else, or so it appeared. Trish and Dani helped put together some turkey sandwiches. We each steaked out positions are the dinning room table- with Dani and Trish sitting on either side of me. Janet stayed in the kitchen to help her sister and mother put some additional items together for a more robust feasting, totally clueless as to the newfound admiration I had developed with my niece and her college friend.

The conversation was light and easy going. Dani slipped her hand on to my thigh under the table and applied some light pressure. I squeezed her hand in mine and proffered a wink. She moved my hand on to her bare thigh, and then she pushed my hand up under the hem of her mini-skirt, pressing my fingers in towards her pussy. I closed my eyes for a brief second. She wasn’t wearing any underwear.

I with drew my hand and declared I was done. I really wasn’t, but it was all I could do to keep control of myself. Janet and I had a very passion-filled evening once we got back to our house that evening.

“I don’t know what got into you,” Janet declared the next day, "but last night was unexpected and great!”

I didn’t say a word.

“Whatever crazy thoughts you may have had,” Janet said, “Keep having them, because I’m all in.”

Thanksgiving. A wonderful holiday.


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