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the barbecue builder

husband finds his wife screwing the builder
She looked so sexy stretched out naked on our bed, her eyes closed, the palm of one hand resting on her pubic mound. Victoria, my wife, hadn't expected me home this early, and I stood fascinated at the bedroom door, watching her bring herself to an afternoon delight. I had never seen her masturbate before that day, although she had never denied that she did. She was so engrossed in her sexual fantasy as she fingered her clit that she hadn't heard me come down the hall, and didn't see me standing there now.

I shook with the erotic excitement of secretly watching her, admiring her nakedness, savouring the roundness of her breasts and how they heaved with each laboured breath. I thrilled at the glistening slickness between her thighs, the gorgeously sensuous curve of her ass cheeks as they surrounded the sexy splayed pussy her fingers were working on so diligently. I wondered what she was picturing in that lovely head of hers, but when I looked out the window into the backyard I got a good idea.

The shirtless hunk, Eric, was in his early 30s and was working on the brick barbecue we were having put in. His muscles rippled and testosterone practically oozed from his sweat glands, and now I knew what was inspiring my wife as she diddled her clit while lying completely naked on our bed in the middle of the afternoon. I stood quietly watching her, still deeply immersed in her private sexual pleasure. She had never showed a desire for other men, or admitted that she could possibly fantasize about fucking a construction worker in her husband's bed; but there she was, playing with her pussy while a half-naked hunk worked just a few yards from our bedroom window.

When my panting wife came, her whole body went tense. She pulled her knees up, spread her legs wide apart and inserted a finger deep into her vagina, which constricted around it as she savoured the intensity of her private orgasm. She moaned, then almost purred, and I thought she looked incredibly sexy, laying on the bed with her pussy splayed and filled with an attentive finger while her body convulsed and trembled with her climax. I couldn't help wondering to myself whether if that bricklaying hunk worked here for a few more days my wife would end up fucking him. Or would she just go on dreaming about doing it while she watched him naked from our bed? I could picture them on the bed together, his young cock driving rapidly in and out of my wife's pussy. My imagination conjured up the scene in vivid colour.

I was brought back to reality by a movement on the bed, as Victoria brought her glistening finger from her cunt and slipped it into her mouth, gleefully sucking her own juices off her finger, smiling contentedly all the while. I quickly moved away from the door and snuck quietly back down the hall and out of the house.

I waited for three days before coming home early again, figuring that it would take at least that long for Victoria to get up the nerve to invite our hunky worker inside for a "cold drink", if she ever did. That Thursday I took off early and entered the house at about the same time as before. The place was quiet as I walked silently from room to room. When I got to the end of the hallway I heard the soft sound of heavy breathing, and a familiar steady squeaking sound. It was the springs of our mattress that I heard, and my heart took a sudden leap, as did my cock. But I told myself not to get too excited, as she might be pleasuring herself as before while watching our bare-chested construction worker in the back yard. But as I peeked around the open door, I saw what I had imagined just a few days before.

There on the bed was my naked wife, sitting up and riding her "bronco" as though he was a stallion in stud service. With every bounce of her body his cock rammed up into my previously proper wife and brought a grunt from deep in her throat that was like nothing I had heard from her in years. I watched with a kind of dark erotic appreciation as this woman who had always denied she could ever have an affair screwed this young bricklayer with such joyous sexual abandon as he drove repeatedly into her willing pussy. Fuck her good, my friend, I whispered softly, hoping that some day I would be able to say it to him out loud. Fill that pussy with your virile seed.

Later that night, as I was eating that very pussy, I could taste the musky flavour of sex on her labia and in her pubic hair. I wanted to ask her, "Did you enjoy your afternoon fuck?" But I kept silent, and simply enjoyed the mental image of the naked construction worker screwing my wife on our bed. Over the next few days I noticed that there had been little progress on the barbecue, and I imagined the young hunk screwing my wife all day long. The irony of it was that I was paying another man an hourly wage to fuck my wife all day. But if she was enjoying it as much as she seemed to be, it was indeed money well spent, particularly if her enthusiasm expanded to cover our bedroom time as well. And I thought back to the days when her eagerness for sex with me matched that which she showed with her bricklayer.

It was almost a week before I summoned the nerve to confront her about having sex with her young stud. I told her frankly that she smelled like semen when I went down on her that Wednesday night. She raised her head and looked guilty as I began to lick her pussy.

"Yes, you taste like sex," I said as I inserted my tongue into her opening. I drew her clitoris into my mouth, sucked on the nub, then slid my tongue the length of her pussy.

"It would be all right if you had a lover," I said then. "I would understand."

Victoria looked at me between her legs, the blood draining from her face. She had been caught, and now I needed to assure her it was really all right. 

"Someone like Eric," I said, "he would be hard to resist. Don't you think?"

She nodded slowly, not sure how much I knew, but certain now that I knew something.

"Have you ever fantasized about him?" I asked, between gentle licks on the length of her labia. Again, she simply nodded slowly, measuring my reaction, trying to figure out how much I knew.

"I can imagine a horny housewife masturbating on her bed while a man like that works just outside her window," I said. I took her entire vulva into my mouth, flicked my tongue between her lower lips, then pushed it into her cavity.

"Have you done that?" I asked, looking into her eyes as I raised my head again. Victoria paused, then nodded again, ever so slightly, lowering her eyes.

"Ever fuck him?" was my next question. When she didn't answer I kissed her pussy.

"It's okay if you have," I assured her.

"Was he good?" Still not speaking, she answered with another nod of her head.

"Does he like fucking married women?" I asked.

"Yes," she answered, finally allowing herself to vocalize her confession.

"Horny housewives like you?" I said, running my tongue the length of her slit. She nodded.

"I hope you will fuck him again," I said.

"Tomorrow," Victoria whispered, almost fearfully, and my heart filled with joy as she said it, knowing that there were no secrets any more, that we were now collaborators in her desire.

"Good," I told her. "I love smelling your lover's semen in your pussy after he's fucked you."

She stared at me wide-eyed, as if unable to believe what she was hearing from me.

"I saw you last week," I confessed. "I came home early and watched you. It was fabulous! I loved seeing it. You looked so good being fucked by our handyman." 

She still stared, but the fear was fading from her eyes, to be replaced by something like lust.

"Has he come in you today?" I asked her.

"Yes," she said softly.

"Good," I said, "I want to add my semen to his."

And I did just that, fucking her wildly and filling her with so much spunk that it leaked out and ran down her crotch to the crack of her ass, pooling around her anus. She was wild too, coming twice before I was finished.

"You really don't mind?" she questioned as we cuddled a few minutes later. "Me with Eric?"

"It really does turn me on to think of you being fucked really well by someone who rings your bell," I told her honestly.

"I'd love to watch him fuck you again."

When I got home the next day Victoria looked like a woman who had, once again, been thoroughly and sensationally fucked. Her cheeks were pink and her neck was still flushed.

"When did he leave?" I asked as I kissed her. I could taste him on her lips as I waited for her answer.

"About an hour ago," she said with a sinful grin, finally accepting that I was okay with her fucking other guys. I slipped my hand down the front of her shorts, over her pubic patch, and between her wet and sticky pussy lips.

"He left it all wet," I teased, pushing my fingers deeper into her puffy slit. I curled my finger and searched for her G-spot, then pulled it out of her and lifted my wet finger to my nose.

"It smells like semen," I said. "Did he fill this married lady's pussy with his hot young come?"

Victoria nodded with a naughty grin that curled the corners of her mouth, a mouth that had just recently held the cock of the man I had hired to build our barbecue. I wondered what would happen when the barbecue was finished and Eric moved on. But I was sure we could find a replacement for him. Maybe several?

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