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The night that changed my life Ch Three The hotel

He enters the hotel room, for a wild night of sex
The night that changed my life chapter 3 “The hotel room”

As I enter the door I hear soft music playing and met with the dancing flames of candles adorning the room. Shaking like a leaf, I honestly don’t know if I have ever been this nervous. I breathe a sigh of relief finding out that it is just the two of us in the here.

Walking by the bathroom and notice a bubble bath has been drawn and is awaiting us. Smiling to myself I reach the end of the hallway to see her. My fucking god does she ever look amazing! She remembered what I said the last time we were together and how much I loved seeing a woman in a men’s dress shirt. She looked so amazing in blue, sporting a black thong.

She motions to me to come and sit next to her on the bed; I can’t help myself but noticing her beautiful breasts heaving under the fabric. Placing the bottles of wine carefully into the waiting ice bucket on the desk, I almost throw myself at her to engage in a kiss. I grab her face in both of my hands holding on for dear life. We both moan knowing that this kiss is only the tip of the iceberg of what will happen tonight.

The feeling of our tongues thrashing around in each other’s mouths is driving me wild, my erection begins to build. In the heat of passion she reaches out and grabs my face and plunges her tongue further down my throat causing me to do the same.

It seems like we were kissing for hours but was only a matter of minutes, we gasp as we release each-other’s faces and search for air. Her beautiful hazel eyes lock into mine, she bites down on her lip and whispers to me

“This is going to be fun”

“Yes it sure will, the sexual tension has been building since Sunday, it’s all I can think about” I wink

I move over to the desk, reach for a corkscrew and start to open the wine.

“White?” She says

Smiling at her “yes white”

Confused she looks and me “you know that I mostly drink red, not that I am complaining but I’m surprised”

I pour two glasses reaching out to hand her one “white is for special occasions babe, cheers”

We both clink glasses and toast to our delicious endeavor.

I look closer at the desk and am surprised with a black bag with gold writing ‘Aren’t we Naughty’ on the outside. Knowing exactly what the store was I giggle.

“Hmmm done some shopping have you?”

She is watching me intently as I reach in, I am met with a who’s who of toys; the first I pull out is a decent sized butt plug. My cock gets even harder thinking about what else I will pull out of the bag. The next item I withdraw is an interesting looking vibrator, a look closer ‘Lelo –Ina’ a great looking yellow and white vibe that has two‘fingers’ to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot. I pull a few more items out thinking this is going to be a very kinky night, when I get down to the last item which makes my jaw drop to the floor.

“A strap-on?” I ask

She purrs “Yes the clerk at the store asked me what your interests are, I told her that you liked you ass being played with. She told me that open minded men love to just be fucked. So I thought if you were ok with it, we may be able to give this a try”.

She was so right; I do like my anal play.

“Of course I am game” I say with a wry smile.

We both take one last sip of wine and put our wine glasses down. We lock lips once again I moan as she reaches to my chest grabbing each side of my shirt. In one motion she pulls my shirt out of my jeans and rips open it open, sending buttons flying everywhere. Taken aback by her actions I smile at her and hiss

“I want you so fucking badly”

We race to undress each other ripping each other’s clothes of tossing them to the floor. She reaches over to the desk to retrieve her glass of wine, while motioning me to lie on my back. Extending her free hand towards my right thigh she raises and proceeds to give it a good slap, sending shockwaves through my body. Surprised I look up and see her motioning to do the same to my left. The feeling is so intense that I close my eyes to savor the sensations. Feeling something cold dripping over my cock and balls; I look up to see her pouring wine over me. Between the slaps and the cold wine my body is writhing in ecstasy.

“Ohh this feels so good, please don’t stop” I moan

She smiles, “this is just the beginning”

I watch her put the wine glass down, grab something from the desk and she saunters towards me. She takes a place on the bed near my face planting a deep kiss. I let out a big moan; the taste of wine on her lips and her what has already transpired is driving me wild! She grabs my head with her left hand pulling it off the bed to place a blindfold on me.

“Hmm nice touch” I whisper

Not saying a word I feel a void on the bed she has moved, but with my now deprived senses I am not sure where she is. The hair on my body stands up, I have rarely dawned a blindfold during sex. While I am trying to figure out where she is, all of a sudden I feel her mouth devour my balls.

“Uhhh” I moan

She takes one, than the other in her mouth as I writhe in pleasure. I feel a warm touch on my shaft and buck towards it. Her attack doesn’t stop; she releases my heavy nut from her mouth she sucks up toward my shaft. The sucks turn into her nibbles, then a full out bite.

“Oh fuck yes!” I manage to scream out

Another smack, this time on my chest, this one takes me off guard and my body snaps to the side. I whimper, and feel her mouth completely devour my cock to the base. I let out a long guttural moan and move my hips to her hoping she can take more of my member. She lets out a choking sound notifying me that she has taken me entirely. My hands reach out to grab the face of her head to hold it in place, my hips thrusting upwards. I feel her move away from me as she quickly gasps for air

“You like this don’t you?” She says.

I whimper, “Yes please don’t stop…please”

Again I feel her leave the bed; I hear the rustling of items in the general direction of where the desk is. She returns this time placing a kiss on my neck, my nerves tingling sending a wave of excitement though me. The mastery of different sensations she is providing, is driving my nervous system into a furor. I feel her slide on the bed and position each one of her legs on either side of my face.

“I am not going to allow you to cum yet” She whispers into my ear.

I feel her grab one hand then the other, moving them above my head. Feeling her weight shift to the right side of my body for a brief moment then returning. Click, click I feel the cold steel on my wrists. A feeling I knew from my days of being part of the wrong crowd in my younger years.

With a smile on my face I gasp “Did you just handcuff me?”

“Yes, now you are going to tongue fuck me until I cum all over your face” she hisses

Noticing now has her body reversed and her head is facing my feet, I furiously lap away making sure to include all every inch of what is being offered to me. I trace my tongue from her clit, plunging it into her drenched slit then down to her ass. She moans in delight as I do this for several minutes. She grinds her pelvis into me wanting more, I oblige and intensify my assault. Feeling that my attack on her is working she grinds back and forth on my face screaming

“Yes I love it don’t stop…yes yes yes!

This brings me to a heightened frenzy and use even stronger pressure, every movement she makes drives me wild with passion wanting my tongue deeper inside of her. With my hands handcuffed behind my head there is only so much I can do. I feel her pelvis graze against my lips once again and I lash out without abandon.

“Oh yeah baby, just like that, tongue fuck my little ass” She wimpers.

She sets the whole weight of her body on my face now making it hard to breathe. I grunt in excitement and try to concentrate on her. As she lifts her pelvis off of my face a gasp for air just long enough for her to deposit her whole weight once more. I feel her body start to tremble; I can feel she is getting close. I alternate ramming my tongue from her ass to her pussy sending a wave of excitement through her body. I feel the void of her left hand on the bed and hear a slapping sound pierce through the music.

“Yes…yes…yes, tongue fuck my while I spank my clit” She growls to me.

I gasp and mutter back “I want you to cum all over my face baby”

Her pelvis grinds deeper into my face once more, I greedily plunge my tongue into her now sopping wet cunt. She groans once again. The excitement is building, her legs trembling on each side of my face while she wildly spanks her clit. Seizing the moment I place my tongue at her delectable asshole, I work my way around the outer rim once again. This time I push deeper to find resistance, knowing she wants this as much as I do I force my tongue in and out of her ass, as if it was my cock. Her breathing is sporadic and intensifies.

“Fuck, YES!” She screams. “Don’t stop baby, please don’t stop, I’m so close”

Her hips begin to buck wildly against my invasion. I feel her grab my right ankle feeling her nails penetrate my skin. I moan against her ass driving her to a new state of bliss, her knees now gripping my head tightly. I hear the sound of one last smack against her clit her body shudders.

“Baby, I’m…I’m cumming!!” She shrieks “Quick quick open your mouth.

As I open my mouth I am treated to hot streams of her cum. I swallow and try to take as much of her delicious juice I can, however it overflows from my mouth down my chin. She cums with such intensity that streams of her love juice make it down to my nipples.

Her body goes limp and collapses on top of me as she is panting, trying to catch her breath. Her ass only inches away from my face I extend my tongue and slowly lick from her clit up to her little hole and back again in long slow strokes. I can hear her whimpering as she tries to recuperate from her mind blowing orgasm.

After a few minutes she raises herself off of me and sits on to my right. Her fingers trace my face and work towards my lips; greedily I reach my tongue out and suck the rest of her juices off of them. While her other hand tugs at the blindfold allowing me to see her beautiful hazel eyes. I feel a pulling at my hands as I feel the release of the cold steel of the handcuffs from my wrists; I move them around to get the blood flowing again. She leans in bites my lower lip, and we lock into a deep passionate kiss once again. Our tongues collide once more, sharing her sweet nectar. We stop and smile at each other.

“That was so fucking good baby that was the best orgasm I have had in my life. You know me too well already, and this is just the beginning” As she sighs to me.

“I feel exactly the same, you aren’t so bad yourself” I snicker.

We cuddle and whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears for a while, noting just how good we are for each other sexually. All the time I feel my balls getting heavier by the minute aching with a need to release all of the pent up cum this evening has brought to them. She reaches down to my flaccid member rubbing my precum over my sack and inner thighs, drawing her fingers to her mouth for a taste.

Her glaze intensifies “This tastes amazing, now fuck me, I want you inside of me”

I work my way off the bed and walk towards the desk, reach out and top off our wine glasses. I reach out and hand her a glass as we cheers once more. As we take a sip an item on the desk captures my attention, the butt plug. I dart my hand out to grab it while reaching for the lube as well. Her eyes open wider as I turn around and present the offering to her.

“We can’t let this go to waste now can we?” I laugh

“No we sure can’t, hmm good idea!” She replies with a wry smile

I spread her legs and I move my right hand down her inner thigh. She moans as I graze my fingers on her clit. Her hips rotate forward to present her ass to me. Willingly I take the opportunity to penetrate her glistening cunt with two fingers. She gasps as I start to work a come here motion inside of her, pleasuring her G spot. I can’t control myself for much longer I need to be inside of her and have her wrap her tight pussy on my throbbing cock.

With my left hand I flick open the bottle of lube while the right retracts from her pussy and now finds the warmth of her tiny bud. My fingers still wet, I press against its opening and feel a little resistance to my penetration. I retract a little and press forward once again this time entering her fully. I plunge in and out of her a few times, while squirting streams of lube to aid in my assault of her asshole. She is now fully relaxed and ready for the toy; I remove my fingers and replace them with the tip of the plug.

She willingly grabs both of her ankles and smiles at me as I delicately deposit each inch of the plug inside her ass. Now entered fully to the flare of its base, spotting something out of the corner of my eye I notice a little button. Curious I click down on it, she nearly leaps off the bed.

“What is going on?” I ask

“Geezus the vibrations on this thing are really intense” She manages to say between clenched teeth.

Smiling out of the side of my mouth I respond “Hmm very nice”

While she is comfortable, and now getting used to the sensations, I feel myself dying for a release of my own. I position myself between her legs moving my hips forward. She wiggles closer to me writhing in pleasure from the plug deposited deep in her ass. The tip of my cock now at her now dripping wet cunt, the warmth drives me over the edge and I thrust my hips forward penetrating her fully. It drives me wild just how soaked she is, I thrust forward again feeling my balls slap against her ass.

The sensation is amazing when I press up against the plug in her ass, the buzz feels so amazing. The feeling drives her crazy as well, she reaches up to kiss me but can only manage to bite down on my lower lip.

“Fill me with your cock; I want to feel your balls slap my ass. I want to be your dirt cum slut” She hisses

Her words turn me on even more and I furiously start pounding succumbing to her wishes; my balls slapping her ass with each thrust. She reaches up and rakes her nails across my chest; I twinge and groan in delight. I start to increase rhythm of my strokes and grab her by the throat and squeezing gently, our eyes lock.

“You like that? You like me fucking you really hard, don’t you, you slut? I grunt.

She groans back “I fucking love it when you fuck me like this, I want you to fill me up with your cum baby”

I pull out and stop leaving her to gasp, wondering what is going on. Just as she starts to mutter something I plow my cock into her once again. I graze the plug once again sending me into sheer ecstasy. It takes everything in my being to not cum I try to slow my breathing down, and focus on others things. She squeezes her pelvic muscles around my dick bringing it in closer contact with the toy in her asshole. The feelings are now too much I am on sensory overload.

“Baby, this is amazing. Ugghh I am, am” I shout

Once more squeeze with her keagles, bringing my cock against the toy again,

“I’m cumming” I growl

She reaches out and pulls my hips as close to her as she can. Loads of hot semen spurt into her, with each shot she moans in delight. She moves away from me in one motion, and engulfs my dick in her mouth. Which sends me into a new wave of pleasure and a second orgasm; she greedily swallows all I have to offer. I pull her mouth off of my cock, grab her by the shoulders and push her onto the bed. Hungry with lust, I drop my head between her thighs and start to lick her clit. She moans in ecstasy and with shock while my cum starts to ooze out of her freshly used pussy. The warmth of our juices is delicious; I continue to tease her clit with my tongue bringing her to another amazing climax.

She whimpers “I like it a man that can taste himself as well, that was amazing”

I pull the plug out of her ass, and present it to her mouth; she devours it like a lollipop taking it down to the base and up again not missing an inch. Good girl I say to myself.

We cuddle together and fall in and out of sleep for the next few hours only waking to kiss, and sip on a glass of wine. It’s midnight and the alarm goes off beckoning for us to head back to our significant others.

“Shit babe I don’t want to leave you, this was so amazing. Can’t we just stay here for a little longer?” I say

“No we best get back home, if we want to continue these encounters we have to be wise about it” She says looking me in the eye.

“Yes you are right; this was the best sex I have ever had. I really do want this to continue,” I smile back at her

We scurry around the room, looking for our clothes. She giggles when she sees my dress shirt sans buttons and hands it to me. We get dressed, pound back the rest of the wine that is left in our glasses and pack what is on the desk.

“We forgot to use that cool vibe and the strap on” She winks as she wiggles it toward my face.

I giggle “Next time; give them to me and I will put them in my hockey bag. After all it’s my turn to book the next hotel”

We make sure to take one last good look around the room and extinguish the candles for any personal belongings. As I reach out to grab the door handle, I stop and kiss her deeply.

“I will keep you posted when I book our next rendezvous, I will book a hotel closer next time” I whisper

We lock in one last passionate kiss, she smiles

“Don’t you fall in love with me now”

I snicker “don’t worry I won’t after all its just sex”

She places her finger on my lip “Don’t say I didn’t warn you”

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