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The night that changed my life Ch two - the move

The promotion has landed him in the same city - what's next?
The night that changed my life chapter two, “The move”.

I was still dumbfounded at the fact I was being promoted, yes I worked hard but I was almost in exile in my city. I was left to my own devices and really under the radar. Here I am now getting the offer to move across the country, get a huge raise and a high ranking position. With all of my thoughts running through my head they snapped back to that night, oh god that night! Yes it was only one night of sex; however there is eight years of history together in one capacity or another.

I flew out on several occasions to prepare my new sales team, meet customers and look for housing. I would bump in to ‘her’ at the office and exchange seductive glances, flirting with each and every one. On one trip I was in a little town north of the office and decided it was time for a coffee. As I pulled into the drive through I noticed a familiar car and that lovely head of blonde hair. Could it be her? My heart started racing, I knew she lived here but she should be at work by now. She glanced into her rearview mirror applying a fresh coat of ruby red lipstick. Like a child I ducked behind the steering wheel in hopes she wouldn’t notice me.

My thoughts reverted back to that night again and how well we connected, without really ‘knowing’ me she knew me better than my own wife. She was confident in herself, not only did she know how to please a man (very well I may add) but she knows what she wants. I wish I had this in my life, my wife would barely let me touch her, never mind giving me direction or god forbid being the aggressor for a night.

I managed to order my coffee and speed away without her noticing me; I looked at my watch.
“Shit I need to meet the realtor in 3 minutes”I said looking at homes in a small suburb north of the big city, the prices were great and it came ‘highly recommended’ by (her). I viewed about 10 homes and decided on one in particular, it was a great layout in a very quiet neighborhood. Trailing my real estate agent back to his office I started texting my wife that we now have a new home. Within a few hours, the negotiations were complete and the deal was done. I let out a sigh of relief and shared my excitement with my wife.

With an unbridled sense of excitement I drove back to the office, singing “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz at the top of my lungs. That’s when I noticed the same car I had seen earlier in the day coming toward me, butterflies started to churn in my stomach it’s her. As we got closer she noticed me, beeped the horn and waved. Not even a minute later I feel the buzz of my BlackBerry. I look down to see her text message.

“What are you doing here? “She asks.

“Looking for a house, I am pretty excited I just bought one in the same town you recommended” I reply.

Another buzz.” Really where? “

“A neighborhood called Summerhill, it’s really quite nice” I text back.

She replies, “Wow that’s awesome and yes I know, I live in that neighborhood! Which street is your house on? “

My heart drops, seriously I have just bought a house in the same neighborhood? What are the chances? We send a flurry of messages back and forth to each other to find out that she lives only a few blocks away. Snapping me back to reality I get a call from the wife she has already booked the movers, they will be at our house to pick-up our belongings in a few weeks.

As I packed my house up and reminisced about old photographs I was brought back to reality. Wedding albums, pictures of various vacations in Mexico, Cuba and locations across Canada. There she was; my wife of 10 years in most of them. In her normal fashion she would bark orders of how I shouldn’t put that item in that box, and wondered why I would pack it that way. I was beginning to tire of her, but invested far too much time to just throw it all away. We fought on a regular basis but I hoped that this move would draw us closer, we were moving away from everyone and would be starting anew.

Moving day comes and goes without a hitch we share a few tears with friends, family and neighbors and start the long drive to our new city.

The drive is broken up into three phases, after all the 37 hour voyage couldn’t be done in one sitting. I end up being responsible for 36 out of the 37 hours of driving; she sleeps most of the time leaving me to my cell phone and my dirty thoughts of that night. I manage to pass the time texting back on forth with ‘her’ sending messages of just how bad I want to fuck her again and all the other naughty stuff in between, as we relive the night we had shared together. It sends me into a wave of lust and I start to stroke myself through my jeans. After nearly cumming in my pants a few times I reel the conversation back in. We end by her demanding that the wife and I come over for supper with her and her boyfriend when we arrive.

The exhausting drive is coming to an end and the GPS barks out the last few directions to their house. My hands start to sweat and my pulse increases as I pull up the driveway. My wife looks over and notices my face is completely flushed.

“You ok?” She asks.

I sigh, “Yes, just tired from all of this driving, thanks again for your help LOL!”

“Yeah you’re welcome” she snickers, “Well you ready to head in?”

Nodding my head “Yes, I am starving.

We head towards the front door and are met with a smile it’s him, her abusive boyfriend. He reaches out to shake my hand, and I oblige but still in my mind can’t believe she is still with him. He takes our coats and pours a drink, that’s when I see ‘her’ beautiful as always. She walks from the kitchen and greets us with a warm hug; her breath on my ear sends shivers down my spine. It takes everything I have to not grab her face and kiss her deeply right then and there.

Supper goes well with great food and overflowing cups of wine. After dinner we retire to the basement to watch TV. Not a minute after we get downstairs my wife and her man decide that they need to go out and have a smoke. As they head to the backdoor, we lock in a lustful gaze. She carefully places her wine glass on the table and walks across the room to the couch and sits next to me. I start to squirm as the goose bumps run up and down my body making it feel like I am on fire. I try to speak and can only mutter the word ‘but’ as she presses her finger to my lips and lets out a calm “shhhhhhh”. “They will be out there for a few minutes and I know he stomps around the house, so we will have advance warning of when they are coming back downstairs”.

My whole body is trembling with excitement as she leans in and kisses me deeply; our tongues collide with a sense of lust that I only felt once in my life…with her. We both moan as we continue our unbridled assault on each other, I reach to take one of her delicious breasts in my hand. A thumping sound of footsteps thunders from the main level.

“Shit they are coming back”, I mutter.

“Fuck, is my face red?” she asks.

“No you look good; we should start talking about something, SHIT!!” I squeal.

We manage to quickly put ourselves together and engage in a lighthearted discussion about our fellow co-workers. As they come downstairs they are laughing as well, we wink at each other knowing these interludes will allow us to still maintain our physical relationship (to a certain level) each time they go for a ‘puff’. We all settle in and start to banter back and forth just how the drive went and discuss a few finer points of the trip. The two of them go in and out of the house for their cigarettes, while allowing us to indulge in our assaults on each other. One time in particular as she races over to me, grabbing my hand and sliding it into the front of her jeans and whispers ” I am so fucking wet for you right now, the next time they leave, I want to feel your cock in me”. Our lips lock in another passionate kiss as I slide my fingers between moist her folds.

“Holy shit I gasp”, you are drenched.

“Yes and you make me this way through your text messages too, I feel my wetness dripping down my legs while I am at work some days. I have to go to the private bathroom in the office to get myself off”. She moans biting on her lower lip.

I work my hands in a frenzy hoping to make her cum before they return again, while feeling my erection begin to build. I take two fingers and plunge them deep into her wetness; she gasps and grabs the back of my neck. Now soaked in her juices, I start to work my way up to her clit,

I remember her clit was ultra-sensitive when she is aroused so I needed to be careful to no go straight for it. I delicately worked my way up and down her moist slit grazing her sensitive nub. I feel her tense a little while she digs her nails into my shoulder.

“Yesss” she hisses. I continue my exploration of her womanhood clenching my fingers together as I draw them over her clit. She groans as I start to motion from side to side, she is getting close I can feel it. She draws me in closer to her nails gripping deliciously into my shoulders.
“Ohhh fuck that feels so good!” she cries out. One last graze of her clit and I feel the rush moving from her thighs into her finger tips which are now piercing the muscles of my shoulders. She is flushed and goes weak in the knees, panting of how good that just felt.

Thump thump thump - the sound of footsteps again - SHIT!

She quickly escapes running to the washroom to tidy herself up as I settle to my previous position on the couch. They come downstairs again, giggling about something they had discussed outside. I try to calm my breathing down to make sure they don’t suspect anything, while the wonderful stinging in my shoulders starts to subside. He yells to her “What the fuck are you doing? Are you going to be in there all night?”

I knew that he was mentally abusive; I was putting on an act to humor him, taking interest in his line of work and laughing at his jokes, meanwhile despising him more by the second. Did I feel guilty that I just fingered his woman in his own house to a delectable orgasm– yes! Could I help the attraction that I had to this amazing woman – hell no! She was way more than he deserved and she knew it.

She came back out of the washroom looking like a million bucks (as always) and he gives her a kiss. I grin ear to ear knowing he has no idea I just finger fucked her to a mind blowing orgasm. Making sure not to leave my wife out, I lean over and peck her on the cheek. She gives me a halfhearted smile, I move my head away from hers rolling my eyes.

The night progressed without much incident, and fewer cigarettes. It was about midnight when I feel a tug on my sleeve, knowing what that meant I pipe up. “Well guy’s thank-you very much for the amazing meal; and the great company, it’s getting late and we should probably head to bed”. The wife and I make our way to our new house and swing the door open, I grab her and walk her across the threshold (as you see in movies). I am met with

“What the hell are you doing? PUT ME DOWN! " she screetches.

Wow! I think to myself, here were are the first night in our new home and I am getting this kind of treatment – seriously? I try to let her outburst slide, and immediately go back to the events that just transpired a few blocks away. She made me so hot, her lust, her sexual appetite, her being able to take control!

I am brought back to harsh reality when I hear the wife complaining about the state the house was left in, and screaming for me to call the realtor to get some sort of retribution. The next few days come and go, the moving truck finally arrives and we start to put the house together. Work is terribly hectic due to the fact there is a trade show on, long hours between the show and entertaining clients is really starting to take its toll on me. But I am almost happy I don’t have to be home, that would mean spending more time with my bride. How can I say this we just moved all the way across the country?

It’s a Sunday and the show is tremendously busy, customers come and go commenting just how good the product looks. I feel the buzz of my BlackBerry; I shrug it off at first thinking it’s the wife texting to complain about something else.

Buzz, Buzz – persistent aren’t you?

I look at my phone and my jaw drops, it’s her! “Thanks for the great night; I REALLY enjoyed your company”. The smile on my face must have been ear to ear, co-workers are asking “What? what?” I smile and sluff them off by saying a coy “Nothing”. I scroll to the next message; “I was serious when I told you I want you inside me you make me so fucking hot”. Shocked, I fumble with my phone trying not to accidentally lose the message. I have a wicked grin on my face, and brush my co-workers inquiries off once again. I make my way to the third message, and read; I have booked a hotel room Tuesday night, I need you so badly. It’s close to the airport so no one will see us I will be there at 6:30 PM, once I have the room number I will send a text...Please bring a few bottles of wine”.

Did I just read that? I think to myself, geezus here I thought we were only going to keep this to our meetings twice a year now she has booked a hotel room? I feel the hand of a co-worker on my shoulder, “What’s going on is your wife ok?” I see him trying to look at the screen of my phone quickly I hit the escape button to exit the message. “Yeah things are ok she just wanted me to follow up on something” I mutter.

The days seem like they are taking forever to pass by, the sexual energy is building by the second and I tried to carefully plan the way the night will take place. I find myself consumed with it, and think about our past experiences. Did she like it when I went near her ass, does she like her neck kissed? Were some of the thoughts that ran through my head.

I was lucky enough to be working from home Tuesday and the thoughts of what were about to transpire drove me over the edge. I feel my erection start to grow, not wanting to deny myself pleasure I stand up from my computer and allow my jeans to drop to the floor. Reaching up I carefully unbutton my dress shirt and tweak each one of my nipples before throwing it on the chair. I am fully erect and glance down to see my throbbing member staring at me through my boxer briefs. I continue by sliding a thumb down each one of my hips gripping the elastic waistband freeing my now rock hard cock and find myself dripping with pre-cum. I take a seat prepared for the events that are about to transpire and look around the room and find myself without any lubrication to aid me with my personal assault.

I trace my left hand up my chest pinching my nipples again raising my hand to my mouth. Ensuring to take the time to lick and suck on my fingers hungrily coating them with my saliva. Thoughts race through my mind of just what I am going to do to her as I grab my cock and start to stroke it in a smooth steady rhythm. As my right hand works my member to satisfaction, my left raises to my mouth again to wet them I reach down to grasp my now heaving balls.

“Ohhh I moan, yes!” My mind is racing about all of the titillating encounters we shared. Moving my left hand I release my freshly shaven sack and move down to my little hole, I graze it gently teasing myself sending shockwaves throughout my body. Grasping my cock a little harder and increasing the speed of my strokes as my index finger slowly penetrates my ass.
“Shit this feels soo good” I whimper, as I imagine her full lips locked on my cock sucking and finger fucking me to a mind blowing orgasm. Plunging deeper inside finding my prostate, my toes start to curl. Knowing what is about to transpire, my pace quickens.
“Yes yes yes just like that!” I hiss. One more flick of my finger drives me to the edge my orgasm, feeling it start from the depth of my balls I start to cum all over my bare chest.
“Oh god this feels so good!” I scream. My ass clamps down on my finger with each and every blast of hot semen, nearly expelling it with each contraction. Panting and satisfied with my session I withdraw my finger, it finds a pool of my seed on my chest. I dip in and bring it to my lips to taste my handy work.

The door unlocks and I hear my wife open it, the familiar beep sounds as the alarm goes off advising that someone has entered. I hear the scuffle of grocery bags as she stumbles in, immediately I hear her bark “Would you please come down here and help me?” Surprised, I rush to dress myself. I frantically put myself back together again and race downstairs. We work together to get everything put away and engage in small talk, she asks what took me so long to come downstairs. To which I reply “I just had to finish typing an e-mail”. She begins that ask what we should have for supper, I start to snicker for two reasons; one - she has no idea that I am about to go to a hotel near the airport to fuck the brains out of my beauty. Two - she obviously has forgotten that I play hockey every Tuesday and go for beers with the boys afterwards.

It’s now 5:30 PM and getting close to our secret rendezvous, I start to tingle just with the thought of it. My lover obviously needs this as much as I do; sex at home is nonexistent to this day my wife and I still haven’t ‘christened’ the house yet. She has told me on many occasions she is forced to have sex 3-4 times a year and it lasts about 5 minutes at best, usually following a lengthy business trip of hers.

I know I have to get going soon but am reminded quickly of my masturbation session as I feel my cum starting to get absorbed in to my shirt creating a stain. I excuse myself from the kitchen and dash up to the shower. Once I get out and start to dry myself off I hear

“Why in the hell would you shower before you go and sweat playing hockey? Some days I just don’t understand you”.

I smile and say “That’s why you love me honey! “

I kiss her on the forehead and give her a hug “See you around 10. Do you want me to bring some food back for you? “

“No, I am ok thanks, chances are I will be in bed, have a great game and score a few goals for me”. She laughs.

I chuckle “That would be nice! Ok gotta run have a great night and remember to call your sister”. I bound down the stairs grab my hockey bag and keys and head out the front door. I call out “bye honey, have a great night!” With a wicked grin I open the trunk to the car tossing my sticks and bag in.

“She has no idea” I mutter under my breath. The sexual energy is overwhelming as I drive to the hotel, checking my phone constantly to see if she has gotten the room yet. I feel my erection start to swell and laugh how it was a good thing that I had some personal playtime before I left. I stop briefly at the closest liquor store and buy two bottles of wine - 2006 Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. As I turn on the same road where the hotel is located, I feel the familiar buzz of my phone.

“Hey there, room 623 I left a key for you at the front desk”.

I feel another buzz – I open up the next message to find a picture of her naked spreading her pussy lips with her left hand with a note attached. “Hurry I need you to fuck this so badly”. I pull into the parking lot and see her car; I glance around to see if there are any others I recognize. I know we have a mutual lust for each other however my conscious is getting the best of me and wonder if it is a set-up. Not seeing any I take a deep breath and nearly sprint to the front desk with wine in hand.

“May I help you sir?” The man behind the counter asks.

“Yes someone left a key for me” I stammer“room 623”.

“Ah yes, here you go. The elevators are to the right, enjoy your stay” he mutters.

I chuckle to myself (yes I surely fucking will) I make my way to the elevator and press the button. Here I am mere seconds away from re-uniting with her, I think, I hope I can contain myself and not blow my load too soon. ‘Bing’ I hear the elevator. Nervous as hell my palms begin to sweat and I am trembling with uncontrolled excitement. The doors open and I look to see where the room is located and start to walk down the hall. The butterflies are building and I think to myself what happens if I open the door and her boyfriend is there to greet me? I shake my head and mutter under my breath “no she wouldn’t do that to you, you ass”.

There it is room 623, fumbling with the key card I manage to place it in the slot and hear that familiar ‘click’. Grabbing the handle I take one last deep breath and enter the room.

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