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The night that changed my life Chapter 4a What have I done?

Chapter 4a of my series, I will be submitting 4b shortly - hope you all enjoy!
The Night That Changed My Life- Chapter 4a - What have I done? 

As we leave the hotel and get into our cars, the guilt of what I had done hits me like a ton of bricks. Vivid thoughts of my wife, and good times we have spent together over the last 10 years race through my mind. I even scream to myself in my car 'You fucking idiot! What have I just done?"

But there is a feeling that I get when I am with ‘her’, something way more than just pure sex, it’s so hard to describe….she completes me.

I start to pull out of the parking lot of the hotel as I see a black Volkswagen Jetta cut me off. I motion my hand towards to the horn as I glance up and see the familiar tousled blonde locks of ‘her’. Immediately I feel my phone vibrate and reach for it. My eyes fixate on the screen, I see 'Haha, race you home!'

Wanting to make sure she makes it home safe I prepare a ‘brilliant’ response back…'Sure!'

We weave in and out of traffic on the 45 minute drive back to our Newmarket, exchanging messages with each other. Funny enough, a good portion of them are recounting the intense sexual session that had just transpired. However there is one that caught me completely by surprise:

Our connection is something I have never experienced before. I could see us getting really close

“Oh really?” I reply.

“Yes. You know how I always keep on telling you not to fall in love with me? I should listen to my own advice. I think I am falling for you.”

I nearly veer into the other lane as I read it, thankfully it’s 1:30 AM and there is next to no traffic going north on Highway 400 at this time. Not knowing how to reply, I take a deep breath and grip the steering wheel a little tighter.

My phone buzzes again, smiling I reach down to read the next message. My heart races in hopes that I am going to read that my new found lover will profess her feelings for me. I pull the phone up to the steering wheel and read.

Where are you? It’s 1:30 Sean, what the fuck is going on?” my wife writes.

My heart sinks, and I break out into a cold sweat. Reality has slapped me right across the face.

Another buzz “Come on slow poke, I am blowing your doors off here, I know you can drive better than that.

My palms sweaty, I try to type a response on my BlackBerry as fast as I can. “Oh don’t worry baby, I will be on your ass in no time.” My breathing is shallow and fast, a car whirs by as I try to collect my thoughts.

My wife responds “What are you talking about, on my ass in no time? Sean, are you drunk?

Geezus Christ! I have just sent the message to the wrong woman, “FUCK!! “I scream. The endorphin rush of the sexual encounter earlier tonight, mixed the sheer fear of being caught is making it hard for me to see straight.

I fumble with my phone and start to type a message to my ‘other’ woman. “Hey, you know that I am a good driver, besides I am here right behind you know”. She looks into her rearview mirror and waves. All the while all I am thinking is that I have just been caught cheating on my wife.

I manage to respond back to my wife. “I am not drunk however I am a little frisky.

I receive a swift response back from her “You know I have to get up early, you are such dirty fucking pig.”

We finally hit the neighborhood we both live in, and approach the intersection where we both have to go our separate ways. I bop the horn lightly and smile and wave. She blows a kiss back to me we then speed off to our respective homes.

Clicking the button to open the garage door I pull my car in, quickly walk to the trunk to retrieve my hockey equipment. As I enter the house I am greeted by my wife, who has a ‘rather unimpressed' look on her face. I walk up to her and plant a kiss on her cheek. She rolls her eyes and walks up the stairs to bed. I breathe a sigh of relief hoping I have averted my serious blunder (and my actions). I rush my hockey bag downstairs, throwing it in the laundry room, click on the TV on tune it to SportsCenter then start the shower.

Thought are running rapidly through my mind of being caught, and labeled as a cheater. What have I just done? However they wander back to the mind blowing sexual encounters I have shared with this other woman.

She was right; we do share something I have never experienced in my life before, something way more powerful than sex.

Another text message comes through, “Hey babe, just wanted to let you know that I made it home ok. Thanks for a night to remember, we have to do this again very soon.

I chuckle and blurt out “damn right we do” then take a glance around the family room. There are pictures of my wife and I adorning the walls, they have captured some great times in our lives. All of them I would never want to take back. My eyes are drawn to our wedding picture sitting on the wall unit. Guilt sets in again as enter the shower, the warm water feels amazing as I just stand there and let it cascade over my body. I get out and dry myself off and head to the couch, quickly drifting off to sleep.

The next few days go by without any incident with my wife. She didn’t end up questioning me about the message that was sent in error.

The occasional ‘suggestive’ text messages were exchanged between her and I, not to mention one full out cyber session that we had, it ended with her having to go to the ladies room at the office to ‘finish herself off’. She mentioned that no man has ever made her feel the urge to masturbate so badly at work before, there must me something special about me, and our relationship.

My wife and I continued to engage in our rather predictable lives, which included the sex. There were a few times I had to ask her to stop giving me a blow job due to the fact she couldn’t make me cum. My mind and body seemed fixated on someone other than her. My wife seemed mediocre at best at sex compared to her, like somewhat of a sexual rookie. The passion and lust just weren’t there for my wife like it used to be. "Was I saving it for someone else? Geezus Sean what in the hell are you doing?” I ask myself.

Friday rolls along and I get a phone call, “Sean I have booked a room at the Sheraton hotel tomorrow.You know the one- it’s on Highway 7 and Leslie. Check in is at 4, can I expect you sometime around then?”

Shit! Really? She has booked a room on the weekend? How am I going to explain this one to the wife? My mind races on different scenarios that I can come up with, including an ‘emergency’ business trip to Ottawa.

My thoughts instantly snap back to reality, do even want to go through with it all in the first place? Do I really want to throw my 12 year relationship down the drain?

Torn and wanting to make sure that I make sure that what I have at home is meant to be, I accept. “Yes, I will be there for 4. Should I bring anything?”

“Yes please bring some white wine, remember white is for special occasions. I also have something special in store for you, are you ready sweetie?”

I start to nod and grin at my BlackBerry, somehow hoping she would somehow magically be notified of my intent. My heart races and I feel a very unusual tingle running through my body, I felt giddy – a sensation I haven’t felt in such a long time. I giggle. “Of course I am ready, question is….are you? I am going to fuck you like the little slut you are. Filling your holes with my cum until you can’t take anymore. That’s what you want isn’t it Ally?

“Hmmm yes you know me too well, however I am not a slut for everyone….I am YOUR slut. I love it when you talk to me like that. It’s such a turn on. I can’t wait until tomorrow- I am going to fuck you so hard.” She says with conviction.

“I can’t wait. I am getting hard right now just thinking of it. I will see you at 4:00PM tomorrow. Hope you have an amazing day, I know I will. Tomorrow can’t come fast enough.” I reply.

She giggles. “I know what you mean, I guarantee you it will be worth it. Bye for now sweetie, I love you.”

I was at a loss for words (which does not happen often at all) “Uh... I am sure it will be. I love you too. Ciao for now babe.”

Just as I hang up, my wife calls. She tells me that she has made plans for friends to come over on Saturday. I had to intervene and let her know that we will have to postpone those plans until next weekend seeing as ‘something has come up’ in Ottawa and I need to fly out there tomorrow afternoon. The disappointment in her voice hit me pretty hard. Thankfully she understood and said “You need to do what you have to do.”

Saturday morning comes around and I am beside myself with excitement. I am dancing around the house as I pack for my ‘business’ trip. I make sure to send a few ‘suggestive’ text messages off throughout the day to increase the excitement level. It’s now 2 o’clock in the afternoon, knowing I have a few stops on the way I decide to throw my suitcase in the car and prepare to leave. My wife follows me out to the garage to say goodbye and send me off.

“It’s too bad you have to leave today, when will you be back again?” She asks.

“Tomorrow afternoon. I have to address a pressing issue with that big account in Ottawa that I told you about. If we lose his business, there is no way I am going to make that bonus and get that new car we have been talking about.” I reply.

“Yes! I think I may even go out and test drive a few today to narrow down the selection”. She says with a huge smile on her face.

“You go girl!" I say laughing.

“Oh there is one more thing I am going to be doing while you’re gone as well.”

“What’s that? I glance at her with a perplexed look on my face.

“I am going to be fucking myself wishing it was your cock inside of me, cumming over and over again as I scream your name.” She says as she winks at me.

I start to laugh “Oh, ok... Have you been reading 50 Shades of Grey or something?”

“You’ll find out when you get home, have a great trip. I love you.” She leans in a kisses me.

“Thanks hon, I love you too.” I open the door to the car and start it up. Revving the engines a few times suggestively; put it in reverse and back out of garage. I wave goodbye, close the garage door and speed off.

I arrive at the local liquor store in record time, not being much of a white wine drinker I solicit the help of a closest clerk. I ask a few questions and they help my make a decision I grab two bottles of Stonleigh Savignon Blanc from New Zealand, pay for them and start my voyage to the hotel.

My mind wanders to what will transpire over the course of the next few hours. My heart races and I feel my palms glistening with perspiration. Traffic is much lighter than normal; I arrive at the hotel at 3:30 and start to unpack my bags from the trunk of my car. Shocked, I look over and see her! I drop my everything and race over to give her a big hug and a kiss.

“Hey,baby! So happy to see you!” I say enthusiastically.

“Hello to you too sweetheart, I am more than happy to see you too!” She replies, smacking my ass as I reach down to grab her suitcase.

“You’ll pay for that...” I snicker.

“I was hoping you would have said that.” She glances at me and bites down on her lower lip.

We manage to collect our goods and head into the hotel. We are greeted by Frederick; he asks if there are any special requests we have as far as our room is concerned. I ask for a room away from the elevator, seeing as we don’t need everybody listening in to our night. He graciously obliges and assigns one as far away as you can get. Frederick hands us our keys and wishes us a pleasant stay. We both giggle as we walk from the check-in counter to the elevators, having a hard time keeping our hands off of each other.

BingThe elevator goes off we enter and look around, we are the only ones enter the elevator. I hit the button for the 7 th floor. As soon as the door closes we race to each other and lock in a passionate kiss, hands fumbling over one another with unbridled passion and lust. My hands make their way up her thigh, breaching the hemline of her skirt, as I feel the warmth of her hand between my legs. Our lips still locked as the elevator stops, an older couple makes their way in on the 5 th floor. We quickly disengage our kiss and try to compose ourselves.

“See Arthur, that’s what I am talking about, we need to kiss with the type of passion these young people do. I remember the day you used to treat me like that.”

“Oh hell, Ethel. I still have that passion for you but sometimes my dentures come loose when we kiss like that.” He winks at us.

I feel Ethel looking at me with a shit eating grin, realizing why, I look down and notice the bulge in my pants. She turns and looks at Ally . “Oh boy, looks like you guys are going to have some fun tonight! ” she snickers.

The 7th floor finally arrives and we wish Art and Ethel a great day and head down the hallway to our room. “Yup. Here it is. 707.” I say. I slide the in the key to unlock the door, and swing it open, motioning for Ally to enter the room first.

The room is adorned with modern furniture, artwork and lighting. A king sized bed lay in the middle of it all, almost acting like a beacon of sex. I close the door walk down the hallway to where the suitcases are.

“Nice room, I like your style.”

“I know you are a 'hotel snob'." she says snickering at me, even making the quotation marks with her fingers.

I grab the ice bucket and a garbage can, “I think we're going to need some ice to keep our wine chilled”

She looks over at me as she opens her suitcase “Yes, sounds good, I have a few things to unpack here anyway. When you get back let’s have a bath and clean-up a little."

“Ok sounds great baby, I will be right back.” I bound down the hall to fill the receptacles full of ice to put our wine in. I make my way back I hear soft music playing (Dave Matthews, ‘You and Me Baby’) in the background, the lights are all dimmed and there is the soothing sound of running water.

I put the wine on ice and make my way to the bathroom. My breath is taken away when I enter; there she is on the edge of the tub, naked and absolutely stunning. I step back just to take in her beauty, before I place my hand on her shoulder and lean in to kiss her neck. She moans as my lips touch her velvety soft skin, her scent intoxicating.

She turns as our lips lock in a passionate kiss, hands roaming over each other’s bodies. I feel her break the kiss and ask “Where’s the wine silly boy?”

I laugh, “I will pour a few glasses right now. I see the tubs almost full anyway, why don’t you jump in…..I’ll be right back.

I make my way back to the desk and open the bottle, pouring two glasses and return. She has already slid in and enjoying the warm water and the suds she has drawn for us. Making my way back to the bathroom, I hand her a glass and start to remove my clothes. I am met with a few growls and whistles as my shirt hits the floor. I do my best impression of a Chippendale dancer as I remove the remainder of my clothing. I grab my glass of wine and slide into the tub across from her.

“Here’s to everything that we have already done; and to what’s going to happen tonight - Cheers...” She says motions her glass towards me.

“Yes I have thoroughly enjoyed myself to date. I can only imagine what tonight will bring.” I smile bringing my glass to meet hers. “Cheers indeed.”

We spend half an hour in bath kissing massaging and talking. The sexual tension growing by the second, I finally pull the plug from the bathtub wanting to get the night started.

“I was wondering who was going to break first, I thought it was going to be me.” she says as she laughs.

“I haven’t stopped thinking of you, and just how well we connect. Never mind all of the ‘dirty’ thoughts that have been racing through my mind (making the quotation marks mimicking her) now time for some fun”.

I grab her by the hand and lead her out of the bathtub, draping a towel over her shoulders as I grab my own. I lean over to dry my legs as I feel a whack on my ass.

“Did you just spank me?” I ask.

“Yes you’re going to get that tonight, and more. ” She looks at me with a dead serious look in her eye. She grabs my hand and leads me to the edge of the bed. “Lay down on your stomach, I need to get a few things ready….no peeking.”

I do as I am told and pull the covers back, exposing the crisp white sheets. I move one knee, and then the other onto the bed positioning myself face down in the middle of the king sized bed. My curiosity is piqued. What the hell is she doing? I wonder.

“I told you no peeking.”

“Yes I am sorry, you did.” I mumble.

I hear her rustling through her suitcase. My mind reverts back to our last encounter and the toys she had on the desk. Oh shit, I think to myself.

Just as my mind starts to race she barks out. “Open your mouth and look at me.”

I turn my head and my jaw drops, I see this stunning beauty skin glowing adorning a rather large strap-on. “Ummmm... what are you going to do with that?”

“You know what I am going to do with it, now open your mouth and suck my dick” She places a hand around her rubberized cock and one on the back of my head. “That’s it, take it like a good boy”.

My mouth opens and takes a little in. Never having sucked a cock before I wasn’t sure how much I could take in.

“I know you can do better than that” she says as she grabs both sides of my head and works my head up and down her new fuck toy. I feel her hand reach down between my legs and start to stroke my now aching cock.

“Mmmmm...” I moan. She releases my head and reaches her left hand behind her, while her right hand is still stroking me to an orgasm.

WHACK! I feel a stinging sensation burn across my back.

WHACK! A second one ensues as the back of my thighs catch fire.

“Yes that’s it. You’re doing a better job of sucking this cock, get it nice and wet before I fuck your ass. Do you like what I bought? I think you like this leather flogger don’t you?”

“Mmmmmhmmm...” I manage to get out, lips still wrapped around her cock.

“Get on your knees.” she commands.

I do as told and rise to my knees.

WHACK! another strike across my back.

She steps away from the side of the bed and walks around to the base. I feel the mattress shift as she steps behind me.

WHACK! WHACK! My ass cheeks tingle with each crack of the flogger. I feel three more cracks of her new purchase before an amazing sensation sweeps across my body. She drizzles some lube between the cheeks of my ass and starts to massage it in, paying close attention to my little hole.

“Mmmm you like this don’t you?” She is almost laughing.

“…please stroke my cock...” I stammer.

“Hmmm, we will see about that, here’s the thing. I am in control and will make the decisions”. She says as she slides a well lubed finger into my ass. “First things first, we need to get you prepared to take this cock of mine, we can’t ruin your first time… know you will be coming back for more.”

A second finger works its way into my little hole, her pace increasing. The feeling is sensational when she brushes up against my prostate. I feel like I could cum without my cock even being hard or touched.

“Good boy, you took that second one with no problem, should we try for a third? ”

“Mmmm, yes...” I manage to squeak through my clenched teeth.

A third digit works its way into my wanting ass, I gasp as she slides it in past her second knuckle.

“You’re ready for me aren’t you? You want my cock in your ass, I can feel it.”

“Ye……yes I am ready for you to fuck me with your cock.” I whimper

In one motion she slides her fingers out and replaces them with the tip of her member sliding into the opening of little hole. The pressure increases against my prostate as she slides it deeper.

“Big deep breath.” she says in a calming voice.

I exhale deeply as her member slides all the way in. The sensation is something I have never experienced before the feeling of fullness was extremely pleasurable. I started to relax as she worked up her pace sliding almost all the way out then feeding me more of her cock with each thrust. Each stroke the tip grazed my prostate shooting waves of pleasure over me. Here I am getting fucked doggy style by my woman, exactly the same way I have done to her before.

“Oh god!” I moan “This feels so fucking good!”

“Mmmmmm I knew you would like it." She says as she stops and slides all of the way out of me. “Let’s get you on your back.”

I turn over and lay on my back, seeing her beautiful face. I feel her grab my legs and motion my knees to my chest. My hands reach out to grab the back of them as she slides her member all the way back into me. I let out a loud moan of approval, the feeling is incredible.

Just as I think it couldn’t get any better her hand engulfs my aching cock and starts to stroke it.

“Oh my god!” I yell.

My approval quickens her pace and she is now drilling my ass even harder, the tip now applying more pressure on my prostate.

“Fuck yes! Fuck me harder!” I moan.

Her hand gliding up and down my rock hard shaft, she takes her thumb and wipes off the precum, now oozing out of the tip.

“Oh baby this feels so good!”

She smiles, breathing heavily fucking my ass. “Cum for me, I know you are close”.

“Oh god! Don’t stop!!” I scream as her last stroke applied the most pressure on my P spot so far.

Her hand works its magic on my cock, I am so close to cumming and I know it will be the most amazing orgasm of my life. She takes three more strokes on my cock and in my ass.

“Ohhhhhh……Ohhhhh I am……cu….cumming!” I moan out loud.

In one she motion pulls her hips back and removing her cock from my ass and replaces her hand with her mouth on my cock, sliding her lips down to the base swallowing my huge load.


I thrash on the bed with her lips still wrapped around my shaft, cum still spewing into her mouth. She places a firm grip on my cock and starts to stroke. The sensation is nothing like I have ever felt before and my body goes into involuntary convulsions. The intensity is overwhelming, I reach down and pull her mouth off of me and bring her lips to mine and dart my tongue in her mouth. The taste of my cum in her mouth is insatiable…rousing.

My erection starts to subside and I help her take off the strap on. We lock lips in another passionate kiss which seems to last for hours. I slide my hand down her neck brushing her nipple, finding the wetness between her legs. I slide one finger past her folds and am met with a loud moan. My finger slowly pushing inside of slit, her nails digging into my shoulders as my thumb finds her swollen clitoris. Smiling, I now know it’s now MY time to please.

I glance to the desk and see which ‘tools’ I am going to use, I also see the two empty wine glasses sitting there. I encourage her to lie down on the bed as I top our glasses off. I walk to the desk and draw the bottle out of the ice bucket, pulling the cork off. It’s had some time to chill and is now ice cold, I fill one glass then the other to just the right height. An item on the desk catches my eye and I grin.Yes, I will surely be using that tonight...I think to myself.

Making my way back to the bed I extend a glass out to her. We wink and toast each other again.

“To us...”

We clink our glasses and take a sip. The Savignon Blanc feels amazing as it hits the back of our throats, we both gasp at its crispness. Placing our glasses down and motioning towards each other I reach out and grab her face pressing her wet lips against mine. My tongue traces the outline of them tasting the crisp residue the wine has left. The flavor is insatiable; wanting more I thrust my tongue fully into her mouth our tongues collide in a passionate kiss, the cold wine adding to the incredible sensations.

We release our kiss and my face starts to develop a wry smile. “What?” she asks.

“Oh you’ll see.” I cackle, as I make my way over to the desk. “Close your eyes, as I said before it’s now my turn”. She does as told and closes her eyes I turn to make sure she has listened, I then bark out “no peeking”. To show me that she is being my good girl, she closes them as tightly as she can as if she was squinting.

I rummage through the items on the top of the desk and find what caught my eye earlier. I grab a blindfold, and the pink Japanese silk rope. As I draw the rope off of the desk I spot the Lelo Ina and quickly grab it as I make my way back to the bed.

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